Poll: High % Of Republicans Are Nuts, Misinformed

daily coz commissioned a poll done by
research two thousand and there to the polling organization naidu echoes
is liberal so if you like a grain of salt on a
go-ahead hit did and other organizational us through this poll but no one is question the methodology
behind the sofa so uh… what they find out about
republicans and this was a poll two thousand republicans in fact there is one slight issue with this fall it leaves a little too much to the south
high no course g_o_p_ is uh… have we centered in the south but
uh… still a little disproportionate in that regard it better so uh… thirty nine percent of
republicans believe or bomber should be impeached that’s the first nothing who gets widening urease i remember uh… democrats who were scared out of mind about impeaching bush heat clearly and brazenly broke the wiretapping rules
analogs live about it in public let alone the torture let alone the war
that was completely unjustified i wouldn’t even gone for the war or fire tapping along with it in c crime to prosecute but of course they
didn’t go that direction obon isn’t that a damn thing in the
republicans in congress is ridiculous is they are and that said that all bomb inside
mediate impeached or even done anything wrong legally or
by any war relation party nine percent want a repeat twenty nine percent are not sure yet there’s something about it i thirty two percent out of the goodness
of their hearts said that he should not be voted out of obscene quiet then we go to anne believe he was
born in the u_s_ thirty six percent of republicans
believe obama was not born in the united states has a plurality planted two percent are not sure but in the u_s_ company indonesia
convicted enough not positive and up forty two percent think that he
is a natural fit all my back that’s the plurality in this
case ok pant are they not reasonable forty two percent figure is more in the
u_s_ thirty six percent now twenty two or
three aren’t then we go to ’em is all bomb upto quote racist who hates white people escorting boxes is glenn except for a stay behind of our product thirty one percent of republicans
believe that in fact about like this are racist who hates of white people thirty three percent i’m not sure there’s something about
whether he’s a racist or not and thirty six percent said that is that are they not yours unbelievably high numbers what all right we continue if it goes in a
high numbers what percentage do you think because of social buckle up sixty three percent of republicans believe it or bomb is a social sixty percent are insured and twenty one percent say that he is
not opa blissful far from a socialist i
can’t begin to describe to you now on americans think that the social
enough about it appalled at the media was shocked by it where a plurality of americans that have
socialism not so bad please understand socialism as a combination of the it government and and private industry sometimes you
go to you’d you something for the public sector something’s warning that i think it
depends on how you define it almost every form of government can be
described as social but we view socialism as in this country as left almost communist on our government
takeover is obama backup opera up about about what what what what about
repair uh… but apparently the bogus that
picked up by a now uh… the disposal of the great work twenty four percent of republicans
believe osvaldo what’s quote the terrorist went twenty four percent thirty three percent aren’t sure maybe he’s back in the u_s_ maybe he’s
back in the terrace you know themself on that yet and forty three percent said that he did
not want restored uh… twenty one percent of republicans
believe equal installed in two thousand eight election and that’s a lower number
that i’ve seen in previous falls and fifty five percent are not sure fifty five percent or problems are not
sure whether the last election was stolen white eight court something that does not have a shred of
proof do it that what i don’t know crew yet no republican the legislative
politician representative or senators come up and said acorn stole this district or stall this boat and or ring that
election it any way shape or form ended two thousand eight elections twenty one percent of the problems are
convinced that happen and fifty five percent org sure whether locally as solid twenty four percent
believe it did not uh… twenty three percent of
republicans believe that their station secede from the united states we’re back ninety percent are sure likely fifty
eight percent of that uh… let’s wait a little bit of a civil now which in essence the furnace fifty three percent of republicans spent
maybe this is the most ridicule so the more believe this after a limb is more
qualified to be president uh… look at some ways that’s the most of sir
uh… in other ways hey look this is a republican politician not like acorn in the alien statements
that the election and pillow so i i don’t know okay but being that the next year boasts that they will vote as fall with
the aliens who impregnated uh… so eisenstein of holding a post
had a great lines uh… because he was reading about the look how do you i did the republicans to do any real compromiser
bipartisanship when their base is you know with the pickup over the numbers the
bases full moon i mean at least look is an amalgamation
of these numbers eunice solid for the republicans who are just out on you know planet uranus and the air and lalala so and then they’re great middle of the
the party about thirty percent of the parties that sure about any there are
maybe a forceful action nato bomb is a racist according to white people et
cetera sir so how do you compromise with these guys is the politicians can’t do it prison
their base will turn up integrate like you said how does a republican lawmaker explained
to his or her diehard base that is a poor to work out legislation
whether racist socialist president whose illegally holding office only because of the help of a pool those guys are valid the reason so that’s why a lot of these republicans are never going to vote for obama under
any circumstance because when i get out from the wrong perspective we think well
rationally wouldn’t it make sense to vote for this at if you’re in favor of
the deficit in favor of deficit reduction or whatever else that might be
but they’re not looking at a from a rational perspective they’re looking at it from this guy’s an indonesian whose hates
white people and stole the election well let me see
example but with that guy and that it explains a lot of the
republican intransigence

