Power Rangers Ninja Steel – President Election and Cake Food Fight | Episode 16 “Monkey Business”

Vote for Hayley. (applauding) Vote for Calvin. (applauding) Vote for Calvin. Get free balloons. Vote for Calvin. Who wants free hot air balloon rides, and don’t forget to vote for me. (bouncy pop music) Thank you all so much
for coming to listen. I know some may say that
I’m just a mechanic, too laid back to be president. And maybe they’re right. But if you bring me
something that’s broken, I can fix it every time. The same way, I can make
our school a better place, if you elect me as your president. Thank you, thank you, guys. Don’t forget to vote. (applauding) That was actually a pretty good speech. If I wasn’t running for president, I’d absolutely vote for you. Thanks, that’s really sweet. Look, I said some dumb things. You’re not too laid back. You’ve done a pretty amazing job. I’m sorry. Don’t apologize. Sometimes, I am a little lax. And I should have been
on time to pick you up. Sorry about that. No problem. [Calvin] Okay, let’s get
out the campaign giveaways. You’ve proven to me you’ve
got what it takes, Calvin. You don’t have to run anymore. Oh, I know I don’t have
to run, but I want to run. Seriously? [Student] Oh my gosh, free cupcakes. Hey, those are my mother’s cupcakes. Yep, and voters love her recipe. Yeah, my mom’s cupcakes are good, but not as good as her cake. Do it, guys! Get your double chocolate, triple frosting cake here, free. And don’t forget to vote for Hayley. [Student] These pieces are huge. Ready for phase one of my plan? Time to heat things up. Cupcakes, there’s plenty for everyone. Vote for me. Thanks. (dramatic orchestral music) What’s wrong? Ooh, burns. Oh, that’s hot sauce. Food fight. (frenzied orchestral music) I can’t believe you put
hot sauce on our cupcakes. What? We didn’t do that. You guys started the food fight. It wasn’t us, it was you. No way, it was obviously you guys. (frenzied orchestral music) (whistles) (playful orchestral music) This was supposed to
be a civilized election between civilized nominees. If I hear about one more shenanigan, I will disqualify both of
you from this election. Is that clear? [Calvin And Hayley] Yes, ma’am.

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