#PfBondTRE18 Ballot Language

we know that it can be quite a challenge
to find out information about our upcoming bond and TRE elections hi my
name is Doug Killian and I’m the superintendent of pflugerville isd in this
short video I will give you some information about the ballot language
that will be on the November election registered voters will have the option
to vote on two propositions which will be in both English and Spanish
proposition A will be 332 million dollar bonds those bonds would be used to
purchase buses new facilities to renovate existing facilities and make
other adjustments so proposition B is the tax ratification election that’s
commonly known as a TRE with state law you have specific ballot language
requirements for a TRE we actually have to state that we’re proposing to
raise the maintenance and operations rate by two pennies
what you will not see on the ballot language is a board adopted resolution
that has already been passed by the board to lower the debt service tax rate
which is the other tax rate the district can approve by four pennies
so effectively what that would do is swap and drop the rates that term means
that we’re going to move two pennies from one side to the other side of the
rate and then drop the overall rate by an additional two pennies effectively going
from a $1.54 per $100 valuation to a $1.52 per hundred dollar
valuation for much greater detail about these elections
visit our website at pfisdbond.net

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