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  1. The President must be a natural born citizen of the United States, at least 35 years old and a resident of the United States for at least 14 years. Those are the only qualifications to be President according to our Constitution.

  2. @Boostnitup Wrong. It's always the RED states that drain the money from the Treasury, where the Blue states get fucked in money returned from taxation. Read up on the real world.

  3. @mykelb The hand outs end… no more. The inner cities either find a way to pay for your healthcare… or they don't. This isn't Russia… you can move to State that will pay out and bankrupt itself. The unemployment ends, as do the food stamps. I am a betting man that several cities in America are going to end up like Detroit once the government titty is pulled away from the zoo animals that think they are owed the payment. It is over.. the people have spoken. To the back of the bus.

  4. @BritmanForever To the back of the bus you go… the people have spoken and your Utipian dream is over! The hand outs end. They are having a fire sale at Walmart on gas cans and BIC lighters. Turn your shitholes into Detroit… while we laugh.

  5. @BritmanForever Hey Sad sack I don't control your Internet access. The Dem Senate you refer to is locked down by those additional gains we had on 2 November. You don't control it now. Your president is the anti-Christ… with no long form BC. We just put up another Bill board in Arizona "Where is the BC?" to make fun of his unqualified status. health care is dead in the water… Congress won't pay for it. Typical LIBtard HOMOSatanist that uses name calling to make a point. You lose.

  6. @BritmanForever No… a Certificate of Live Birth was shown by Fact Check . org which Obama sat on it's board. Conflict noted? Your desire to get my privacy information will be shared when I run for POTUS. I am natural born, and it isn't disputed; I shown my BC to play baseball, to get a California Driver's License, to enter the K-12 education system, and to join the USAF which I served over 20 1/2 years. I have a college degree you paid Obama hack. To the back of the bus you go.

  7. @BritmanForever I was in ground radar for 8 years… then performed duty in Space op's; missile Warning, Space surveillance, and flew the most expensive satellite in the US inventory… MILStar. Are you a doctor? Are you willing to diagnose MAObama the narcissist? What drugs would you prescribe for him; Mr podesta, and Janet Napolitano? Talk about paranoid. I weigh a healthy 218 lbs and bench press over 250 so I can knock LIBtards out with insulting mouths. Step on up. ~smile

  8. @BritmanForever LOL, he's not here to debate, he's here to troll. Whatever you say will be met with a fallacy of one sort or another, just ignore him =P (only took me several days to learn that…)

  9. @BritmanForever I'll Ass punch you… and make it hurt for a couple weeks so you remember it. Call us teabaggers when it is your side engaging in homosexuality as a human right? As being "normal" and accepted? Trying to pass "Marriage" as an homosexual institution out of outright anger towards Christians as a whole?

    I am not the one bitching here… I am relishing your failure. I'll be in a city near you.. "armed" with sidearm as a 18 wheel truck driver. I found my job.

