President Vladimir Putin On Russian Election Interference: ‘These Are Not My Problems’ | TODAY

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  1. Has the whole American empire been reduced to one man?? If that is the case as it seems, then make him president for both entities.

  2. You Americans are very vulnerable people, your technique is not as tough as ours, your soldiers are morally weaker than ours And weeks they could not stand the Russian army! Of course you have a great nuclear potential, but only in it is your strength, we will score you with sapper blades

  3. much propaganda against russia still in US.. they dont seem to understand that the cold war period is gone..stupid outdated dinosours😂

  4. Putin is doing this on purpose, when interviewed Megyn Kelly, he understands the logic of the propaganda of the mainstream media of the United States, without any evidence poured all the dirt on the level of gossip and speculation, and very naturally he wants to show this mad house.

  5. This is a clear example of propaganda in this country. Make up lies about him ordering people to be murdered and ordering a cyber attack on the United States for the purpose of Trump winning the election. United States has been interfering with foreign elections for YEARS but don’t like it when it happens to us. This is what you call propaganda and how you don’t make good relations with Russia. Пошли вы все на хуй!!

  6. no one can screw up America you are doing a great job yourselves. you have no idea mercenaries in Syria are paid in dollars? your tax money?
    US invasion in Syria is a fact to steal land and oil.

  7. She is BS big time.Putin was gracious and patient with her and she understood nothing or,more exactly she had to bow to the view imposed by our sodomite system.

  8. Dear god why do we have so many bimbos in our media? And do they really expect us to believe their own stupid brainwash? LOL!
    THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE. There is only the failure of the Clinton Crime syndicate.

  9. These women are stupid. There's more propaganda by our own government. Did Putin go to the voting machines and threaten the voters? No!!!!! Get over it.

  10. The hosts are literally claiming that Megyn had President Putin "pinned down", when all she did was vehemently insist that wildly unsupported conspiracy theories were true.

    Seems reasonable that a couple people shitposting on the internet from Russian IP addresses at least MIGHT not be part of some wild government conspiracy Megyn and a partisan FBI cooked up while ignoring the Parkland shooter's erratic behavior.

  11. No, censorship and fascism is not his problem, it's fake news' problem because without fascism fake news cannot survive. If I, an Aussie want to say something about US politics, I will, if Obama wanted to go to Britian's Brexit and promote "Stay" he did, if some non state Russians who were scared of Clinton starting WWIII with Russia because of alleged cyber attacks, they can. What's the crime here? Whatever it is Fascism seems to be the answer.

  12. When Soviet Union fell and prior to, it was being manipulated and controlled by same shadow forces that control the U.S.A today. Only difference is Putin kicked them out of his country. Out of power. He has done more for Russia than any other leader of that land before him. If you doubt this then go back and study history.

  13. Kelly sounds like Hillary Clinton 2.0 and of course, completely baseless lies and accusations. Seth Rich leaked the emails. Confirmed.

  14. If there were chems at that Syrian base that got blowed up it would be contaminated for months. It was reopened 2 days later. FAKE NEWS

  15. Russia used the weapons of mass deception to deceive the world that Saddam Hussin had weapons of mass destruction, that finally left the innocent poor country the way it is way and finally at the end Russia found out that there wasn't any sort of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq rather it was now found under the table and became a laughing gags thing with no knowledge of the pain of innocent poor people of Iraq who lost their properties their children wives and husbands, mothers and fathers

    Russia still had the guts and invaded Libya killing it's innocent leader who was genuinely loved and supported by 89% of Libyans and made their country look and enjoy much more than the Russians but today Iraq is 100% far more beautiful than Libya of today

    Russia yet invaded Somalia destroyed the country living it how exactly it looks today,

    Russia again supported the invasion of Yemen by wahabist Saudi Arabia who are genuinely being armed to the core by the Russians to ensure that the Yemen wars continue

    Russia paid billions to the Ukraine top officials of the nations government that resulted into the wars going on in the Ukraine today which this same Russians are genuinely busy selling weapons arms and munitions to the Ukraine worth millions instead of finding a proper genuine means of stability and end of the destruction and killings happening in Ukraine

    Russia yet again invaded Syria and formed a brutal heartless moronic killers called Islamic state jihadist arming them to the teeth as well a go ahead in brutality and mass slaughter of the innocent Syrians, destruction of properties worth billions just to once again deceive the entire world as it did with the Iraq Saddam Hussin
    and yet this Russians claiming to be fighting against them own proxy isis they gave birth to couple of years ago in Syria which we all agreed and now finally the proxy army of Russia has been defeated and wiped out and now the entire whole world is patiently watching Russia to move out of the nation since they have helped in wiping out the terrorist organizations they gave birth to and now time to leave the nation but yet Russia decided fully to stay back now creating it's own military illegal bases on another nations soil depriving the innocent citizens of the nation their right to live in peace and tranquility whereas this same Russia wasn't invited by the genuine legitimate true government of Syria

