Polls Say Obama Won Debate, CNN Won’t Admit It

who won last night’s presidential debate
between president while at mit romney no trust me no trust fund whose uh…
trust on our people uh… they’ve been polled by a lot of
folks most of these aside to pay some are
one-sided which are explained to you as we go along but overall they paint are very very
clear picture alright but what’s important is it a bit started
polling fifty eight thirty six president obama so that’s a giant win right there using a you know what they lean a little
left okay fair enough we uh… say that about rasmussen waiting run
right from time to time so that let’s go to c_n_b_c_ now an ass
over sixty thousand people i’m not clear whether there’s a scientific poll or not
uh… but they got a clear vote to sixty eight to twenty eight and c_n_b_c_ ain’t no friend of
president obama ok so that’s also quit now i would go to c_b_s_ news is our
uncommitted voters scientific poll thirty seven percent
rato obama thirty percent romney thirty three percent ta okay so seven point win for president
obama your xbox you’ve got these also
unscientific but they also affect the about thirty
thousand people are so they are slated nearly a thousand people who are
uncommitted voters and again this one cable a huge grain of salt much more likely to be young males or
bomb it was in a landslide there fifty one the seventeen make windows are uncommitted voters but
still their young in their mail i now when you go to other c_n_n_ the one that everybody’s looking at again all bomb a winner forty six thirty
nine so the lowest margin of victory seven the largest margin of victory is
gigantic and is not a single poll that has romney winning every single poll has
present obama weighing the debate no question about it so we’re going to go questioning it c_n_n_ the people who did the pool alright love this as it goes to show you in a nutshell the insane neutrality of the mainstream press watch wolf blitzer anderson cooper try
to explain away the old bomb away here slight edge there were forty six percent for
president obama thirty nine percent for governor right down the numbers are
coming in pretty much a if you take a little while
there’s an of all these divers pretty much of
slides like edge to the president by tape rather than the poll shows pretty much of a draw also interesting
to see when you look and will attraction changer go to make a lot more like a
little part twenty five percent twenty five percent no cover-up k political screen that’s not what’s
important for the night although what but none of if bromley wins the republican wins then
c_n_n_ scream from the rooftops republican plans from public lands the client is may well be called by
selecting combines will wait for your opponent one in a democrat wins
digitalis plant in it pretty much a drawback his side of the
numbers the parent somehow were sold so i don’t want him
for two local so people come in the world believing women to really true that since saturday mad and no-one is exam one million times what do you uh… sports reporters reacted the same way they like it looks like detroit’s up in
the series against the yankees’ owner look at it and he wanted to review
premature hot head is it what you results uruguay resolved their articles all that that that’s why you can’t trust the
mainstream media because they’re sold how there’s what
politicians by the people who are in charge and
specifically whether a part of the right way bump you anything to say that they’re not in favor the democrats contemplate what’s your response one
that was also hindu india wessex slight edge there were forty six percent for
president obama thirty nine percent for governor right down the numbers are
coming in pretty much a if you take a little while
there isn’t of all these divers pretty much of
slides like adds to the president by tape other than the poll shows pretty
much of a draw will also let me tell you what you look at my thoughts president slight beds but remote addr by the way set was not a slight edge and he’s not seventy points but you
could be said it was when he was one of two point is that as
well on the margin of error it’s not even within the margin of error
it’s a clear when all right now look don’t get me wrong uh… it’s not like i think that it was
like pushing uh… it’s not like i believe
the ex-lax xbox numbers it’s not like i thought i’d change the
election and anderson cooper spoil mea walt
blitzer was more comedy anderson cooper jumping in with some
numbers that might help from me was funny but edition him for his
congress when it was was a wrong that you know there’s a million members
and that associated press one covering into a well there’s a lot of covers
connoisseur of that he was valid anyways back there well r_t_c_ what he was not present about was better in other numbers and you didn’t show those
numbers why because i’m gonna be on by severe beyond dot so anyway but they re at what you get too excited about
president while wearing the debate because that number that cooper was quoting is wrong and let me show too at the end of this even though they
thought president mahmoud one those voters they said well you most like to vote for and it was twenty five twenty five and either wanted forty percent there’s a reason why uncommitted voters
who saw uncommitted uh… twenty days before an election qasar here and the program dad dad said one thing then fucked up thing is that the other guy
said son now stucco so it’s not like it’s end of this although of course as i
told you this election was over weeks by the way it up so many people vachindi all that out of the landlord
national resort of reason though poorly prepared showed their whatever of
place said jerry your probably won’t happen infant papers and the rest of it the election is over it was over before it’s over now i’d
have never changed on that because and say the president bomb was
going on when a landslide eyes and president what was going away
even of all bunch of things go wrong and a whole bunch of things went wrong
and i never waivered i still think he’s gonna win i still think it’s clear he’s got a signifi elite in ohio in nevada in i won do the math okay this will help them a little bit part of that analysis of mine was based
on the president mama was running a very
effective campaign they were going all the sudden fall off a cliff things could
go wrong but that they would recover in his lab in this debate they’ve

