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  1. im not seeing anyone saying what im thinking, here it is. If I am bloomberg and warren says so you were nice to some women. im sayimg yes, and i was mean to some just as i have been nice to some men and mean to others, you do believe in equality dont you? am i soposed to be nice to all women cause they afe women? that is not equality

  2. bernie destroyed blomberg on every issue but fox will not show it. fox just like fake news cnn trying to protect the elites

  3. Dumb ass bots and dumb ass racist. If Hillary and Biden are criminals they won't be the first presidential candidates to be criminals

  4. “Let’s not go after the people who voted for Trump in 2016” – Yeah, the forgotten voter is why you lost, going to repeat that mistake.

  5. Hey dumb ass when you get to that level decisions need to be made that your minimum wage ,middle America hillbillie, low educated ass won't understand

  6. I noticed Bloomberg was concentrating quietly to him self. Could he have been listening to a earphone? Could he actually be talking on the phone? A few times I could see his lips move too. Just an observation.

  7. Hard to see a short guy "talking down" to anyone not lying down in a homeless camp on the sidewalk.
    "If I Only Had a Heart!"

  8. Amy, … there’s no crying in baseball. Everyone has the right to be stupid, but you are abusing the privilege.

    Farmer Bloomberg..light travels faster then sound. This is why you appear bright on tv until we hear you speak.

    Biden,…all you need is oxygen

    Bernie..your in perfect shape . For a circle.

    Mayor Pete. Be careful when you follow the masses sometimes the M is silent.

    Elizabeth. To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is research.

    People in the land of the living…the “Resistance” the democratic, left, socialist,
    sect, party, those workers of iniquity & evildoers, & the “Resistance”
    little league fake, lying news…cnn, msnbc, abc, cnbc, cbc, bbc, cbsn, huffpost,
    the hill, time, newyork times, nyt editorial board, the wall street journal,
    the washington post, associated press, global news, usa today, slate, los
    angeles times, deadline, rolling stone, wired, the star, the Hollywood
    reporter, axios, national review, new york, vox, fortune, vice us, washington
    examiner, apple news, vogue, the atlantic, elite daily, business insider, wwd,
    vanity fair, mother jones, bloomberg, week, daily mail, mother jones, boston
    globe, the new yorker, npr, national post, esquire, politico, town&country,
    tmz, the conversation, daily beast, qq, mic, the view, 60 minutes, abc news,
    disney, youtube, twitter, face book, apple, google, amazon, the independent,
    mashable, drudge report, advocate, the hachette, medium, book group,
    wilkimedia, yahoo/entertainment/finance, people, bazaar, microsoft, mozilla,
    quartz, newsweek, reuters, south china morning post, marie claire, uk,
    at&t, verizon, chamber of commerce, turning point usa, wall street, the eu,
    et canada, southern poverty law center, chicago tribune, the lincoln project,
    christianity today, business times, ktuu, the wrap, us news, maclean’s,
    buzzfeed, pew research center, freedom from religious foundation, mind the gap,
    refinery29, the telegraph, protect our democracy, the ftc…are all about
    Pleasure, Power, & Avoidance of Responsibility…pathetic life principles
    they believe, practice, & bow down to. 
    One more TRUTH…there all LESS THAN NOTHING.

  10. This was pretty balanced analysis, but listen to how they talk about Klobachar: catty, snippy…typical words used to diminish women. 🙄

  11. Elizabeth Warren : We have a candidate who calls women fat broads and horse faced lesbians and i'm not talking about Donald Trump. I'm talking about Mayor Bloomberg

    Donald Trump interrupts : It's *Still only Rosie O'Donnel

  12. Best debate for Biden as no one knew he was there, Bloomberg is thinking, how much money will it cost me to buy these bozos off? To against Trump without a political platform, a pair of Kiss's platform 10" shoes charisma, a background of many dirty closets and how many billions of fake media adds would leave Bloomberg only like 50 billion to take to the grave, just to end up the biggest laughing stock ever, just to give Trump a fifty state sweep! My opinion is he will pull out after a few 100 millions wasted in advertising as his campain goes nowhere even against the keystone cops!

