Pics Of Iran Ballots – Proves This Election Was Rigged

the most disturbing slash amusing story
out of iran today is the ballot pictures uh… the iranians in order showed that
hey look we can’t we did it recount ten percent of the vote pictures of comedy someone even also we suspected first of all how incredibly laughable as
that somebody really sees pictures here’s the problem in most of the pictures the piece of paper that they call the
ballots are not fold he said was a big deal well you know they’re both in iran after you
vote yet the fold the piece of paper and put her in a box so it would be curious cindy do you have
these press neeku ballots that don’t have any folds in them at all and then when you look at the piece of
paper you see the same handwriting over and
over and over again as as highlighted in the pictures and in fact within the most conservative of the
three case who lost most investor who had already come out a couple days
ago c a m but we’re getting beyond this of this election is over it’s official i
accept the results uh… and he’s a hard-liner and he’s
conservative has come out his artificial
spokespersons come out and said he asked the problem is the handwriting
is the same on eighty percent of the balance that you got a personal action tried a
little harder wrapping up a couple of guys it doesn’t problem different handwriting signatures on them so if this is of course continues to be the worst you know fraud not just for your election but if there’s been a lot of poison
elections that actually wins is the worst roy’s election in north korea kim
jong il usually wins with made that point at this time about but this is the worst bakshi job or
fraudulent election debatable bad jobs returning it was a real life

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  1. every country goes through this shit from time to time dude. quit trying to get america to police the world. send your kids there instead..

  2. Man this is horrible. I am so glad we have a level headed guy in the white house. Imagine how bad this could get if we had a hot head like Dick Fukin Cheney in office.

    At least now all we have to worry about are the rebel rousers like Rush Limbaugh who spread hate and misinformation to the ignorant masses.

    This is why we need to do our part to support the progressive new media like TYT and the Huffington Post.

    Comment, rate, favorite, subscribe, blog, and contribute.

  3. we care about the elections, just because it doesn't affect your little ass, doesn't mean it means something.

  4. Epicfail, but what gets me more is that they are trying to actually make the voting seem realistic yet they are just as focused on using force to stop any people that disagree with the election results. Kind of hypocritical? maybe, just maybe. Its like on one side they said the real results dont matter but we are gonna enforce them, but then on the other hand they say no no no this was all real.

  5. We can't expect Iran to be as good at fake elections as us, I mean, USA #1 after all right? 2000 was a masterpiece of election stealing I suppose.

  6. wow it's a bunch of photos with rolled up ballots and people's hands. that MUST mean these pictures are authentic. just because you see some photos that show fake ballots doesn't mean the photos are credible. some people are so gullible. remember how the US has been talking about regime change the middle east for at least the last eight years? what makes you think that any of the stuff we get from our media is legit? we are trying to start a revolution again just like we did 50 years ago

  7. fowzie777, Chimera1591, and DeagleBeagle

    Name ONE Iran election that affected you or was important to you. Damn, you're friggin idiots. You can't name a single Iran election and why it affects you or why it is important to you.

  8. Are you fucking kidding, Iran?

    Prom Queen elections are rigged with more thoroughly developed fakery than this!

  9. We sorely need Sarah Palin to be President instead of Obambi for she will not let Achmedinejad get away with this. She will UNLEASH the WRATH OF GOD HERSELF onto Mahmoud and the Ayatollah and EXPOSE their HUGE HAIRY DICKLESS BALLESS PUSSIES for the WHOLE WORLD TO SEE and DESTROY their POWER and credibility! She will WIPE this government off the face of this earth and install an all woman democratic government that will ban the chador and all forms of Islamic fundamentalist behavior and actions!

  10. oh really now?

    the "wrath of god"?
    what is this, are we back in the bronze age and i didnt know it?

    and btw
    she converted cuz of her husband just a little while ago

  11. Same hand writing? That's just sad. If you're going to be president, at least try harder to scam. It just means you're worse than Bush.

  12. We better be careful. I mean the GOP is taking notes on how to steal the next election. And the US electorate, as long as they get to drive their SUVs, guzzle their beer and bedazzled by their sports teams are not nearly as active.

  13. I'm totally against Ahamdinejad being in power but lets be real. yes its possible it was the same writing but not on all 30 million ballets. and even just the 10%. thats still 3 million. I'm actually kind of sceptical of this statement,

  14. Bush shouldve focused on Iran instead of getting us in the Iraq quagmire……..this country was definitely more of a threat to us than Saddam..

