Poll Results: America Fundamentally Progressive

oftentimes you see other issue media
with this option that is uh… center-right country here in the united
states well i was so you that’s not true in fact when you look for wipo issue by
issue the country’s sully and fundamentally
progressive well there’s now more data from of our idea of different polls on a
variety of different issues which once again proves that point first let’s
start ice is simple we got a gallup poll on contraception you know there’s been
all this huge how bob and they calculate leadership sending letters to present no
bother problem is they are all quiet on contraception de bailout of his
religious institutions and sarah well just on the core issue of contraception
are well how many americans are in favor of it yet i would be eighty nine percent
of all americans in terms of the catholics are onboard and nine percent
of non-catholics are on board no was surprised by this but decisive
show uh… to politicians and who what
believe it is a really important issue in american how do you know it’s gotten
melatonins institutions make sure that they destroy even is not
in town wakes in not allowing processing fees they
believe it is anymore well if they do their net tiny tiny
minority of the country now we move on a marijuana well in the mainstream media you here that always easy to think about
legalizing marijuana and the democrats are really in favor of it the republican
obviously dead-set against that almighty has a friend saying no no no
american or guess at except for the fact that they are totally in favor of that
turns out of the new rasta simple ways the conservatory organization fifty six
percent say they favor legalization and regulation like you were with tobacco
and without the hall only thirty six percent oppose
legalization as on medical marijuana or marijuana fifty six the thirty-six sloshing victory legalizing and that those numbers are
soaring bay worked you know just forty seven forty two a couple months ago in
march there was only a five-point difference
now dot point difference in the same polarization gallup also had is that at
fifty percent and rising in a different poll so the country in favor of
legalizing marijuana old almost none of our politicians are well i’m glad we live in a democracy and then you move on to other other issues so for example a pro-choice for like
that here here’s a situation well it appears that the country is right wing
and it slide while you’re here this for several resumes a western the press so first of all pro-choice forty one percent that’s it fifty percent describe themselves as
pro-life terry avide center-right right wing country okay so i was wrong right raleigh and bob of course i’m right because what has happened is the words have gotten load and so people thing like all my got a
pro-choice position that is your paper abortion on a gas that uh… i’m pro-life i wouldn’t go to work now
write your misunderstood your question who in your pro-choice if you think that
what we should be have the choice on whether they should
have abortion or not they should be their decision or whether they should be
illegal another decision when they ask that question seventy two percent of americans with
abortion sure did the legal seventy two percent that’s the real number for pro-choice only twenty five percent say illegal in
all circumstances and there’s a middle
ground that’s a legal and legal in are under some circumstances but seventy two
percent isn’t shali percentage of the country saying
yes it should be legal wednesday so we clearing up on that the country fundamentally progressive

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  1. " A young black man who got drunk and killed two of his best friends in an accident, for example, is looking at life in prison."

    That depends, however thats two lives he has taken, out of personal stupidity…you feel 5 or 10 years is justice for two lives? What if they were white men? would their lives be worth more of less…what if he was white and they were black…would that then be a hate crime (which is bullshit by the way, hate crime legislation is just racism)…it gets complicated

  2. birth Control is not a progressive issue, allot of conservatives and libertarians want it also, well only in case of rape etc. Only when it's emergency. And legalizing drugs is not a progressive issue either, it's also libertarians who are in favor of it. Even the "conservative" government of Switserland legalized drugs years ago! And Rasmussen is a "centrist" poll and Gallup is pure left wing indeed. And btw the United States of America is not a democracy, it's a REPUBLIC. Youngturds…

  3. Let's see – if you have reasonable doubt about what I said, then bring it forward. But even if you did, we MUST err on the side of having to prove unconsciouness first because it is far better to avoid cruelty altogether and be too early about when the individual becomes conscious than to cause cruelty by doing it during consciousness. Both outcome are NOT morally equivalent. For THIS reason the burden of proof must be to prove UNconsciousness before the potentially cruel act is carried out.

  4. The debate shouldn't be in the secular context. When life starts and when it should be protected are philosophical debates that anybody can pick a position in based on their world view. But that is the very reason why it should be legal: every position on abortion is legitimate!

    If you weren't going to have an abortion to begin with, then no one is going to tell you to have it! But someone else will feel they CAN have it, for whatever circumstance, and feel it is morally acceptable to do so.

  5. No because thats not intentionaly killing the child its more saving it from faith, that in my opinion shouldnt even be seen as abortion. Anyway I'm for abortion on demand I just think its wrong in all cases and personally it is a decision I would never have to face.

