PM Trudeau visits Rideau Hall for expected election call

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  1. justin the academic failure who dropped out in first year engineering. Stephen Harper was Gold Medalist when he gradated but for some reason justin was more popular. justin said THIS COUNTRY CANADA BELONGS TO US, i.e. koobeck. He illegally crossed the street in montreal kwabeck but his RCMP bodyguards did not ticket him. Nothing but a superficial low IQ clown actor.


  3. This Globalist Puppet did not have Canadians best interest, he meets in secret with George and Alexander Soros, and meets on private islands and plots against President Trump. This is why he is shunned on the world stage today, as he is aligned with evil and is against good.

  4. Just remember OMAR KHADR( 10.6 Million to a terrorist killer) JIHADIS let loose in TORONTO where they have been tormenting ex Yazidi Sex Slaves with impunity, Open Borders(for which the WELFARE bill will be massive for generations) as SOROS & COMPANY are the REAL immigration Department, Ethics violations, SNC-LAVALIN – RCMP investigation stopped & Wilson Rhebold & Philpot fired for refusing to let SNC off the hook,
    No Alberta pipeline & Farmers battered.
    A Budget that "balances itself" & a Finance Minister who FORGETS that e has a FRENCH VILA!
    MEDIA Pay off – 600 million CA$ LIST ENDLESS!!

  5. Canadians be smart steer well clear of the guy and the corrupt Liberal regime in October. Once the Conservatives take power I hope they launch an investigation into the SNC Abstraction of Justice, and put this puke in prison.

  6. Again, he…she? mentions "Harper years". "Can't wait to get out in front of Canadians", just like Canadians can't wait to get in front of you Justin, to tell you what a fraud you are.

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