  15. There was once this kid in my class who was so bad at cheating we had to stop her from cheating off of us to save our own hides. She's probably somewhere out there today, working for Ahmadinejad's administration.

  16. Still trying. It's not easy since, as bad as these guys are at rigging elections, they are experts at crushing any resistance with fear and bloodshed.

  17. No I think there were multiple people, but few enough for a couple of hundreds of ballots to have the same handwriting. And when you botch a rigging (or simply don't give a damn what anyone else thinks about you as is the case with the Iranian government,) you don't bother to shuffle the fake ballots, or fold them.

  18. The first botch job was the results. I guess they were trying to avoid a second round, but they could've made the results a little more believable. Ahmadenejad (sp) may have really won, but no sane person would believe he won by so many votes, and in all the regions he won in.

  19. Aw, man, do you SERIOUSLY think that the U.S. is going to be bombing Iran after the utter failure that is Iraq and the ongoing cluster#$*% in Afghanistan?

    Um, Bush is out of office and McCain lost. Who is Cenk "playing along" with?

  20. Iran should have bought a Diebold voting machine. It's guaranteed to win an election. Ask the people in Ohio!

  21. I understand what you are saying and I agree for the most part. But consider this — here in the US a candidate does not have a chance if he/she does not get to participate in the televised debates. The debate is controlled by a group that is made up of members of both major parties. For this reason, 3rd party candidates are excluded. The one exception is Perot, who was allowed to debate in 1992, and received a considerable percentage of the votes for a 3rd party candidate.

  22. That´s really one of the main problems in the US I think. In my country parties receive money in direct proportion to the number of their members (financed by taxes) and all TV channels are required by law to broadcast campaign ads of even the smallest party. And it´s still pretty much a fake democracy ^^

  23. It´s really weird how so many people in the West consider Mousavi a "liberal" candidate. He orchestrated terrorist attacks against the US in Lebanon in the 80s and oversaw the extermination of any secular political movement as prime minister. Seems like Americans are projecting their own binary political system on Iran and get a hard on watching people do what they did not have the balls to do when their election was stolen.

  24. You are helping prepare invasion into Iran. You are also verbatim repeating a news article. Stop being an entertainer and be a journalist for a second!

  25. Ummm how does Ahmadinejad kicks "others'" butt on every platform? Because he's crack buddies with Hugo Chavez or something? That's like saying "watch out, Hitler and Mussolini have good relations now." O.M.F.G!

    I bet Iran's economy is better now than ever right? Oh wait, nvm it's a shithole. Ahmadinejad has he rest of the world's support right? No, even it's Arab neighbors thinks "someone nuke their @sses."

    You fail.

  26. ok, this don't make sense, we have major problems here at home, and we are worrying about the elections in another country? lets take care of home first before we start playing "peacemaker" for the world.

  27. it would have to be an ink stamp or computer printed or something…it might be the same looking signature but no one person would be able to spend like what, 5 years signing millions of bogus ballots?

    If the writing really is identical, then they aren't even signed, they are mass produced.

    And it's a farce anyway, this is a country where ballots have to be hand counted, and somehow they counted like 100 million ballots before the polls even closed.

    Minnesota is just now done, 8 months.

  28. At first I was very skeptical that the elections could have been rigged.

    Now, I'm almost a 100% sure that they were.

    And if I was convinced, I'm sure that many people in Iran were, too.

  29. the pics only prove that the recount was probably rigged, but there is no way to know if the ballots in the pictures are actual ballots that were cast.

    Point in fact, per the election law as I understand it, all ballots must be folded before inserting them in the ballot box.

    I dont see any fold creases on the ballots.

  30. To count the ballots, you gotta unfold them… duuuuhhhhh

    youngturds, you suck, I liked you, but now I really think you suck…

  31. New video from Iran. The riot police is pretty much in control of all the streets. And while the people are confined in their homes, this is what they do in the streets: /watch?v=9RERgKXUXFA

  32. *sigh* …… yes your right. but if you have eyes. you can see that those ballots havent BEEN folded.

    you see thats were we got our problem. you got to fold them to vote. but they dont look like they have benn folded at all. and also it looks like a robot has written on every single of the ballots that looks like they havent benn folded.

    is that a better explanation? douche bag :3

  33. Honestly, one can't see such detail at this resolution. Also, you can try folding diferent types of paper, unfolding them, and then letting them rest for a week… in warm and humid conditions.

