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  1. Bwhaha…if the like/dislike 'poll' here, in this fake, corporate, stazi ThemTube land…if the ratio here is any indication: YOUR polls are bunk

  2. The three viewers you have left: they are beginning to think — like the rest who already left you Liars — they're beginning to think you're not being very honest with them. Lmao

  3. Nutty Uncle Joe
    Looney I'm going to give you everything Bernie
    Oh! let's not forget Native American fraudster Sacajawea Warren
    I think Moe Larry and Curley should also run what a race The Three stooges against The Three Idiots. This should be another great clown fiasco. anything to keep the mentally ill brainwashed I'm talking about you dimwits in both parties.

  4. polls show Biden slipping, Bernie rising, Warren rising regardless of poll..
    so if youre keeping track thats progressive Democrats 40% and corporate Democrats 20%..
    Biden is in free fall and likely to continue with all his gaffes and bad positions..
    i wonder why MSNBC would continue to promote him but then i realize they want a corporate Democrat..

  5. Here is the top leaders in the Democratic party (Socialist party). Communist, Socialist, Socialist. I'll let you decide which one is which but i'll give you the first one. Bernie Sanders…

  6. Democrats talk the talk but don’t walk the walk ~ leading in the polls- old and white !😂
    Polls are only effective in SHAPING opinion not reflecting opinion.
    Why do you need to know who the next person is voting for?

  7. The question is if there is more so called progressives votes than moderate. That's why Biden may lose. I don't know what the truth wirh the media bias these days.

  8. These polls do not mean anything…its a joke…who cares..I do not trust anyone that's in Washington d.c now ir ever will…Washington D.C.IS A CEST POLL OF CHEATS LIARS FRAUDS..CORRUPT PEOPLE…IF YOUR NOT CORRUPT BEFORE YOU GET TO D.C.YOU WILL BE BY THE TIME YOU LEAVE.i do not trust any of them

  9. Oh No! Now Sleepy-Joe Has To Wake Up!!😪😴😫😩😫😴😪

  10. Msnbc Democratic voters pole form:
    1.Joe Biden 🔲
    2.Elizabeth Warren 🔲
    3.Joe Biden🔲
    4.Bernie Sanders🔳
    5.Joe Biden🔲
    Thank you selecting Joe biden 10 times your votes will now be counted

  11. Don't bother showing up on Election Day. You worthless welfare queens, degenerate queers, and lazy, feckless minorities have no chance. NONE.

  12. wrong all wrong. These polls mean absolutely nothing. Andrew Yang is not in them. So yes they're wrong. I take it these are the polls that showed Hillary destroying Trump? We all know how that turned out.

  13. Elizabeth
    Warren, is a person that intentionally
    and fraudulently claimed to be Native American to obtain teaching positions,
    etc. Had she not been exposed in recent times, she would have left the “sleeping
    dog” (claim of being American Indian) lie. She has in recent times, given the
    media very questionable convoluted answers as to why she fraudulently claimed
    Native American heritage.   On the
    Internet, I have seen photographs in videos, of Warren with brown/black hair
    during the years she pretended to be Native American; Did she do that to go
    along with her false claim on applications, etc. of being “American Indian”?  She should return all monies that she
    obtained using her false claim, that prevented a real Native American from
    getting the benefit.

  14. Biden is full of crap! Get him out there! He’s what’s wrong with this country. We want dramatic change! Like Bernie!

  15. MSNBC – stop your bias on Sanders when you had a woman on who stated that Bernie had no solutions for American problems which is BS…just go to his sight and there are hundreds of pages regarding solutions to all Top problems…bring out honest news and stop clearly demonstrating your financial backers don't want Sanders as he can't be bought !!

  16. Look, if Warren gets the nominee than the bernie folks will also support her giving her huge lead over Biden. Same if it was bernie. Joe won’t get the numbers from warren or bernie folks. Look what happened last time with Hillary. The DNC just needs to pick either warren or bernie to go head to head with Joe. Then you will see the true poll numbers. I say this as a neutral voter who can cares less of the three.

  17. Biden is extremely two faced, compared to Warren and Sanders he has flip flopped on issues the last 10 years , look it up he is very inconsistent

  18. So, as expected, the Monmouth poll director is distancing himself from his own poll, calling it an outlier and Biden is back on top by wide margins in national polls today.


    Joe Biden’s support boils down to name recognition. The “electability” argument is BS.

  20. What about AOC????? She's so…well….let HER tell you! :)) In March 2019, AOC spoke for a record three 3 hours and 58 minutes covering a variety of topics – all in a response to being asked “how will we pay for the Green New Deal?” Her monologue of an answer consisted of a myriad of reasons to vote for the Green New Deal as well as an explanation as to why we must immediately do away with Daylight Savings Time.

    “If we change our times with the sole intent of increasing the amount of daylight we receive, that’s an extra hour of sun shine that will warm the planet. That’s one extra hour per day of extra heat warming our already unstable planet. We need to repeal Daylight Savings Time as a primary measure to decrease the rate of climate change. Less hours of sun shine equal less heat hitting Earth’s surface. We’re running out of time!” – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Quoted from the Congressional Record)

    Stupid as a bag of rocks? ("Stupid" and "Rocks" just called – they are insulted)

  21. I dont want biden. None of my families and friends are voting nor donating to him. Why is he leadinggg in the polls? Biden is a puppet only to the rich democrate party. He does not represent the working class.

  22. America is waking up to realize all mainstream media is being paid off😂🤣. They all have an agenda to push and alternative "lesser" known outlets are being not only viewed more but being taken more seriously. Your jeopardy DNC game show ruined you. Some people and their big fat checks are worried.