  10. @BritmanForever The Ass punch threat sent ya over the edge. Leave to Europe as it is targeted by many thousands of short range and medium range nuclear shells owned by your falsie friends the Russians. (They are the one's who say we should be friends as they are capitalistic and approve of Democracy… but stifle everything about it… no free journalistic press, no free enterprise, and no free speech without risking a bullet to squelch it.)

    Idiot? You are a coward. Leave.

  11. @BritmanForever We are not going to give in to your dream of outright Socialism, and ultimately Communism when you refuse to share power with the next elected government (if you allow for elections and not stop them outright). We have seen the death count from Communism and it rivals that of McDonald's with "over a Billion served;" controlled by bullets, imprisonment, and outright fraud as exhibited by the Chicago gang crowd.

    I prefer to stay here. and go down swinging as a patriot.

  12. @BritmanForever We do have enemies… a divided nation of those willing to be what America's founding fathers wanted us to be, and those who wish to create "ameri-K-a" which enslaves those who should provide the great "get even" for several generations of inner city losers who lack self esteem and motivation to get off their asses as a result of their racial hatred of whitey.

  13. @BritmanForever LIBtard revisionist history 101… state a lie over and over again. Burn the books, delete the films, and promote a lie as fact. The movie "ROOT's" was fiction and blacks were valued like the race horse Secretariot. Very few were beaten and abused. They are killing each other now at a rate that far exceeds the trauma they experienced in slavery.

    America was never built on their backs. They were never the first people here either. Revisionist LIBtard history.

  14. @impressingagent In January you start getting hungry… after experiencing your 2010 Obama Christmas. Last you you could tell your kids "George Bush FugJKed me!" This year your kids will go "George Bush who?" I bet you riot when the extended unemployment ends and the food stamps are stopped. I bet you have inner city soup kitchens overwhelmed. But now you think your a walking talking Socrates… a hungry starving one this upcoming January.

  15. @impressingagent Where are those jobs Mr Capitalist? Inner city blacks are indeed revolting… today a 77 year old man threatened the President "for not taking care of black people as promised." He was arrested. What will this regime do to a 77 year old black man? Toss him away for 10 years?

    Hand out queens don't support capitalism unless you are paying your child support.

    A state of confusion… Father's Day in Harlem.

  16. @impressingagent Are we at war? I don't see any lines standing outside of the Army recruiter's door's. Do you? When will the inner city obamabotts going to step forward to bleed for their Messiah? Especially so as Korea is ramping up to be a potential war. I served over 20 1/2 years in the US Air Force where do you get that I hate the troops? I am not a LIBtard Democrat that wishes to arm them with slingshots and pellet guns or spitballs. Ask Kerry about his cutting defense programs.

  17. communist are not the enemy of the US. the government has created this idea stemming from the cold war. there is a good number of communists in this country, and do you ever here of them attacking anyone? Hmm…sounds like you are brainwashed by the media.

  18. Oh that's crazy, Obama a socialist, but socialism isn't bad anyway?? SOME ARGUMENT fool. Lib Rule 1; in Lew of real argument mention Geooorge Bushhhh… Lib rule 2 (nervous laugh) Sarah Palin, qualified?? hahahaaaa…that's ludicrous ..wait she has how much executive experience and obama has how much executive experience?? Lib rule 3; Pick on Sarah Palin Kids. Aliens? you JACKASS Leave the kids out of it. If nothing else I NEVER hear any conservative picking on Obama's Kids. YOU LIB HACK!

  19. @OdinLowe LIB RULE 4; If you have no real argument, point to a miss-spelling.
    You snooty fool. This "turk" guy was wrong on everything. If you have seen the news ( real news not fairyland lib news) you would know that the dems are unhappy with the president also. Not just the evil , rich , republicans. BTW. I just finished the entire Harry Potter series. I was hoping to find insight on Liberal magic economics. Just for fun put stupid Sarah Palin's resume next to genius Barak Obamas? Really!

  20. @imstillalive0331
    To be fair. Obama didn't invade any country under false pretense, WMD that didn't exist. Nor did he open prisons that held people without charge. Don't get me started on the patriot act. There are some pretty good reasons to consider Bush a monster.