  13. What do Public Schools, Public Roads, Public Transit, Public Parks, Public Restrooms, The Police Force, Fire Fighters, The United States Military, Subsidies, Medicare, Medicaid, The FBI, The CIA, The NSA, The DEA, The FDA, The SEC, The FCC, NASA, Public Defendants, Plows, Park Rangers, Social Security, and Free Public Elections all have in common? They're Socialist ideas not Capitalist ideas.

    There are Capitalist versions of these things… Private Schools, Private Roads, Car Services, Private Land, Private Restrooms, Private Eyes, Private Fire Services, Private Militias, No Subsidies, Private Health Insurance, Private Surveillance Contractors, Private Space Companies (SpaceX, Blue Origin), Private Attorneys, Private Plow Companies, Private Security, Private Investments… But thank god we don't have the capitalist version of elections which would be privately held and probably require payment to participate in. Now admittedly you can get higher quality service from some of these, and it's good we have the option to use them… but only if you have money to pay for it. Could you imagine if you couldn't hire a private fire department? Well there are plenty of examples of this in US History. There was a time in America where if your house and your neighbors house was burning down… The fire department would come out and put out your neighbors house if they were a paid member of their service, and then sit and watch yours burn because you didn't hire them. Luckily we implemented socialist public Fire Fighters, because it keeps entire cities or states from being erased from the map by fire. We all chip in financially and as a result we all remain safer. That's pretty much the core of Socialism.

    Medicare for all is the same. We all chip in because we are all safer when our nation is healthy. It means less workers miss shifts so productivity remains high. It means less people declare bankruptcy so the economy remains stable. It means our child mortality rate goes down so we secure our future population. It means parents don't have to decide whether to pay their rent or buy insulin. Finally it means if you ever come down with some horrible disease… We got your back, because you're one of us.

    Socialism does not lead to Communism. Now it is true that every Communist country has a Socialist core. But it's equally true that every single form of democracy that has ever existed had a Socialist core. What leads to Communism is weak democracy, not Socialism. When checks and balances aren't reinforced and authoritarian leaders are able to crumble the pillars which hold democracy in place. That's what happened in Venezuela. No one mentions that Venezuela is technically a Democracy. See Socialism and Capitalism are two sides of a scale. You need a healthy dose of both for an economy to work. Also Socialism is not a governing system, it's a financial system like Capitalism. Democracy, and Communism are governing systems. The reason people confuse Communism and Socialism is because Communism has a pure unchecked Socialist economic structure built in… Which is dangerous… Just like a purely Capitalist system is dangerous.

    When you place too much Capitalism on one side of a scale you get extreme inequality, dramatic cyclical recessions, and eventually a form of commercial feudalism. Sound familiar? When you place too much Socialism on one side of the scale you can get decreased productivity, a lack of innovation, and thus the economy can slow and resources can become scarce for everyone but a few in power. However a healthy balance has lead to the strongest economies in the world… FDR balanced extreme Capitalism with a huge dose of Socialism and brought the US back from the great depression and ushered in the single largest boom of wealth the US has ever seen. After WWII it was Socialism that helped recover European economies… This is why Europe is far more Socialist on a whole than the US.

    I know people will hate my comments on here… Unfortunately they're accurate and backed by history. But here's the thing. I don't blame you for not understanding what Socialism is… You've been lied to about it your whole life, and I was too. It's the lingering effects of McCarthyism in our country. However corporate media like Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc. are still spouting old propaganda from the cold war. It's about as outdated as the "reefer madness" propaganda on marijuana and scientifically false claim that marijuana is a gateway drug or that's it's dangerous. It's absurd. The truth of the matter is… When you say you hate Socialism… You're literally saying you hate America and our Founding Father's Vision… and before you try and say Socialism was invented after the USA was created… You're incorrect. The first appearance on record is from the 3rd Century BCE… In other words 300 years before Jesus was born, and thousands of years before Marx came up with Communism… Oh.. That reminds me. All of Jesus' ideas were Socialist too.