  23. Wicked people will speak well of one another and so strengthen one another hands in their wicked ways, hoping thereby to silence the clamors of their own consciences and to serve the interests of satan's kingdom.
    "They that forsake the law, praise the wicked; but such as keep the law contend with them." Proverbs 28:4

  24. Warren has obviously been selected now, she is a greedy millionaire, corporate backed Trojan inserted to take over the progressive platform and make sure it gets nowhere. Another obvious Trojan is Yang. Both these characters get massive disproportionate boosting by the MSM and stand for foreign policy as usual. The ticket is obviously going to be Warren-Yang. Why you should support Tulsi: @

  25. A few big differences between Warren & Bernie:

    has been committed to Medicare for All from the beginning. Warren
    only recently declared she is fully supportive of Medicare for all.

    Warren, Bernie is committed to small donor fundraising even in the
    General election. Warren has said she would only do small donor
    fundraising in the Primary, so Bernie won't feel any sort of pressure to
    bend on his policy stances once elected.

    She originally planned on voting for Ben Carson as Secretary of Housing, but then flip flopped when she was criticized.

    worked to repeal the 'Medical Device Tax' which helped fund the ACA,
    in order to appease the Medical Device Industry in her state.

    Warren, Bernie has a long history of progressivism dating back to
    the 60s. Warren was a staunch Republican up until the late 90s.

    has also been one of the longest serving members of congress, he was
    a mayor in Vermont, and has a lot of experience in governance
    compared to Warren.

    plan to fund her policies through a wealth tax is potentially
    unconstitutional, therefore harder to implement than Bernie's Wall
    Street speculation tax and higher income taxes on wealthy entities.

    Warren voted twice
    to increase the Military budget brought forth under Pres. Trump,
    which appropriated over $81Billion for purchase of Aircraft, Weapons,
    Missiles, and Combat Vehicles. On top of that it appropriated several
    Billion dollars toward other parts of the DoD.

    wants to cancel all student debt, Warren wants to implement a
    means-tested solution. A Means-tested program will likely further split
    people into the "haves" vs. "have-nots" and are easier to attack,
    dismantle, and weaken.

    is also a more nuanced distinction between them I'd like to make,
    with all the political differences aside. The one area I think Bernie
    absolutely dominates where Warren doesn't, is with rhetoric.
    They both are offering tons of plans, but to me Bernie is the only
    candidate with a strong message of how it will all be executed. If you
    want to implement even a fraction of either Warren's or Bernie's
    plans you need a radical change in voter engagement in this country,
    and I have never
    seen a politician who can rally young people and apathetic people
    into the political process as well as Bernie has. In 2015 he was
    nothing but a small Independent Senator from Vermont, and he went on
    to win 23 contests against the establishment backed former First
    Lady, Secretary of State, and Senator of New York. Now he is arguably
    one of the most popular politicians in America, and he has changed
    the political rhetoric among leading Democrats. Just look at the
    incredibly influential organizations that stemmed out of his 2016

    Justice Democrats

    Brand New Congress

    Our Revolution

  26. Really Biden is the distraction establishment democrats are supporting him because Trump is making them more money

  27. Might as well be Moe, Larry, and Curly as the front runners. No one can touch Trump. Then again Biden does like to touch so……wait….They have to be under 10 years old for Biden.

  28. Americans are voting with their dollars. The most accurate poll is the number of individual donors: Bernie 746,000, Warren 421,000, Biden 300,000. I find it impossible to believe polls that do not reflect this fact.

  29. I heard these polls are done using landlines phones, which makes the target age of those asked over 50 in my opinion. Btw who even has a landline phone anymore?? I surely don't! Young people use mobil phones, so they clearly are NOT included in these numbers. If they were Bernie would be leading all polls.

  30. Bernie, you promise free college and student debt forgiveness.
    How is it you and all the rest of the Dems never ask " Colleges to reduce cost" Fact= tuition increases and a far greater rate then inflation.
    So we taxpayers must throw our $$ and a corrupt elite system called college?
    Colleges must love the free college crap.

  31. Joe has severe cognitive decline. Watch for support to shift to Harris in the coming months. It will all be a sham. Bernie Tulsi Yang only people I vote for.

  32. Biden is a snooze. He's the Corporate Democrat packaged as the moderate, reasonable, "winning" candidate. He's only there because he was Obama's VP.
    If Trump's win proved anything, it's that the electorate is tired of old, safe, boring, corporate Democrats. If that's what the electorate wanted, Hillary would have won.
    If the Democrats plan to win, they would be better off with someone who gives Wall St. bloody stool. As such, they are going to have to get someone who raises their money on the Internet and shuns puppet-master corporate money. Dollars don't vote; people do.

  33. So should we be more diplomatic and tell give them restriction or more open and put the phone away? Is anybody got preparation H?

  34. The comedic Biden and schoolmarm Warren are weaker candidates than Hillary. Remember the Clintons spent 30 years twisting every knob and dial in Washington to guarantee Hillary's ascension. Thirty grifting and painful years. Including insulting 60% of the electorate with "deplorables" and half their friends either murdered or mysterious suicides. Nobody wanted the Yellow Pantsuit screeching at us 24/7, like nobody wants a schoolmarm telling us how awful we are, or a bumbler going toe-to-toe with the Iranians. Voters don't want a candidate with pre-China and pre-Ukraine family conflicts in place or a candidate that fabricated a racial meme to teach at Harvard. None of the candidates in the current clown show are going to last 5 minutes in a nationwide TV debate with Trump. None.

  35. No wonder Biden has been in the lead in all the polls for so long! They are only polling people in congress and the 1% (richest in America). The other 99% of Americans are for Sanders & Warren. If Biden gets to run against Trump American people must wake up to realize they are being bamboozled.


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