Political parties candidate nomination continues for April’s general election

Counting down to Korea’s general elections,…now
just 26 days away,… Korea’s political landscape continues to change… by the minute,
by the hour may be an exaggeration… but by the day, for sure.
Some lawmakers are expressing discontent over their party’s candidate nomination process
by choosing to defect. Our parliamentary correspondent Shin Semin
brings us up-to-speed on the volatile political scene.
The political turmoil continues at the parliament as major parties continue to finalize candidate
nomination for the upcoming general election on April 13th.
Following delays in the candidate nomination process, several ruling Saenuri Party lawmakers
have decided to leave the camp and announced that they will run as independent candidates.
Among the defectors were high-profile politicians like Cho Hae-jin , perhaps a victim of his
association with Yoo Seun-min, the former floor leader of the ruling party, and part
of the group at odds with the pro-President Park Geun-hye faction.
Yoo Seung-min and President Park clashed after the three-term lawmaker criticized the Park
administration’s promise to expand social welfare without raising taxes.
Amid the ongoing rift between Park loyalists and the non-Park faction of lawmakers,…
the ruling party has delayed its announcement of remaining incumbent lawmakers’ nominations,
including Yoo. The main opposition Minjoo Party of Korea
continued its nomination process, announcing an additional nine candidates for inclusion
on the ballots. The minor People’s Party also rolled out its
fifth round of nominations, including Chyung Ho-joon , who joined the People’s Party after
failing to receive nomination from the Minjoo Party of Korea Tuesday.
Chyung’s move to the People’s Party allowed the minor bloc to form a parliamentary negotiations
group by securing the required 20 incumbent lawmakers from the 300 strong National Assembly. “With incumbent lawmakers changing political
parties less than a week before the two day candidate registration session begins,…
Prospects for the coming general elections remains unclear for the time being.
Shin Se-min, Arirang News.”

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