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  1. honestly, the only reason the earth is still spinning is that trump's just lazy and he doesn't do THAT much. 2020 elections, here we come!

  2. 15:30 Man those chess matches must be getting really competitive.

    19:38 That loathsome crowd got really silent when this guy started talking about donation. Yeah that's right. Applaud when he sais something you agree with, but by all means sit the fuck back down when you realize he's serious and you will be the last to actually do any of this.

    20:53 Nice editing on the hands. Almost slipped my by, nothing seemed out of the ordinary with the picture until I double checked his hair and noticed his hands.

  3. @11:00 So your argument is that CNN as a supposedly unbiased news agency, should not run the unedited speeches of a presidential candidate because they disagree with him politically?

  4. Am i the only who still thinks leftist media's bias makes Trump more appealing ?

    And that's despite Trump's antics.

  5. 2019. I have to say.. the footage of Obama was so funny. He really did have a "What the fuck is going on? Am I getting punked?" face.

  6. I'm looking forward to the reaction to Trump winning in 2020. And the reality check of Pence winning 2024 will be wonderful.

  7. Anyone else watching from 2020 from the underwater stations now that trumps nuclear war with Antarctica has made life on the ground impossible ?

  8. Hello! I’m from the year 2028, Donald J. Trump has set into motion a series of events that have lead to the political, social and economic downfall of the United States of America. Many people don’t care about anything anymore. Political parties are all for ratings and betrayal of the same people they promise hope and prosperity to by funneling those government funds into other things like funding the governments need to be the police force of the world all the while the people themselves are being tossed around like a volleyball back and forth between each side. Humanitarian issues are everywhere, people flee the States and people come in. People lose a job to robots and sometimes blame it on whoever their political party tells them to blame. Most folks live near or below the poverty line and the wealth distribution in America is equal to that of Louis XIV and the french people. Cops are the internal military of America and many resort to crime to survive. LGBTQ+ groups, racial minorities and feminist movements divide the nations values and beliefs to the point where nobody is as important as the other because they just want their side to be treated the best. Domestic terrorism is very frequent and politics are largely based on fear mongering. Each generation of children grows up to be poorer than their parents and the loss of values has lead many to join in on trends of anything from #blacklivesmatter to #buildthewall. This massive breakdown of morality has lead to the degradation of every persons values and beliefs. Hopefully you will save us from this horrible future not so far from your own. Begin recovery by changing the mindset of the nation.

  9. 2016 was bad, but for me 2019 is worse, my father has developed ALS. Watching someone you love waste away is pure torture. Fuck you 2019! I want 2016 back.

  10. Well, in 2019 I'm very concerned about 2020…. folks, it may very well happen again😨 … he has so many fanatics that I can't see him losing… I would be thrilled to move to Canada!

  11. People acting like this was literally armageddon for the US, it's the end of the country, they can't survive this e.t.c. Amazing that 2.5 years later and the US is still there. Freaking out and panicking over a Presidency that really isn't gonna affect the US in the grand sheme of things long term, at all. People freaked when Obama got 4 years, and then again at the additional 4 years. The country survived

  12. Funny how the military said they didn't know what to expect out of fear and Donald Trump actually making peach with North Korea and not booming Iran and other middle eastern countries. 😂Definitely better at making peace the Obama.🤣

  13. 27:02 O wow. He realized his album "Mandatory Fun" that year SUCKED (the only one to be ever be even REMOTELY bad). Good.

  14. 3 years later and still cant shake off the feeling of hearing "Donald J Trump will become the 45th president of the United States"

  15. I would like to add, at the end of this year, with all that's going on with Brexit due on 31st of October & Boris Johnson as our PM, fuck 2019 also. Because we Brits are truly f***ed! Can't really celebrate austerity & continuing poverty, etc. Not so much to cheer about this year either. Please John, blow up 2019 too! 👍😁😡

  16. So glad I found this show's uploads on YouTube, they have been my salvation from some pretty shitty months of 2019 & since at least 2016 when that fuckwit was elected President of the US & the man with any digits on the nuclear destruction controls, how terrifying is that?

  17. Gee, still any sensible people watching this in 2019? Almost forgot, my wife left me that year😜 What a year…

  18. 2016…my girlfriend left me, two weeks later my father died and my grandpa had a stroke due to the pain. Blow that shit up Jhonny boy…

  19. Trump's tariffs indirectly contributed to the Brazilian government burning down the Amazon. His rhetoric also helped elect that Brazilian government, and many other far right leaders around the globe. Just thought I'd mention the current events. 3 years in guys… can't wait for the… fourth… (*dies inside… again).