  14. Bully. Bully. Bully. Bully. Bull Bloomberg is a BETTER MAN than any of U. U may want to stop by Ms. trump’s office & get the run down on BULLYING . take ur boss with U. BLUE!!!!!!!!Vote. Blue. Vote. Blue. Vote

  15. The party is so divide whoever becomes the nominee people will vote for trump bc there is infighting in the Democratic Party and they do not have a message it switch’s daily

  16. Lying dog-faced pony soldier>horse-faced lesbian.

    For real though, as poorly as Mini performed, he at least spoke truth when he said that the country wasn’t going to vote in a communist/socialist. Once Trump brings up Bernie’s support for the USSR, Cuba, Venezuela and bread lines — it’s gonna be hard for him to defend those things.

  17. Older Generations have 3 houses they rent out. It's 400000 to buy a house in where I live. Can you afford a house here? "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God" Matthew 19:24

  18. Mr Bloomberg. You have spent several millions of dollars on commercials.
    Do you any idea how many families you could help by donating $5000 per families. These damn networks are not your friends, they just want your money.
    Ed Henry you are making news by not accepting their answers and then turning it into another question.

  19. The post debate bloomburg commercials here in minnesota hawk 'inclusion'. This after the fact reaction is clearly manufactured. Why doesn't use his money to buy an island and run for president there? Maybe he could get the california trash island….

  20. Looney leftist. Yes I want free health care, university, energy and the end to unffetered capitalism and infinite growth. Taking cues from nature there is no growth nor waste. Nature is cyclic, it wastes nothing. We need a steady state economy based on the rules of what the earth can produce and absorb

  21. Bloomberg is going to win. Look at how quick he is rising, he has a competitive advantage with his cash, he will win. You can't let pettiness dictate strategy and peoples petty ideas make no difference. He is a product being offered to voters and he is a superior product to his opponents and I think for that reason he will win it is America.

  22. Biden upset doomberg to do deep state 's job,obama clintons back doom instead of Biden.there all one in the same no matter what Dems tell you snake oil salesmen is what they are .DOWN FALL OF AMERICA VIA THE DNC. USE YOUR HEAD VOTE RED,

  23. MAGA President has a Sky line of achievement and now Presidential Historical evidence as proof of his abilities…
    Pocahontas and billia Berg check the underworld …

  24. What a asshole , does he really believe he can buy his way in into the peoples hearts those days are long gone now, take your money n go shove it where the 🌞 don't shine, your garbage, along with your do nothing Democrats, do your job.

  25. Bloomberg had a weak showing but everyone gave him too much attention, they’ve made him relevant & a bigger challenger than he was.

  26. What you witnessed is THE Dems hopes for 2020 going off a cliff ….. Time to figure out more Impeachment hoax and distractions , it,s OVER Geronimo , go back to tee pee , you bung holes

  27. Only a complete moron would vote anyone but Trump, he is a proven man the president for everyone, Trump deserves 5 more terms., if for no other reason than the attacks from the left.

  28. Biden is absolutely out because you can't run a country from prison, there is absolute proof Biden is going to prison, along with his son.

  29. You see president Trump isn't mean like the Democrats, president Trump says things that are funny not mean, like pocahontas, mini MIKE that cracks me up its not mean, but when they attack president Trump he will fight back and after 3 years that is not fair

  30. Watched it for a while, I could feel brain cells getting massacred by the second. Finally Warren stepped forwards on Bloomberg. Mustering a very last bit of interest, I found myself screaming at the screen "Choot him Elizabet, Choot him"

  31. I can see Tomi up on that democratic stage being all in agreement on abortion!.. she should run!!!… and she says shes a Conservative!!! Conservatives dont think its ok to kill anyone innocent!… she cant go hang out with the horse-face lesbians!!

