Piers Morgan: Trump Is Laughing All The Way to Re-Election

Piers Morgan reacted to the impeachment news
on Wednesday by shredding House Democrats for their hyper-partisan impeachment sham
against President Donald Trump. Morgan explained his disgust with the Democrats’ decision to
move forward with impeachment and finished by saying that “Trump’s laughing all the
way to reelection.” Morgan started by hammering Washington Post
reporter and CNN analyst Rachael Bade who tweeted a photo of her with the caption: “Merry
Impeachmas from the WAPO team!” Morgan slammed her, saying, “Of course, all it did was
confirm what has been self-evident since the day Trump won the 2016 Election: most of America’s
mainstream (media) hates him and is absolutely thrilled to see him impeached.” He then turned his attention to the House
Democrats: “So, of course, are the Democrats, which was obvious when they exploded into
raucous cheering in the House of Representatives as their leader Nancy Pelosi solemnly announced
Trump’s fate – before she frantically silenced them like a crazed kindergarten teacher.” Pelosi “was dressed in funereal black and
bore a face of unrelenting gravity – with a slash of blood-red lipstick,” but that
she had said that impeaching Trump brought her no pleasure,” Morgan continued. “Oh
pur-lease…. spare me this pious, disingenuous nonsense. The truth is that she and her party
have been plotting this since Trump set foot in the White House. They couldn’t beat him
at the ballot box in 2016 and fear they won’t be able to beat him at the ballot box in 2020.So,
they’ve concluded impeachment may be their only route to stop him.” “They raged; they sighed; they rolled their
eyes; they wiped away fake tears; they invoked every great American historical figure they
could think of; they told their personal stories of family courage … and so they banged on,
sucking the very life out of the holiday season with every indignant self-aggrandizing breath,”
Morgan slammed as he called out House Democrats for their theatrical performance. He continued: “The Democrats were always
going to win this impeachment vote because they control the House … This was a 100%
partisan pleasure-dome, though the only people deriving any actual pleasure from the unedifying
spectacle were the politicians lapping up TV exposure to tens of millions of Americans
like ravenous parched camels arriving at an oasis after weeks of traipsing across the
Sahara Desert.” Morgan then commented on President Trump’s
Michigan rally where the President stated, “This doesn’t feel like an impeachment
to me, does it to you?” “No, frankly. It feels like a pathetic joke
at America’s expense,” Morgan replied. Morgan then commented on how Pelosi is reportedly
considering not sending the impeachment articles to the Senate: “This is therefore a staggeringly
futile exercise of unprecedented proportions. Yet that hasn’t stopped all the usual half-witted
bunch of obsessive Trump-loathing celebrities exploding with false dawn ecstasy as they
proclaim it as the end of their nemesis. From Bette Midler and Cher to John Legend and Amber
Tamblyn, they raced to spew their glee all over Twitter.” He hammered, “To which my response is this:
what are you clueless clowns all celebrating? Are you just too dumb to see what’s actually
happening here? Do you not understand it all ends in a big loss for Trump-haters and a
big win for Trump?” Morgan concluded by saying, “The bottom
line is that for many Americans, this is a hard-to-understand scandal involving something
that didn’t happen involving a leader they’ve never heard of in a country they know little
about. That’s why the latest polls show plunging support for impeachment. That’s
why the Democrats don’t have a cat in hell’s chance of it succeeding. That’s why Nancy
Pelosi will need to keep that black dress and mournful face for next November. And that’s
why Trump’s laughing all the way to re-election.” What are your thoughts? Let us know in the
comments below!

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