Pete Buttigieg suspends his 2020 presidential campaign

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  1. Fox, no expert in the world can explain why men are more susceptible to coronavirus than women. Is it possible that there is a common sense explanation for it? The government is warning us not to touch our faces. Is it possible that less women get it because women touch their faces less often than men, through fear of smudging their makeup and having to reapply it? Which Fox show could best get to the bottom of this? The Five, or Outnumbered?

  2. Es geht offensichtlich darum diese Stimmen auf Joe Biden zu lenken. Daher musste er klein beigeben und wird wohl auch so nebenbei etwas von den US$ 417 Mio von Bloomberg bekommen haben. So läuft das fiese Politiker-Spiel doch bei den DEMS innerhalb des DNC.

  3. It's obviously about directing those voices at Joe Biden. That's why he had to give in and will probably have gotten some of the US$ 417 million from Bloomberg on the side. That's the way the nasty politician game runs at the DEMS within the DNC.

  4. A goofy homasexual, a demented rapist, a senile communist & a drunken old witch walk into a bar… wait, tell me if you've heard this this one?

  5. Pete Buttgig's effort went limp, then wilted, and finally deflated.
    Local dogs bark, "limp, wilted, deflated sausages just not tasty."
    Pete should become dog catcher: stop local dogs barking.

  6. Now he'll never have to work again. Just go from 'news' show to 'news' show commenting with the header 'former presidential contender' under his name.

  7. "Suspends", Say it Pete… "I'm dropping out"! Well, at least we now know who owns Pete… Wall Street and big business.
    God bless the USA.

  8. Yep Someone from the other candidate's campaign most likely TOLD Buttigieg to suspend Buttigieg's campaign !!

  9. I loved the pics of Pete in the military, camouflage overalls that weren’t American military issue, no weapon which is against military conduct when in a war zone, All while in a war zone. Can’t happen. Fraud.

  10. I think we all know this is a plot to get Bernie out knowing he'll get annihilated by Trump. Only thing is, no matter how hard they try, Trump will win by a landslide!

  11. Even though he´s mentally more stable and reasonable than the rest, it seems the race will boil down to what the DNC cronies and Gloombergs money decide whats best for us.

  12. Trump had CoronaVirus deployed as a vendetta against China to cripple their economy, which backfired now threatening millions of lives and global economies. Once further facts of this deadly act surface Trump should be charged, convicted and executed.

  13. Buttigieg never thought he'd make it this far and got scared. He got in over his head and jumped ship as soon as he could.

  14. And there goes teh LAST Democratic candidate hopeful. There isn't a Presidential candidate left, guess I HAVE to vote for Trump this time.

  15. Suspends his campaign FOX??? You mean quits his looser campaign!!! Now tiny Pete can go try and clean up his failing town he left!!! What a bozo!! Bye Bye

  16. What a pathetic waste of money those with no hope have spent . They talk about helping the poor? Gluttonous pigs.

  17. what the hell took SO LONG?? this is a person who is NOT going to be lectured on FAMILY VALUES! WE ALREADY had FRUITCKES in the WH. and serious THIEVES at that!!!

  18. Since he seems to know so much about Christians maybe he will become a Priest… lol 😂

    🎼🎼🎼Another one bites the dust 🎼🎼🎼

  19. Lmfao I tried to tell him that Americans will NEVER elect a fairy to represent the United States…. Canada has that "honor".

  20. What a waste of money!
    Bye, Bye Pete
    Join the what's his name Club,
    The Head of the Club is that guy from Texas! What was his name?
    Sorry Texas not your fault!

  21. Pete sold out to Bloomberg. Bloomberg has a record of bribing everybody that he possibly can. He wakes up every morning with a list of people he's going to try and bribe. That's how he operates. That's how the world makes sense to him.

    Anytime you see a sudden unexpected action in this race, Bloomberg will be behind it with a payment.

    Money. Money. Money.

  22. To anyone slinging these stupid conspiracy theories: y’all sound ridiculous. Did you see the mess of the Iowa causes? Do you think that actually helped Pete? It probably cost him his shot at the nomination. Where were the evil democratic masterminds when they created that dumb app that they couldn’t even end up using? Or how about the fact that we’ve had a million candidates up until this weekend? That’s hurt everybody so far EXCEPT Bernie. Face it people, democracy is messy. Stop being so cynical. And to all the people saying Pete dropping out is somehow a plot against Bernie: you know, if Bernie supporters had been nice or even just reasonable online prior to Pete dropping out you could of picked up his followers’ support during the primaries, including me. Well, it’s too late. I’m so sick of the stupid rat & snake emojis, the dumb conspiracy theories and the general nastiness of the Bernie bros. If Bernie loses the nomination now you only have yourselves to blame for pushing other democrats away. No surprise Trump is using Twitter again to stir up this nonsense. We need a leader that will inspire confidence not conspiracy theories. Thank you, Pete for running that kind of campaign! Pete 2024!

  23. You FOX News loving folks have to be the most gawd awful human pieces of filth on the planet. Where in the f-ck is this Rapture so we can be done with you fools and get on with being decent, moral human beings.

  24. Suspends-not quits-again? How many times is poppy Pete aka little Peter aka Bootyplug aka dirty cia’s prez choice gonna temporarily back out? When is he really gonna give up?

  25. Dear American friends, hello, I am an ordinary Chinese. We in China have many people with conscience who always remember your selfless help and great emotions to the Chinese people. Because of this, I want to tell you the current facts in China . in the current China, under the long-term brainwashing of the CCP, many people in China are full of hatred towards you. By controlling the media, the CCP creates and publicizes fake American news everywhere. Especially this time in Wuhan pneumonia, the world knows that the virus originated from Wuhan P4, but the media controlled by CCP in China advertised that it was a virus made in the US I want to tell you American friends when I come out of the wall. Your kindness can only be used by the CCP, just like the farmer and snake in the fable. You are good farmers, but the CCP is a vicious snake. I want to j the United States, because the United States is the beacon of world civilization. Dear American friends, come and wake up soon!

  26. Pete finally realized he had no chance. Too many God fearing people that vote…and we dont tolerate someone twisting the bible to justify his own sin.
    I wish him the best.. of course.

    The best being getting his heart right with Jesus.

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