Poll says majority of Americans think Trump is racist

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  1. Well there it is everyone, Laura Ingram settled the debate: “It’s factually untrue to say he’s a racist because [she] knows him” 👏🏾 Strong interruption rebuttal to the FACT Garland was attempting to make before Fox News protected the fragile ears 🙉 of their blind followers 🙈 1:22

  2. Employment rate of black Americans isn’t proof Trump isn’t a racist. Black unemployment was less than 1% when America enforced slavery. You want to argue our first 15 presidents weren’t racists as well?

  3. Trump doesn't hate Mexicans I don't hate Mexicans. But I don't want 20 million Mexican illegals in this country collecting well fare that I will pay for with taxes. Common sense. I cannot move to Mexico. And collect well fare. And receive food stamps the mexicans will laugh at you if you tried

  4. "He's not racist because I've known him for 13 yrs" That's like me saying fire won't burn you because I've known it for 20 yrs

  5. Who cares what other people think people are entitled to their opinion You could be a God Buddha or whatever and people will still find a reason to dislike you it is what it is life. My mom taught me a long time ago when I was little in life not everyone's gonna like you and that's OK I don't know trump personally but one thing I make it a mission to do is not rely on a media rather at Fox News or any other media outlet to judge the way I see trump I judged trump completely you on his actions as so far what hes done with this country is great.

  6. Why are white people so inherently insecure and hateful. Sad. God must be ashamed of racist who’re people

  7. Obviously if trump explicitly used a racist word, he’d still be defended by pple sayin he didnt mean it..

  8. Trump is definitely supports white privilege. He supports the right to keep the statues of the founding fathers but has no regard for native American's right to their land both are American history, and the president he claims to model himself after is responsible for the great trail of tears. Why would you want compare yourself to a president that caused the biggest genocide in America's history is absolutely insensitive and is true American history

  9. President Trump never mocked a handicapped person, that lie has been debunked many times. President Trump is not a racist, he is a pragmatist that speaks honestly without sugar coating anything. Democrats and their fake news media know he’s not a racist because they are who promoted the lie and encourage envy.


  11. I wish the public discussion didn't always gravitate to who might be a would be racist. It's the left's principal weapon for character assassination and distraction from issues when they are bereft of facts and logic.

  12. Most people think Trump is racist because he obviously is racist. Laura Ingraham saying, "It's factually untrue that he's a racist because I know him" is the most laughable non-sequitur I've heard in a long time. And Herman Cain saying there's no evidence Trump is racist only makes sense if you don't actually consider the things Trump says to be evidence of what Trump thinks.

  13. People's wages are gonna go up sometime so if you can Ami may look better than it's OK to be a racist a**** it's OK to like kids in cages just because you're check my go up 3 Box what a load a craft trump is swine

  14. No, I thought, President Trump was boorish, dim-witted, inarticulate, incoherent, narcissistic and insensitive. He’s a pathetic bully but an equal-opportunity bully — in his uniquely crass and crude manner, he’ll attack anyone he thinks is critical of him. No matter how much I found him ultimately unfit, I still gave him the benefit of the doubt about being a racist. No matter how much I came to dislike him, I didn’t want to think that the president of the United States is a racial bigot. BUT I WAS WRONG IS  A BIGGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. These videos will live on to show people how a racists president was protected by the right wing media.

  16. 😂😅🤣😂😂Laura Ingram is an utter racist!! She’s disgusting. You have no evidence that he’s a racist?, what an idiot, there are fine Nazis apparently. Herman Caine go back to where you came from, really? Not racist..? Haha. He was even found guilty in a court of law for racism. Racists 101 “ go back to where you came from” vile!

  17. So the question isn’t ‘is this racist?’ It is: ‘Is it more racist that he assumed all these colored women are from other countries, or is it more racist that he believes second generation Americans are still unamerican?’ Either way he clearly states his preference for what kind of people he wants in his America everyday by writing stupid tweets like this.

  18. If he look racist, talks like a racist and acts like a racist. Trump is a racist. You could switch the word to rapist.

  19. It's like the far-right is programed they all say the same thing over and over again trump makes one racist comment after another yet they keep saying is not a racist something not right here.

  20. Interesting how when the poll doesnt favour Trump suddenly it's fake. And Herman knows to get in line… looking like Samuel L Jackson's character in Django Unchained. Fkin sellout. And Laura has a duty. Keep these Nazis, and closet Klans neighbors happy

  21. I wonder what kind of "proof" fox news wants to see before they agree that he is racists. Because "my own experience" is not proof for anything eather. It's not his position in politics that make his comments racists. I would consider them the same by any other person.

  22. Those women wouldn't have gone through the painstaking process of trying to get elected for congress if they didn't love our country. What kind of sense does that make?? They built their careers around upholding american values, and of of those values is that this is a land that welcomes immigrants. Unless you're Native American, then all of your ancestors were immigrants. That's the premise this land is based on.

    I implore you to look at an event with an open mind, to watch how other media covers these things, dig deeper, do some research, and then make up your mind. Just taking your news from fox doesn't give you the whole picture
    . You gotta understand that even fox has big money donors just as any other state media does, and is subject to the same corruption and "fake news" Trump always talks about

  23. The main thing people say when their neighbor has bodies found in the basement is, " I've known him for so long, he was such a nice guy, i never thought he could do something like this.

    People are very good at hiding who they truly are.

  24. Oh Laura you picked Strawberries in your neighborhood wild strawberry patch. Trying to spin it. Trump’s behavior is that of a Dictator. He embraces dictators and he separates kids from their parents and puts them in cages without hygiene, medical care, no beds, just the basics. Disrespectful of strong women who were elected to Congress. He just sucks.

  25. He is he hasn’t been subtle about it, heck he insult the entire African continent, whiten I ad has many beautiful country’s with fast growing economic power.

  26. 1939 nazis would be very, VERY proud of the fox news racists. Those pieces of garbage have been conned by the DEMOCRAT trump. It was as easy stealing candy from a baby. The cocaine addled, greasy faced, KKKompulsive liar is all yours, you racist pieces of garbage.

  27. CHALLENGE: If Trump didn't say racist things, repeat what he said to a co-worker and see how long you're employed.

  28. Look give me all the money they owe my ancestors and let me go back to beautiful Africa because a lot of places are staring to catchup with America things are changing

  29. "please don't talk over me because that is something liberals do". Holy cow does somebody wanna check out how many times trump has talked over somebody I mean..

  30. These idiots don’t answer any questions about what this man says.. oh and by the way what makes a person a raciest is his words and attitude towards another race. So they telling the American people pay no attention to what the president of the United States says just take our word for it b cause we know him!

  31. Absolutely disgusting lies. Unsubbed from this trash. I guess all msm is trash.
    I do not blame people for hating Trump given all of the hatred from the msm. I'd hate him too if I believed all of the lies. You have to look further than msm. No matter what "side" you're on, you need to support America and come to your own conclusions. You know the msm is steering droves of people to socialism. It's a sad day in America, we all need to be more diligent.

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