Purdue writing guide says avoid use of words with ‘man’

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  1. Man, Woman, senior, senora , Mam, mail man, girl, man, man, man, man, man! you nut freaking jokers offend me. I almost can't wait for you all to push this all the way to the finality that will result in a clash and get it over with. I think we should return to yester-years when people were sane! Real men and real women are quickly getting fed up with this nonsense!

  2. Obviously these academics in their ivory towers have WAY too much time on their hands and always on the lookout for some gimmick to get them noticed —

  3. It is better than any comedy talk show… Mango, Manchester, Mandarin, Manhattan, Manila, manager…
    Oh, how many leftists have I just offended? 🙂
    In a few years they will be ashamed of that. Sooner or later this stupid stuff will be vanished. They are trying to mangle everything.

  4. If your goal is to put the ball in the hoop, you'd find the most effective way of doing that. If you don't, you don't make the team, unless the team, in deliberately travestying basketball, scouts out buffoons.

    Likewise, if your goal is to persuade audience members to change their views, you'd find the most effective way of doing that. If you don't, you don't get hired, unless the employer, in deliberately travestying being a news organization, seeks out buffoons.

    Persuading viewers who disagree with the views expressed by Tucker Carlson doesn't seem to be on Fox's agenda. If it was, you'd see more effective methods of persuasion being employed. So why do we see what we, in fact, see coming from Fox? I would argue it's because Fox knows that very few, if any, of its viewers disagree with his views. So why the pillorying of the left when there's nobody around who needs convincing of its iniquities? I would argue its because doing so- making fun of them, schoolyard style- reinforces Fox viewers' convictions. Why do such fallacious appeals reinforce Fox viewers' convictions? Because they were based on fallacy, shoddy evidence, and slipshod reasoning from the beginning. Why? Because conservative principles don't survive much of the scrutiny of science and evidence. Why? Because they're based in traditions which our growing understanding of the nature of reality is constantly revealing faults with.

  5. This explains why lefties(Democrats), never even try to solve the myriad of real problems our country face because they're too busy creating problems to try to elevate their self importance!

  6. This women holds these views, but mind you, shes paid to be on here. Gavin mcinnes goes into how this show has to pay these lunatics to come on here and spout their horseshit.

  7. As a woMAN and feminist I can agree with her. I love the feeling of telling he world how MENtal I am. (this is a joke ok I’m a MAN)

  8. Good thing, I avoid television . . . . all these People being introduce on live television to discuss these so called "Important matters" are too ridiculous. Also, she has a sick ideal for a women that avoid use of words 'man'.

  9. One flew over the cuckoo's nest. I hear electro shock therapy is still a thing for the seriously deranged. That explains a lot.

  10. She says: times are changing….
    No. Some mental individuals (a very few with a lot of media echo) keep repeating that times are changing.

  11. she is gonna forever be that late night last resort boody call, and then wake up the next morning with a renewed sense of "MAN" hate !

  12. West civilization is getting out of control with these woman in think Men should have been more serious about letting equality happen.

  13. Even if this was a good idea. Why is the focus only on the word “man” and “male” and not “women” or “female?”

  14. Whoever would have thought that in 2019 the word "man" would trigger people. Things have gotten so crazy that I don't even know what to say; literally.

  15. a lot of last names end in son. like wilson. that is totally offensive to my idiot brain, change it now! words too like person. jefferson, name needs changing. martin luther king, male pronoun change it. i just dont see why it even matters, arent there much better issues to address. dress that is a female pronoun it needs to go. i think/hope the intelligent kids of these type of idiots will be like: huh? what the f is going on? are you insane?

  16. This is the absolute, most ridiculous thing I’ve heard of. The left continues to deteriorate further and further. I’m not changing my vocabulary because of how you feel. I. Do. Not. Care.

  17. how can you call it the big apple – that is fruit exclusive? would apples like being left out of a fruit salad. i think not!

  18. Brain…Brain is the word this dumbass is trying to avoid. I can't believe people are actually this stupid. LIBERALS SUCK !!!!

  19. So, is she a troll/character created by Fox News to indirectly mock the liberals? Or a real person? I really can’t tell!

  20. I can't listen to anything this bish says without laughing! We have to change the word Human because it has the word MAN in it!

  21. You can't spell woman without man, I guess they'll just have to change it to WO. And the word person has the word SON in it and a son is a male, so I think they'll have to go back and rethink things…..but what do I know, I'm only a man, OH SORRY DID I OFFEND ANY OF YOU?……..Too bad.

  22. The only people who will get offended at using the word "man" are those who are too stupid and uneducated to know the the word man is in reference to "MANkind" not Man referring to the male gender.

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