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  1. Moderate Democrats are getting fewer and farther between.
    The proliferation of leftist commrats is destroying the Democrat party.

  2. Bernie has 249K YouTube subscribers. Trump 218K, Yang 120K, Warren 66K, Biden 8K, Buttigieg 6K. Bernie has 7.4M Facebook followers. Warren 3.3M, Biden 1.4M, Buttigieg 491K, Yang 215K. Bernie has 9.96M Twitter followers. Warren 5.48M, Biden 3.94M, Buttigieg 1.53M, Yang 995K. #BernNotice #BernBabyBern #BernTheSwamp #BernieMania #BerninDownTheHouse #BetterWithBernie #Bernwave #Bernami #Bernado #Bernquake #Bernsoon #Bernstorm #Bernslide #Bernvalanche #Bernieverse #UniversalHealthCare #UniversalEducation #UniversalHousing #UniversalEmployment #GreenNewDeal #SocioEconomicJustice #PeopleOverProfit #OccupyTheWhiteHouse #99Percent #LivingWage #TaxTheRich #PoliticalRevolution #NotForSale #DemocraticSocialism #BerninForChange #CivilRights #HumanSecurity #EnvironmentalSustainability #VoteBlueNoMatterWho

  3. Same polls that said Killary clinton would win by a landslid.
    75% for Donald Trump 5 more years of Liberal tears

  4. CNN ..LOOK at the dislike ratio on everything you do!! You guys HUMILIATE yourself on a daily basis! It must be so frustrating to get nowhere!!..HAHAHAHA!! BASHING CNN IS BECOMING A NATIONAL SPORT!!.LOL

  5. Trump can't attack the rest of the candidates like He did with Biden so someone else will have to do His dirty work and No-one is left and if someone tries to they will be obvious and caught immediately!,, So-sad for Trump!,,,lol

  6. All CNN propaganda polls are fabricated out of thin air. Their only purpose is to move and manipulate. This is not real. It's a reality show.

    WHICH… BRINGS TO MIND an old song (from the 50s?) with the refrain of: "Runnin', runnin', runnin'….."? The Repubic-buns certainly ARE running, running, running….. Of course, there was also "Running Scared!" Oldies, but goodies!

  8. This is why I hate the electoral college.

    Why should my preference matter less just because I live in the most economically sound state?

  9. Bloomberg is definitely my top pick. Anyone voting for Warren or Bernie is throwing this election in the trash. Ideals don't win elections.

  10. I love how CNN fox and ALL cable media keeps lying and blaming the other side for lying! Independent media like Jimmy dore, rational national and even conservative independent media seems to get extremely in depth and uses real data to Inform people, even if it's against there politics. These major news channels Informing the country on TV need to have laws in place so they can no longer lie to the people based on their views. Americans all over the country are catching on fast. #independantmediaUSA

  11. Democrats love the filthy drug cartel that brutally murdered 9 women and children. They want open borders so these cannibal humans can destroy our country. https://youtu.be/L_tkc8IPGYc
    How does any decent human being support this idiocracy.

  12. I always feel that one thing make cnn sick …. BERNIE

  13. As a moderate Democrat I'd go with Bloomberg or maybe Biden. Nor Warren, Sanders or Buttigieg. Bloomberg runs a good news service, especially the business section.

  14. https://www.theblaze.com/news/lindsey-graham-makes-bold-prediction-about-deep-state-whistleblower-and-implicates-adam-schiff Lindsey Graham makes bold prediction about 'deep state' whistleblower — and implicates Adam Schiff
    'This thing's going to stink to high heaven'

  15. Why even post o the internet, CNN? Everyone wants #Bernie2020 . Just give up on the Biden and Bloomberg agenda. Biden is done and Bloomberg is literally what people despise.

  16. Hillary lost every single election in her entire life except one time when she carpetbagged to NY for a deep blue cant-lose Senate seat that the DNC giftwrapped for her. For some reason she can't stop showing up though. Same with Beta Male O'Rourke.

  17. Same old corporatist crap. When Beshears beat Bevins in KY CNN and MSNBC spun it to mean that Obamacare was more popular than Medicare for all. Much like Joe Biden's candidacy, it's the final dying gasps of a moribund status quo.

  18. of course kings of fake news is fast at work… this is the beginning of the excuse why they lose in 2020… Trump 2020 90 million votes

  19. Oh do they CNN? Do they really? You're super duper sure they aren't ok with healthcare for all? You're super duper sure of that?

  20. Watch "Trump keeps lashing out at judges" on YouTube

    Watch "Would the Founding Fathers Impeach Trump? with Robert Reich" on YouTube

  21. You got that right!.
    nobody want them I'm a Democrat and I will vote for Donald Trump!.
    Donald Trump one of the best president this country ever had!.
    Actually I born Muslim to if that will make you feel little bit better CNN!.

  22. fake ass bullshit polls!!! BERNIE SANDERS HAS BEEN LEADING MOST RECENTLY AND CNN KEEPS PUTTING IN THE SHADDOWS!!!! Bernie Sanders 2020!!!! Bernie Sanders 2020!!

  23. Aww. Just as the country was on the verge of embracing socialism. Bloomberg's a real spoiler. He's going to ruin this country's only chance of being democrat communists some day

  24. Bullshit. Dems are only looking good because of all the progressive ideas.
    Anyone saying they support moderates are the same ilk being misdirected by trump. Using trigger words to cause cognitive shutdown.
    Only education will bring the light back into this country.

    The people you are asking undoubtedly believe "moderate" beliefs are reasonable progressive beliefs. They dont realize that you or definition of "moderate Democrat" is technically and literally a "moderate Republican". Tricksy hobbitses.

  25. If Jesus come back and try to run against Donald Trump, Donald Trump will win!.
    The media and the corrupt Elite who has been controlling the country for decades. don't understand who put Donald Trump in this office!.
    The people!.

  26. Most dems "don't know" because no one can beat Trump. Doesn't matter who you run. This is why YouTube, Facebook and Twitter need to blatantly suppress content. #FakeNews #FakePolls

  27. Biden getting more unhinged by the months. Why do you idiots keep voting for 60+ year old farts? What happened to young fresh minds with sharp wit? Older doesn't mean better. It's like voting your grandpa to run you.

  28. Joe with the fighting words. "Beat him with a drum" If joe can keep up this spirit for a year he may be our potus in 2020.

  29. hang the democrats and hung and bleed and all of you are going to die and the time has bend set trump and democrats burn in hell i can not for the asteroid will come and kill the democrats will die right about now and die die die and go to hell and burn

  30. Buttigieg is perfect. Liberal ideals but moderate ideas to get there. If your reading this and your undecided, please consider him and look at some interviews.

  31. You guys are arguing which turd sandwich will run for president.
    You've not only guaranteed trump 2020 but his successor 2024. Maybe even 2028.

  32. Pedophile Serial Hair Sniffer Sleepy Creepy Fossil Joe Gaffe-master…., Milk Toast ''''''' Let's put ya ALL back in Chains"….. This was your VP serving a Black president….BATH ROom. Barry Islama fairy helper ,, THIS IDIOT Moran…COUNDN'T RUN A LEMONADE STAND!!!!!!!!

  33. I dont trust a word CNN says but I will say this: clearly the people of America are not as polarized as the media makes it out to be. If anything, the political leaders are more polarized than ever, but we the people want to find common ground and work together to make sure America is the greatest country on Earth

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