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  1. Do you seriously consider Intelligence quotient an appropriate measure of actual intelligence? Really? Even worse, you're so smart, yet you feel the need to bring that up in an argument? Dude…smh

  2. If Wolf Blitzer doesn't want to look biased, he should just show the numbers and not say anything. He doesn't have to say,"Obama is beating Romney." He can just show us the numbers and let Americans conclude. Showing Obama beating Romney in the polls and then insisting it's "Pretty much a tie." doesn't make Blitzer look neutral and unbiased. It just makes him look like an idiot.

  3. Maybe CNN is claiming they are a draw so more ppl will vote Obama. They will feel more compelled to vote to make sure a crazy person doesn't win.

  4. Romney looks brilliant next to idiot Obama. If Obama doesn't have a teleprompter telling him what to say or the media lying/covering up for him, then we see the true Obama….an idiot, who can't think on his feet…can't put any original thoughts together in a coherent manner. You dumb Dems own him! Own up to him, he's your fucking egghead.

  5. It's probably less about appearance of neutrality and more about CNN being owned by a company and corporations loving Republicans more.

  6. He obviously won the next two debates Romney is the one that is changing his tune in front of a camera I'd rather have a teleprompter reader than a guy who flip a coin on the issues he's for or against.

  7. Obama won 2 of the 3 debates by a long shot. Get over it GOP. You can always cheat; like Bush 2000 and Tom DeLay, or like the Voter ID push (no student ID's accepted; proof of the agenda of the left to cripple the Middle Class, poor and minorities).The GOP is the biggest threat to Democracy and recovery in the USA. Watch FOX for a couple hours. They WANT the USA to fail. The way the GOP blames Obama for Benghazi, not terrorists, you would think the RNC did it. Anything/anybody, but Obama, right?

  8. Hello there, did you hear about "BoxObama" (just search on Google for it …)? On their website you can actually engage in an entertaining boxing online game and even get a brand new iPad. I like that it is absolutely free. Command Mitt Romney to hit Barack Obama or the other way round. Numerous others have played by now, perhaps you like to join the fun also…

  9. Obama is pure garbage, (so are the The Young Turds, too, btw). Cenk, you come across like a fucking high school student on methamphetamine. You are just laughable as a commentator. As sharp as a bag of fucking HAIR. Obama was just "extra coached", for the last two debates, that's all. We saw the real Obama in the first debate, pure and simple. He got his natchul ass whooped. That's why Mitt is on the rise, now. You can't convince the American people that Obama is any more than a New Nazi, now.

  10. Yeah, Ron "Crazy Fuckin' Uncle in the Basement" Paul. Perfect. 77 fuckin' years old, and full of shit and gas. Dumb ass can't poll above 4%. The American PEOPLE have no use for this nut. Yeah, he's gotta fuckin' shot. Jesus Christ–take your medication, man.

  11. Obama is human fucking swill. Inexperienced, Communist, Muslim, America-hating GARBAGE. It's gettin' thrown out in a week.

  12. What you say in the comments section of a youtube video won't change a thing – Obama will absolutely crush Willard in the election and that will be that. I am so confident of this that I invested $3300+ on Obama shares on intrade. Gotta love taking conservatives money away from them!

  13. I like Obama, but there are also Polls that say Romney won, and CNN is one of the most central networks on the planet when it comes to politics. This is the most biased and dumbest channel that exists anywhere.

  14. Half those Polls also wouldn't let me put down Johnson or Paul would be better.

    (Specifically, they would ask "Who do you think would do the best job?")

    Fuck those polls.

  15. Obama cares more about America than Romney ever will. Obama may have been unexperienced but if you think Romney is any more equipped to handle the presidency you are sorely mistaken. Romney would be a disaster for our country.

  16. Obama and his cadre of Chicago thugs care about ONE THING, and one thing only: raw, centralized POWER, and NOTHING else, whatsoever. Another four years, and I guarantee you, he will declare martial law, and EVERYONE not towing the Commie line will find themselves in re-education camps. It happened in Russia, North Korea, Germany, Laos, Vietnam, Cuba, China, and many, many other nations. It WILL happen here, and YOU will happily man the camps, too. You'd volunteer to be a guard, wouldn't you?

  17. What a load of absolute SHIT! CNN HATES everything Republican, traditional and conservative. The day CNN is biased in favor of ANY Republican, the Apocalypse is upon us, for sure.

  18. Jesus Christ, you must be completely fucking retarded. CNN is the COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK. Always has been, always will be.

