Plough your way to the polls in the 2013 federal election

I’m Katya Crema
and I’m an Australian ski cross racer. I started skiing
when I was three years old and I started with Mount Buller
Race Club at 12 years old. That’s when I first started competing. Then, at about the age of 18,
I switched to the sport of ski cross, and it’s where four of us race
against each other at the same time through kind of like an obstacle course. Pretty much like motocross but on skis.
So it’s a lot of fun. A little bit risky,
but definitely an adrenaline sport. And now I’m currently in training
for my second Winter Olympics, which are gonna be in Sochi,
in Russia, next year. In September, we go to New Zealand
for a full month of training, then we do North America,
Central Europe, and then Russia. Given that I may not be in Australia
during this year’s federal election, I will probably vote before I leave,
if that’s possible, or I’ll put in a postal vote
whilst I’m in New Zealand. I think it’s really important that everyone gets actively involved
and votes, because I think that
as Australian members of the public I decided to become an AEC Ambassador because I think it’s important
that everyone votes, and I would like to stand up for that and encourage everyone to vote
in the next election. My advice for any Australian who thinks they will be overseas
during the next federal election would be to A, enrol, B, make sure that you know the date of
the election and that you’re organised, and C, if you can vote before you leave,
do that. It’s the easiest. If not, put in a postal vote. I’m incredibly proud
to have represented Australia at the Winter Olympics, and I think every Australian should be
proud to have the opportunity to vote. Make sure you plough your way to
the polls in the 2013 federal election. Head to the AEC website to find out how.

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