  6. So because your morals tell you its wrong you think wemen should be 1. stuck with children they dont want and they are more lightly to abuse and not love to what the child deserves and should recieve, 2. Make wemen have to get back alley abortions which are far more cruel and violent then safe legal ones as they usually are proformed far later in pregnency. Abortion I agree is horrible but thats OUR opinion which doesnt matter at all to the women put in the situation.

  7. I'm not pro-life or anti-death, if there's any noncruel way of killing I'm all for it. Just not any cruel way against a potentially conscious individual! That's not too complicated is it?

  8. How is the Fed more democratic? Besides our own local & statewide representatives, the only the country as whole votes on something is for the president every four years, and an occasional amendment, which hasn't happened in decades.

  9. I'd say it's more Libertarian than Progressive. Socially liberal but fiscally conservative! Progressives are the same control freak nutballs that tried to ban lyrics in music back in the 80's with the PMRC that was led by Al Gores wife Tipper Gore! You know Al Gore? Cenk's boss!!!!!

  10. you need to know your early american history, remember Members of the Electoral College could only vote for president; each elector could vote for two candidates, and the person who received the second largest number of votes during the balloting became vice-president. lots of previous positions were placed not by people voting, but by appointment from congress.

  11. very true, they want to ban video games because "they make children more prone to violence" which is complete horseshit and has been dis-proven over and over again. They want to bring back gun laws that did nothing but increase crime nation wide, instead of addressing the causes of crime, like the drug war and poverty..because those are complex issues and they cant slap a quick fix on those and pat themselves on the back. Thats why most Americans are to smart for Cenk and Fox news bullshit

  12. "The election of Sarah Palin is confirmation of America as a CONSERVATIVE nation!"

    I disagree, that's a confirmation of the level of stupidity among the population… well part of the conservative population.

  13. nice spin there Cenkie, except that if someone is pro-life how can they be in favor of letting women choose to have an abortion?? that's not being pro-life.

    btw, Cenkie if you're competing with Fox in the fair and balanced race, why are you ignoring to report to your viewers the fact that Obowma administration has 42 actions filed against it by various Church groups opposed to the free contraceptive mandate? seems to be a fairly news worthy story, right?

  14. Miscarriage isnt the type of abortion we are talking about I'm on about induced abortion if you want to nit pick so much and it is more like 85% that miscarry or the embryo is expelled.

  15. Always
    legal Sometimes
    legal Always
    illegal Unsure
    % % % %
    25 52 20 3
    not exacly pro choices more like neutral

  16. Forgot to add. I didn't want to come off as a grammar Nazi. Just wanted to clarify your comment for others.

  17. the first people to developed agriculture progress from hunting and gathering, the first people to live in town progressed from a nomadic life styles. even your old traditions and Christianity progressed from what that came before. without progression we would still be killing each other with rocks. if you really believed in your statement then you can go and live as a nomadic caveman.

  18. Well, it's nice to hear that most of the country is being influenced the most by about 10% of the people who live there…

  19. It means that they personally would never have an abortion or that they're uncomfortable with the idea of themselves getting one, but they wouldn't use the law to stop someone else from doing it. I agree that people seem to confuse what the words mean (as Cenk mentioned in the video, those people would actually be pro-choice).

  20. Alaska is a weird state that was acquired in 1900s we Americans that can think and have a opinion have yet to populate it

  21. I am pro-choice but I have to point something out, the stat that 72% of Americans support Abortion isn't true. About 22% of people said that it was always Ok, 50% said it was understandable sometimes, merging the two stats is just dishonest, In the poll it also asks if Late term abortion should be legal, that numbers only 31% of people said that it should be legal. Like I said I am pro-choice but deliberately twisting the numbers, that's what I would expect from Fox News, Not TYT

  22. someone like jimmy buffet or some rich ass communication billionaire should ?emase? a giant viral video that actually engulfs all media for a solid minute including international venues because we scare the shit out of the when we vote we should let them in on this bullshit to. But stating to everyone because you really can't avoid the influence of the 21st century its EVERYWHERE! come on we need to vote for the common man in every level starting with city and state seats. Know your canidate.

  23. what does radiation have to do with it? is not a drug and its also not just stored in our fat cells or produced naturally by the human endocannabinoid system like anandamide, the body own natural cannabis. You need to do so research about the Endocannabinoid system, then you will know your body is producing its own form of cannabis. Radiation is not natural, but cannabis is. thanks for attending class now run along.

