Nicola Sturgeon pushes for Scottish independence vote if Brexit goes ahead

There are some who would
like to see a very early referendum, others want that choice
to be much later. My job as first minister
is to reach a judgment, not simply in my party’s interest
but in the national interest. [Background – Laughter]
[Backgorund – Hear hear!] In doing so, a key priority
is ensuring that we learn the lessons
of Brexit. To rush into an immediate
decision before a Brexit path has been determined would
not allow for an informed choice to be made. However, if we are to
safeguard Scotland’s interests, we cannot wait indefinitely. That is why I consider that a choice
between Brexit and a future for Scotland as an independent
European nation should be offered in the lifetime of this parliament. If Scotland is taken out of the EU,
the option of a referendum on independence within that
timescale must be open to us. That would be our route
to avoiding the worst of the damage
Brexit will do.

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  1. Sturgeon outlines new Scottish independence referendum plans ►

  2. If Scotland wants to go then fine see you later. However I wonder where they are going to get their money from? If they choose to leave then they choose to leave Sterling behind also.

  3. Actually, for the first time I actually agree with her. If May’s “Deal” is passed, which gives the E.U. even more control with no chance of us ever leaving without E.U. consent, then Remain as is, is a much better option. I might just move to Scotland myself in preparation 🙂

  4. UK: We want a referendum to leave EU.
    EU: Ok

    SCOTLAND: There have been significant changes since 2014, we want a referendum to leave UK.
    UK: No.

    This sums up democracy in the UK compared to the EU.

  5. Russia does not want a stronger EU. That's why they worked so hard to get Brexit to happen. The EU coming together and standing firm against Russia, would be a formidable wall against their brand of oppression. Brexit will allow the UK to abdicate their leadership role in the union, but it may also dis-unite the kingdom. Something Russia certainly won't mind.

  6. the scottish voted against independence from the uk, and britain voted out of the eu but this little crank just cant accept it

  7. The English should have a vote do we want them, I can't think of anything they bring to the party except oil and that's nearly finished. England would be better off if all them moaning jocks went home. Real men don't wear skirts.

  8. SNP -lets have another referendum until we get the right result – -and where have I heard that before – – – – EU do it – -UK Parliament want it – and now SNP demanding it – democracy will be a thing of the past soon – – wow what a thought – – – – –

  9. Seems inevitable speaking to a lot of my family who voted to remain in the U.K. they were convinced by the argument that the EU would not allow Scotland to join the Europe easily. I suspect this was not unusual:

  10. Living in Scotland and being English I did not vote in the Scottish referendum because I felt it was something Scottish people should settle. However I will vote next time against independence because I simply cannot see the point of gaining independence on the Monday in order to surrender it on the Tuesday to become a vassal sate in the United States of Europe with even less influence than before. As a truly independent state this country could be utterly amazing but it would be a hard road to travel and we would all take a hit of some form or another but it would be worth it. That I would vote for.

  11. Scotland get more per head than the anywhere in Britain,let’s see if the European Union finds them like Britain does

  12. 17.4 Million voted LEAVE What part of that can't you understand Nicola, its called DEMOCRACY. Write it down.

  13. Have fun with the Yes campaign now that oil has tanked and you will have to tell the Scottish people that they will be using the euro (and that's if the EU let you in). If I had a mortgage on an overpriced scottish house near/in somewhere like Edinburgh or St Andrews I'd be bricking it at this news. Sell sell sell before it's too late.

  14. You can see why the Romans built Hadrians Wall can't you….to keep out troublesome upstarts like the little Krankie….Here is an idea. We can Brexit then create a hard border like the Roman's did….cracking idea….she can have her independence, keep her midges and kilted hordes to herself….no crossing into England for jobs though or keeping the pound – it does not work that way !!!!

  15. I think Scotland should be independent and then we can watch them pay about 1.5 Billion euros into the EU while at the same time trying to organise a health system that will keep all scots alive and well during their freezing months of winter when they get their Oap's winter heating allowance.

  16. To be honest i just wonder when Scotland will get Independence i am not even from Europe i am just interested to see if they do get Independence

  17. There should be a level at which when Scots vote in a certain percentage of nationalists, the rest of the UK should get a vote to kick them out of the union. Let the EU subsidise a nationalist Scotland.

  18. She has not considered that Post Brexit maybe a better life outside the EU and what about the 2M Scots that voted to leave the EU but stay in the Union? Perhaps the Salmond scandal will rid us of this one song woman. Oh and if the Scots leave the Union and the EU says NON then what ? a remarriage ? Nae Chance

  19. One last point If the IndyRef 2 and the SNP loose again ? Then will they shut up and get on with running the country and restoring our pride and doing what they are supposed to do instead of blaming the Tories BREXIT and any body else but themselves ?

  20. She and her party are just using Brexit as pretext to have another referendum cause they cant accept that Scots voted to stay with UK.

  21. How can you want independence and the same time want to be in the EU Nicola, the two are contradictory, why do you not understand this simple problem with your entire career

  22. What a bore this woman is ,as she shakes her tiny fists. She talks about learning lessons. But totally forgets the destruction of her parliamentary party. After promising to listen. Looks like Scots who are not anti English bigots like her. Will need to tell her again to just go…go now. you one trick pony

  23. You cannot be an independent nation as an EU member! The SNP version of independence is a huge misnomer! I don't have a problem with Scotland wanting self governance but the SNP version of it is snake oil… & I urge everyone to read the Lisbon treaty! Which is basically the new EU constitution.. It's terrifying! There is no 'sovereignty' under this.. Read it & come back to me & tell me you will be Independent & self governing ha ha ha you'll be a tiny minnow in a pond of sharks Scotland..

