Poll: The Other S-Word: Socialism!

– We’re gonna talk about the
other S-word today, socialism. I’m John Phillips, and
this is Poll Position. (engine starting) (engines revving)
(dramatic music) If you have a degree in political science, even from a state school like me, socialism is a governmental system wherein the means of production is owned by the state, rather
than private enterprise. According to Karl Marx,
socialism is the step in between capitalism and communism. And because of this
association with communism, socialism, it’s long been political poison in the United States, but not anymore. Avowed socialist Bernie Sanders has flipped the script on the S-word. Even as Hillary is wiping
the floor with Sanders among Democratic political
machine voters and minorities, the young, they’re on fire for Bernie, and he’s single-handedly rehabilitating the word “socialism.” According to a recent poll conducted by the American Action Network, 57% of Democrats now say that socialism has a positive impact on the world. Only 27% disagree. 68% say the federal government should tax the rich and spread the wealth. Only 25% of people think that they should keep what they earn. 61% want socialized medicine, saying Obamacare didn’t go far enough. 27% disagree with that. A solid majority of 58% wanna
make college free for all, while 35% think that’s going too far. And free speech, that’s just
not part of a socialist utopia. 55% say colleges and universities
should protect students from harmful language on campus. Finally, the survey found that
the majority of Democrats, 52% to 35%, favor nationalizing industries like airlines or healthcare. What do these numbers tell us? Well, they tell us what we’ve all known here at PJTV for many
years, and that’s this. The Democratic Party is not a party of conservatives, moderates and liberals, where they all live in
harmony with one another, trying to make America a better place. The Democratic Party is a socialist party, has been for some time, and will continue to be in the future. The only difference now is
they’re more comfortable with admitting the fact
that they’re socialists. And it’s not just Bernie Sanders. They act like he’s the crazy uncle who just came out of the basement. That’s not true. This guy has the support
not only of the people who go out and vote for him, but he also has the ideological support of many of Hillary Clinton’s voters, as this poll just indicated. This is poison for the Democratic Party as we look to general
elections in the future, unless they remake the electorate, unless they remake the country. This is part of the reason why the Democratic Party is
so tied to open borders. Because, if you bring
people in from countries that are more left-wing
than the United States, then guess what? You’re gonna get a more
left-wing electorate. That is where they wanna push the country, those are the voters they
need to take us there, and this is why it’s
important for Republicans to stand up against this and to make sure that the world knows that socialism isn’t good for the globe. Socialism kills off countries
that should be prosperous. That’s the position of the polls, but now it’s time to
make your opinion known. Even if Bernie fades from the scene, has he rekindled the fire of socialism in the United States of America? Tell us your thoughts in
the comments section below. I’m John Phillips for Poll Position. Thanks so much for watching. (engine starting) (engine revving)
(dramatic music)

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  1. +PJ media John…Why do you keep calling it the "democratic party"? Its the "Democrat party"….There is nothing democratic about any of them…

  2. If trump wins, decent people have the whole world to move to. There are so many countries that would be more liberal and sane.

    If bernie wins, republicans have nowhere to go. They are too extremist to find any place on earth in keeping with their ideology. The only places that are right wing enough (ISIS held areas of syria, saudi arabia, parts of somalia) are run by fundamentalist muslims instead of fundamentalist christians so that won't do.

    Poor extremist republicans.

  3. Anyone requiring protection from hearing "harmful language" is not ready for college… Guess what…. welcome to the world . . . GROW UP.

  4. In 1942, under the Socialist FDR's rule, a chicken farmer was persecuted for raising his own food on his own land. The federal government claimed he was harming the economy my not buying wheat from other farmers instead of raising it himself. If that's not nationalizing private land and labor and forcing complete control over the people's lives, what is? We've had Socialism since FDR. Hiding behind the textbook definition of Socialism and denying we have been under Socialism since the 30s is stupid. The American people lost most of our freedom in the 30s and it just keeps getting worse. 80% of what the federal government does today is unconstitutional.

