Polls Show Support For Impeaching Trump Is Growing Rapidly | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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  1. Traitor trump has shown that he is president to his followers only….the rest of us don't want him…because he will sell out everyone to save himself….

  2. Sorry in advance for the book below but what I posted below, every American really needs to take a moment to read and think about strongly as we move forward. As a newly retired young USA Veteran & former Florida State Certified Law Enforcement Officer certified by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement under a full sponcership from the Manatee County Sheriff's Office who finished up my years with the Surfside Police Department, I wanted to bring up facts about today's movements within Trump's Impeachment. ALL Current and former Veterans on both political sides are very bothered with what is going on. I still work part time for our Military on MacDill Airforce Base in Tampa where weekly I communicate with our military family several times . I encourage everyone who knows American military members just to take a moment & ask them their feelings. When signing up to become part of our military, We sign up to defend our Country, Our Families, All Citizens, National Security and we all take our oaths very seriously and Constitution of the United States.

    All military personnel taken our oaths very seriously, are willing to risk our lives on a moment's notice without hesitation & we will defend all our brothers & sisters out on the battle field just as fast in addition. Many of us have lost our military family in death while out there which has impacted our lives and many others of our military family has been severely injured in the process. We will always devote ourselves to the citizens & the country itself always but we want to do all this for a moral & ethical cause always. Generally, we honor and respect our commanders and the Commander & Chief of the Presidency at all times but the military personal both current & former have felt backstabbed by the current commander & Chief for the reasons below. Again if you have biological family serving, take the needed time and sit down with them while asking what their honest opinion is on the matter just to find out for yourself first hand.

    We feel betrayed for the fact, we are dying & being seriously injured over the commander & chiefs personal financial interest and personal political interest all while being required again being under the commander & chief who intentionally & purposely dodged being drafted to protect & serve his own countrys military all while violating his own oath of office and promise to defend our Country through National Security within the Constitution of the United States. Please understand, Our Military family feels stabbed in the back totally with these things mentioned .

    We will ALWAYS fight for the Country with putting our lives on the line on a moment's notice as when we signed our names on the dotted line to become professional Soildiers to defend our Country and the Constitution, we meant the signing with a full heart so again we taken our oaths very very serious in which our Commander and Chief did not take his serious at all. If he did not avoid the draft intentionally, things in his views would be a lot different today but they are not unfortunately. We did not sign up to lose our lives and get hurt for personal financial greed nor did we sign up for anyone's personal political interest. Anyone who has a biological family member serving today or former military Soildier that votes for Trump and or supports Trump today is basically picking up a gun pointing it at the head of their own biological family member who is protecting our country then discharging the bullet killing our loved ones again with all this being said.

    I am republican myself however I am for Mr. Weld who formerly served for our military in his early life and was the Governor of Massachusetts. In both these positions, he had taken his oath very seriously in addition and though he is republican also, he fully supports the Democrats on Impeachment and in addition , he suggested with Trump violating his oath to America in protecting America as a whole all while commiting treason, Mr. Weld suggested Trump be criminally charged with Treason while mentioning the only sentence by federal law being convicted of Treason is death.

    America needs every citizen within the USA to stand with the Democrats and the Republicans that are not Trump supporters to stand with Mr. Weld and the Democrats to see that this Impeachment goes through and hopefully resulting in Criminal charges. Are you going to be one of those pointing the gun and discharging bullets at your own military biological family members head killing them who is risking their lives and risking bodily injury for our national security on a daily basis under oath we taken all because of someone's greed and personal interest or can you take a moment to support what's right for our country? Did your biological military family member ever put a gun to your head doing wrong? I am asking everyone to think about this and do what's right for our country. Support your Democrats and or your republicans seeking to impeach Trump and hopefully try him on criminal charges. Thank you for your time reading over this in advance.

  3. Why is this guy not being investigated. He is on Video doing exactly what the Democrats are accusing Trump of. https://youtu.be/KCF9My1vBP4?t=80

  4. First, I love how they add “and remove from office” but the poll was only about impeachment.
    Second, there isn’t a polling system available to get the opinion of every citizen in the USA, they didn’t ask my opinion nor do I know anyone they asked. I’m betting there is no one that even knows anyone that was so-called polled for their opinion.

  5. Trump's second term will be even more glorious than the first.
    Stormy Daniels – FAIL, Russian collaboration – FAIL, Trump's a racist – FAIL, Trump's mentally unbalanced – FAIL, Three year FBI investigation on possible charges against Trump – MASSIVE FAIL

  6. I'm flipping back and forth between CNN, MSNBC. and Fox News…and even the latter is talking bad about Trump! 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😂😄

  7. On what planet………????
    Trump is still president…….and we will reelect Trump in 2020
    Where will you be…….?

  8. I would like to let everyone talking civil war to know that when Trump is removed from office you will be taking up arms against the US military. No private citizen has the capability to engage with our military. You will be considered a terrorist. If you are going to endanger the innocent lives of the people of this great country you better know exactly why and have your facts straight!

