Poll Predicting ’16 President Donald Trump Wave Sees Democrats Up In ’18 | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Why has Mika and Joe been in 2 different studio for weeks? Why do they go days with just one of them there, and not the other. Very strange. I watch just about every morning. And, why is at least the first 30 minutes of the 8 am hour a repeat of the first 30 min of the show???

  2. Americans, don't be fooled by the democrats. Look at the unemployment number, look at the economy, look at how the military is able to do it's job again, … Vote Republicans!

  3. It's STRANGE….that he is so interested only in what his base wants to hear… Yet he has done everything in the last 2 weeks to embarrass himself and the Republican party…it's almost like he WANTS to LOSE!

  4. Thankfully, no Secret Service agents or postal workers were hurt. We keep hearing about how the packages didn't hurt who they were sent to (Thank God or whomever) but we have to remember they could've hurt so many more. It's a dark time. Please v*te.

  5. America is finally waking up, msm has proven itself wrong over and over and you guys still believe it. Research the banks and who they're tied to and you'll see that 6 companies own over 90% of the media. Stop being their sheep, study the federal reserve and their fiat dollar scam. Learn about the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

  6. Sorry but he's the last gasp of the dying breed (lol…actually typed bread) of American v*ters. The younger v*ters NEED to get out and v*te. If you want this country to change into something you want, then you NEED to v*te. Not just talk or text about it. If you're old enough to complain about the "tax cut bill" then you're old enough to v*te for people who WILL change taxes to reflect what you stand for and what's fair. If you don't v*te, then…shut-up.

  7. I bet those people voting for the guy misusing funds think the story about his abusing funds is "fake news". Shaken my f-ing head. Then they'll complain when he gets elected and complain more when he goes to court for abusing those funds. Please wake up.

  8. Just remember that Pelosi ISN'T speaker NOR does she have to be. Tell your new rep…NOPE and to select someone who's fresh and Rep. Pelosi (if she wins her seat) can offer her knowledge and expertise to a new and fresh voice of the new congross (I'll change it to congress if rdpols lose maj or if they start doing their job of checking the exe. branch.).

  9. I'd love if Bannon got picked up by Mueller's team for questioning again before he could do that campaign trip/session/whatever. THAT would be funny.

  10. If you WANT to appeal to women, bannon isn't your man for the job. That's not a good idea but whatever floats your boat.

  11. Nervous about the future of the party? How about nervous about the future of OUR country? I'm not a suburbanite but I am educated and part of a patriotic (read military) family (enlisted & Veterans) and freaked out that my elderly neighbor's got maga signs all over the place all of the sudden and is working out all of the sudden. He tells me he's afraid of the "liberals" (young people) that have moved into the neigborhood (which is all white) and doesn't realize that me and my husband are liberals too.

  12. How is the economy? Unemployed? Growth? And would you let strangers stay in your home and give them your money? Do you really like paying high taxes? No way!!! We all VOTED RED!!!

  13. democrats are going to Lose; it doesn't matter what any of the #msm fake media #Fakepolls say ,..they tried this with #hillary and she lost with like a 99 % chance of winning and they tried it with Reagan 1980 and carter lost too,..when ever media tries to fool voters, they vote even "More" for the republicans ,..in Protest,..so sorry to fake #msm nonsense,..

  14. democrat's must win we have to get out and VOTE trump has destroyed enough the only jobs was for the rich we can take this election they said there would be a black president. President Obama won fare and square the republican just kept on blocking everything President Obama did. When that funny looking man stole the votes republican just gave him the paper to sign. President Obama will forever be a great man.

  15. Why am I getting mobile updates from msnbc? I can careless about you guys. Your fake news. You wanna have a future in our country? Vote Red. If not we as Americans will be the. Minorities

  16. Shoot people throwing stones ffs,the worlds watchin, be fooled once and learn ,it’s ok. Be fooled twice shame on you america

  17. After 2016, how can these folks discuss polls? Quit talking, get in your minivan and haul 6 voters to their real polls, to vote.

  18. If Democraps win, that caravan will get to the border & they'll be welcomed in & immediately get free healthcare and welfare!!!!! half of them pregnant to give birth in U.S.

  19. History will remember the Trump Presidency for its collaboration, its corruption, and its cruelty. What other Administration was ever so obsequious to a foreign power? What other Administration has had so many campaign managers/office holders convicted of crimes so early in its administration? What other Administration gleefully yanked crying children out of the hands of their parents? We shouldn't be surprised that an Administration so filled with hate has inspired so many hate crimes. Or that despite the carnage of gun violence, there isn't even a proposal from the White House to end this plague of violence. The two worst days in American history in this young century are 9/11 and 11/9.

  20. The trouble is that Trump has slapped the economy into a far worse version of Reganomics that were the precursor to at least two global collapses.

