Non-Voters See How Difficult It Is For Others To Vote

– I am not registered to vote. – I am registered to vote but I probably will not be
voting this upcoming election. (patriotic music) – The whole process is
intimidating and confusing and I just don’t really
know where to begin. – I don’t think my vote’s
going to make a difference. The candidates that we’ve had here, I haven’t been passionate
about any of them. – It’s very time consuming. There is a huge line. (dramatic music) Oh wow! Okay, metal detectors. – There’s serious security at this. There’s like a man with a machine gun – Dip your hand in purple ink and you pretty much vote
with your fingerprint – People are threatening these women, saying if they vote, they’re going to come to their houses and attack them. – Risking your life to go vote I mean, it’s pretty brave. – The ink that they get on their finger, that’s not just like an I voted sticker that you can take off. It’s gonna be there for
the rest of the day. So it makes them a target for people who are trying to harm them
and that’s really scary. – I had no idea it was so dangerous to do something this simple (gentle music) (gasp) – It’s so exciting to see a lot of people show up to vote who
fought so hard to do so. – They were talking about the numbers of how many African Americans versus how many white people had
gone to the polls to vote and they said 80% of
the people in that area had gone who were African American so that is incredible considering how there’s so many of us today who say I’m not voting. (inspiring music) – Wow. – Some of the men talking
in this, oh my God. So these women aren’t
allowed to leave the house without a male chaperone. Oh well if she leaves the house to go vote who’s going to take care of the children? How long is it going to take
for her to leave the house and go vote? (lips smack) Sit down. – At least they’re standing up for something that they believe in. – These women are still
going out and voting even though there’s still
so many borders in their way There’s not really a border in my way. I’m just lazy. (gentle music) – She’s talking about Saving Private Ryan. – And how, in China, people
found it kind of strange the notion of saving one person by risking the lives of six other people. She relates that to voting. So, kind of saying that
your vote doesn’t matter it’s almost saying that, you know, one life doesn’t really matter. – Me being Cuban and, you know, my parents are from a communist country,
voting is not a thing. – This World War II veteran
had never missed voting and on his deathbed, he votes. Yeah, okay, way to make me feel bad. (upbeat music) Watching these videos
kind of made me realize the contrast between
how I feel about voting and how a lot of other
people feel about voting. – I feel like the voting
process in America is actually pretty simple. – Vote because you have the right to. Vote because you feel like
it’s your civil liberty to and vote because it’s
the right thing to do. – It’s really opened my mind. It makes me feel like an (bleep). (laughs) – I got some thinking to do. – Yeah, I want to register to vote. Yeah (laughs) Let me get my email. (laptop shuts) That was (bleep) easy. (laughs)

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  1. votings particularly easy in America just pick some candidate that you feel represents what you want and vote in all the other people that think just like them in as well. you have to continously support your canidate like that or we will have again what happened to obama. like we all voted him in and it was great but he couldn't do much in the house because every other position in the house, as well opposed him ( for obvious reasons) so we didn't help obama create the change that we needed and he planned to do.

  2. I think it's important to vote and so on. So if there is nothing to vote for that you feel passionate about then you should be able to vote blank, which means that you have no interest in the parties or candidates but would still like to be a part of it all, although you don't feel you like the candidates or parties that are represented at that moment.

  3. okay so i just want to make a point for once in my life
    i'm getting sick of people judging my life based on what they hear from people WHO DOESN'T LIVE HERE
    i love my country, i love my dad, i love my bro
    i have fight with my dad and bro, and we get through it like a normal family
    i'm not a slave
    i can say no if i don't want to marry
    i'm studying physiotherapy and i'll work after i graduate
    i have a driver who drive me where i want
    i go out with my friends
    i've never seen a camel of my life
    and we don't drink oil
    so please
    stop judging and have seat

  4. Haha, I don't like any of our candidates, even so haha to compare 50s civil rights to our modern day times, haha so desperate how I sympathize haha

  5. “Vote because it’s the right thing to do.” Only if your vote reflects a mildly informed opinion. What advantage do we the people derive from serving the party machine?