  24. I’m sorry but dodgy salmond said it was a ‘once in a generation vote’ i.e not every 2-3 years until krankie gets her way

  25. So you want to replace the governors overthe wall for the governors over the water? Oh aye, they'll be glad to have ye. The disintegration of the UK looked impossible until First Minister stuck her neck in the noose. Go ahead, exercise your democratic right and become an independent part of the Union, lol… an independent part of the Union.. lol..

  26. I mean if Scotland wants independence from the UK and to join the EU then fair enough… but just know this: Scotland exports 16% of its goods to the EU, and about 60% to the rest of the UK, so if you want to pay tarriffs on 60% of your goods to the UK, as well as the other 24% you export to the rest of the world, id suggest staying in the UK. Besides I love the Scottish, and it would be a shame to see the blue in the flag of the UK be a relic of the past…

  27. Too late for independence. They've already exhausted most of the oil reserves there. Few decades ago, Scotland would have been another Norway.

  28. So let me get this straight. Sturgeon wants Scotland to be an independent country, by being ruled by Brussels as part of a Superstate which wants no nations. Yep, I understand now.

  29. Go on then, wait until the EU demand more money off you to compensate the lack of funds from UK Leaving. Enjoy being the Milked and watch your taxes go up.

  30. I'd like to know: what percentage of the British oil fields are actually Scottish? Fishing?
    I am quite certain that some sort of a Gaelic coalition would be a given. That would be a very new and certainly uncomfortable position for the English – but, historically speaking, very correct.
    Apart from that, Sturgeon's words are at least coherent. Not something you can say about many "British" politicians.

  31. She will bring down Scotland, there is no independence, if you're locked In the controlling octopus of Brussels.
    What a shame scottland wants to be separated from UK.

  32. Scotland wants to leave a 300 year loyal friendship and get independence by joining the undemocratic eu?
    Scotland has the population of yorkshire with a much bigger land mass that is why they receive more tax money than the rest of us .
    Scotland wonderful people and country don't make the mega mistake of leaving the worlds 6th biggest economy .

  33. As an English man I would defend any part of the UK including Scotland unless they leave.
    I'm not stupid enough to want independence for yorkshire which has a very similar population to Scotland

  34. If brexit goes ahead and Johnston gets Tory leadership Nicola you’d better run for the heather because he’s no way giving you permission to hold a referendum doesn’t matter what you say and quite rightly so.

  35. It’s funny how the Scottish Nationalist Party don’t want to be ruled by Westminster but they want to be ruled by Brussels.

  36. I'm sure Scotland voted NO to Independence ?? – – – oh I know – – – its just like the Brexit referendum – lets just keep ignoring the peoples vote until we get the result we want – – clearly a trend in politics these days – the EU have been doing it for years – pathetic –

  37. That's because she is the pushy type . She longs for the day she can leave the EU and the very next day longs for the day to join it for the first time. (the mind of a stupid woman/?.)

  38. If she gets her way we will have the EURO as our currency. That will devalue ur House. Ur pension. Ur savings. Etc etc.
    Just look at Spain and now Germany they are regretting the day they changed there currency.

  39. Then their the border that would be compulsory to put up between Scotland and England imagine having to que to get to Newcastle airport or Manchester airport and go thru customs at the border

  40. My other gripe with her is why is she Victimising me because I’m not a Nurse. Iv got to pay £500 a year to park my car at work while the nurses don’t. They earn a sight more than I do and can afford it more than me I’m on minimum wage there not. So why the victimisation

  41. I see it every day it is now going to cost me £500 a year to park my car at work. Doctor or hospital appointment now take forever to get. Police force non existent. A country that wants to change to the euro devalue my house my pension and my saving. But that’s all ok I have two immigrants in my street who don’t work but get state benefits and there family who live in another country get benefits too. And we’re paying for it. Sorry but I won’t vote for independence only to be controlled by the EU that’s not true independence. The quicker we close our borders and get rid of sturgeon the better. She has underestimated the Scottish people I know a lot who have never voted but are def going to vote against her first chance they get. Scottish parliament needs closed down and turned into a hotel at least it wud then be useful for something

  42. Sturgeon is a one trick pony her party are terrible at the day job and as soon as someone brings up the stats on how bad they are they just talk about independence to cover up how bad they really are at running things in Scotland.We currently have the worst drugs fatalities in Europe yup that's the whole of the European Union and she wants to go independent instead of doing anything to sort this mess out .The SNP should be disbanded and Holyrood flattened to make way for new housing.

  43. I just don't understand Scotland says it is being sidelined politically. Then why has it got a parliment and is so grossly over represented in Westminster. Also, Scotland is propably the most lucky place for a university student to be born. So, please stop complaining about what you don't have and start thinking about what you do.

  44. I would like someone from Scotland to answer me a question please, I'm english, although I've not lived in the UK for 16 years, so perhaps a bit out of touch, perhaps you can educate me, is the real reason for a scottish indepdence a anti english, anti tory, anti london vote or not yes or no ??

  45. SNP. So you want a 2nd referendum ? Easily done, stop backing those losers Corbyn & McDonnell, then support the Tories in parliament in exchange for a referendum, even Boris wouldn't be stupid enough to turn that one down.

  46. Nicola Sturgeon, why are you Scotland’s first minister, just why. Not being funny love but I’m Scottish and my family is Scottish and we all think this independence is a load of nonsense. Just give up with this big dream that Scotland will be independent when it will never be. I would pack your bags and go home because I think most of Scotland has had enough of your ambition. Do you think that Scotland will bow to your ambition of independence. Who are you the queen of Scots, wait your not are you so pack up and go home where you belong

  47. Scotland has oil, n that s why they want independence I suppose. Oil is what made Norway surpassed Sweden n Denmark. That's my understanding anyway.

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