Pete Buttigieg Answers Tough Questions in ‘Candidly Candid Candidate’

We are back with
Mayor Pete Buttigieg. And this is a segment
we’re going to call– and we’re going to do it
with all the candidates. I’m having all the
other candidates on and we’re going to play
this game with all of them. It’s called Candidly
Candid Candidates. [MUSIC PLAYING] Wow. It was uplifting music. All right. Presidential. If you had to pick another
democratic candidate to be stuck on a deserted island
with, who would it be and why? I think I’m going
to go with Bernie. Bernie? Yeah. Why? Because we’d never run
out of conversation. True. All right. What’s the strangest thing
you’ve had to do or try on the campaign trail? Have you ever heard
of a Bacon Ball BLT? Nope. That’s a thing at
the Iowa State Fair. It’s about this fourth
out of about nine things that I experienced
that I will never forget at the Iowa State Fair. Can you explain to us what’s
going on in this video? OK. [LAUGHTER] [LAUGHS] What are you trying to do there? So I was with
Congresswoman Annie Kuster who is a supporter of
ours in New Hampshire, affectionately known as
“Annie Raise the Roof Kuster.” It’s been pointed out
to me by the internet that this is not the
same thing as this, which is why, as a general
rule, I do not attempt to dance. OK. [LAUGHS] Judge Judy will be on my
show in a couple of weeks. She has come out in support
of Michael Bloomberg? Is there anything you
want to say to her? Yes, I would like
to file an appeal and I would like to enter
evidence the content of the Las Vegas debate. OK. [APPLAUSE] Woo! I learned a lot that– what’s something from
home you definitely want in the White House? Our dogs, Truman and Buddy. All right. Oh, there they are. Yeah. All right. I’m asking all the
candidates this, but Obama gave me the
Presidential Medal of Freedom. What will you give me? A big hug. I’ll take it. On a scale of one to
10, rate Colin Jost’s impression of you on SNL. I’ll give it six and a half. We actually went to
college with Colin. So if you could
have told us that– we weren’t very
close, but I knew him. If you could tell us like– we were in the same dorm. So I can just
imagine some scenario where we’re probably standing
in line next to each other in the cafeteria. And if you could have told
us that he’d be playing me on SNL– And you’d be running
for president. Wow. That’s amazing. What’s the most rebellious
thing you did as a teenager? I can’t imagine anything. But go try and come
up with something. [LAUGHS] I can’t even imagine you– I can’t imagine
you as a teenager. You look like you’ve always– like, I can’t imagine
you as a baby. You just seem like you’re an
old soul, like you’ve always been this age. [LAUGHS] I don’t know. I guess playing electric
guitars isn’t rebellious. Except I was supposed to
be, like, studying piano and decided I was
into guitar instead. Kept doing the piano. That’s– God, you’re wild. You are wild! [LAUGHS] You were supposed
to be playing piano but you played electric
guitar instead. God! I am who I am. Did you get caught? [LAUGHS] Who is your favorite
talk show host? We know that. Yeah, that’s you. What is the one thing you
forget to do more than– You know what else I
did in high school? I decided– this
isn’t that rebellious. But I had a sideburn phase. And I think, as I
look back on it, that might have been a kind
of my idea of a rebellion. How long were the sideburns? Long enough. Like, mutton chop things? Not quite mutton chop level. No? No. Just long sideburns. Yeah. What year was this? This is about ’99, 2000. Oh, that’s too late
to make an excuse for. Yeah. What’s one thing you forget
to do more often than anything else? Ooh, I think Chasten probably
knows the answer to this more than I do. What does he forget to do? Laundry, dishes. Wow, they were right
there, ready to go. Should I come– I can come– All right. Please come back any time. I’d love to. Any time you’re in town. And no matter who you vote
for, please remember to vote. We’ll be back.

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