    This same Russians are genuinely now surrounding the Americans borders with massive military troops as well as weapons of destruction all around the Americans border looking for an unnecessary war with innocent Americans with It's Nations Associations of terrorist organizations military troops always conducting useless lazy military drills just to engage the innocent Americans to kickoff world war 3

    Now recently this same aggressive Russians are toiling African nations barking at the Chinese for taking over the African nations that invited them seeing how helpful the Chinese has been to them how humble honest and genuine the Chinese have been to them in their road constructions rehabilitations of health ministries schools and trade which this same Russians couldn't do for the African nations rather turned them to their own slaves while deceiving them to fight against each other being the Russians genuine means of making billions arming the both brothers to fight each other and creating the same mass slaughters by name Boko Haram to ensure that the genuine problems that needs to be tackled are forgotten and abandoned just because of the Russians strategically stealing the African resources and arming them to fight each other as well as arming them to fight their own extremists they created

    Isn't it really right time to interview those that matters on the Russians government? Isn't really right time to go for the power that be and all of the Russians oil billionaires and bankers billionaires? Isn't it right time to interview the Russians to understand why exactly they surrounded the Americans borders? Isn't it right time to interview the most important and powerful on/behind the accusations of the election meddling and collusion? To provide the evidence and proof that Americans were involved on the Russians election?

    Are there no genuine American journalists that could confront the Russians as the Russians have always been welcomed peacefully to interview the Americans leader even in the most rudest way and yet aren't ignored or rejected?

  16. The Jews have a firm grip I've American policies, education financies and MEDIA. They dragged America into wars in the Middle East that only benefited Israel. They give billion dollar donations (bribes) to their pet presidential candidates. Clinton, Bush and Obama had nearly 100% Jewish advisory board.

    Yet, here we are in 2018 watching the Jew owned media drawing all attention away from this enormous REAL problem to a tiny miniscule insignificant operation of Russia trying to influence the US presidential election (as I'm sure dozens of other countries have been doing for decades), that may have or may have not even happened .

  17. No Putin destroyed Megyn. You are beautiful, successful and articulate Megyn. Now, if you open your mind and question your own false assumptions, you will be perfect. Your lame logic is embarrassing in this interview. Cheers.

  18. "a russian posted something about the US election and you didnt know about it?!!" "OMG I TOTALLY PINNED HIM DOWN GO ME!"

  19. Megyn Kelly is a double faced, corrupt journalisy who pretends to be a liberal and a progressive because it now fits her financial interests.

  20. Putin made sense with simple, straightforward answers, but these women are so ideologically driven they assume he is playing chess. Oh, and she spouts off about our intelligence agencies having "proof" Yeah, they had WMD "proof" against Iraq. Has she learned nothing from that fiasco.

  21. Vlad Putin without doubt is one of the Greatest World Leaders no one really believes this US nonsense, if I wanted to vote, for a certain person no Russian would make me vote who for I did not wanted to vote for. This is absolute crap,what about Iraq & the lies about the "weapons of Mass Destruction" will the good US people ever wake up?

  22. Putin made her look like a fool. Kelly has absolutely no understanding of government affairs. She needs to stay out of political news reporting.

  23. "The beacon of democracy and the number one country in the world's election was hacked or rigged by few drunk Russians"… Why would you stoop so low to even entertain this kind of idea that is shame to U.S. 4

  24. What a terrifying man. He is clearly not used to being questioned, those facial twitches…😬😱 That Kelly broad better make sure her sushi doesn’t glow before she eats it…

  25. This is discusting (((propaganda))).
    No neuterality there, just bias journalism.
    Critisizing Putin for inteference in the elections, even though there is no proof. Oh, "our intellegence agencies, say so".
    Ye just like they said about Iraq. (((They))) just want to find an excuse, to tell the public as to why Trump won.

    As for "Putin supporting a brutal dictator Syria", wasn't America, especially under Obama, supporting terrorists in Syria, who mass butchered/sent fleeing Christians and Kurds, the same people that Assad protected…

  26. Christ what an embarrassment to the United States we have in Megan Kelly. Why in God's name did Putin grant an interview to this amateur again? Megan Kelly is qualified to be on 'The View' at best.

  27. The US and Israel have attacked Syria and killed innocents. The so called “chemical attack” has proven to be false. These ladies are ignorant shills. Plain and simple.