  24. So you admit that 22% said "always ok", 50% said "understandable sometimes" which means that 72% agree that abortion should be legal. It is not dishonest when you are comparing two groups,those who want abortion illegal and those who want it legalized.
    Something can only be legal or illegal.You cannot have something illegal with exceptions. You are either for it or against it.Of course you can be pro-choice with exceptions like the 50% who say "understandable sometimes",they are still pro-choice

  25. i just think you funadamentally misunderstand TYT's point that this country is liberal on most issues but the word is "loaded" as TYT would put it…the word "liberal" and "pro-choice" have been demonized to the point that people do not want to be associated with it even though they fit the description….like those people who make fun of welfare recipients for taking "government handouts", all the while they are utilizing government assistance such as disability, medicare, or medicaid

  26. Wow! You completely misunderstood my entire point. I'd try explaining it to you but just go back and re-read the entire conversation leading up to my previous statement.
    My original point deals with the definition of PROGRESSIVE vs. ANTI-AUTHORITARIAN.
    Just re-read it and then comment.

  27. No only 22% say it should be legal in all cases, 50% say sometimes, The way they put it is 72% of Americans support legal abortion, which isn't the whole truth.
    And Of course there is middle ground. For example shooting someone is a sometimes legal thing. If someone is pointing a gun at your head and you shoot them it's legal. Same with Abortion, the majority of people say that in 2nd and 3rd trimesters in pregnancy it should be illegal

  28. "The country in favor of xy although almost none of our politicians are. Well I'm glad we live in a democracy" – Cenk Uygur

    There is a very easy solution to that problem, Cenk! It's called direct democracy. And I just don't understand why you are against it.

    Greetings from Switzerland

  29. Yes, fetuses are alive. It's whether or not they qualify as human beings with rights is the argument. I don't believe that they are until they're born alive. You know, people aren't totally dependent on anyone or "host" for survival. We are self-sustaining. Fetuses are not. So why should a fetus' "potential" for life override a person's rights who already exists? And for Christ's sake adoption is an alternative to parenting, NOT birth control.

  30. Paid troll?? More like an unpaid satirist… ecwaufisxtreme ALWAYS makes silly and gradiose comments about Palin and they're usually so over-the-top that you can't help but at least smirk. It's more of a running gag than an actual troll.

  31. I understand people not wanting sativa legalized, but the benefits of indica due to its CBD contents are outstanding.

  32. Given how wakie the republicans have been for the last three years. For the polls to be so close between Obama and Romany. It is scary how many stupid conservatives there are in the voting public.

  33. Actually thats proves how stupid the majority of conservatives are. Its not as if progressives voted for her lol…

  34. Well the more i think abot certain properties the more assume the US IS allready a fascist ultra nationslistic state:"exeptionalism"!!! The Iraqui genocide in line with itยดs financial acounting fraud makes it a military juggernaut allready.
    ABS are a financial fraud. Truth speakers like Bradlely Manning are imprisoned without trial. The US IS a totalitarian secret service state (2,0) allready!

  35. A lot of pro-life people would be counted in the 72% you had for legal abortion because most pro-life people favor exceptions for one or more of the following: life of the mother, health of the mother, rape, incest, and fetal deformity. Even some of the most hard-core pro-lifers still favor the exception for life of the mother.

  36. Who's rights are being taken away? If you are referring to the fetus, it doesn't actually have rights. The woman who carries it has rights, but until that fetus is a biologically self-sufficient lifeform, it doesn't have rights. Prior to that, it is merely a parasite with potential.

  37. Yes, the owner of a vagina has rights you don't have, just like the owner of a car has rights that someone who doesn't own a car has. It's completely pointless to extend rights that pertain to childbirth to people who are not capable of childbirth.

  38. Learn proper English…. "disgusts me of stupidity and misery"<—This makes no sense when read by someone who isn't retarded.

  39. You only prove how dangerous and deluded you and your ilk are. Far left, far right, these are the lunatic fringe. Let's say for the sake of argument you're right about abortion, that the majority is "Pro Choice"…that doesn't mean the majority thinks exactly like you. You retards and the retards on the exact opposite side of the fence need to realize most of us are somewhere in the center of the political spectrum, and I am sick of the Lunatic Fringe trying to dominate the rest of us. Go die.

  40. A driver has every property right over his car that we recognize, such as certain search and seizure rights, that are not extended to a non-driver because he doesn't have something to be protected under those rights. If you extended those rights to the non-driver, logically, you have to give him a car for him to actually possess those rights. As for abortion, the problem with your argument is you assume, rather erroneously, that the unborn have rights. They must be declared fully human, first

  41. I realized something…

    If you think about it, giving human rights to what is basically just a cell at the point of conception is the most radical liberal position I could think of. I'm a progressive, and if I'm at fault for something its being too left on some issues. But giving rights to life to a cell is EXTREMELY left.

    So far left that its right? Bizarre.