  21. @orewaroricon Must admit I'm not a TYT follower. The only reason I watched it at all is because it was sent to me in an email. I 100% agree with your estimation on "flagrant lies" and I will add they help NO ONE! As Americans and especially as voters we should be skeptical of ANY candidates for office and we should not "fall in love" with a charismatic new outta nowhere anybody before they are properly vetted. Especially if he or she is the obvious pick of the left leaning main stream media.

  22. Love how all of the Republican comments here basically mirror what Cenk was talking about… And most of them would never see the irony in their posts. Just deny everything. Yep. Great job, you good-for-nothing FOX drones.

  23. I might also point out that a more recent survey polling FOX viewers revealed that many of their followers are highly misinformed. Look it up if you want to. There's just absolutely no way to get through to someone who believes that America is being infiltrated by an atheist communist homosexual insurgency. It's just not going to work.

  24. @taggmann99 Could not help but respond to your post. Here is something interesting for you. U-tube wont allow me to post a link but go to World Public Opinion .org (search the following) Voters Say Election Full of Misleading and False Information. Fox News is committing a travesty by keeping out nation dumbed down like lemmings WPO has all the stats from around the world. You may find it fascinating.

  25. In defense of the Republicans, I dont think those numbers reflect the enteire republican party as a whole, but rather something called the teabagger effect. This phenomenon is very dengerous among adult republican voters. Does any one knows how this survey was conducted? or where we can get it from? would like to look at this data myself to see what other conclusions can be denoted from it.

  26. @johnnyohness Maybe you can tell me how your article makes it OK for Anybody to SLANDER the family and mostly the children of political figures? In my humble realm of awareness I have only witnessed angry, hateful liberals inject degrading insults against the children of Rep candidates. Remember Letterman's insults to Palin's daughters? It is obvious tyt is in over his head, his jerky, nervous laughter betray him. When he has to resort to comments of kids being impregnated by aliens? come on?!

  27. @jarinthemood2000 Hey! Maybe if your going to unleash your investigative genius on the insane M.O. of the lunatic fringe "teabagger", radical right-wing republican movement. You should find a poll that is less than 10 months old! Hahahaha Oh and investigate how the lunatic "teabaggers" clean-up after themselves after a rally. Unlike the filth left behind when the "high-minded" liberals riot.

  28. @taggmann99 do you have any poll in mind might suggest something completely opposite to what Cenk is reporting here? if so, part of being a liberal has a very good virtue called fact checking so please share.

  29. @jarinthemood2000 2 things;One, you can't use poll's and surveys for "fact checking". there are 307,006,550 people in the us (2009 census bureau est.) as close to fact as we can get. When you poll 800 or so people to get the opinion ( not fact) of 307,006,550 how accurate can it be? Polls are horse crap? Two, Liberals don't operate on fact. Watch this debate segment on here and see how candidate obama ignores the facts as stated by Charlie Gibson /watch?v=IUfo-RxkXA8

  30. @taggmann99 You cant poll every person in the US. The poll was take from 2000 people. It's true these people
    really behind the 8 ball. They watch Fox which everybody knows is a disinformation channel that is dumbed down to about fifth grade education. I will give Fox Sunday an exception. Other than that it's pathetic.

  31. @SporeConvergence Sorry spore I was referring to a poll johnnyohness sent me but really 800 or 2000 isn't significant when factoring 307 million. My point was not only to possible grotesque inaccuracy of polls and surveys it was also polls and surveys are just basically counting opinion. Opinion is not fact. If you took a poll in 1492 the opinion would have been the world is flat. All the opinion in the world can't change fact. Facts are contrary to the liberal mindset. No, it multiples error.

  32. @taggmann99 think about what your saying, you cant use polls for fact checking because the people they're polling is a minority compare to the GENERAL population, so polls are "HORSE CRAP." on the other hand watch this one video, it represents every single liberal in the US. Do you even think about what you want to say before posting? Do you understand why I cant take you seriously dumb ass? Oh, and if polls are not efficient for determining anything, then fox news should stop using them too.