    You're perfectly aware that most votes derive from identity politics. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

  6. I like how buzzed is making such a big deal about voting, but most of their viewers can't even vote yet.

  7. when trump becomes president all the people who think do themselves my vote dosent matter will be like "crap"

  8. Not to mention people have died trying to get the right to vote. Which today, as we speak, we still don't have.

  9. If you feel you aren't informed enough to vote, or aren't passionate about any of the candidates, you don't have to vote based on other people telling you to.

  10. In England I will always vote when I'm older because I feel that over 100 years ago women did so much and suffered so much just for the right to vote so I feel it is my duty to vote for every woman. I don't wanna throw it away

  11. I just hope being a non-voter is not a popular standing among the US populace (and really any populace, tbqh). Seeing passivity and resentment keep someone from participating in the construction of the society they want for theirselves and just waste their chance is tragic.

  12. "Why are white men sitting in Congress deciding what I can and can't do with my body?" doesn't vote

  13. But our choices are: Hillary- the "Extremely careless" woman who leaked classified documents and lied. Or Donald- the man who only relates to Americans in his demographic…

  14. But what if people don't want to vote!? That's also a very important right. It is better to not vote than to vote and don't know why you're doing it.

  15. Guys just vote it's not that hard. We have the privilege to live in a democratic country let's make use of that privilege and vote. I don't even care if you vote for Trump (although that's not advisable). In the words of our great overlord: "JUST DO IT. DO IT".

  16. (I'm too young to vote but) I feel like it would be hard to vote if you dislike both candidates. It's still a right that others have fought for and I hate that people take advantage of that.

  17. The only reason why buzzfeed wants people to vote, is because their audience is younger, and younger people tend to be more liberal, therefore electing Hillary. This whole thing with getting people voting is just so they can impose their own views into the election.

  18. The only reason why buzzfeed wants people to vote, is because their audience is younger, and younger people tend to be more liberal, therefore electing Hillary. This whole thing with getting people voting is just so they can impose their own views into the election.

  19. in my country everyone who just took part in voting has to get this blue mark on their finger. It has actually nothing to do with attacking, etc., it is just a mere proof so that they dont vote more than once, as easy as that. I dont know how is it in Afghanistan, probably just the same though. :0

  20. They have advantages, why put it to waste? The have so much less necessities to reach to be able to vote, yet they still go around complaining about how "difficult" it is for them. I think the U.S. method of voting at the moment is the easiest out of the remaining methods of voting in the world.

  21. But I genuinely hate the candidates that we have, I feel like all of them would be really bad for our country.

  22. we need to vote. i think a big issue with young people not voting is that they feel undervalued and not taken seriously by older generations who decide what will happen to their country. ever heard of the spoiled entitled millenial? It's pretty contradictory in the sense that the cycle could be broken if young people voted.

  23. Why do Americans have to register to vote? It makes the proces more difficult. Here in Denmark every citizen over the age of 18 just recieves their voter's card in the mail with the date and location for the vote, and then go down to vote on that day. I think the whole registration thing in America is making it difficult for people in lower social classes, because they have to find extra time and energy to register.

  24. You know Trump and Hillary aren't the only options, right?

    Don't "vote for the lesser of the 2 evils"; find someone else to vote for.

  25. deluded people, your votes dont matter when you gonna realize that. The election is just a show for you all to believe in democracy. they will pick whoever they want anyway. WAKE UP YOUR VOTES DONT MATTER

  26. Why do you even have to register?! Where I live it's just: take your passport and the voting card that EVERYONE over 18 gets in the mail and go vote (usually in a school in your neighbourhood, or at the train station or something)

  27. Please go vote millions of people have literally risked their lives just so u can sit behind a curtain and hit a few buttons on a computer

  28. Okay Foreigners. Here's why we have registration vs just using your ID.

    Having an ID in this country means you have to PAY for it. I just saw my renewal price and was a little uneasy. Its costing me $36 to renew my ID. There are human beings in this country who are mainly poor and brown who won't get their ID because that $36 is taking food out of the families mouths. People who work 40 hours a week in a job that will NEVER pay them more than $7.50 an hour.

