President Donald Trump Accuses Jewish Dem Voters Of ‘Great Disloyalty’ | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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  1. I'm confused. The openly anti-semitic crowds chanting "Jews will not replace us." are very fine people but US legislators who dare suggest that Israel (not Jews as a people; Israel as a state) is not doing well by Palestinians are anti-semites? Now that is compartmentalization.

  2. If the President of the United States of America takes the word of Putin is either “stupid or disloyal”. A President would he’d welcome Putin’s information when it comes to his re-election is either “stupid or disloyal”…..on and on. A President who would lie about his efforts to build a Trump Tower, is either “stupid or disloyal….

  3. In a way, I guess Trump is showing what group truly runs the country though. Why is Trump so determined to get the support of 1.8% of the population? Hmmmmmm….doing a big think.

  4. The Third Reich sent many prominent Jews to concentration camps based on Trumps argument….the question of loyalty. Trump, the 45th President of the United States is ignorance on parade.

  5. Just exactly what the he!! do we owe Israel? Why do we owe loyalty to Israel and not members of Congress? Why should Jewish American citizens be loyal to Israel before loyalty to America? trump gets more unhinged daily. He has no loyalty to this country and we're supposed to be okay with that.

  6. Greenblatt should choose whether he wants to condemn Drumpf's genuine antisemitism, or keep feeding his pretense that the first two Muslim members of Congress, are anti-Semitic. His false condemnations undermine the real one. When he has to change Omar and Tlaib's words, and cite other people's intentions, he KNOWS they're not anti-Semitic.

    Greenblatt's anti-Islamism makes him the wrong person to condemn Drumpf's antisemitism.

    And MSNBC should know better.

  7. It's as if Greenblatt superficially memorized a list of 'tropes', without ever learning what made them harmful. Drumpf disparaged Jewish people's loyalty. That is anti-Semitic. Omar & Tlaib have NEVER said ANYTHING derogatory about Jewish people. They've leveled (fair) criticisms against Israel. As long as Greenblatt is willing to conflate "Israel" with "Jewish people" – just to dishonestly condemn the first two Muslim members of Congress – he's never going to successfully call out the Anti-Semite in Chief for what essentially boils down to the same conflation.

    Jewish people are not a monolith. Greenblatt rightly says so at one point, but the rest of what he says makes me question whether he truly believes it.

  8. Early signs OF dementia dementia dementia dementia FAKE president sold out A MERICA duh think tic tok smoke ALL U GOT 420 or BUST ED lol 66 yrs and going concern from mother russia think tic tok

  9. Politicians in America has been using African Americans, Hispanics Native Tribes for political gain for years…

  10. Sorry, but I'm a democrat, and Jews have weaponized themselves, by putting themselves at the center of our foreign policy, media and economic system. Gee, dude, I'm so sorry you're so sick of being called out for the power you have wielded, particularly under the Bush Cheney admin, Iraq War and 911.

  11. What size & brand of adult diaper does donald crump wear under his "adult" style panties every day. He does behave in a way that puts me in mind of an infant of incontinent Alzheimer's patient.

  12. Did he say any of this? Because here is another msnbc report, with the unedited version also.

  13. The moron said he did not instigate the action by Nethanyu to prevent two of the 'squad' ffom entering Israel, even with his black and white tweets view by millions of Americans, if the clown has no balls to admit what he said, then he should stop tweeting, resl disgrace to Americans

  14. Why can't people just be honest and say that Trump might not pull the trigger himself but he certainly aims the gun? He should be arrested for any killing done in his name. Now he has put a target on the back of every Jewish person in the USA. If even one gets hurt – arrest Trump – and make it clear that will happen before someone does something stupid.

  15. Quick fact: Most Israelis don’t agree with real Jewish religion and have more common ground with Zionism so yeah the Israelis that claim to be Jew and have the right to the land hate actual believing Jews

  16. Since when did Religious beliefs determine if you were a good American or not? Chump da dump needs some religion in his life, he might turn into a human being!

  17. How is it America first when they are paying Israel's bills for protection? The state shouldn't really exist. Imagine Muslims buying property in the states; declaring it new mecca (A sovereign state) then getting protections from Iran, Russia and Pakistan.

  18. Why are we giving so much money to Israel when they can even afford their own space program? Are we paying for them to send a rocket to the moon???


  20. As an American Jew I can tell everyone that we are not fooled by Moronald and the trumpanzees and we know that republiCONS are un-American and back an imbecilic racist bigot traitor, thereby making them un-American traitors. Never ever vote for any CON is what any intelligent American now knows. Moronald will do 20 in 2020. I read the report, he is a criminal.

  21. He has no shame. Whatever keeps his base, right? His own daughter is a Jew. How can he look her in the face? HE is a soulless man. Insults EVERYONE but his MINDLESS 33%. I can not wait until 2020. I am sick and tired of Trump the Moron.