  20. It's scary to think that a news Outlet such as CNN would not air every single piece of footage that they had on any presidential candidate. Basically you are silencing news which we are entitled to know as an American citizen and voter. I lean more left btw.

  21. The electoral college helps ensure that balance for a large combined territory is in place. Also, consider that Trump lost the popular vote by an amount equal to half a major city. Those cities are Democrat strongholds, with rural areas thus always being outvoted. Also, the majority of the states in US elections run by the idea that the popular vote winner of that state would win its electoral votes. Thus, California, highly populated, highly liberal, does not suddenly become a gigantic benefit for the liberals. It makes candidates go outside their cities and go see the rural areas and the inner country. If it ran by direct voting, no one would be travelling to, say, Utah, or Ohio. In the case of the 2016 election specifically, It prevented all you finatical extremists from drowning out the voices of the population of reasonable, educated voters. That's why John Oliver is against the electoral college, because the political equaIity it imposes lost him and his socialist nuts the control over our nation they so desperately hungered for. It forced the entire country into the equation, which no reasonably minded person can say is truly a bad thing.

  22. As for Ted Cruz, he has no soul or integrity and simply toes the party line. I'm still not convinced that he's human and might actually be a pod person.

  23. Ted cruz what a fucking coward. If he was a man at all he'd have put trump in a fucking coma for insulting his dead father. Attaching dead family members is a fucking death sentence in my book.

  24. I get my news from:
    NPR/KERA/PBS (they’re great! They do analysis of issues AND put effort into being fair – not neutral, but fairly presenting both sides, or rather, giving each side a fair chance to present themselves)
    Reputable magazines (Wired, the Economist, Consumer Reports, etc.)
    This show (and the Daily Show, sometimes)
    Microsoft & Apple news (when I notice it on my computer – I’m usually doing my own thing)
    Looking into things I hear others talking about
    Print newspapers, if I happen to have one and notice something noteworthy
    Reputable (not full of fear-mongering BS) TV news if one happens to be on and catches my attention

  25. Looking back at the last two and half years. Economy doing great. The wall is being built. He forced Mexico to man up on its borders by putting 27k soldiers to stop mass invasions. Isis destroyed. Unemployment is at record lows for blacks, hispanics, women. We literally have more jobs then people to fill them. Wages are finally going up. New trade deals with Canada, Mexico and Japan (If democrats give trump a win and pass it). China brought to heal on trade. Their economy is at a 27 year low (which is their fault for not making the negotiated agreement and backing out at the last moment). Lowered taxes to corporation from the highest in the world to 21% thus bringing manufacturing jobs back. Trump cleared by Mueller forcing an end to a deep state coup de'tete. Obama's legacy completely in tatters. In truth Trumps successes are too many to name. Overall I give him strong B+ on job performance. Looking forward to the next election. Just imagine, if Trump won in 2016 with people not being sure he would keep his promises. Just how will people vote now when he has PROVEN that he will. Looks like its going to be a tough 2020 for John.

  26. Shocking how many lies and conspiracy theories Oliver could get into a 29 minute span! I really think the Guiness Book of Records should make a serious count! LOL 2020!

  27. Fact: Clinton did not win the popular vote. Fact: at 2:48 am, CNN posted the total vote count to that point. Fact Trump had 57,093,682 votes nationwide and Clinton had 56,088,589 votes and the election was then called for Trump. Fact: Clinton was behind by 1,005,093 votes. so where did she find all those votes and 2 million more to win the popular vote by over 2 million as you liars claim? check CNN 2;48 am election night 2016, you can't deny the truth and the facts!!!

  28. dude signs almost a trillion to black communities and he needs to donate to the naacp? lol have fun with trump for another 4 years you dumbass yanks

  29. "Respect democracy!" is the war cry of the tyrant and the fool. Democracy gave us the Nazis. Democracy isn't some shining beacon of light to strive for – its a cesspit of corruption and extremism. The people have no real say – you merely get to chose between two or three choices – choices not made by the people, but by parties. You have no say on the law or foreign policy. You aren't important to democracy.

    Do I vote? Yes. But do I think every stupid decision should be upheld regardless of the situation? No. If enough people want to harm others, democracy allows that. Every time.

    So I won't respect democracy. I merely abide it.

  30. I have no idea where to find that durpy audio track and it's been bothering me forever. 3:10 Anyone know what it is?

  31. watching john repeat "okay okay okay" while he slaps his hands on the table to keep himself calm makes me laugh so hard

  32. Just came back to watch this and still remember the horrified days of trump becoming president now many many people who were once trump supporters regret their decision

  33. Do not do not ever come to Canada because if you do once you live here for a few years you will hate it we all seem so kind but we are not we can be ruthless to the Core

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