    Outside of the cost usually the DMV is open Monday-Friday (if you're lucky Saturday 8am-noon)… during work hours. Hours where adult humans are trying to make money. Hours poor people cannot afford to not be at work, sitting in the DMV for 4 hours while over-worked underpaid civil servants try and get as many people done as possible.

    In many southern states the locations to get your ID's are not close and near your town. I believe in Alabama, they closed half of them so people were having to take an entire day off work to go to another town to get their ID's renewed.

    When Pennsylvania tried to instate Voter ID, it caused an 8 week backlog in people trying to get their birth certificate and Social Security Cards, things you need to go and get your ID. OH and the Birth cert is $17 and you have to pay by money order which is another $5.

    So now you have a poor person, missing work, paying nearly $50 for an ID when they mail you a 100% free Voter Registration card once you register. It is kinder to US citizens who aren't making large quantities of money to just use the free registration system vs forcing them to essentially pay a Voter Tax.

    So yes when states tried to impose this TAX on voters people flipped out. It was reminiscent of the Voter Tax during the 50's and 60's that they used to keep black people from voting.

    Passports in the US run you from $90-300 depending on how fast you need it. That's also not financially feasible for anyone not leaving the country.

  29. i thought this was america? why do people insist on making people who don't vote feel guilty about not voting? it's within my right to exercise my "american freedom" to choose whether i want to use my vote or not.

  30. I'm very very very frustrated with the whole political system. I used to be an Independent. It seems like no matter who gets in office, it's the same old garbage. We work longer hours for less money and we still can't even pay all of our bills. The system is rigged. When all of these politicians get in office, they work for the best interests of the big donars. There's no more hope and I'm done. It's time to move on with my life. I'm never going to vote again. They all failed me and let me down.

  31. Be able to vote is a gift from other generations who did fight for the right of every voice beeing heard to us. You don't have to vote very often but when, be informed and go to the election.

  32. I honestly thought this would be about some states placing bias regulations on registration so black people couldn't vote.

  33. Where I live every citizen barring exceptional circumstances HAS to vote at elections regardless of whether they are Federal, State or Local although I must say that in my state if you are over 70 you do not need to vote in council elections but since those elections are done by postal ballots the issue of going to the polling booths does not arise.

  34. if you are registered to vote and don't do it then you are marking a huge mistake.yes the candidates may both be idiots but you really want someone else to decide for your future and your country? if you don't vote don't moan about the outcome because you and many other people that think just like you could have changed the result with their vote

  35. I am an Irish woman who was brought up Catholic over 94 years ago my ancestors just like me were not aloud to vote. People died in order to be able to give me my right to vote. Look into your own history and realize the sacrifices of others for your rights
    Mise le meas
    Sinead O'Riordan

  36. What about when you genuinely feel that by voting you only contribute to the problem.

    Voting for laws is great and easy, and yeah, should be mandatory in the US. If it was I would vote. But Voting for people is the worst. They change. They never fulfill their promises. They're a mixed bag of values that some I agree with, others I don't. Why vote for someone you a) can't trust and b) will only do half the job you want while tearing down the other parts?

    It may be selfish, but guess what? It's not like any politician actually cares what I think. I'm a drop in the ocean, and when there's waves to be convinced, why bother with me? Especially when my values are different from the mainstream.

  37. The nice thing in the US is that you have the right to vote or not and you shouldn't be ashamed if you don't want to vote because that is your right

  38. It annoys me when people don't vote. So many women over the years fought so hard for the right to vote. I'm not old enough to vote btw.

  39. Look around, it's overwhelmingly FOX News and Republicans that promotes to Black people that they should not vote.

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