Night Two of the Democratic Presidential Debate

-Let’s get to the news. Tonight was the second
Democratic presidential debate between the past, the present,
the future, and I guess outer space? [ Laughter ] “The New York Post” published
a series of drinking games that viewers could play
during the Democratic debate, like, “Drink every time you see
someone who should drop out.” [ Laughter ] [ Laughter continues ] [ Laughter and applause ] Tonight was a night to imagine
what the future could be. We could have our first
woman of color as president, our first openly gay president, or our first
business casual president. [ Laughter ] During tonight’s debate,
each candidate was asked which country they would most
want to repair relations with. Kirsten Gillibrand chose Iran, while Marianne Williamson
chose Narnia. [ Laughter ] [ Laughter continues ] [ Laughter and applause ] [ Cheers and applause ]
And… [ Cheers and applause continue ] [ Applause continues ] An estimated 15 million people watched last night’s half of the
Democratic debate on television, and one person watched it
from the stage. [ Laughter ] [ Laughter and applause ] According
to the latest analysis, Senator Cory Booker was
the candidate who spoke the most during last night’s debate, but only because this picture
was worth a thousand words. [ Laughter ] [ Laughter and applause ] [ Cheers and applause ] The city of of Boston
has approved a permit for a so-called
“Straight Pride Parade,” while, technically,
it’s just a Hollister. [ Laughter ] [ Laughter continues ] A Texas school district
has fired a substitute teacher after she allegedly made
pornographic films in classrooms
outside of school hours. Said PTA dads, “That’s who she is!”
[ Laughter ] “It was driving me crazy.” [ Laughter and applause ]
“I knew it. I told you.” [ Applause continues ] New York will hold its annual
LGBTQ Pride Parade this weekend, and if you don’t know
what “LGBTQ” stands for, those are the trains
that will be out of service. [ Laughter ] [ Laughter and applause ] [ Cheers and applause ]
According — [ Cheers and applause continue ] According
to newly released testimony, former Secretary of State
Rex Tillerson said that President Trump
did not prepare at all for his 2017 meeting with
Russian President Vladimir Putin or, for that matter,
anything in his entire life. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] So, it was not…an outlier. “Today was
National Handshake Day,” said every candidate
when Biden went in for a hug. [ Laughter ] [ Laughter and applause ] [ Laughter continues ] And finally, a cat in Florida has reportedly gained
so much weight, its owner is sending it
to fat camp. [ Light laughter ] And before you think
they’re overreacting, the cat was originally
[Chuckling] a hamster. [ Laughter ]

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  1. For a second there I thought that first 0:10 chick was yall boy micheal jackson and I didn't even know the circus debates started

  2. Should have followed up that Narnia joke with a reference. I would meet with Aslan and Mr. Tumnus in my first 100 days…idk something is there..

  3. Seth, congrats on working for NBC  YUH BURNT

  4. Seth you could have just taken the day off. Picking my boogers was more entertaining this time. Waiting for clapping with a grin didn't help one little bit.

  5. Marianne Williamson may not fit with the usual political clown show and you can make fun of her for it all you want, but she is certainly right about the psychological problem in our society and the need to move toward love instead of fear. It's the internal core of all external issues.

  6. Amazed none of the late-nite crew picked up on the moment Biden reacted to Bernie's crazy waving hand in his face… Funniest thing in the whole two nights

  7. Biden wants to bring people together, which he has been doing his whole life, and is why Obama chose him for V.P. If you made no comprimises in Politics you would get nothing done, as trump is finding out. Harris wants to points fingers, assign blame, say who are "good" Americans and "bad" Americans. She will further divide the country.

  8. The way you beat Trump is by putting the smartest person next to him and that person is Andrew Yang. Andrew Him next to Trump would be a very winnable battle. What's he going to do to Andrew Yang? Make fun of his business success? Call him names? He brings no baggage, no negative spirit, no mud slinging, no nicknames for other candidates. He brings recognition of problems and with him his well thought our solutions using…..get ready for it…..math. I know, maybe it's not a popular skill to have….but when it comes to the numbers thats a tool of his. Tell me how Trump would rip apart a carefully constructed plan involving real numbers discussed on the fly. Put someone next to Trump that wants to do battle and that person will lose because Trump is very good at what he does whether people want to admit it or not. He shreds every person that wants to be his enemy, Andrew Yang doesn't want to be his enemy, Andrew Yang wants to fix the country and if the moderators would give him more than 1-question per hour (yes, he fielded 2 questions in 2 hours) and stop cutting his microphone then you might get to hear some of what he has to say. Instead, you have the Democrat National Debate Royal Rumble where everyone screams over each other….Yang is the way you win. Put the smartest guy in the room next to Donald Trump.

