New Poll Shows Trump Has Virtually No Chance Of Being Reelected

According to a new NPR News Hour Marist poll,
Donald Trump has virtually zero chance of getting reelected in 2020 this poll did not
specifically ask whether or not Donald Trump has a chance of winning, but what this poll
did was it asked independence, are you going to vote for him? And 54% said no way, but here’s what’s great
about that. 54% of independents who say they’re not going
to vote for Donald Trump. They didn’t say they’re not going to vote
for Donald Trump. They said, and the language and wording is
important. They’re going to vote against Donald Trump
and believe it or not. Yes, those two things are difference. Not Voting for somebody versus voting against
somebody. Not Voting for somebody means that you prefer
the other candidate over this one. Right? Voting against somebody means that you hate
this person so much. You’ll do whatever it takes to make sure they
lose no matter who the other person is. That’s important. That is a distinction that people need to
understand. The poll also showed that 33% of independence
said, you know, vote for them. So right now Donald Trump is rocking an approval
rating among Republicans of about 70% he’s got about 33% of independence. Any thinks that’s going to be enough to carry
him to election day? Now, I’m not saying the other 30% of Republicans
who do not approve of Donald Trump right now are going to vote democratic. What I am saying is that they’re going to
be less energized, less enthused, and they may be the ones like Democrats in 2016 who
just say, you know what? Screw it. I’m staying home. I got better things to do on this Tuesday
in November, then to go vote, whatever happens, happens and I’ll just bitch about it either
way, and that’s what we’re looking at right now. I say right now, of course, because these
numbers are going to change wildly between now on election day, most likely. Of course, if Donald Trump continues being
the piece of crap that he is, if he continues to hoodwink a good portion of this population
claiming one thing while they’re living in a different reality, you know, they see the
economic harm that he’s causing to them. And he tells them he’s not. And they understand like, wait a minute. No, you are. I can see it. I see it in my paycheck. I saw it in my taxes. You are lying to me. If he keeps that up, then I think those numbers
really going to stay the same or they’re actually going to get worse for him. But if he somehow, and I think there’s 0%
chance of this happening, but if he somehow gets visited, I don’t know, maybe by three
ghosts in the middle of the night and grows a conscience and a soul in releases kids from
cages and actually stops this trade war and stops attacking members of Congress and other
people throughout this country stops race, baiting his base, then maybe, maybe he can
fix his poll numbers. But again, short of the three ghosts, that’s
not going to happen. He has had plenty of time to change that. He has seen his approval rating struggle desperately
to even hit the 50% mark, which it still hasn’t. And losing independence is the one thing that
will 100% cost him the 2020 election.

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  1. Donald Trump, is King of America and will continue to be for the next for years. Why because he's the epitome of the majority of Americans.

  2. You lose credibility by putting youre faith in polls,pretty sure thats already happened before…

  3. Polls showed he had "virtually no chance" in 2016… I just hope that the majority of us sensible, intelligent, practical citizens take the time to vote against Trump. I know that people have to have seen enough to be concerned as to what he would do with a second term. Trump is a toxic ooze on our future & well being

  4. Farron Cousins now that this is settled law, how much damage and in what direction Will trump put our country before he exits? 😢


  6. Please keep up the great, sincere and honest reporting. Where does the Electoral College play in the upcoming election?

  7. Les Paul is so stupid. They asked registered anti-trump people are you going to vote for him 54% say know that he can't be re-elected. Few people work so fucking stupid I could almost feel sorry for you


  9. 2016: Polls show Donald Trump has no chance of winning

    2019: Polls show Donald Trump has no chance of winning

    Are all liberals this dumb, or just the ones in the media?

  10. If Russia doesn’t get involved in it;
    And the puppets that don’t understand. The He is manipulating everybody, with his racist and stupid ways of thinking.
    In God we trust 🙏🏼

  11. You need to sit down with your crap.Trump is going to win in a landslide.The Treasonous bunch will be in jail.Only in America can you get away with calling the president crap.Any other country you will be in front of a firing squad.Just looking at you,RACIST is on your face.

  12. Trump is pending so much money to hide his tax returns. Hmmmm!! That bitch hate to spend money unless it's on hookers to boost his egof

  13. Anti-Trumpers put all their eggs in one basket. To no avail. No sane person ever bought the Russia Hoax. Trump’s detractors now have a year to come up with a legitimate reason to vote for someone else.

  14. Hahaahahahahaha hahaah just like the polls in 2016 eh?? Your full of shit and you know it!! Why spread bullshit all the time?

  15. Donald Trump does not have a coherent strategy, Donald Trump is going to take racism to a new level, in hopes that it will be enough to energize the racist, that's all he has left, racism hatred envy that is who he is and will always be, something bad happen when Donald Trump was born, maybe it was his parents or his environment or maybe he was just born that way, in any case he is the son of Satan.