  42. He has been making this argument for like a year. TYT has provided us with dozens and dozens of polls, charts, etc supporting that argument.

    You know what law school Cenk went to? You would have to be EXTREMELY intelligent or EXTREMELY stupid to call this man a moron.

    I'm gonna go ahead and assume what category you fall under…..

  43. That was a terrible paraphrase, and full of logical fallacies. Just because the situation is similar does not mean the exact rights are similar. There is no specific protection against search and seizure in the vagina, and you just seem stupid for trying to twist it that way. The government is not forcing anyone to have an abortion, so that 4th amendment part utterly fails as well. At least you got the middle right: for a man to have women's rights, he'd have to become a woman.

  44. Really? You think forced abortions are on the way? Thanks for clearly indicating that you aren't just dumb; you're also crazy. Let me be clear. The government's purpose, in this regard, is to protect a woman's right to do as she wishes with her own body. Their purpose is not to force abortions or prevent them, but to allow women the choice. That's why we're called "pro-choice." Do you fucking get it yet?

  45. Get it through your head. Women's rights are not about the 4th Amendment. The car thing was a fucking analogy, you moron. Nobody is being forced to have an abortion, and a fetus is not legally defined as property anyway, so the 4th Amendment wouldn't apply even if they were forcing abortions. It is defined as part of the woman–a part she can choose to have removed by medical procedure, like a cyst. Geez, you rightwingers are dumb.

  46. The politicians don't give a shit what the people think on the issues. The right-wing fringe is the loudest, screaming like a toddler every time it doesn't get its way. Their strategy is, be the loudest and most intractable, and swing an election. Clearly, it works.

  47. No, you didn't, you twisted my argument in a way it wasn't meant, trying to put words in my mouth. But you're a fucking moron, and your posts have made that abundantly clear. Your utter lack of understanding on the simplest of matters is astounding, and I hope you never breed. Goodbye. Go ahead and respond; I'll read it for a good laugh, but otherwise, I'm done with your brand of right wing idiocy.

  48. We need to get health care out of the hands of employers. We should all pay directly for health care under strict premium controls by state.

  49. That is very interesting, Thank you for that piece of information. I wonder if that has something to do with the reiki healing methods. I am not sure if i believe in Reiki but i do find it interesting. Maybe you might know something about it?

  50. Wasn't pot voted down in an exit poll in California? I like how he says the questions to the poll results that he don't like are loaded questions but he doesn't question the wording of the questions that are in his favor. Pot, gay marriage, Obamacare, ALL have been very unpopular and progressives/liberals have been getting voted out of office in droves because of their progressive/liberal positions and bills. No sense in this guy attempting to be honest though. It doesn't suit him.

  51. Oh, my god, how did you find out that the REAL goal of Obamacare was to force abortions on everybody? We've been found out!!

  52. It's only a liberal position in your fevered imagination if we grant that that you could possibly know anything of what you 'think' are a liberals belief systems. Fox noise and Glen Beck have done well with you. Yes, 'they' are out to get you, and it's all a conspiracy to end America n your fantasy world of Glenbeckistan. The sane people look at people like you with scorn and disdain because we know that you are simply projecting your simple minded paranoid fantasy of what liberals stand for.

  53. "But the peoples don't understand. Smart peoples in government understands. Right? RIGHT?!!"
    An that is really what peoples in power believes in. Part of "those small" peoples believes in that as well. Some of them… bootlickers.

  54. If so many people beleive that a persons body is their own and not the governments, why do so many people oppose legalizing all drugs

  55. Reality would disagree..TYT. Center right…Is where we are at…

    And we protestants for the most part have no problem with contraception,but respect how Catholics feel…Their Church institutions, should be able to functions as their beliefs dictate..:)

  56. Freedom of religion is a guarantee in the constitution….And conservatives are the ones paying the taxs….

  57. The truth is easily accessed……And conservatives are self supporting,and we pay the majority of the taxs in America…..When this unnatural union collapses the blue states will collapse……. I looked at your youtube account,what a failure…You should look at mine….You might enjoy the video, Our travels…Its a window to our world….. ๐Ÿ™‚ You should go out and get a life…

  58. LMFAO what do you mean failure? There's nothing on it and I don't plan to post anything. Who gives a fuck anyway?
    But putting that aside, this is the part where I educate you and tell you to get a life in reality. For example, I'm guessing that Fox News doesn't tell you that Red States take more in welfare than Blue States. Regardless, it's true. If any states collapse, it'll be the REPUBLICAN ones. Proof:
    thecentristword.files.wordpress [DOT] com/2012/01/red-state-socialism.jpg

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