President Donald Trump Dismisses Polls Favoring His Impeachment | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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  1. Impeachment, what new about that; the Dem’s have been in constant impeachment tactic mode since moment’s after Trump’s election as President. This say’s a lot! Teza from Sydney Australia

  2. Yes, anything that makes Trump look bad is fake news. That's what dictators would say. I can't believe Republicans are saying it's ok for a president to cheat on an election. Nixon got in trouble for the same thing, but at least he wasn't trying to extort a foreign government to do it.

  3. "There was no quid pro quo is the first line of defense and since the first vote is to be in the house the house republicans are adopting this argument. Senate republicans are building the case the QPQ is OK, anticipating that house democrats will succeed at proving that there was a QPQ. Nationwide polls are irrelevant! The important polls are the polls in the states where republican senators are up for reelection in 2020. Republicans care more about staying in power than about keeping WH, which means they will be watching senate races very carefully.

  4. Haha. He has real polls.. 😂I wish reporters asked – polls made by whom!? Funny guy.. Even Fox become enemy when they by mistake share a truth.

  5. 2:45 brother if you think the mfs that support trump need consistency or leadership from trump or the party of cowards you haven’t been living on earth for the past 3 years

  6. Trump's faith in his own counsel, ignoring the advice of everyone and all evidence, reminds me of the decline and fall of Adolf Hitler, who suffered from the same propensity. The main difference is that Trump will not shoot himself, unless it is metaphorically in the foot.

  7. I don’t care who you are, if you do something shady. You have to pay for it. Same went to Obama, Bush, Clinton and the rest.

  8. Don't take these Fox news polls seriously.The real poll is probably 79% for Trump's impeachment 25% not for impeachment.Fox news is nothing but a republican propaganda media source.They lie and mislead as much as Trump does.

  9. if he is not removed from office for his crimes against America,whats the point of impeaching him?if a traitor can stay in office,America is finished on the world stage.

  10. "I have the real polls"
    "dont believe what you are hearing and seeing"
    "In my great and unmatched wisdom"
    Who's ready for the 25th amendment?

  11. Democrats are the party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late-term abortion, socialism, and blatant corruption.
    The Republican Party is the party of the American Worker, the American Family, and the American Dream!


  12. I have yet to hear a pundit follow through on how a Ukrainian investigation of the vice president would have played out in Trump's favor. Do we really have any faith in Ukrainian Justice system? What about China… do we care if China starts some investigation? I imagine a small bribe at the local level would have done the trick; why would an investigation into the Bidens HAVE to start with the President of Ukraine?The risk versus reward shows Trump did not think this through. Also why would he think all the people listening in on the call would be OK with it and not reported and not whistle blow? Why can't he get better advice from his staff? What am i missing?

  13. So sad that this amazing country has gone stupid to defend a criminal in the white house…SO VERY SAD AND DISGUSTING

  14. Trump was so eager and desperate to talk about the stock market finally hitting record highs after almost two years of enormous selloffs and billions of dollars lost due to Trump's own words and actions.

  15. More 2016 style lying polls from the marxists at msnbc. Marlana Vanhoose, girl blind at birth. Christian singer booed by weasel leftist protesters at Trump rally tonight while singing the National Anthem.

  16. a complete lie!! and most of the country knows it. The gig is up and you filthy dirty idiots are going out of business, Bye!

  17. So there you have it impeachment is impossible as long as the Senate is led by Republicans, we will be in for endless drama and bull for months while ever other nation laughs and prosper, this president regardless is he gets impeached or not is the worst we ever had .He literally is making this country dumber and worst by the day

  18. Donald Trump is NOT innocent. Donald Trump is NOT innocent. Donald Trump is NOT innocent. He and his family, from his father's line, have been crooked from the core, and it remains intact to this day. Trump will never be O.K. Trump will never make America great again, he is Destructive con-man, who only takes us down, but we should not allow him to take down America with him. Vote him OUT in 2020, if not already soon to be impeached.

  19. These journalists are more interested in promoting a candidate than they
    are about journalism itself…. THIS IS WHY IT IS CALLED PROPAGANDA.

  20. These journalists are more interested in promoting a candidate than they
    are about journalism itself…. THIS IS WHY IT IS CALLED PROPAGANDA.

  21. Trumpy now is time to make friend again with us EU and the other countries you have been messing around. Otherwise you will look like a total ashl. Take my advice.

  22. Why does every network keep talking about the quid quo pro being the key? That's just gravy.
    The very fact that Trump asked a foreign entity for information regarding a political opponent is enough.
    That alone is against the constitution.

  23. It was great to see President Traitor get booed at the World Series and get booed again at the UFC event. His face 😒. Ha ha ha ha ha!!