  32. Trump and now America is in bed with Putin the Communism itself & you talk about the socialist left?!? Get over yourself!

  33. From an Australian perspective.
    I can’t understand how the same team can Inner destruct.
    There is no I in team.
    It’s a joke, isn’t it?

  34. Bloomberg paid all this money to get on the Debate stage, and they hopped on him . and when they got through him, he looked like that scarecrow after they tore him up in the wizard of Oz. But" at the end of the day.. All of us is American's, AN AMERICAN FIRST AGENDA going to be very very hard to BEAT " I see four more YEARS "

  35. Fuck you all…. Bloomberg did better than what you might thing!!
    But you're to stupid to notice it!!!
    (Same situation (2016) – than with Trump)!!

  36. The main complaint aimed at capitalism by the left is the unequal distribution of the massive wealth and prosperity that it always brings but it does bring it in heaps.
    The main complaint aimed at Socialism / Marxism is the total and equal distribution of the utter poverty and misery that it always brings wherever it is imposed on a country, city or a people and it always brings both in heaps

    Remember People ! Socialism / Marxism is for the Little people having it imposed on them and NOT for the Socialists / Marxists that are imposing it !
    Bernie wants massive wealth distribution but only as long as none of that wealth being distributed is his. Just like all good Hypocritical Socialists / Marxists, Democratic or not LOL

  37. All the communist Democrats have left is hate and conspiracy theories. They display hate and disinformation at their debates and rallies and with their puppet media.
    They espouse the doctrines used by Moa, Stalin and Lenin to control the masses. Their candidate as it look right now will Be comrade Bernie Sanders an avowed Communist hiding in a Democrat party disguise. Don’t believe a word of comrade Sanders grandpa like persona. He will tax social security, redistribute your bank savings, and take your 401k and retirement, To redistribute you’re wealth. Vote Trump 2020 to simple save our way of life.

  38. These people are clowns.

    Weekend at Bernie Sanders. Nice stature.

    Warren waves like a retard.

    Bloomberg is old.

    Biden is dead.

    Amy is an emotional mess

    Pete is gay.

  39. He speaks for no black voters, Demokkkrip is the strong arm of their party. Bloomberg speaks for all the boot starppers of the world. In reality Bloomie actually spoke for quite a few of us when he told Sanders (By default Kkklobichar, Warren and ex Senator Biden). Tax returns are private and not a requirement to reveal. Of course a business man isn't trying to show his private information. I understand governemnt employees revealing theirs. We need term limits on all levels of "civil servantry/Public servants". No Pensions, insurance only while employed, no lifetime employment in government and at minimum wage. And reduce laws protecting them. Experience so far hasn't worked, as we can tell. Inexperience would be better. A new employee will see dirty books, files, reports, charts etc. And think nothing of reporting it. Scams and cons will get caught a lot more. Government employees protect eachother. When they get lifetime employment they lie, cheat and steal. There's no reason we have so many laws and a large majority of them are no good. Lastly how could Bloomie/Biden have a single black voter. Biden is the founding father of mass incarceration. Bloomberg is atypical homogenous in promoting Stop and Frisk. How ironic choke a guy out for a loose cigarette, but banks steal millions from Americans. They're still alive, meanwhile homelessness in America is soaring. Wtf, racists people are sick, demented and dumb.

  40. I've got to hand it to doomberg
    not to many billionaires would
    get in front of the world totally
    and embarrass himself and
    thinking money will solve all
    his crimes I hope he comes
    back to the debate so we all
    can laugh at him again.

  41. Decisions Mike made I guess at that time in his mind were right n worked to redress the problems but looking back in light of new thinking he is being accused of wrong doing. Wrong from those politicians from outside


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