  16. Polls means nothing, the electoral college elects the president so what these people say means nothing and if some of these people are Republicans they are most likely lying, remember their most trusted president is the lord of liars

  17. Disagree. This clown has a good chance to win again. Too high are chances that Dems will mess up. Too many people don't mind, don't see, don't care about his atrocious behavior.

  18. Those numbers are still to high that will go for him. I'm pretty sure the US economy would be rolling on fine if he wasn't there.

  19. The cancerous fanatasism has grown bigger, This is excactly what the Trump cult wants for the democrats to be complacent just like the last election. Trump does not need the popular vote to win!

  20. This guy literally helped Trump to come to the White House. In September 2006 he says everywhere he turns he sees bumper stickers of trump that's a lie I asked people in Orlando that's a lie. Michael Moore says everywhere he turns he sees sign of Donald Trump in Ohio that's a lie too. No one saw bumper-stickers of trump maybe 2-3 that's it everywhere I went I saw bumper stickers of Bernie Sanders.

    Sir he along with Alex Jones, Michael Moore, Bernie Sanders, Jesse Ventura, Hillary Clinton all of them brought Trump to the White House. Trump came to destroy America to transfer the capital of Washington DC to Jerusalem that's a fact, all this russiagate nonsense is a lie is a show so they distract us from what they're doing

    Right now as we speak, the NASA and the military industrial complex is being moved to Israel, deindustrializing America these guys are liars Pelosi Trump Republicans Democrats are all together, *all this cat fight is a lie*. these guys all plan to bring the martial law, they are all enemies of Americans stop lying assholes

  21. If you believe Trump won't win the 2020 election why worry anymore, problem solved why do you keep on pressing the issue??? Or is it maybe that you don't even believe your own people that this will take place? LOL

  22. What are you going to say when none of your wishful thinking happens ???  And Trump gets re-elected?  Have you thought of that?  Because America is with him whether you accept it or not

  23. Everytime Trump tweets something racist – I tag my senators & congressmen with the hashtag #yoursilenceisdeafening in hopes to get them to speak up – not against policies but his personal attacks.

  24. California won't allow trump on the ballot unless he realeases his taxes but he wont win California anyway

  25. LIBRIALS!!!: Rrrrrreeeeeeee!!!

    Feminists: THATS OFFENSE!!!

    Conservative: Polite Intellectual Conversation.

  26. America is the greatest nation in the world,why do we have a clown running it.lets get real lock trump up before he destroys America an lets not forget the republicans who have none nothing for the last 10yrs and tell trump to man up he’s the top dog start taking the blame for your mistakes

  27. This kind of "news" based on a poll is speculative and dangerous because it has the potential to induce complacency. If people who were planning to vote think that Trump's defeat is in the bag (like Hillary's win was) they may stay home on election day and guess what? Trump could win re-election. Take nothing for granted, these are desperate times, Trump has Russian support, Gerrymandering, voter suppression, Republican dollars and silence and Fox News all gunning for his victory. I'm afraid our nation, as we know it, won't last another four years of his destruction.

  28. I am 70 years old and have been around the block a few times. I am a Vietnam Veteran, and spent 20 years in the Defence Force. I am not American and have no rights to comment on your President, but the man really scares me. Not only is the man a complete racist and moron, but I feel that his intelligence quota is very low. The biggest stunning aberation of responsibility must go to the Republicans. To back Trump with their fawning over him is a very dangerous play. God help us.

  29. I suspect that the saying "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" applies to DJT as well, but, who knows???

  30. Can't wait for that "Trump will Never Ever be reelected" video, and celebrities "I'm going to move to Canada if Trump wins" bull crap, giving us false hopes.

  31. Let's hope this works out the way it needs to.
    I chose to look father and think that if tRump goes, we also get rid of pale rich white boy, his brain dead wife Ivanka, the two rare animal shooting brothers, Miller, and let's not forget his skanky whore pitch bitch Kellyanne Hag All The Way. We don't just get rid of the evil orange filth but we get rid of his filthy followers and his evil spawn. To be rid of them all would be heaven!
    Here's hoping.

  32. I see a few comments that indpendents and republicans will not vote for Trump. This gives me encouragement. On the other hand a few have said they will still vote for him. My question to them is why?

  33. Same polls said we should be calling Hillary president right now. Thank god polls are accurate. Lol. Trump 2020.

  34. I'm an independent and I'm definitely voting against trump!!! I'm a never Trumper, always have been since the 80's and always will be!!! That orange buffoon clown has done nothing but divide and bring hate to our country, he needs to go now!!!! 😡😡😡

  35. The polls said in 2016 said Hillary Clinton was gonna win against Donald Trump. So I don't take these polls with a grain of salt. They tell pollsters one thing and go into the voting booth and vote for a guy like trump.


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