  33. @jarinthemood2000 Not sure I want to waste keystrokes on you. Your comprehension is somewhat limited by ideology."This one video" you speak of clearly illustrates candidate Obama in direct conflict with the facts as stated by C Gibson. Did you watch and understand it? Point 1;Obama simply ignoring fact! Point 2: The reason this vid represents almost "every single liberal in the us"? (Are you thinking?) Because they VOTED for the same Obama in the video therefore he 'REPRESENTS' them! GET IT!!!

  34. @jarinthemood2000 Oh and I can see you are at your intellectual limit when you have to resort to 4th grade name calling. I'm just trying to educate you but as a true liberal you are operating on emotion and getting angry instead of looking at the facts in a rational manner.

  35. @taggmann99 Jesus you are dumb…. just because we voted for Obama doesn't mean we support all his policies or everything says. We are not like you dumb bush loving idiots, if you dont like name calling then stop posting your ignorance jack ass and stop generalizing. I think this is the reason why you keep spreading bullshit to others because no challenges your ideas. If polls do not have weigh determining something then neither should the video you claim represents all liberal opinions.

  36. @jarinthemood2000 whoa, slow down a tick, your off the hinge, why are you so upset? So besides me being so dumb are you saying Obama ignored the facts in the vid but you voted for him anyway? Ok, but what was it then that clinched your vote? Hope and change or Yes we can . You must be really angry, you even brought out the Bush argument. So tell me, since you are a genius liberal, How long has Bush been out of office now? Huh. I can take the name calling, you lib's get so emotional

  37. @taggmann99 One more thing. Teabaggers spent a year heckling yelling and "childish name calling," but something tells me you did not come up to them: "woooahh wooah, what is going on here!!! Oh your intellectual level is too low I cant talk to tea partier,s I can see that you are all childish!!" stop heckling!!!! Sorry I don't see that from you but just in case you called them out on it and NOT JUST ME, then my apologies my fair and balanced minded friend.

  38. @jarinthemood2000 about the comments for that video If I have something to say about it I will post it in on the blog for that video not this one. geesss talk about low attention spam.

  39. @jarinthemood2000 It doesn't matter, Bush retired and is irrelevant in current political discussion. Really can't understand why you lib's don't get over it?

  40. @jarinthemood2000 Ooh, guess I will check it out, are you going to point out that you voted for Obama because he so skillfully avoided the FACTS?

  41. @senortony1111 I respect your opinion and I will agree the Teaparty is kinda lets say, ANGRY. I believe they have a reason to be angry, evidently , you don"t. Maybe you could "back-up" your opinion with a fact or two, for instance what lie? How does one engage in "spreading ignorance"?

  42. @senortony1111 The entire health care bill is a lie. Think about it in what world can you lower cost while increasing service?? It sounds nice but it don't make sense. Are you sure about the death panels? Dr. Donald Berwick? He loves NICE. Do you know what that is? If not , do some investigating. Estate tax affects small business owners like farmers and garage owners, etc. When they die JR. Who spent his childhood helping dad loses the business so the gov can blow the $ on some bullshit!

  43. @senortony1111 Cut spending? You bet ! They just spent a trillion and it didn't do squat for anybody except the unions and rich lawyers that you hate ! Do you really think the EPA needed a 34% budget increase? So Obama is not a socialist. When he said to evil Joe the plumber; "He would just like to spread it around a little" What was that?

  44. @taggmann99 In my experience, it's usually the right-wing and tea party crowd that resorts to name calling within moments of questioning their beliefs. You may be an exception to that rule, but the vast majority of your fellows are not.

  45. @senortony1111 Sorry . Didn't know you responded until I got a reply from shadowfaxx above. Do you know what this means? "Advance care planning, which touched off a political storm over “death panels,” will be covered under Medicare — a “quiet victory” for supporters". (New York Times) done undercover of the holiday! It doesn't really matter if anybody read the behemoth bill. During the administrative process regulators will twist and add and fit and subtract anything they want in health-care.

