Protesters rush stage, interrupt Joe Biden at Democratic debate

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  1. Wow, this guy's mind and way of speaking has changed a LOT in the last 6 years. Go watch him 4-8 years ago.
    Today he can barely spit 1-2 sentences out without stumbling.

  2. F A K E
    It was already proven that Hillary Clinton had known the questions before the debate what makes you think they didn't stage that before the question was asked knowing that biden couldn't answer the somehwat complex question

  3. DACA = CACA. Deport the illegal alien criminal border jumping parasites so they can start blaming their parents instead of US citizens.

  4. That’s my grandpa Bernie over there. I am so proud of him because he went to that stage and debated with Biden a couple of times. He did so respectfully. And then he can be seen in this video telling Biden to continue. That says a lot about his character.

  5. I’m not sure if Biden knows where he’s at. Why does anyone want someone who sniffs little girls in the White House. Videos of him sniffing and touching little girls are everywhere. This guy is one creepy cat!

  6. The DNC wants to make people believe that Joe is fit to lead the country. This is really sad. Like anyone in his condition, he should keep his dignity and retire in peace.

  7. Way to use your dead wife/kid story. NICE. He talks like he's got 6 dicks in his mouth, oh that's right it's his dentures falling out. Not wanting to be part of the lies of diarrhea coming out. LOL LOL

  8. democrats have no problem removing protestors when they disrupt their meetings.

    the question is not where they will put the bodies, but how come the media never asks why the security cameras go blank so often.

  9. Anyone else find it interesting that if you go to youtube and search for "Joe Biden record player" or "Joe Biden reparations answer", nothing relevant comes up?

  10. I'm a Republican. I still feel sorry for Biden, probably because even though I'm an adult, I've never forgotten to respect my elders. Someone who loves him has to tell him to get it together or just stand down.
    (Who were the protesters? I missed this part, haven't gone back to watch it)

  11. Biden and Bernie are the only two on that stage that actually care. Biden is honestly a great man, he's just gotten lost trying to keep up with the insanity around him. I got tears when Bernie was lending a chin up. By the way, I am a 100% Trump supporter and I have no problem looking from all sides. ✌💜🇺🇸

  12. Is this similar to when power went off…. tepeating of question???? And wow look at miraculous second chance answer… even got me a bit

  13. EVERYONE Please go to MoveToAmend (dot) org and Represent (dot) us . Sign the petition and get involved. Our country has been stolen from We the People, but we have the movement and strategy to take it back. Watch "legalize democracy" and "unbreaking America" here on YouTube to learn more. The government doesn't work for us, but we can make it. Come join the fight!

  14. Things that Biden wants are smelling girls, rubbing noses. Destroying families , lying, having no purpose, lying, sleeping all day in the white house and yes no dates till your 30.

  15. What were those zombie-lefties shouting?
    "WE FORGOT TO WIPE OUR BUMS!" "WE FORGOT TO WIPE OUR BUMS!"………….it was something like that.

  16. All the other candidates silent and soaking in the biden-hate. No need to stop it. Also, is Biden not the Democrats’ George w Bush? He just makes everything up like improv poetry and tries to tell everyone it’s ok & don’t pay attention to what I’m doing when I’m not on this debate stage.

  17. How do kooks like that get in there? They wouldn't be hard to identify: smelly, unshaved arm pits, blue hair, college educated, living in parents basement, etc..

  18. Such an incredible speech. Shame on the protestors for yelling over a guy talking about the deaths of his family and the effect it had on him.

  19. I do feel a tiny bit bad for the man. I mean the man doesn't remember Barrack Obama's name anymore. His eyeball is popping out and he doesn't even answer the questions given to him.

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