  5. Note to PJ Media
    After I saw this and shared it with a few people, I realized something. You were assuming that your audience would immediately see the evils and dangers of socialism. This reflects apparently on your age and the assumed ages of your audience. You need to make videos now that take each of your points in this video and show to your younger audience (if you have one) why socialism is such a bad thing. It doesn't seem so obvious to a lot of people.

  6. This polling video shows why the Democrats couldn't answer the question:
    => "What's the difference between the Democrats and a Socialist Party?"

    There isn't any. To openly admit it would kill public support!

    The Millennial generation are so messed up and indoctrinated, it ain't funny no more.

  7. Sanders is the "whore who won't say no" when he's asked about left wing policy. It's an empty vessel for the left to get whatever they want (regardless of reality)

  8. Most people don't think that anyone is worth 500 times more than anyone else for any reason or by any measure.

  9. It wasn't too long ago calling a Democrat a Socialist was taken as an insult, now they proudly admit what we have known for years.

  10. Well thanks to Reagan leaving to border open to get reelected and all the rest of the politicians since then using illegals as a voting block , yes we are headed down the road to hell.

  11. Bernice has entirely too many supporters at the college age level who have hardly had to work for a living, pay rent, make ends meet, started a business or any other thing that would show economic literacy. Of course these punks love Bernice, they're just going from mom and dad taking care of them to Uncle Sam footing the bill.

  12. When China was socialist, it killed between 50-70 million of its own people. You've heard of Mao? As they have moved towards capitalism since 1979, their prosperity has soared and poverty as they knew it has almost disappeared. Their extreme poverty rate has dropped from 84% to 12%. Capitalism works, socialism doesn't.

  13. Words mean things. So quit using "democratic" to identify the Democrat party. They are anything but democratic… Thank you.

  14. Overheard an interesting conversation yesterday, one young woman was between 25 and 30, the other was obviously just out of college, the older woman said "the older I get and the more money I make the more Republican I become", the other one had just said she had voted for Bernie in the primary. Needless to say I got quite a chuckle out of that one.

  15. The republicans are the answer? The RINO's that are more democrat than half the members of the democrat party are the answer? Sorry but our only chance of survival is real conservatives in office. And guess what, RINO's are not conservatives. It is time to clean house.

  16. Well Civil War could be coming to these United States of America….God Help Us All…. myself Restore the Republic!!!! Liberty or Death!!! Don't Tread On Me!!!

  17. National democratic socialism is better known as Nazism/fascism – International democratic socialism is better known as communism. The two are murderously interchangeable and fall under the single title "socialism." And socialism is coming to the USA mostly due to wimpy weak ass Republicans who always pick wimpy elites with little to lose under socialism as their representatives in government, and who ultimately ALWAYS CHOOSE TO LAY DOWN rather THAN FIGHT.

  18. "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery." – Winston Churchill

  19. The streets of Chicago around the Trump rally yesterday is a preview of what America will be like for anyone holding a position different than the Sanders/Clinton followers.  Our speech will be suppressed while they get to chant their socialism.

  20. Bernie or the Hildabeast, a distinction without a difference. Both Dimocrat candidates for President are socialists, just one of them is more corrupt than the other.

  21. My favorite argument for socialism is that it has never been given a real chance. In every instance, whether ancient Rome or modern Germany, government has made a progression from small, nimble, and capable, to large, bloated, and incompetent. Governments progressively take more and more of the wealth, control more and more of the economy, and spend more and more to bribe the masses to keep unrest at bay. Eventually they will have to find a scapegoat, someone to blame for the government's failings. If that scapegoat is foreign, there will be a massive and destructive war. If that scapegoat is domestic, there will be segregation and eventually internment. If they can't find a scapegoat, there will be a civil war.

  22. First I am a veteran of Ronald Reagan's Air Force. I have looked down the barrels of Socialist guns in the old West Germany and in South Korea. I had to study Socialism as part of my job in Military Intelligence so I have a little bit of background in what I am about to say.

