Nigel Farage’s Brexit party victorious in EU elections

Not only are we going
to be in Brussels. We’ve got competent men
and women, people who’ve run businesses, done deals. We’d love to take
some responsibility so that the UK is
absolutely ready to leave on the 31st of October. Do you think
they’re really going to let you be part of the team? Well, why not? Why not? If they want Brexit to
happen, they should be. We’ll have to see, won’t we? I mean look, this has happened. This party has had this
meteoric rise in six weeks because we didn’t
leave on March 29th. If we don’t leave
on March the 31st, those parties will lose
even more votes to us. So really, the ball’s
in their court. Lots of people I
spoke to said they voted for you for the
European elections, but wouldn’t vote for you
in a general election. They’re not thinking that
the Brexit party is a… Well, the polling is
not suggesting that. The polling is
suggesting that actually a very large
percentage of people want to vote for us in
all forms of elections until we get this sorted out. But the people that
I spoke to were saying that they are
Conservative voters deep– Well, look at the polling. They’re angry with
the Conservatives. Well, look. The last set of polling we
had had the Brexit party on 25 per cent of
the general election. I accept it’s not quite
as high as the European, but it’s still a
very, very big number. Do you think there’s going
to be a general election? I have absolutely no idea
what’s going to happen over the course of the
next few months anymore than anybody else does. But we’re getting ready for one. And has this been a fair fight? Do you think this has been
a reasonably fair election? A bit of a short campaign,
obviously, because nobody really knew it was happening
until the last minute. But, yes. I think the arguments
have been out there. OK.

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