No Poll Bump For Trump After Barr Cleared Him On Obstruction Of Justice | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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  1. The last time i saw this guy and his fast talking in front of big TV charts and graphs was when he was explaining how Clinton would win the election on the Electoral map. He was so sure…

  2. No sane person would be drawn to trump after Helsinki, his support of Epstein pedo, lying about screwing two prostitutes, without condoms, and paying them off and publicly lying about that, I could go on and on but trust sane people get my drift.

  3. since trump is so unpopular why did he win the election? why is the stock market is at the all time high unlike the rest of the world markets? is there anybody can realistically challenge trump in the 2020 election, you got to be kidding me!

  4. MSNBC isnt CNN we are the opposing Voice to your Cult. You have never heard a lie over here, Maybe a few errors. I get it now why you were saying Hoax, as usual you were parroting his words like the Good sheep you are. Yo clown Crime is vindicated of Nothing. Did you Imagine We were going to Come out With Cell call from Trump to Putin

  5. They would have not Believed. They would you. The Republicans made these rules after Clinton, they must they will stand by them. After I got off the floor from my laughing. I would Tell- Put yourself in their Shoes. 95% of their party love Trump NMW he does. All those Republicans you see are evryone of the 5%. Why would they Vote sgainst

  6. Honor Responsibility, the oath they took, they Wrote these rules. Look We have a picture of him with Putin. They Must Do it . We will get 30 million American Signatures and plaster them. We will march in the Streets all over the country every day. Attack Washington with Water balloons. Remember after Clinton He became one of the most pop

  7. That is not the Story here. They afe going to go way back into Trumps life scrutinize every drop of Money He stole, every tax he didnt pay, every bribery, Extortion, Insurance Fraud. They have his CFO cooperating on the Criminal case in New York State( a place where Trump has many enemies. And the Law has nothing to Do with the Feds

  8. I think he will be indicted by someone else, but if not They will do it and they will hold up the Forms for Barr. Check this out Barr we redacted this part but look your name is right after it Crooked Barr. Another Redaction. We recommend 5- 15 for Redacted 1st name After that Barr. I jest but that is why It is a good thing Mueller didnt Charge

  9. Moral of the story: ALL Republicans have lost ALL credibility. Love it! They are their OWN worst enemy! That's what happens when you blindly follow someone with no integrity, decency, or honor….not even a smidgen of honesty as well. Safe to say that we'll have a Democrat white house for many, MANY years to come, after the 2020 election. 🎈💙😊#Bernie2020

  10. He could not get Manafort to Flip. Manafort was not trembling Because of Trump. To cross Putin would have meant his family Dead. Maybe his home town Decimated. Manafort would have gone be the Putin Special Cyanide. He got over because the threat was to great for the Line between Trump and Putin was Terrified.

  11. Stay over Where you belong Sewer Slime, Did yoi notice anything Different except that there were 100 new ways we are After Trump. Did you think. You would see us pouting, giving up. Saying He is exonerated lets move on. Noone buys that. OJ Simpson Double Murderer found Innocent but more Guilty than Trump if possible. You will never see that

  12. Every tome you stupidly Visit you will find another angle. None of them Lies like Deep State- How stupid can you get,its bad enough I have to watch Swallow thousands of lies from Trump and now Hannity to, and I guess You have Gone Quack on anon on Us. Are you flat earthers, did people hunt Dinosaurs, Do Vaccines cause brain Damage

  13. MSM trying to keep its own ratings up. This show was watched by a couple hundred thousand. Before march 24th MSNBC ratings were in the millions.
    Now they want you to believe the obstruction lie.
    Let's all send MSM on their merry way.

  14. But they were able too Rule The World 😂 For awhile With a roos 🤣 On Chuck's Dime😘 #Wow🤔 What Did it Ya😏 Nothing#$$$ Right!!!!#WOW Right 🙄 TRUMP 2020 Think of the possibility,s😜

  15. I would love to see Barr's approval ratings over the last two months. An even more indicative poll would be a rating of the people's trust in the DOJ during that same time frame.

  16. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA,,,,,,,,,,,, This guy Is so pathetic… POOR DEMS.. gotta booboo. LMFAO. The truth shall set you free.

  17. Poll Bump??? Like MSNBC would ever cover the truth??? Considering it is a must for them to try keeping a narrative based on a lie!!! Exonerated…Easily…Trump 2020…

  18. MSM and polling numbers?
    Who still believes that?

    Liberalism…the entertaining mental disorder. Hahaha

  19. I doubt the 2020 election will be as exciting as it was back in 2016. 2020 democrat candidates doesn't seem much of a challenge compared to Hillary.

  20. Why is no one reporting on the sudden DHS elimination of domestic terrorist oversight?!? This was done so the rethuglican crime syndicate can act surprised and the orange sphincter can declare another more sweeping emergency declaration!!!

  21. Are these the same pollsters that said President Trump would not win the election in 2016? Fake news MSNBC and Communist News Network ratings are tanking. Everyone sees them for what they are – free advertising and propaganda arms of the Socialist (formerly known as Democratic) Party.

  22. MSNBC giving a opinion is like one of my mini horses pooping in the Corral.,It's there I have to clean it up but it has no relevance.