    Socialism has 2 things to hang it's hat on, the first is equality of misery. NO socialist country has ever raised the standard of living for the poor souls living under it's heal. I don't care if it's Cuba or Denmark the average Joe is worse off under socialism than he would be under a capitalist society.

    Second Socialists MURDERED more people in the 20th century than all the wars and disease combined! Lenin murdered millions, Stalin the numbers are between 50 and 100 million either worked to death, starved or outright murdered. Mao murdered between 100-200 million. Pau Pot, Che, Fidel on and on.

    I know socialism, I have stared down their guns before and I will again! The followers of Che Sanders had better get to the range if they want to haul me off to the gulag because it will be bloody.

  23. You cannot have individual rights if your life and your property can be voted away by "the majority" or by the government acting for "the people". Americans need to get their shit together and re-affirm their founding principles of self-reliance. The proper role of government is to protect you from others mistakes, not protect you from yours.

  24. The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.
    Thomas Jefferson

  25. I love PJ TV. You could call this nitpicking but I want to share with you a flaw I found in your intro; I don't think a car will rev up to 7,000 rpm while being cranked up. In other words it is my opinion that the audio and the graphics don't match for that couple of seconds of the intro. Keep doing what you guys do though.

  26. When Trump gets the nomination this is what you do. Tell them that Hillary is a corporate sell out from the beginning. But if you vote for Trump he may end up breaking America proving that Socialism was right inadvertently enacting the socialist revaluation.

    And if Trump was right then we all be rich. win win :p

  27. This is why I continue to watch PJMedia even after I strongly disagree with some of the messages they convey in some of their videos.

    John Phillips, I have strongly disagreed with you on several occasions, but this was absolutely excellent. Well done sir.

  28. "The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people's money." Margaret Thatcher

  29. Socialism is for dumb asses who can't think for themselves and want the government to do their thinking for them.

  30. some liberal on my facebook posted this and i wanted some coherent response


  31. Bunch of frigging babies. Want everything given to them instead of working for it. And those who work hard for everything they have, and if they're lucky become wealthy, they (the wealthy) don't deserve it because those who have not worked hard should have a share of it. Let's just call the Unites States Russia and be done with it, because that's what this country will be. And the irony is those who want socialism will cry foul when their free speech is trampled upon and THEY are told they have to share their money with someone else. If that does happen, I hope I'm dead and buried. I seriously do.

  32. I cannot believe this place has so many socialists. I hate it. I will resist this garbage no mater what.

  33. Countries in decline include USA and England. Countries on the rise are , Norway, Sweden and Germany. Yes they're socialist. Chinese are Self proclaimed socialists and they have the fastest growing middle class in the world.

  34. It's no surprise that this entitled generation of young people would rally behind an avowed socialist like Sanders. The men who died on Omaha beach are rolling in their graves.

  35. I really getting sick of these traitors demanding nationalization of industries. I say we imprison teachers who teach from a communist world view for life. It's a sick ideology that left 100 million dead, it should be wiped off the face of America, and eventually the world.

  36. Socializing airlines would be a good idea. After a few airplanes crash, and it becomes too expensive to fly, people would be rejecting socialism.

  37. Bernie Sanders may call himself a sozialist, but if you look at the policies he wants to implement you can see that he has nothing to do with the socialism of the Soviet Union. He is a social democrat, that is something different. For example, he doesn't want to nationalize the economy, you made that up.

  38. if Bernie sanders is so popular with  young people, then why is Hillarious beating him superbad in the primaries?   Sanders does not have a big following because most socialists and young people who like his views, find BETTER views with Trump and Cruz.  So Hillary wins because that is what the Democratic party is….its strictly for corrupt liberals, and activists and antisocial antichristian Marxists.

  39. Bernie's brief moment in the spotlight of history will be seen as one of the largest mass-stupidity moments in democratically free societies.

  40. You think you are doing great, but you are thirsty. When you're given water, you think it's poison. When you think you're digging a well, you're digging your own grave.

    Isn't that just the republican attitude, given all the facts?

    Reality is biased.

  41. If 57% of democrats thing socialism is a good thing, then it clearly shows how effective our education system has been.

