Poll Everywhere in PowerPoint for Windows

– [Instructor] Welcome to Poll Everywhere. My name is Alec and today
I’m going to show you how to use Poll Everywhere
in PowerPoint for Windows. On Windows, Poll Everywhere
fits directly into the PowerPoint menu ribbon. Make sure Poll Everywhere is installed on the computer you are presenting from, otherwise your activities
will not function. To download Poll
Everywhere for PowerPoint, head over to polleverywhere.com/app. Select Windows PowerPoint, then download. This will download
pollev.exe to your computer. Open pollev.exe to install
Poll Everywhere and PowerPoint. Once that’s done, open
PowerPoint and log into your Poll Everywhere account. Locate Poll Everywhere in your menu ribbon and use the insert button to add an activity to your slide deck. You can add an existing
activity or create a new one. I’m going to insert an existing activity by clicking this check
box followed by insert. Doing so adds the
activity to my slide deck. Now I have a Poll Everywhere
activity in PowerPoint. Don’t worry abut the blue and gray boxes. They are a visual cue that
this is a Poll Everywhere slide and will disappear when you
start your presentation. I want to present this activity
earlier in my presentation so I’ll just click and drag
the slide to where I want it. Make sure you click and
drag the entire slide, not just the place holder. With that said, I’m ready
to start my presentation and collect responses. When you start your presentation and arrive at a poll
everywhere activity slide, the activity will activate automatically so the audience can respond. Instructions on how to respond
are added here, at the top. By default the audience
can visit this website or text this number on their phones. Responses appear live for everyone to see. And that covers the basics
of using Poll Everywhere and PowerPoint for Windows. For more tips and inspiration, visit the Poll Everywhere blog at blog.polleverywhere.com.

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