  22. It would be a shame for any jew to vote against Trump.
    They have voted for the lies of the left for far too long.
    Trump made a promise and kept it.
    Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and our Embassy should have been moved there decades ago.
    If this guy can't figure it out, tell him to ask his family back in Israel.
    How is Trump anti-Semitic? Oh , i see, this guy is a terrorists sympathizer.

    , go figure that, or not $$$$$, #KUSHNERdads18FELONIES. me me me sociopaths

  24. and according to trump himself he is the second coming…. and yet… still president. See, the problem for the usa is not that they (through some idiotic electroal college) voted in a paid for narcissistic president (who has long demonstrated all that he is doing but such evidence was wilfully ignored)… but that (and read this slowly to let it sink in) … he.. .is… still… president. And that, in itself, makes the usa government and legal system look foolish/incompetent and not worth the hot air of it's oaths of office.

  25. Trump, fanning the flames of hate! I guess his endorsement of white nationalists (KKK) is supportive of the state of Israel? I’m going to enjoy seeing Karma knocking on the Trump’s family door. I have more respect for the Muslims that are confronting Isis, than any of the Trump family members. No one in Trumps 4 generations in America has ever served this nation in uniform. What would Trump know about loyalty? If I wanted Trump’s opinion about anything, I’ll ask Putin.

  26. Says the guy who sided with Puttin instead of the FBI and CIA and always asking foreign countries to meddle with America's politics. What a joke!

  27. early stages of dementia. paranoia, defensiveness, and repeating oneself within minutes. if anyone leads us to world war 3 it will be him.

  28. We are not people. We are customers first. Then voters. Other than that, none of our politicians care about any of the people. White, Brown, or Black.

  29. This conversation was absurd. They thought Trump should've known better, like a person who knows history, like a normal, semi-literate person who, at least thinks before speaking. We're talking about Trump here…the guy who will not let us see his SAT or ANY scholastic records. Who does that?

  30. So, if you are a Jew and a Democrat, you've had it! What utter diarrhoea from the mouth of this racist Turd. What a hellish Cretin #45.

  31. Trump knows nothing about Jews and Jewish mentality – a Jew married his daughter and she is now Jewish – and all those evangelists should be worried – you don't turn away from Christ just because money is waving – they should ask themselves how much will it cost to get this man to read the Torah? oh sorry, this man does not read –

  32. I dont feel sorry for the jews who went out their way to twist the israel critiques of Black and Brown women into anti semitism and now have to swallow clear blatant anti semitism from the white potus.

  33. He questioned their vote? This is to deflect their 4 woman of color hate for The Jewish People! Watch them and decide for yourself!

  34. pretty soon it's going to be "jews who don't vote for republicans are disloyal" does no one understand he is going down a dangerous and threatening path????

  35. Trump's remarks are in response to the vile anti-jew rhetoric by the squad and many dems .. … Mabey Al Sharpton is jewish

  36. every Jew has the duty and the obligation to vote for the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump



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  38. If he is the second coming of God as he has claimed and the king of jews, is going to get revenge against israel and agaisnt the jews who killed him and still do not belive in him? I bet they must be saking like cowards now, nowing their king is back to pay them the right price for their disloyalty!

  39. I think Trump meant, Jew's that vote for Dem's is being dis-loyal to the Jewish people. Because the Squad has made hateful statements against Jew’s and they are not being rained in for that. If the Dem's do not object to the Squad statements, then one can only assume, the Dem’s agree with the Squad. It’s basic logic, which seems to be in short supply these days.

  40. You know, America, Jews, Black and others, you voted this con man in office, he is unlawful to all Americans, he is not to be trusted, he likes you today and tomorrow he cuts you down. He is using Jews, "my African-American fried here", and any group to promote his madness. Don't wait for election, take to the streets, he is embarassing the US.

  41. How can this man claim he doesn’t know who Trump thinks Jews are being disloyal to?!?! He said it clearly. Stop being disingenuous. He said that Jews voting for Democrats is disloyal to Jews and to Israel. And he refers to Israel’s prime minister as ‘your prime minister’ while speaking to Jewish Americans. And this is the same guy who said that people shouting Jews will not replace us are very fine people.
    Troller-in-Chief. There’s something he’s distracting you people from.

  42. If the Democratic party has " embraced " Omar and Tlaib as mainstream, then they are anti – Jewish and anti- Israel.

  43. The Jews have been always disloyal to their countries where they come from!! As they have been loyal to this ISRAELI'S MAFIA!! which it has been murdering the natives Palestinians, stealing their lands!! So they deserve what is going to happen to them because of their disloyality to their original countries and the CRIMES they have committed against Palestinians!!

  44. President Trump has been the greatest supporter of Israel, Mr.Netanyahu, our ally and his friend, and the Jewish people, even in his own family.

  45. He is saying why vote for Dems, when they are showing their hatred for Isreal. I agree with him. Don't forget, 10 years ago Trump was a Democrat. Then He woke up!

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