President Obama: “Don’t Boo—Vote!” – Las Vegas, Nevada

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  1. I'm in full agreement with the President. Healthy argument is okay, but it's better to vote him into office instead of just booing Romney.

  2. President Obama is so right. We've got to get every person in the country to vote this year. Two years ago, the majority of eligible voters didn't vote at all. That's a huge pool of potential people who have been discouraged or intimidated into not participating in democracy. Go out and reach them. They can change everything.

  3. Im with the president 99%. Only problem is that the government basically gives money to broke states to employee teachers. Then years later its up to the state to keep them employed. If your broke, your broke.

  4. A beautiful message of civility. Obama 2012, or disaster. I don't care what political party you're a part of, Romney/Ryan is nothing but bad news for this country. This video is just one reason why we should be delighted to vote for an honest, compassionate, measured, inspiring, strong, inteligent, and virtuous man. FORWARD.

  5. Vote and keep voting. After losing a few elections, our Republican friends may feel compelled to make some changes to their platform.

  6. i dont even really support obama but boy does he have a clue in comparison to some of the other people running the country

  7. "Sorry Obama, but I will not vote, because of how much funding you've been giving to our military. $70 Billion? I'm sorry, but no."
    "Nononono, don't boo, vote!"

  8. I don't think Obama was saying that they can't voice disapproval. I think he was mostly trying to rally his supporters with a good quip.

  9. The point is that booing doesn't accomplish anything. Showing disapproval in the voting booth does. Sure they can do more than one thing at a time, but only the vote is going to change something. Many people vote for the presidency, but then don't vote for their Congressman or Senator. It's important for people to vote in those elections as well. Every 2 years, not just every 4.

  10. Why boo at all? Booing Romney gives Romney supporters credence to do the same to Obama, not to mention booing any political figure just hurts civil political discourse in general. US politics is polarized enough as it is.

  11. Unfortunately a lot of people do boo without ever voting. Nearly 40% of eligible citizens didn't vote in 2008. That number is even higher for congressional, state, and local elections.

  12. I still have yet to hear a republican, give me FACTS on why theyre voting for Romney. All I get is "Anybody but Obama", or "Obama ruined the country"

  13. has anyone else noticed that obama's youtube videos are comment enabled, and Romney's the comments are disabled?

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