    "Same handwritting"… where do you see that?

  34. I remember that… We use to have one of those as well… what happened to him?

    Oh ya we weren't being represented, and we had a king controlling everything, we couldn't make our own decisions… so our founding fathers had a revolution, and removed themselves from the power of the tyrant.

    I'm sure you can figure out the rest of Cenk's context.

  35. I mean my COMMENT was not as witty as you had hoped. But if I take a refresher course in wit, you are welcome to join me, ha ha.

  36. Bush got elected. Deal with it. He was not even a real conservative, though. I wish someone would create a new conservative party, one that doesn't revolve around the votes of the evangelicals…

  37. Fairy tales have nothing to do with it. The fact is, the Taliban can basically border hop between Afghanistan and Pakistan, where we can't follow them, and they are closely integrated into the tribes in the mountains, which they serves as a human shield against air strikes, etc. We cant land helicopters in Taliban controlled regions because they have RPGs stolen from the Russians as well as Stingers that we supplied. My doctor is Afghan- she lived under both Soviet rule and Taliban-

  38. -and she preferred life under the Soviets, which is saying something. She said that when the Taliban took over, they destroyed everything that was Russian. They raided people's houses and broke their appliances- they took her fridge. The Taliban really don't give a shit about anyone.

  39. Please watch this. This is how the Iranian state media ( the only media that is allowed there) treats its own people: /watch?v=uPgQX3NTvvw

    Could we have your Fox News? At least when they lie it's their own anchors and not tortured, zombified detainees driven out of their minds through fear and pain. 🙁

  40. Uhh most Afghanis are on friendly terms with US. An Afghan shepherd saved the life of a SEAL a while back, and kept protecting him against the Taliban. Osama is still dangerous, but he can't move around easily anymore, which makes him less of a threat. Even if he is still alive, he's probably not the real leader of Al Qaeda anymore…

  41. Well I feel that i can be compared. Quite frankly they are mad because the government's aparatus IS what rigged the election. The supreme leader is part of their government that's why it governs. Furthermore He's not even allowing the illusion of democracy.

    What they have here is a king who is denying them representation. Are you telling me that is nothing like what we had?

  42. Imagine what he'll do if he gets his hands on a nuclear weapon if that is what he does with a club and tear gas.

  43. IE: Obama's birth certificate – There is no double standard. His birth certificate and records could be (and were) independently researched and verified. Not so with the Iranian ballots. Apples and oranges.

  44. Who said anything about being by hand? Ever heard of copiers and printing machines? Also, they did not recount millions of ballots, nor do the released photos show millions of ballots.

  45. None of the Americans that I personally know give a crap what race it is. Ignore the fringe whack-jobs. Humans are humans, and Human Rights are Human Rights. I don't care if they are purple with yellow spots.

  46. ino kodam TV neshon dade, jalebe
    CNN neshon dade, befrest behame TVha , lotfan

    lanat be in regime kasife akhondi

    m30000000 ke ba ma ham share kardi ….

  47. Agreed, the IRI and the Iranian people are two different things. The Iranian people are intelligent, but very scared, and not sure how to take back their government from such an entrenched regime. Secret service EVERYWHERE with legions of brainwashed followers….makes the ex-Soviet Union look like childs play, comparatively. Very tough for the people to organize and to fight against.

  48. what? do you said that 85% of the vote all written by a single person? that even more impossible… again just another try by those who dont like the election result…

  49. @DeistRW i dont believe ahmadinejad… but i dont believe western media more… guess, what there is NO ELECTION in saudi arabia AT ALL… and where is the news? NONE u know why? because this is all not about democracy or election. its about control and US cant control Iran, thats it. btw western media have a bigger mouth then ahmadinejad. i think u should rethink who really the bigger liar is.

  50. @lymbers

    no, it was prob printed on. so it has the same writing, like man, if you wana rigged it, at least make it like 60% to 40%

  51. That's soo stupid. Of course it's the same handwriting! They weren't the votes, they were packs of voting papers for ahmadinejad stuck together as by the counters!

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