  9. I am sorry but more lies aren't going to get you out of this one! Support for my President is at 53%! And even its going grow even more after this nothing burger boils over! Democraps unite! Trump Train!

  10. America, america, home of White Supremacy, NRA, right-wing pseudo pastors. No, I don't think I want to live there.

  11. I find it interesting how many thumbs down is on this report which clearly shows how many Trump supporters are here trying to tell people that it's all fake. New trump troll or you should just try and go somewhere else knowing that it's not gonna happen and the truth is coming out and Trump is going down along with all his corrupted friends.

  12. Allah Akbar, Trump is impeached. Now we can get open borders again and sharia courts in Muslim areas.

  13. The number of Trump supporters that participate in polls = less than 1%

    The rest of the iceberg will come in 2020

  14. Trump did nothing wrong. I’m so glad people are waking up …

    Your game is over, your time is done…MSNBC,CNN, FaKe NeWs NeTwOrKs….

    Peace out losers 😀❤️

  15. LOL! "Polls show support for impeaching" REALLY! Aren't these the same polls that said Hilary was going to win in 2016? Only a year to go…..why not let the people vote on it? You have to define treason? You have to define what the rule of law is? That's already been defined! What you're saying is that you have to re-write those definitions to fit impeachment action towards Trump. You know, just like they did for second hand whistle blowers. During the Clinton impeachment there was bi-partisan support at least by congress. Democrats can't even get that and for how many years have they been trying to impeach?

  16. Define treason: the leaking of what government officials said speaking privately.
    There were other government officials listening in on that call
    If there would have been anything said illegally during this conversation
    It should have been taken care of professionally and privately
    then vote on and announce impeachment proceedings
    Not what happened this is

  17. More third hand, nuthin burger info from geniuses on the left.
    I guess they think their investigation will go further the no holds barred, all out four year FBI one did. LOL

  18. So, let me understand. You don't know what he did wrong until you define a new law to hold him accountable for? Pathetic. Poll me. Trump 2020.

  19. MSNBC polls show a lot of things that are lies. Remember when they only polled the over 65 people for Biden, where he has most of his support, and then said Biden was beating Bernie? They intentionally refused to poll the under 65 crowd, because it would have shown Bernie was ahead of Biden.

  20. Trumps approval ratings are higher than Obama's after three year's. Just want to thank all the Democrats and news channels for the help.

  21. "The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment." – The Constitution of the United States, Article I – Section 2. "The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments." – Article I – Section 3. "The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors." – Article I – Section 4.
    Read the whistleblower's report and the unclassified memorandum of the telephone conversation.
    The report is second hand information discussed with the whistleblower by unnamed officials.
    The memorandum, while not a transcript, does indicate that the President wants Ukrainian help in investigating Crowdstrike (rumored to be part of the group behind the Russian collusion report) and Vice-President's Biden interference in a Ukrainian investigation into corruption involving Biden's son.
    Read it all objectively and you'll see that this is the President's attempt to identify and root out a level of corruption that subverts our Constitution.
    I don't particularly like President Trump, but that doesn't put me in the camp of those who seek his ouster at all costs.

  22. Polls can mean everything and nothing. If I ask questions in an area that votes heavily for Democratic candidates than I can expect an anti-Trump response. If the area is heavily Republican, I can expect a pro-Trump or indifferent response. It's statistics, and Mark Twain is purported to have said that "There are lies, damned lies, and statistics…"

  23. Should president Donald J. Trump be impeached because he:
    1 – Sides with foreign adversaries – like Russia's PUTIN in lieu of accepting the FBI & CIA's proven 2016 election tampering findings !
    2 – Looks the other way when the Saudis MURDER a US journalist !
    3 – Falls in LOVE with Kim Jong-un – North Korea's murdering tyrant leader !
    4 – BROKE his promise to build the WALL and have Mexico pay for it !
    5 – Spewed over 12000 lies in less than 3 years !
    6 – Credits the KKK as being 'Very fine people' !
    7 – Is a RACIST dictator currently expelling immigrants of color from the USA all the while hiring illegals to run his property holdings !
    8 – All but ABANDONED Puerto Rico – a US territory – during their time of utmost need following the total devastation from hurricane Maria in 2017
    9 – BROKE his promise to rejuvenate the Steel and Coal industries !
    10 – Disputes and denies the USA's own scientific proof of GLOBAL warming and climate change
    11 – Has achieved well deserved honor from the international community by being the inspiration for the naming of DERMOPHIS DONALDTRUMPI – no doubt a reward for having withdrawn from the Paris climate agreement.
    12 – Applied sanctions to various countries – friend and foe alike – all the while lying to Americans about who would be paying increased prices for imported goods !
    13 – Is withholding his TAX returns from the American public out of fear that he will finally be unmasked as the WORST deal maker of all time !
    14 – Blackmailed Ukraine for his PERSONAL BENEFIT and then suggested that those responsible for reporting his indiscretions be treated as spies and executed !
    15 – Please feel free to add your own reasons…

