Proposal to split Calif. into 3 states on ballot

Some California residents are trying to split
up the state — again. The proposal to divide California into three
states was approved to go on the November ballot Tuesday after it got enough signatures. A website for the Cal 3 campaign says it would
split the state into California, Northern California and Southern California. The Golden State’s population would be divided
almost equally among the three new states. The campaign says that the creation of the
separate states would lead to a stronger education system, safer roads and infrastructure, and
lower taxes. This definitely isn’t a new thing. There have been previous attempts to turn
California into six smaller states and even separate from the U.S. If Cal 3 passes in November, it would be the
first existing U.S. state to split since West Virginia was officially recognized by the
government in 1863. Based on previous movements, though, it’s
likely a long shot.

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  1. Great idea,Conservatives in one state,Liberals in another state and all of the SJW,3rd wave feminists,LGBT,Hollywood degenerates and Maroon 5 fans in their own shithole state.

  2. California has so much junk going on something needs to be done. The state has laws that screw over one part of the population and favors others (Hollywood/rich). I can't say I think this is the right answer but something should be done.

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