Ohio Voting Machines Running “Experimental” Software Patches

free press is reporting on some
experimental election software patches that been installed and some are highly
boating machines white light is this happening time and time again tag romney is connected to the ohio
voting machines this questions about the voting machines
being out of calibration in voting for the wrong person now it turns out that
during the two thousand four election this is a previous free press report it was reported that election officials
actually installed some of uncertified and untested software patches and voting
machines in forty four ohio counties now why is it important that these are
considered experimental well if they’re considered experimental the requirements for confirming that
they will not factor or ski you’re distort allow the the the
the havier of the machine uh… doesn’t have to be there in other
words because it’s experimental it’s like a beta testing out all bets are off now these are still install there’s a
number of these voting machines that are still going to be using these experimental patches ok now free press started
requesting the public records from all eighty-eight ohio county to have a
better database of well voting machines are there what equipment is being use now they’ve
been basically able to get that information unfortunately the ohio secretary of state has not complied with requests for lists of equipment
contract schedules of payment the identities of the vendors so on and so
forth basically just being flatly ignored so we just don’t know where exactly are these experimental
patches installed what effect will they have we just don’t know what we do know is
that there are experimental software patches on some of
these voting machines another question about will devote be
counted accurately rate amazing testing software during the presidential election testing it why

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  1. just grap pen and paper….
    seriously, electronic voting can be SO inaccurate, slightly uncallibrated touchscreens and you're f-ed….the US is big, I understand that voting with pen and paper isn't really the most favorite thing to do with SO many voters….but something as important as to who is going to be president of the US, which has the highest military budget in the worst for example…..it almost concerns me as well, and I live in the netherlands ! my god !

  2. u know that if the democrats even talked about trying something like this republicans everywhere would go on a shooting rampage

  3. The commercial that plays before your program, the ads across your videos and Google side ads are all Romney-Ryan. Money talks and this guy is spewing internet campaign right now. Can he go away yet?

  4. The fact that these machine's can hide how they work from the public's eye because of trade secrets laws is unbelievable to me. Voting machines with any secrets should just not be allowed… IMHO.

  5. – Why aren't electronic voting machines as simple as 'My voter ID is xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx and I want to vote for Y to be President'?
    What do they do that could possibly require -late- patching? (Speaking from an outsider's perspective)

  6. You test "experimental patches" in your f—ing voting machine FACTORY! Something smells very rotten!

    The problem with raising HELL in the USA is in (A) finding the target(s), and in (B) evading the police. I, for one, am old, with a heart condition; I need ideas. Is it illegal to mail feces to the White House?

  7. This is banana republic kind of shit "don't worry, my son owns the voting machines" except that they are so bad at it, that he only owns the voting machines in a couple of states. A couple of key swing states.

    Ohio is going to Romney, and that is probably unavoidable UNLESS they don't flip over enough votes, or they flip over so MANY votes that it looks too suspicious.

  8. The beta voting machines should not go to swing states; they should go to non-swing states! Huh! If they fuck up that will help the other party? Purposeful, as it seems to me.

  9. How the hell this could of passed through there Production Deployment process is beyond me, someone somewhere must have approved/'signed off on this knowing full well it wasnt tested. As a tester myself, most of us have little to no interest in passing or failing test cases, or if we do the focus is always on failing the test case, if you cant prove it worked then it hasnt passed and if you need a result then I'm going to mark Fail – better to fail a passed test than pass a failed test

  10. I am disappointed in the DP show now… and at the commentors on this video. To the commentors I say this, there is currently no EVIDENCE that the voting booths have been 'rigged' to say otherwise is a lie. To the DP show I say this, as someone who is watched by many it is your duty to make sure what you say is the truth. You seem to be spinning this despite having no solid facts to run it on, and have in fact only speculation. I do not support Romney, but I also do not support this.