  23. President Trump's doing just fine in the polls. Better than Obama, and almost as good as George W. Bush and closing, at comparable stages of their first terms.

  24. Fake polls from the Fake Media?
    These skidstains had the Hildarrhoid leading by 8,10 and 12 points the final three days of the 2016 election.
    Narrowly winning in 2016?
    306-232 in the Electoral College is not narrow kiddies.
    It was a BLOW OUT!
    The MAGA train rages onward.
    6 years to go!!

  25. And the embarrassing public smear of our President continues. When are American citizens going to get off the television and put the advertisers of FOX, CNN, MSNBC AND THE REST out of business?  The "news media" of America is a COMPLETE DISGRACE !!

  26. Hi Steve.👋.
    Exceptional reporting, Steve.👍☺👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Steve.👍.
    👉👉Patience democrats, patience.👍.
    Steve, "i guess you can call it a bounce, very, very, very, very slight."😁😁😁.

  27. I think most Americans realize that Barr is a liar. And Donald Trump is the most hated president in history. His election in 2016 was a fluke — and flukes almost never happen twice in a row.


    TRUMP 2020

  29. LOL just like MSNBC has to say the only reason why the Democrats will lose the 2020 election is because of them being more unpopular than Trump lame

  30. You are a huge bolder of VILE chit TRUMP !!! Everybody knows it (As you would say) . I have never called you "President" or even Mr. and never will. You are something much less than a subhuman.

  31. If economy is still good Nov 2020 He is winning again but huge… 450 electoral. He will win 55% popular vote.

  32. Prosecutions are about to begin on a whole lot of Dirty Cops and Politicians involved in the PHONY DOSSIER TO SPY ON THIS MAN AND THE ATTEMPTED COUP TO OVERTHROW HIS PRESIDENCY 18 U.S 371

  33. This analysis is spot on. The sad truth is that politics in the U.S is at such a bottom of the barrel moment, that Trump stands a chance at winning only if Democrats mess this up again with an unlikable candidate boosted by its undemocratic party nomination process.

  34. Big man, pig man
    Ha, ha, charade you are
    You well heeled big wheel
    Ha, ha, charade you are
    And when your hand is on your heart
    You're nearly a good laugh
    Almost a joker
    With your head down in the pig bin
    Saying 'Keep on digging'
    Pig stain on your fat chin
    What do you hope to find
    Down in the pig mine?
    You're nearly a laugh
    You're nearly a laugh
    But you're really a cry

    Pink Floyd – Pigs

  35. I can’t believe so many Americans approve of Spanky Tweetie Twump. There’s a lot of dumb and crooked people there

  36. WTF!! Approval rating!!! Those people are sick!!

    Oh hang on, I see. Those approval rating were from Russia!!

  37. I have a funny feeling if the unvarnished Truth & facts don't come out publicly, this Country just may burn. No one is above the law. Not even the Grifting president

  38. You mean like those same polls before the 2016 election ? The reality is the only people who are against President Trump are most of the far left activists posing as journalists, the demonrats, the corporate fascists, and all the little losers around the country who are low life scum bag leftists, fascists, socialists, and outright communists. We know most of these polls are conducted by liberals. His numbers are way higher then reported. Just as the orcqueen hussein orcbama's were much lower then reported. The demonrats can never win in a straight up fair election. We'll be watching in the next one. President Trump will crush any of these lunatic leftists in 2020 ! BOOYAH !!!!!!!!

  39. its literally an insignificant change. thats what the margin of error indicates. if you do the poll with a new sample… the odds of you actually getting the same number… even on the same day… of 43.1% are really low. but 95 out of 100 times… you'll be between 40.1% and 46.1% if you have a 3% margin for error and a 95% confidence level. basically depends on how large your sample is. assuming your questions are legitimate.
    i think its lower. i think its 40%. tops. and i think its going lower. when muellers report goes public, and it will, it wont go higher. pretty sure about that.

  40. Sumoya excuse me very much the poorly educated? Are you saying ALL those who voted for him approximately 40% Most of them are white your full of BS they come every walk of life what makes you better than them I dislike trump but I 100% disagree with you I think you need to check yourself 🤔

  41. TRUMP WILL WIN 2020 SO EASILY and thanks to Fake Lying news media because there continuous LYING is helping Trump Win. No it's higher than that and no one will ever believe your Fake numbers.iys over 54% APPROVAL RATING.

  42. That 30% will stay with Trump unconditionally!!!! Yes, even if Trump k*ll somebody today. The rest of Americans know the Barr Report is wrong.

  43. Trump works so hard for his base and totally ignore the others!!!!!!!!! How do you get to 60%? You have to be a president for ALL! Very simple. But Trump decides to build his legacy on the 30% or so of Americans.

  44. Trump says no collusion with Russia, no rubles for you Putin and Russians from any trumps ever. Thanks for getting him into the wh. Karma.

  45. …and yet here we are 3 weeks later and Trump's polling at an all time high. Once again, MSM is #fakenews.

  46. Liberals/progressives/democrats/socialists, Please keep putting your faith in Kornacki! After all he had Hillary getting 320+ electoral votes! MSNBC should be concerned about their own bottom dwelling ratings! Lol

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