  46. @senortony1111 1. NO PROFIT? When did profit become a dirty word? With all respect what do you do for a living? does your company make a profit? America was built on profit. ingenuity and industry, hard work for the hope of profit made this country and raised the level of human comfort around the world. 2. What the hell!, why do you want the gov to take care of you? And your gonna pay with your freedom? While the remaining workers pay with there sweat and taxes and business gets driven out!

  47. @senortony1111 Simply put, I prefer corporate bureaucracy over government bureaucracy. Corporations don't ; Tax you, regulate you, incarcerate you,make promises to you and don't deliver, send your son to war, They do however create jobs and supply you with all the things you need or want. Oh sure it cost money, but think of all the things that we enjoy because some corporation makes it. Politicians make you believe you can get something for nothing. Don't believe it!

  48. @senortony1111 The phase for the sweetheart deals is over, it passed, now UN-elected bureaucratic hacks with zero electoral accountability are going to massage it into a yoke . I consider myself a very trusting person, however trusting petty bureaucrats is not in my DNA. None of them believe themselves "nefarious'. I'm sure Castro or Stalin or Hitler even Hugo Chavez would either. Nice well intentioned liberals will trust these bureaucrats all the way to our own return to serfdom.

  49. @senortony1111 How can you think that bureaucrats are even remotely influenced democratically? They are not elected and almost impossible to fire, even if they are grossly incompetent, and mostly make considerably more wages and benefits (all out of the goodness of there own hearts) than the private Americans, all without profit but with our money! So just trust them, they must be pure and wholesome since they are " non-profit".

  50. 63% thing he's a socialist? WOW. Here in Canada Obama would need to run as a member of the Conservative party to get elected.

  51. @badge717

    So, in the context of the video that you posted under, a high percentage of Americans are nuts and misinformed? Was that the conclusion you wanted us to draw?

  52. Can you imagine if 30% of Democrats believed Bush hated Blacks and 60% believed he was a fascist; not to mention, if over 20% were ready to secede and believed Bush stole the election? Hmmm, funny Democrats actually had reasons to believe some of these things. The difference is Dems really do "put country first"; Republicans are full of shit and spoiled little crybabies who've never been able to accept losing. My 5 year old wouldn't be allowed to act like they do.

  53. @taggmann99 I know people who work for the federal government and you don't know what you're talking about. They make less (including benefits) than someone with the same amount of education and experience does in the private sector. y don't u look things up before making totally wrong statements? Do u just make claims based on what you've heard? cont'd

  54. @taggmann99 cont'd part 2 Do u really believe it's all these nameless, faceless "gov. workers, like teachers, cops, firemen, garbage collectors who are bleeding this country dry or could it be all those gov. contractors Bush & Cheney gave no bid contracts to or all the Wall Street fat cats who were allowed to steal billions from those "bureaucrat's pension funds" when their greed tanked all the 401ks.

  55. @anitafh1 USA TODAY search; Federal workers earning double their private counterparts. Read it and weep.
    You lib's always come to the same argument and you always miss-state and change topic. I cited bureaucrats not teachers, cops, firemen, garbage collectors (they are a whole other topic). My point is; As government and there cost increase our freedom and opportunity decrease. If investment bankers are stealing Put them in jail. Didn't The Pres. just appoint a wallstreeter to his cabinet??

  56. @anitafh1 Everything is bleeding us dry!!! Get over the delusional "Bush Cheney hate train" it is counterproductive , even for a liberal, you guys need new material. I know it's hard to come up with an argument besides evil "Darth Cheney" when you have to ignore the facts but right now we have a government where the EPA and the FDA, IRS and a myriad of other gov entities make up rules without congressional over-site! Are you OK with that?? Really?

  57. 63% of republicans have no idea what the word "socialist" means,

    @ Fox News and Christianity, thanks for helping to make more and more American citizens opinionated idiots who pontificate on things about which they know very little.

  58. @D119heavy I just have to ask 2 questions; 1. Do you watch fox news? 2. How does Christianity make people opinionated, in other words can you support your "opinion"?

  59. @D119heavy I just have to ask 2 questions; 1. Do you watch fox news? 2. How does Christianity make people opinionated? In other words can you support your "opinion".