    If he looses now and the collapse that is coming arrives, he will say it was because of the mid-term results – not his policies.

    He wins no matter what.

    Anybody up there?

  21. Wish these idiots would stop giving that orange asshat political tips, but he only watches Fox “News” so have at it I guess

  22. Just like the left to blame trump for the bomb packages and the slaying at the tree of life synagogue.Where was the blame for the Bernie bro shooting of the republican congressmen??? where it should have been layed.At the shooter.Not on bernie or commie rachel madow.Give me a break and save me your feigned liberal outraged tears lol.

  23. They used a different poll on every different case that make them look like they are all ahead. LOL use same poll if you are trying to make a point


  25. I already voted Republican along with my family and many friends. Fake News propaganda doesn't work anymore. Trump Rules

  26. Just because they say Democrats are ahead in the polls right now you have to get out the vote! Tell your friends and neighbors to vote! Give someone a ride their polling place! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊♥️♥️🗳🗳🙏🏼🙏🏼

  27. Democrats need so much more vote thanks to gerrymandering and other republican election rigging. Is a 17 point lead enough!? Probably not. :-/

  28. LOL!!
    Silly pundits aren't talking about #Blexit or # WalkAway voters..
    Your wave is looking more like a PUDDLE everyday! #JobsNotMobs
    #PromisesMade #PromisesKept


  30. I'm not American, but if you are and you're 18 or older then please vote Democrat. Trump is an embarrassment to your great country.

  31. You all are funny. Blue wave my as*
    CNN says he now has 30% of the black vote fox said 40%. #walkaway.
    You liberal socialist snowflakes. I look forward to liberal tears.

  32. Today is Sunday and all the early voting is leaning Republican… MSNBC are you EVER going to stop Lying to your viewers??

  33. All of you stating to vote blue, do know Democrat Party is going Socialist right? Just remember, every country that has gone Socialist becomes Communist! Government will be a Dictatorship and Citizens will have NO Freedoms! They'll start giving free healthcare, housing, food stamps, until the money runs out (cuz someone has to pay, no such thing as free )! Then Citizens will have no jobs, no healthcare, housing, food stamps and it will lead to a Civil War with the Democrat Party and finally turn Citizens into Refugees to find food , water and housing in another country, just like Venezuela right now! If your hate is bigger for President Trump than your love for your family, go ahead and vote blue! President Trump is fighting for our freedoms, the Constitution, keeping GOD's Word, not to murder innocent babies through abortion and LGBT marriages! Obey GOD JEHOVAH not Democrat Party!

  34. I did not here a black agenda anywhere in this whole thing. I will pass on voting. Be informed Be free. Blk 1st. Hotep

  35. Good luck dems your gonna need it. Oh and by the way when the 12000 illegal immigrants come crashing over the boarder make you use the pull out couch to let them in you house. Also polls mean nothing !!! MAGA !!!

  36. These newscasters are creaming their pants. It is exactly what is wrong with the 24 hour 'news' cycle. #TaxationIsTheft #VoteYellow

  37. RED Tsunami Rising 😔🙏🏽❤️🇱🇷❤️🙏🏽😔 Vote out the Lying Evil Corrupt DemonRats. Shut down the Lying News Networks CNN, MSNBC… y'all are so delusional… RED Tsunami Rising 😔🙏🏽❤️🇱🇷❤️🙏🏽😔 People are Voting RED to Save America

  38. Christ this type of reporting scares the crap out of me, the one deficiency with Democrat voters is apathy, to tell them Democrats are "comfortably" ahead in polls and I am sure it will influence some that their vote isn't needed ……and they will sit at home contemplating their navel while the race is on………Every single vote is needed, no harm in crushing them, just don't let us lose through apathy…….Pleeeaaase

  39. What did the Democrat Party do positive for you and your family in the last administration? Less jobs and no raises, higher taxes, open borders letting in millions of Isis terrorists, cartel, human traffickers, pedophiles, drug smugglers , obama said USA no longer a Christian Country, N Korea threatening USA with nuclear weapons, sent millions of jobs to other countries, supports abortions and LGBT marriages, which are an Abomination to GOD JEHOVAH! If you want Pelosi to continue with these atrocities and ruin your families lives, and disobey GOD, you have a choice, GOD or Democrat Party!

  40. Many countries in the world bans polls less than a week before their election. The big question is why there is so many polls before elections and who benefits. It’s like talking about results before a football match. What’s the big deal. Who needs this “information” before the election?

  41. I'm voting all red for our President Trump tomorrow. He has done so much for America in the past 2 years. I have more money in my pay check now, more money in my 401-K . No more problems with North Korea. Only a fool would vote for Dems.

  42. These two are so freaking hilarious. They have Trump derangement syndrome so bad they should like really go seek some help. ROLMFAO

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