Ocasio-Cortez lashes out at unflattering likability poll

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  1. If i had only 2 choices. Live with her for the rest of my life or jump off a bridge, I would jump off a bridge to end it quickly.

  2. It’s her anti-American nonsense she’s a direct product of Barack Obama he’s the one that got this anti-American movement going in somebody needs to pay them in something they understand Cortez is a perfect example of The Walking Dead she’s dumber than dumb and doesn’t even know it

  3. Her own constituents are going to throw her out after she chased thousands of jobs away. And some of them may have noticed how screamingly ignorant she is. Who eats hamburgers for breakfast?? And whose business is it anyway??

  4. She is a child in an adult body. She thinks like a 6 year old. UH, well demorats all seem to think like 6 year olds!

  5. I watched a video from a real journalist, how is it they can have a 800 dollar phone but can't afford to take care of themselves,

  6. A better question is, is it ok to expose children to people like AOC and since when is being factually right immoral

  7. Banning cows is never going to work even if every American stopped eating them today. India has more cows then the US and they never end up as burgers.
    So tell the folks in that country that all cows have to go and see how that turns out.

  8. I paused and thought about climate change. Then I realized, oh, that's right, the climate changes everyday. No two days are ever the same when it comes to the climate. And AOC is a total idiot. And those who think the same as her are so ignorant they'll believe anything she, AOC, says.

  9. Animals shouldnt be raised in concentrated feed lots..But that doesn't mean people should or would stop eating what they want. It means we need better sustainability practices instilled in our agricultural system.

  10. Children, cow farts, global warming, and detention facilities…? Just asking what experience she "actually" has with any of these.

  11. This ignorant woman now wants to close prisons to release murderers, rapist, pedophiles ? She must stop doing drugs!

  12. I'm sure AOC is right, after all she passed the bar. Oh, wait! That was a different bar. MABA (Make Alexandria Bartender Again)!

  13. She’s Puerto Rican so of course she’s gonna have kids maybe she’s hiding a dozen of them so as not to scare her obese ginger boyfriend because rumor has it that puerto Ricans are born already pregnant

  14. I'm mixed race, my wife is mixed race, my kids and grand kids are mixed race. And we all can't stand that woman. We in fact, despise her, and view her as an enemy of the United States. I don't think she understands just how much America is coming to view her kind as the entire problem. And please AOC, don't have any kids. Having you raise children is tantamount to child abuse.

  15. I really hope that Scherie Murray who is running in AOC’s district wins next and gets AOC OUT of the Whitehouse.

  16. Funny thing is. These people like her, dont know any truth about illegal immigrants, I've been doing con rete construction for over half of my life, I know at least 100 illegal immigrants. They work our system and cheer taxes as much as they possibly can! And those are just the "good" hard working ones! Just like all the other laws the dems push on us real US citizens, they dont know sh..t about what they are talking about!

  17. She is such a fool. She should remain in congress… and let the voters that put her there, endure her perpetual brain-fart talk.

  18. AOC works for China. Her messages are China inspired, like no children, and shutting down America. Wake up people, you’re being attacked.

  19. I can't help but see the devil in that woman's eyes. There's something very wrong with her. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's there.

  20. I would love to see AOC and Tom Homan in a debate over border security issues. Without a script, AOC would be eaten alive by Mr. Homan!

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