  60. @MMG008 Put aside that Gov. Palin is an avid hunter who puts lipstick on Pitbulls or that President Obama is called whatever. Did you ever consider there work experience? If you weren't so tainted by The Palin hating Obama loving press and you saw there unsigned resume's side by side, objectively, you would have to choose The Governor. Sorry it's just the way it is. It's the fault of the mass media and the way they slant the truth to there way of thinking. Start questioning what they tell you.

  61. can someone please give me some examples of positive things that GWB accomplished while he was in the white house ? i look forward to hearing from someone.

  62. I'll buy that a high percentage of Republicans are misinformed. If I recall other polls though, I think this statement should be expanded to say "a high percentage of Americans are misinformed." Misinformed people in either party are just an extension of that. Just from listening to people complaining when Bush was in office, I'd say there were similar percentages of Democrats making ridiculous claims about him (not saying he was perfect). Both sides don't listen to reason these days.

  63. @MSG685 4.9% unemployment ,tax breaks that allowed my boss to add thirty some jobs ,because he was able to purchase and write off a large investment in his comp(and now those thirty jobs and mine are gone ) I had been with him14 yrs .The equipment now sits rusting .I was able to pay my ins of course NOT NOW !Aid to Africa for AIDS research I will let you Google that so you dont think I am lying .

  64. @truckdawg43 i don't have to Google Aid to Africa for AIDS research because i know all about it , and it is the only thing he did that in my opinion to improve the state of the world . Although there are American citizens (most of them are HIV positive) that are outraged that he didn't provide that aid to Americans . Those tax breaks are what f 'd up the economy in the first place, they were never paid for . Thank you for replying to my comment , and I hope u find work soon . Good luck.

  65. @MSG685 Government unwilling to cut spending is what is causing our mess .The tax breaks worked people went to work .Gov cannot create jobs ,therefore they cannot turn a profit .Sure the tax breaks were aimed at the rich ,have you ever worked for a poor man they dont pay well if at all.
    My former Boss is a blue collar guy ,machinist.Hard working tough as nails ,democrat .Had a opportunity and took it he is now a millionaire .That man knew every square inch of HIS company that he paid for.

  66. @truckdawg43 sorry aint done.He paid in his sweat and hard work .A chance came along to increase his business he took it .More people working more taxes being paid .He said to me plain as day "if the democrats get in we are screwed "we were talking about when the dems took the houses .It is simple at 4.9% unemployment 4.8 is considered full emp and everybody is working .Including Illegal aliens .Check the earmarks That will piss you of and you will know were the money went .Tea museums NEA

  67. It's becoming more and more apparent that misinformation on a massive scale can and does affect the course of history. Germany would not have marched to its own self-destruction had Hitler not possessed the necessary skills to lead them off the deep end. And face it, he was very good at what he did. Problem is, large segments of the population are capable of believing just about anything that reinforces their personal fears and prejudices.

  68. @nero8289 lol so you didn't vote for Bush then? Funny how all the sudden all you conservitards are "independents" all the sudden because Bush made you guys look like fucking retards. So explain exactly how regulating insurance companies is a violation of our rights! You mean the individual mandate? You Tea Bagger morons have been completely used by the Kochs who just want to exploit the poor and middle class to maintain the status quo.

  69. @nero8289 hahha what is that on your phrase of the week calandar or something? nine times out of ten someone advocating positions taken up by the conservative wing of the gop are conservatives themselves. I don't claim that you are a republican necessarily, but you are definately a conservative…just like Bush and Cheney

  70. @nero8289 Right LIbertarian? This isn't necessarily targeted at you, but it is pretty annoying that all the sudden nobody voted for Bush! Whenever I argue with a conservative about how much Republicans fucked our country up over the last decade they seem to all respond now that Bush was a moron. Funny, because I know that the great majority of those on the right voted for him and yet none of them seem to exist anymore…

  71. @nero8289 So are you a libertarian? I don't agree with a lot of what libertarians have to say but I at least praise them for being consistent.