  24. It is not illegal for U.S. to ask other nations for help in investigations, past Presidents have done this. America often receives and gives help from and to other nations in investigations of both U.S. citizens and foreign nationals. Read this: @t

  25. Didn’t that “POLL” also conclude Hillary was going to win in a landslide?

    fake news, fake poll, fake muller report, fake evidence, fake unbiased interviews… fake fake fake… . Is the whistle blower fake also? He has yet to show himself. (I use to be a Democrat I’m now a independent)

  26. Like.the media's polls are believable. Wishful thinking as usual.Trump is a sure bet in 2020.
    You can't start impeaching because you hate the president, it will happen every 4 years.

  27. I recently came across this stunning article via Google ( referenced by the Miami Herald ) & thought I'd share a piece of it:

    Over the summer, Dianne and Michael Pues got an ominous phone call from the business partner of a Ukrainian-American entrepreneur who owes the couple more than $500,000 over a movie deal gone bad.

    “He said the Ukrainians were upset because we were ‘a dangling participle’ and we needed to make a deal to make them go away,” Dianne Pues, who lives in New Jersey with her husband, recounted in a recent interview. “He said we no longer knew who we were dealing with and that the Ukrainians had ties all the way up to the State Department and the White House and they were partners with Rudy Giuliani.”

  28. What difference does it make if he gets impeached or not? This Wyt supremacist system will still be intact, whether its from the left or right.

  29. Breaking News: GOP lockstep behind NOT reading the Whistleblower Complaint (cause if they did); they'd have to defend it. …talk about burying your head up your a##!! 😟😟😟

  30. "Poll" the right people and anything can or cannot look favorable. You lefty's keep pushing it, just keep pushing it!! You weaklings are starting something you wont be able to handle!!

  31. There was no healing after the Civil War if that were true explained Jim-Crow laws to me, Explain the KKK to me, Explain the lynching of black men while white people had picnics, Explain Emmett till to me, This lady is white washing American history one more time, The only thing that happened after the Civil War was that white people stop killing each other the hatred the bigotry And the racism did not stop still going on till this day.

  32. Dont worry, this Anti government mobster Trump is rejected by a large majority of americans. But, dont let up, continue to remain informed, and fact check!

  33. Please don't put trump and Abraham Lincoln in the same frame when photographing or filming. It is such an insult to President Lincoln. Thanks guys!

  34. Some imbeciles like "dorothy" are so weak and clueless "they" don't understand when "they" are being ignored. "They" must have been bounced around to much when "they" were riding the "SHORT BUS" to school.

  35. Hahaaha.Impeach ?Only in your wet RAT dreams.Trump 2020 and 2024 a THREE TERM PRESIDENT.MAGA AND RAT FREE FOREVER.

  36. Beee ba dee ba see ba deeee ……..just in ….No One with any knowledge of MsNBC and Brian Williams believes anything this Liar and fake news fiction spews..beee ba deee ba dee deeee deee deeeeeeeeee…….

  37. The more impeachment picks up moderate republicans the more trump will “code speak” to his sycophant worshipping followers. Riling them up with emotional psychosis signaling to them that it will be up to them to save his presidency and save some twisted spin that his presidency is our country and our nation’s way of life is at stake.
    He will start “code speaking” that “someone” needs to do a patriotic action against his critics and elected officials conducting the jobs and duties to hold impeachment hearings. As well as go after news personalities that are critical of him. You can bet there’ll be white nationalist militia gun nuts out there that will hear his calling. As well as a group of them that will strike out against our government if he is removed from office.
    He’s already tweeting out and saying the things to signal his followers that this is coming

  38. Thank you Mr. President for defending our borders, defending the U.S. Constitution, standing up to china and preventing them from stealing our property, our jobs, our patents, etc, thank you for making us great again, thank you for working for minorities, thank you for working for women and for prison reform, thank you for donating your Presidential salary to worthy causes, thank you for putting pressure on terroristic nations and thank you for being an American Patriot.

  39. Hillary Won popular Vote Majority of America!! James Comey came out a few days before with the announcement of her investigation then swing voters went for 45!! Only way he won!!!!

  40. Trying to stir up the snowflakes. I bet because of these false polls, million dem marches and riots will occur as election time nears.

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