  19. The fact that Obummer did a bit better in the last two debates shows only one thing: that he was coached a little better, that's all. The REAL Obummer showed his true colors in the first debate. That's all we needed to see. Obama: the totally inexperienced Communist, anti-American Chicago thug. Pack yer bags, Osama, err, Obama. Damn, his name is awfully close to somebody we hated a lot. Hey, his MIDDLE name is the SAME as a guy we spent 10 billion dollars and 4K lives to kill. I don't get it.

  20. At least you have SOME modicum of intelligence to at least recognize cleverness when you see it. Trust me, it would take much, much more than YOU to make me hurt my brain. My brain is as close to a fuckin' Cray computer as you can get.

  21. Shhhhhh…..-rubs ur forehead- (sings softly) Rock-a-bye baby, on the treetop,
    When the wind blows, the cradle will rock…

  22. Yeah–as I thought: nothin'…just an empty suit. Just like your president. Don't worry, he's out in a couple days.

  23. Actually, they are right to say it's a slight win. given percent error they are correct because that poll is a continuum of numbers. however if you take into account that error then you can accurately assume that president Obama has at least a slight advantage.

    (liberal- voting for obama)-fyi

  24. I know modern history very, very well. I've been studying it for the last 35 years, thank you. It's not "blind hatred of the left". I COME from the extreme communist/socialist left in the 70's. I know of what I speak. The left are the Reign of Terror of today. Study the French Revolution. The parallels between that and what's happening in America now are startling, at best. Liberal Democrats are now chanting "Eat the rich!" and "Kick God out NOW!" at the top of their lungs. Guillotines next…

  25. AND… btw, trust me on this, I am NOT voting for the Rep Party at all. Has nothing to do with it. The Party has been a GRAVE disappointment on so many levels, I can't tell you. I just size up these two candidates, and their respective records, and Romney wins on every single score. Not a HINT of Communism in Romney. Obama REEKS with it.

  26. Do you understand how much control the heads of industry have over our election system? That and the recent economic crisis are the reasons there is the level of animosity there. But, unless they go out and fully topple our democracy and instill some corporate oligarchy I don't see an actual revolution kicking off anytime soon.

    With God, there should be no reference to it in government at all. Off the currency, out of the pledge, no prayer day or anything of the sort. We are a secular nation!

  27. Heads of industry have NO control over our election system. The only "control" going on is thru liberal-dominated MEDIA. THEY are moving the country further and further to the left. The revolution has already been in place for YEARS. One more term with this Communist hack in the White House, and it will be CONSOLIDATED. We are NOT a secular nation. Half the Declaration signers had divinity school training. Every single Ivy League school was started by CHRISTIANS. "We are endowed by our CREATOR".

  28. "Heads of industry have NO control over our election system. " Ever heard of lobbyists, Koch brother, citizens united? Our government is so heavily influenced by big money politicians should have to wear uniforms like NASCAR drivers so we know who bought their elections.

    Not a secular nation????? Are you fucking serious? If you want to pull the founding fathers card how about the fact that many of them were not Christians like Jefferson, Washington, and Franklin. Plus the 1st amendment thing

  29. Son of a bitch thos son of a bitch in office agin?? A.C.!!!!!!!! Wake up people this man shares the name and beliefs of our enemies

  30. @luvmonster24 how is that pathetic some of us dont have parents that can pay college cost and thats not our fault we just want a chance some of us can change the world

  31. damnit damnit damnit. we had a choice of 27 candidates people are so bsrian washed into to thinking they had a choose who they thought was the shiniest of two piles of turds.

  32. i fucking loved my country I love my average American black white yellow red but with your freedom to free religion and others and if yourr emigrate welcome too…you get to practice your beliefs freely but dont take ours away you midwesterners know what i mean

  33. Can any, one person who watches this video leave a comment that isn't shitting in someone's face? The election is OVER! No ONE president can change whole fucking economy over the freaking night. The country is not fucked. Life will go on. Stop blaming the president for all of your pathetic problems and own up to your personal EVERYTHING.

  34. Ok first of all nowyourenraged . You're a little bias on which side to favor more^_^. Yes it's one thing to say about republicans and democrats, but yet it's another to judge on what side you thought should have won buy didn't and start to accuse the voters on how they made a mistake. I preferred Obama to be president not because I liked him, it's because I wouldn't want to pick Romney. If you research more about the candidate you'll see that he has destroyed/taken peoples jobs away. Your stupid

  35. Cenk you got it right my brotha how do you do it? You're so brilliant thought I knew something about politics but compared to you I know close to nothing. At least my prediction was more accurate than Dick Morris. By the way, you're analysis of Dick Morris was hilarious.

  36. Good luck future generations! Now you'll have to pay for the national debt and work well beyond the retirement age! πŸ˜€

  37. Yeah, the national debt was not going to be solved by Mitt Romney or your conservatives hacks that you listen to, would have tripled the debate with policies he was talking about.

  38. What's the word for when something has the most out of all the others, but it doesn't have the majority(50% + 1)? I forget.

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