  72. @usam1981 Many of us democrats do not think that you're a racist just because you do not agree with us on a political level, however people that demand Obamas birth certificate are likely racist. Did they ever wanted to see Bill clintons? He was a democrat too, and president. Oh he was white!

    If you're not one of them, don't feel targeted. Of course there are some democrats that are politcal correct and will call you a racist just because you vote on the republicans, but they are stupid.

  73. @melgibsonfaggot Tax rates arent because of Obama .Cut useless spending ,earmarks ,That healthcare joke ,Iraq is all but over finish pulling out and use what is needed to get our guys out of Afghanistan safely we got Ossama .We are done there .Tell me what is the incentive for creating jobs when right out of the box ya get taxed .Look at Carter he taxed em up they closed down and we had some of the highest unemp ever .Plain pure and simple .Reagan came in lowered taxes and jobs came back

  74. @truckdawg43 If everybody is working taxes are being paid .So companies have to want to invest their time and money .At 4.9 % unemployment even the illegal aliens were working and paying taxes .That is a win all around in my book .Then dems took both houses companies knew what would be next .My boss did and told me so and he is a Democrat .Tax the rich huh they already pay top ten % wage earners pay 60 cent on every dollar they make .This aint Russia profit is still legal and 40 cents of 1 $ sad

  75. @melgibsonfaggot I had this discussion just Sat .Google tax rates of the top 10% of wage earners .Did it twice Sat real easy and did you get all that you paid in back ? if you did you didnt pay taxes at all you loaned .You are right Health care is a right .A right to access you dont have a right to make anybody else pay for it .If so where would it end taxpayers buying your new vehicles ? paying for your home ? No you get to pay for it .We need regulation ,and tort reform in health care

  76. @leegeorgeson I've been to those social democracies. Scandanavia and western Europe are all Potemkin villages run by children. I swear, Stockhol and Copenhagan remind me of Downtown Los Angeles.

    My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you'll join with me as we try to change it

    I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of twelve or thirteen, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites."

    If [black] nationalism could create a strong and effective insularity, deliver on its promise of self-respect, then the hurt it might cause would be of little consequence.

    That’s just how white folks will do you."

    We've got to make sure that people who have more money help the people who have less money."

    "You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania…And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

    People are right to be Angry!

  79. @minnesotastategop Have to agree there but The swedish model off social democracy WAS good up to about 30 years ago now it´s failing because off idiots with WAAAYYY too many stupid ideah´s like "free" imigration!
    Most people have become quite apathetic still others cling to the ideah that "these people would´nt lie" and ostracize those off us that protest against what we know is WRONG!

  80. Why not to vote obama:
    Dropped threat to veto NDAA and signed it
    Says American citizens can be targeted for killing without judicial review
    Defended the use of warrantless wiretapping
    Defended the use of warrantless GPS vehicle tracking, which was ruled unconstitutional
    Signed extension of the Patriot Act with snooping provisions intact
    Broke promise to repeal Bush tax cuts for high earners, signing bill to extend them
    Appointed as many top fundraisers to admin posts in 2 years as Bush did in 8

  81. NDAA would pass if he had vetoed it, either way. Bush tax cuts was part of a compromise with House Republicans, you can't have everything, not saying it was the best thing to do. Regarding the GPS vehicle tracking; let's say a loved relative of yours was kidnapped, and the FBI had the opportunity to track the perpetrator via GPS tracking devices, would you oppose it simply because it's unconstitutional?

  82. Liberals have always been proposing higher taxes, a handful of Republican presidents have raised taxes considerably themselves. It's odd how when a racially mixed president proposes it, it's Marxism/Socialism. If you consider free healthcare/education socialism, we should consider funding a new containment brigade and install nuclear arms aiming at Europe, 'cause those nations have loads of it.

  83. Are Republicans retards or plain stupid? Dont they remember Nov 6 when MSNBC and Nate Silver kept telling them that their polls indicated an Obama's win. They did not believe it and chose to believe Fox News and Rush. Republicans were humiliated and defeated on Nov 6th. Polls do work. Use polls to change your evil ways. Remember NATE SILVER?

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