  24. Donald Trump.A conspiracy of Intel and AMD.$ 60 2 cores and video.Nizhny Novgorod. 20-year-old pregnant twins killed.2010 I bought a 3 core AMD 2.9.2012.Bought Intel 2 core 2.Intel cores are more powerful .But loses to 3 cores by 10-20 %. 2 twin -2 AMD cores.Few cores in 2019.2017.2 cores are the norm.There are 20 million poor people in Russia.AMD 3000.In 9 months there will be 3 cores.Young from 19-27. 3 Cores quickly at once. Waiting 9 months is difficult.V. Putini dismissed 11 generals.General 11 AMD cores are the norm. 11 of the cores is much expensive for people.People updated the computer 3 times for 2010-2019.I upgrade my computer to 2019.3 cores and 4 gigs. I'll get 2 cores and 8 gigs .Better 3 cores and 6 gigs of memory

  25. "I have the real polls. The polls I have show me to be 32 years old, handsome, I was cheered at the world series and I can fly."

  26. fake saying hale the country when its some poles show its a ploy poloicy said dem use , quote "say what they wish was true ignor the facts until there no other option then deny" a bit like my x wife

  27. To change the world, simply change your point of view. Prep your phone the night before. Eliminate any news feeds/apps /notifications/ tweets/ subscription/ remove all the truth reported by journalists with integrity. Flip the script, and enjoy a day 100% informed by F news, business, whatever. See that POV and check your pulse. How do you change people who accept that as reality? Consider this, the Flat Earth movement is growing. Ignorance spreads faster than truth. 1 day, from morning to late night, could he do it again?

  28. Are the republicans that scared of trump they cannot remove him. What is the point of having a impeachment case iff they plan on keeping the lunatic in the White House?

  29. I’m disinclined to consider seriously the musings of anyone who uses phrases like “what the people have CHOSE…” ; “Querr pro Quo”, and “…what actually happit!”. Where did he attend university? Honestly, the miseducation of people that slip through the cracks at universities; receiving degrees and, later, jobs in journalism and public speaking beggars belief. smh

  30. So the framers of the constitution, didnt realize anything like this could happen, so we're stuck here….
    "thanks a lot!"

  31. He's got the real poll? Like he knows more than the generals..only puttin's bot..I really want to know why PAB is making our Country weak for puttin? What does he owe him.We need to get to the bottom of that. This wicked Con Boy is out of control. And why does he so many followers? Is it racist , hate or bully they like…Download 1973 Impeach the president……… the honey drippers, then pass it to everyone you can..Get the point to 45……PAB as crissy tigen calls him..Proper name for him.

  32. The demoncRATS are embarrassing themselves again, like CNN and MSNBC did in the two years of Mueller nonsense. Loving it, again.

  33. Trump is basically telling the American people, "I am the State!!" with his defiance. Impeach the tyrant before our republic becomes authoritarian as did Rome!! If it hasn't already.😱

  34. The key lies in Mueller's testimony. They discussed the concept of blackmail. So, for example, Ukraine later on wanted something that would be in their best interest and quite possibly something that wouldn't be in ours, they could call on a favor with the threat to expose his dirty dealings.
    Actually, it appears that Jared Kushner may have been the deciding factor in our Syria pullout. I don't remember the whole story, but something to do with a call he made that led to a journalists death. Turkey knew about it and threatened to make it public if we didn't pull out.
    To have a compromised President at foreign leader's disposal is a very frightening concept.

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  36. Trumps polls? He hates it that he can’t control somethings so he discredits anything or anybody that doesn’t make him look good. So pitiful and childish.

  37. Same polls as 2016. MSNBC fake polls fake news bias alt left radical cult member propaganda. U.S.A. can't trust the polls after the 2016 election. Never will, never again.


  39. Ha ha ha ha…..Trump is so……..WEIRD! Yes, he is hiding the real polls from us all. Because they are so PERFECT. They are so perfect that he wants to keep them to himself.

  40. Gracias a gente como Donald Trump no tengo trabajo alguno hace 20 años. Ésto no se trata de explotación.

  41. Trump will not be impeached! It's just an elite group attempt to overthrow Trump, but legally they cant impeach Donald Trump. It's also treason for anyone to try to overthrow our president. We Support you Donald Trump. Thanks for making our country better. And doing more for us than any president ever to exist. When Trump does leave office however, American will fall and never rise again as a great and sovereign country. R.I.P

  42. Well these same polls predicted a 2016 Clinton win soo… yeah what good are they? MSNBC actually skews polls to try and reshape our opinions. So what goo d are they? a tool to try and control people's thinking? That's what you're doing here.

  43. 🆘 Latest Poll update: The big problem for House Democrats is that after weeks of testimony, they still have no actual evidence to justify effectively shutting down Congress to put Americans through this charade. New polling out today from Marquette University Law School shows that Americans in Wisconsin, for example, now oppose impeaching and removing President Trump by double-digit margins. President Trump gets my conservative Democrat vote again in 2020 🇺🇸 MAGA.

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