  42. If you know or catch the names of any socialists in your area, write their names and information down. It may come in handy some day.

  43. The free speech thing is what kills me. The absolute first undeniable freedom we ever had was freedom of speech, and in the last few years people are starting to tear it down by re-labeling the argument as "protecting from harmful speech". What the hell is wrong with people? Second amendment advocates (such as myself) used to say "If this was the first amendment, there would be no question! You cannot limit free speech this way…" Apparently we were wrong the whole time.

  44. Sanders is a social democrat, and everything he wants is make the state take care of the basic services the ppl need through a good use of their taxes and redistribution of wealth, what is completly right, and is actually what should have been done from the very start.
    And there is a ton of socialized services allready, like the police and firefighters. ( the only problem is that this services need a lot of money and are very vulnerable to corruption, and must be very well done, but Sanders is very well capable of doing it, specially with the help of ppl ).
    If u think that is going to destroy the country, check England, Germany, France, is their quality of life worst then US? No, they are by far better, because they have this system that Bernie is trying to implement.

  45. The "young", myself not included, are on fire for Sanders because they're a bunch of lazy pot heads that don't want to work 40+ hours a week to EARN their way to a good life. I really wish a lot more people weren't coddled as children so that they had to work for what they want instead of have it handed to them like they automatically deserve it. My generation sucks…

  46. It think Democrats are doing what Democrats have always done – promote slavery. In the past it was imported Africans, and today is domestic everyone. So whats changed, what is different now? Well, in my opinion, Republicans have created a vacuum, that is being filled by socialist sympathies. That vacuum was created when the Republicans decided to abandon true fiscal conservationism, become socially intolerant instead of letting people be, and got in bed with war-machine cronies.

    If Republicans (or some suitable replacement) would return to those principles, you wouldn't have to convince people socialism is bad, the results of those principles would speak for themselves.

  47. Generations of ne'er-do-well, liberal, business world rejects, running our educational system has finally produced a generation of totalitarian, nanny-state proponents.

  48. People fail to realize that America already has socialist programs like student loans, public services like school or the police department, food stamps, social security and the list goes on and on. Crony Capitalism is the reason why we have people worth 50 billion and people worth nothing living in the same country. Socialism is not a bad word.

  49. Important clarifications: Sanders is not pro-immigration:

  50. Almost right, the open borders is a plan for white genocide that is why it's happening in the West or Christendom or White nations and only White nations, Not Asia, Not Africa just us whiteys. Smash all borders is the communist cry ask MLK and Nelson Mandela. Cheers

  51. Bernie isn't socialist. The democunts aren't either. I'm a socialist, they aren't. We don't need ur system, we'll have a revolution. Not today, not tommorw, but one day Inshallah, true Socialism will rise.

  52. thanx Mr. Phillips…a great turning point for USA . . bring in the socialists or bring in the republic…live on your knees or thrive on your feet… Trump It! release the Don…Freedom is not free; free men are not equal; equal men are not free… take your pick…

  53. It takes a special kind of psychosis to agree with the Democrat's perspectives on socialism. It the psychosis of adults behaving like small children.

  54. Socialism is gaining a foothold because it is a luxury that a wealthy country can afford…right up until it implements it, and takes that country from luxury to poverty.

  55. this study should have included the marital status of the parents of those poled. I'm wondering if socialists are still looking for a parent figure they never had.

  56. It breaks my heart to see the direction our nation is moving!  My dad served WWII & Korea.  I served 25 years (Viet Nam to Desert Storm and everything in between).My first question is who are the parents of these children?  Second, those of us who still believe in our Nation must STAND together!

  57. Open borders from left wing countries could backfire on the left. In the 1990s Israel received a million Russian Jewish immigrants from the former USSR who were not to keen on a workers paradise as they had seen first hand how that turned out.

  58. What government agency has been a stellar example of efficiency and quality?  Oh, that's right.  None. Not one.  Everything they touch become a quagmire of chaos.  Bernie Sanders has never grown up.

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