  28. Would USA prosecute American citizens if they privately hacked or disturbed Russian elections (and I am sure they do) ? That is Putins point and i don't get it why no one gets it 😀 😀

  29. I love that this woman talks about herself as if she was a match for Putin, when he revealed nothing. This man is the best of the best, ex KGB. Meg, that man is way above your pay grade. Your head has gotten way too big, hun.

  30. That monthly budget you quoted was the entire budget for the entire company. Not just this clickbait campaign. Do you guys have fact checkers?

  31. If there were "Russians"   "interfering" into the 2016   USA elections, then they were JEWS born in Russia(,who were meddlling) who are specialists to destroy everything, including presidential elections. Real Russians are not interested who will be the next US President. THE EVIL JEWS complot how to destroy Trump and were paid by Soros in order to charge Trump with "russia gate"

  32. Americans are the most propagandized and apathetic people in the world quite pitiful do any of you know that zionist run your elections far more than russians , quote…. lindsey graham if im elected president i will have the first ever all jewish cabinet. Jackie mason , if mike hukabee wins he will move the white house to tel aviv, and no dumbasses we dont tolerate this because they are our alley or religion, they buy our human garbadge polititions

  33. Oh, I guess cause our Deep State intelligence community made a claim, it must be true right? Uh no. I would put more faith in the Devil himself than our lying intelligence agencies. They lied us into so many wars over the years and Megyn wants us to trust them by default. I don't think so. And WE, not Russia, destabilized Syria, Libya and Ukraine. We supported Islamic savages attempting to violently overthrow a secular govt in Syria. How would Obama have reacted had HE been at risk of losing DC to armed rebels Megyn? We should be kissing Putin and Assad's feet for saving Syria from Western, Saudi and Israeli backed ISIS and AQ affiliates in Syria.

  34. He riped her to shreds. He spent more time with Kellie than any other American she claims he has relations with. Kellie is colluding with the Russians or she would like to be. Funny how when you watch in on the today show it is a totally different interview than watching Russian TV. Kellie you must be really board to come up with such nonsense. You asked the dumbest questions and he thinks your a waist of time. Then you come back home acting like you cracked the case seeking phrase from man. Get a life and stop trying to deceive us.

  35. Your insane, you got nothing and exhalting yourself like you accomplished something. Repent Kellie and save your own soul instead of thinking your an American savour.

  36. Megyn k. Pres Putin is a leader of integrity who took over Russia and made the nation successful and progressive. Making these allegations to me is widening the gap between the US and Russia in the light of threats coming against America with advanced weaponry from Russia. I encourage you at NBC to be a little sensitive on issues and matters at the broadcast levels.

  37. The Full Version is here which NBC deliberately censored. Shame on You!!!!

  38. propaganda, and arrogance…gives herself way too much credit while making statements that steamroll over his feedback/answers…they didn't want answers in this interview..

  39. 😂 Putin destroyed her. USA secret agency also was so sure that Saddam had wmd weapons and osama being in Afghanistan and so on.

  40. US intelligence sources also told them Sadaam Hussein had WMDs! Shows how reliable their Intelligence sources are. Never mind the evidence! It's surplus to requirements when it comes to the Israeli/American dual citizen puppets in the US Govt.

  41. Yikes! I cringed after every question… maybe the Ruskies will brainwash me into guzzling some vodka to wash away the embarrassment that is Megyn Kelly. Oh no! They got me!

  42. This is actually sad. please pray for her. She was obliterated and she's sitting here saying "i boxed him.."

  43. What an arrogant and aggressive journalist. She obviously knows the absolute, divine truth. Why does she bother to ask questions? Ha-ha, she is just pathetic.

  44. +"It's very clear all our interlligence agencys are very clear, BS lies", its increadible how the MSM brainwash you americans.

  45. they need to quit sick in that nasty woman on Vladimir Putin before she embarrasses our country to the point of no return

  46. If there has been any interference in our elections, one may look at the constant bombardment of a media machine, the thought control exerted by the big tech companies and activist "educators", with the goal of tearing down Trump and conservatives at whatever cost.

  47. All of this hype on the Russian use of social media is a grab of the political class for the levers of power of our #dotcons social control tools. They were originally built to feed consumerism, they will be used more and more for social control. Step away before the is nowhere to step to, use it or lose it #openweb

    for more #OMN

  48. I’m looking for a interview where he admits it but because American intelligence also interferes with Russian intelligence. But the division is on the people not government.

  49. just so you guys know this beautiful lady has to say all the things she says… because that is what you want to hear.

  50. Does anyone know what the election interference was? The investigation has been going on for ever but you never hear what the Russians did, besides save our Country can you imagine if Hilary won.

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