Protocol for Voting Machine Issues

some kinks in the system that needed to get worked this morning. We checked on two complaints from voters. One in Niles and the other in Springfield. We continue our Campaign 20-16 coverage with First News Weekend anchor Abbie Schrader in Trumbull County. Good afternoon! It is finally Election Day. And even though more than a million Ohioans took advantage of early voting, many are still heading out to the polls today. In Trumbull county the lines started early. But one early issue did happen at one polling location in Niles. A viewer told first news the voting machine he used did not show the correct selection that he voted for. I spoke with Stephanie penrose director of the boe to find out what the procedure is when something like this happens. “GENERALLY SPEAKING THAT’S A CALIBRATION PROBLEM. WE SEND A ROVER RIGHT OUT TO CHECK THE MACHINE CALIBRATION AND RECALIBRATE IT IF NECESSARY.” She says in the meantime that machine is shutdown until it’s cleared to run again. A reminder when the polls are open in Ohio and Pennsylvania: You can start voting in Ohio at 6:30 AM.. Polls close at 7:30 at night. Remember– you can still vote, as long as you’re IN LINE by 7:30PM. In Pennsylvania, polls are open from 7AM to 8PM. In Warren AS 27 fn. Others issues reported today were in Mahoning County… There was a delay getting one of the precincts open and running. An election judge assigned to Springfield Township – went to the wrong building. That caused about a 10 minute delay. But, Tom McCabe with the Mahoning County Board of Election says with more than 800 poll workers- and 200 precincts – things are going smoothly so far. McCabe says to make the process go faster – make sure you’re at the right polling station and have your I-D ready.

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