  9. Does anyone actually believe the polling data? Apparently even After the debate Joe Biden is still the front-runner dropping from 41% to 31%. Where are all these supposed Joe Biden supporters? He's still above Bernie Sanders (in second place) by 13 points. Morning Consult poll seems massively flawed to me. Pre-debate Emerson polling had Biden only 7 points above Bernie.

  10. I'm not a supporter of Marianne Williamson. I think she would make a terrible president. Having got that out of the way, I am at the same time smart enough to recognize her message, which is one that everyone will ignore to their peril. Take out all of the distracting imagery and loaded language and you're left with her core message, which was this: a rational means/end calculus is a fantastic way to run a government, but it's a very ineffective way to get people to go out and vote for you. I think what she was saying is that Trump uses hate and division to get people to vote for him and keep supporting him politically and this bond is so strong they don't really care what effect he or his policies actually have. The Democrats don't have anything to put in place of that except for "plans". She wasn't saying plans are bad, but rather that Democrats will lose again in 2020 if they don't latch on to an emotional motivation that is at least as strong as the cynical hatred that Trump uses. Making that point–which everyone completely misunderstood–makes her in at least that respect smarter than anyone else on the stage.

  11. Marianne Williamson is actually very articulate and makes some great points. She is most certainly not against plans, she just thinks they are not enough to win. I thought her response on healthcare was spot on.

  12. I expected better from Seth. But then again he is paid by a giant media corporation. In the first of this video from 32-40 seconds, Seth FAILS to mention Bernie Sanders as the candidate and person we want as president.

  13. Marianne may be Oprah's Yoda, but if Aslan is Marianne's, t'is not nuthin' to do with outer space. Others can draw their own conclusion.

  14. Seth Meyers on how to get laughs:
    1. Tell "joke"
    2. 3 people laugh
    3. Sit and look at the audience and wait wait wait wait wait wait for a pity-laugh

  15. Poor Marianne Williamson, such a sweetheart and a good soul, I knew she was going to be stonewalled and shut out. And while I don't think she is presidential material, I do believe she would absolutely be an asset to an administration in a capacity where fairness, compassion, and a benefit to the non-1% is critical… a perfect replacement for either sleepy Oreo Carson or Cruella DeVos!

  16. They pushing for Kamala so hard, the corparation driven media don't to push Biden down the bus to make Kamala a hero, as long as she beats Bernie.

    All shows spread the half ass lie about tax of medicare for all, and conveniently forgetting the part that will stop healthcare companies and drug companies from abusing the people.

    Biden never was in the top pols it was a SCAN to make Kamala stronger after people figured she had TERRIBLE prossecuting record.

  17. None of these ideas will work we are broke! We cannot pay our bills we are over 21 trillion dollars in the hole that means at this time we can't even pay the interest on the interest that leads to the actual money that was barrowed and these dumbass politicians think we can keep spending what's so hard to understand about being broke if this is what we can plan on we are screwed

  18. Bernie Sanders did well in the debates. According to a "Popularity Poll" by Morning Consult/538 taken after the Democratic Debate,

    He now has the MOST favorables of ANY candidate.

  19. Marianne is ahead of her time so yes, if you’re not woke and understand the universe and how it works you wouldn’t understand her points. Nikola Tesla would vote for Marianne.

  20. Marianne is an easy target because of her more spiritual leanings (christian I might add). Maybe pick a target that supports the corporate-industrial complex. They usually hate all day not someone who believes universal love is the answer. Dick move Seth.

  21. Lame episode. Hate the way Seth waits and waits until the dopes in the audience give him a sympathy laugh.

  22. I see Kamala Harris was not mentioned. Maybe because she had the most insightful and truthful answers. She should become president, but she won't due to her being a woman of color. She was right – this country is full of racists and bigots.

  23. “Outer space” referring to Marianne? Her views on healthcare ( sickness care), the government sponsored crimes of kidnapping and child abuse at the border, reparations, and making the US the best place on earth to raise children is from “outer space?” When other politicians co-opt what she said, will you give her credit? Would you be brave enough to respectfully interview her, or will you just go along with those who are trying to silence and exclude this very bright and accomplished woman from participating in our democracy?

