New Polling Backs Up Leaked Trump Internals Showing Him Behind Joe Biden | Hardball | MSNBC

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  1. Stick to the issues show what Trump failed to achieve not get sidetracked and start a name calling smear campaign.

  2. What about Bernie and the other candidates, how do they perform… why focus on Biden when we haven’t had the debates!

  3. There isn't a country in the world that continually elects 70-80 year olds as leaders….WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU GUYS???????

  4. Get real this is bulshit anybody that would back Kamala Harris is as corrupt as her piece of s*** friend Kim Foxx

  5. "Nobody showed you those polls because they don't exist" – typical Trump: falsely accuses others of lying – while lying himself in every second sentence – but doesn't even have the backbone to say it explicitly to Stephanopolous face! Just whiggles around topics like a worm and lies through his teeth! What a SAD littly "president" that as!

  6. The poll is there to prop up the support for Joe Biden. The DEM is again fooling their support base. They manipulate the numbers the steal the DEM nomination for Joe, from other candidates. DEM party is so corrupted.

  7. Should we trust polls? no, BUT this isn't 2016 and Hillary is not on the ticket. Not to mention that people are not as asleep like they were back then, I was one of them. When you get woke to a harsh reality, that is tremendous motivation. It doesn't mean that the Democrats have this in the bag, but remember this is not 2016.

  8. Hey, they promoted sleeve rolling "Map Boy" of 2016, put him in a suit but doubling down on more lies, lol.

  9. If we're looking at polls using Democrats as the population then Trump is doing amazing, almost 50% across the board for a Republican among Democrats?!? Democrats have a significantly smaller population in the US since 2016 so Trump owning 50% is absolutely incredible
    Label your Data, this leak seems fake and you're just eating it up.

  10. These Fake Polls are to designed to stimulate donations to the campaigns. Maybe it works? Who would donate to a looser? "Your not getting my money unless I know my candidate appears to be winning".

  11. this is the same jerk that was jumping up and down announcing how bad trump would lose the election
    I guess some will never learn

  12. Polls, 100% correct. Hillary was to win. The Four Whores of the Apocalypse are driving Americans to Trump. What did you expect??? You bunch of Morons.

  13. Why would he get upset about the polls. They were giving that information to the Soviet trolls for free last election. Plus the fact he told us the election was fixed…he just forgot to mention for whom it was fixed.

  14. Well I see they're going to start this again just like 2016 Trump is losing in the polls Joe Biden is winning in the polls or does that sound familiar but instead of Joe Biden Hillary Clinton look here's the thing nobody's going to vote for Joe Biden Donald J Trump is doing a good job why fix it if it's not broken vote for Trump in 2020

  15. These polls are false Fox wants Biden to run because they know that biden is losing. Reverse Polling! Fox knows Sanders is winning! Fake news channel

  16. The fact that he isn’t THAT far behind though in these polls, especially compared to 2016, then it’s looking more and more like a significant Trump victory.

  17. LMAO. Keep believing these polls. Landslide victory in 2020 coming. I'll be watching you all go crazy eating my popcorn!!!!

  18. Biden has a realistic chance of taking TX & GA! The GOP will crumble w/o those two. If he takes FL & OH it’ll be a disaster of epic proportions for republicans. GA is a must for republicans & if they lose 1 or both senate seats they’ll have to reorganize the party. Which means they’ll have to rename and rebrand. Or the choices will be Moderate-Progressive. At least we all believe in science.

  19. Brtish gaming odds. People are betting hillary will be nomanie. There taking more bets on Hillary than all the rest compined. And she's not running. ????

  20. It is insane! I feel like there are always some f.cking macho fight on the top, no one cares about us and the infrastructure of the country.

  21. Hahahahaha hahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. When i need a great laugh msnbc and cnn never disappoints

  22. And Hillary was up by 18 points, ON ELECTION DAY. How did that work out for ya MSNBC? CNN? New York Times? ABC? NBC? Washington Post?

  23. Joe Biden is the Hillary Clinton of 2016. Vote for him and Trump will end up the U.S president one more time. Don't make the same mistake. Vote for Bernie!

  24. Only one man who can sort out US
    That's the Old Dude who speaks sense Bernard Saunders, If I was a yank ,Saunders would get my vote US needs change real change

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