  11. I'm not against what your saying, but he never actually said they were rigged. He just said that they were using "experimental software patches" on the voting machines. What he does say, which is something that I'm thinking too, is that because they're "experimental" they don't necessarily have to have all the bugs ironed out. Frankly, the fact that they're implementing experimental voting software this close to election and in a major battleground state sounds kinda fishy… Makes me wonder too

  12. The rigged statement was to the commentors, to the DP show I stated my displeasure that they have continued with this, despite knowing what the implication is in peoples minds. Is the actions suspicious? Yes, but that is no reason to continue to peddle the belief that there IS something wrong here.

  13. Ah, I see. My bad on that one.
    As for DP, I can see where you're coming from. But at the same time, they are a news (+ commentary) show. Even if the thought that there may be something screwy going on with the voting is already in voter's minds and they can't prove anything is actually rigged, they still have to report any important news stories. I mean it's not like they're repeatedly harping on Tagg Romney's connection to the machines. It's just another side to the same controversy.

  14. You know what…I hope there is a machine meltdown on election night. It will shine a much needed spotlight on this ridiculous system.

  15. Have you ever explored the North East residents that ote vote in their home states and vote in the State of Florida?

  16. Irish Times – In a final vote of no confidence, Ireland’s ill-fated e-voting machines are finally headed to the scrap heap.

  17. If Romney cheats…and wins take him out. As for out of what….. If he cheats more than he already has with bs such a whats in this video, for the next 4 years we ought to get rid of all the major bull shitters running the Government, replace those bullshiters with some latenight tv comedians, repeal all voter Id bs laws, and continue to call Romney a stupid doubled faced lying snitching…..breathe for a sec…. douchebag douchebag douchebag douchebag douchebag…it keeps going

  18. Hey, look at that! You voted for Romney, and it saved your vote as Donald Duck. You voted for Obama, and you got Kermit the frog!

    Still think voting matters people…?

  19. We can avoid the election tampering, voter ID, corrupt voting machines etc by just returning to the monarchy. I'm available to be King anytime after November 6th. I'll be waiting.

  20. It is state by state. Many citizens are against it, but only an Ohio resident can officially complain. Absentee ballot is easier anyway.

  21. Just like when they tried to accuse Romney of killing that women in France,when the source actually said it was a drunk priest who went left of center and hit Romney car head on. That exactly the reason why I don't watch this show,their facts are not backed up.

  22. Democrats dont make a big enough deal out of it, because if they do they will be viewed as whiny "sore losers" if they complain about Republicans cheating, even if its fucking obvious that they are.

  23. And yet US officials feel the need to criticize other countries for their elections if the results aren't favorable to US puppets. Look at what's happening in the US presidential elections and yet state dept. officials are criticizing the government of Ukraine….lol

  24. I think rove's fix failed due 2 calling the election 2 early

    Things were frantic behind the scene deciding what to do when Oh SOS website back he calms down

    go to bradblog & scroll down to this article FOX 'NEWS' CALLS IT FOR OBAMA, BUT… also Motion to Block Use of OH Sec. of State's Last- Minute, 'Experimental' Software on 39 County Vote Tabulators to Be Heard Tuesday Morning more on the illegal software patches etc see freepress dot org also scroll down the comments on the first article

  25. part 3 of 3
    Someone went wrong and they lost their usual guy that rigged it Mike Connell when rove threatened him when called to court and he wound up dead a month later see film on freepress org click on election on left of page then scroll down.

  26. cont 2 of 3

    judge said he cant be used as he did n
    to examine the software patches–they said we are not allowed as it is propriety and by law cannot look at it judge acted like did not here it and said well come back once you examine it which we would love to but that is illegal and not going to happen Spread the word and links next time Rove might not fail to steal it.

  27. when Fitrakis runs 4 office hes able to challenge votes. He confirmed on brad blog that he will continue the lawsuit despite Obama;s win, Unfortunately, both federal and state judges assigned are repubs but 1 is familiar with Bob's work & left it open to further review perhaps. Unfortunately despite them having 1 of the top 50 experts on these patches etc (see KPFK 'BradCast': Election 2012 Mop Up, Reform Begins; Bob Fitrakis on OH's Secret Vote Software on brad blog for audio interview w/Bob)

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