  24. People said the same thing about Bernie Sanders that they're saying about marrianne Williamson now notice most if not all of Sanders view ms that were considered radical most if not all the candidates agree with…now

  25. Seth you got to put those dickbeaters away and that's your mouth our president is doing great so you just keep that dick beater under your mouth under your breast

  26. Her policy plans are on her website and she had them post before any other candidate. Check it out,

  27. I know I am not in the majority here, but I felt bad for Joe Biden. Everyone attacked him on a career of choices and his age. Live long enough and we all make bad choices and we cannot dictate when we were born. I was hoping to see the Dems stand in unity against the monster in the WH, but of course they chose to eat their own instead! Idiots, one and all! This is NOT the way to get a lying, unqualified, racist sexual predator out of office!

  28. Sorry but it’s pathetic to ridicule someone who promotes love and truth and even more who’s been succesful at doing so in the past. I’m speaking about Marianne

  29. Well in the debate I watched, Marianne Williamson was the only person who brought up the fact that the current wave of immigration from Central America is the direct result of our own foreign policy in that region. If she's the New Age airhead of the bunch, what does that make the others?

  30. Bernie and Yang are the only two I'm with. The thing about Yang's $1,000 a month will boost economic spending, more home buying, more businesses being formed when there is a safety net to do such things. And people would still work meaning raising the poor out of economic ruin riddled cities. And there would be no need need for social security and such. Meaning that money would phase out into the $1000 a month stipend. There are countries that do this already and it works. You would no longer have a poor class of people in your country.

    It will also give incentive to have children as the America birth rate is lowering every year.

    I really want to know why these reporters are throwing him under the rug like he doesn't exist and his position does not matter.

  31. The rest can drop out except Andrew Yang. Kamala Harris used race and was given more time. Democrats don't make another mistake. Nominate Andrew Yang to beat Trump; make him your president.

  32. Wake up people, why do you think this elitist propaganda masquerading as "Late Night with Seth Meyers" is ridiculing Marianne Williamson. Because they don't want her to win. Nothing she said was ridiculous.

  33. Why wasn’t Yang displayed in the past, present, and future photos? Yang is the future! Not left, not right, but forward! #YangGang2020

  34. 3 facts I learned from reading the redacted Mueller report: 1. trump did not win the 2016 election, he ran illegally, 2. trump obstructed justice, criminally, and 3. Congress and Senate must impeach trump.

  35. Even the worst person on that stage would be a million times better than the 👶🍊💩 anyday!! #voteBlue!

  36. I'm familiar with Marianne Williamson's work and career, her activism, leadership abilities, and I'm so proud of her to be so courageous to stick her neck out and do what she believes can help this country. She's not alone. She didn't get on that debate stage accidentally. Many people supported her and continue to do so. She speaks so much truth. This was her first debate of this kind, and I think she held her own. Just like anyone else on that stage (and us in life), she wishes she said something more or different or better. As someone who cares deeply about people – all people – I commend Marianne for all her hard work and dedication. She deserved a spot on that stage, and A LOT of people resonate with her vision. Taking just a little time to dig deeper and learn more about Marianne Williamson – I believe many people will understand what she's all about. She's an underdog for sure – and look where she is now. Respect. xo

  37. Americans- where are all those newly created jobs, all that new wealth, anyone getting training for those new future jobs, see any new product lines being promoted or is all this just hype to build up excitement for the elections next year ???????

  38. Meanwhile

    Mother Jones obtained a photo of a card that is being distributed to participating service members with instructions from the Pentagon about what to say—and not to say—when speaking with members of the media.

    The Department of Defense would like service members to be clear that they are “proud” on several levels. Under the overall messages, the guide suggests: “I am proud of my job and my vehicle/tank. I am glad to share my experience with American People.” It also proposes that they say: “I am proud to honor the Nation and the Armed Forces during this Independence Day Celebration.”

    That’s followed by “Dos” and “Don’ts,”—do “smile and have fun,” don’t “guess, lie, or speculate.” And the card closes with general tips for talking to a reporter. “Relax and speak to America,” it recommends.


  40. Sticks & Stones May Break My Bones,, But Names Will Never Hurt Me… Go Marianne Williamson.. she don't play,, she's a GOOD Shake up for The USA for the better.

  41. The DNC will have to pick their winner soon so they can give Seth the script to make their chosen one look better, just like last time when they did it for Hillary.

  42. Interesting how black people are recognized for their skin color and gay people are recognized for who they have sex with and that makes them the “future” and it’s okay to hate on Asians like it is to hate on white people. All I have to say is Asians were in concentration camps less than 100 years ago in this country and look how well they’re doing now.

  43. I feel like seth spends a little too much time waiting for the jokes to land, I love him but it always feels hella awkward.

  44. Love is our most unifying and empowering common spiritual denominator. The more we ignore its potential to bring greater balance and deeper meaning to human existence, the more likely we are to continue to define history as one long inglorious record of man’s inhumanity to man.


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