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>>Joe Biden has had a rough couple of weeks
in terms of his gaffes. You can probably fill it in, but Parkland
and Theresa May and he’s getting terror attacks wrong and it’s just he’s fumbling from one
gaffe to another. And his aides have been watching this and
so they apparently have a new strategy that they might implement. They’ve been floating the idea of altering
his schedule in an effort to reduce the gaffes he’s made in recent days. The allies, growing increasingly nervous about
Biden’s verbal flubs, have said it’s an approach that’s been suggested to campaign officials
on the heels of the former vice president’s stumbles. And so effectively by alter his schedule they
mean not have him in public as much.>>Because if he’s in public, he can talk,
and if he can talk,he can gaffe, and they’ve just gotta get right out in front of that. And so you guys have covered a lot of races
over the years. Is it a good sign,when the strategy is to
take you off the campaign trail and out of the public eye?>>No, when you’re trying to hide the candidate,
that probably means you don’t have a good candidate. That’s like Weekend At Bernie’s, where the
guy was dead and they were trying to pretend like he was alive.>>You don’t want to have to pretend like
your candidate is, yeah, yeah, he’s good. He’s ready to go. He’s gonna take a little break, but we’ll
be back. He’s doing all right. So trust us, he’s gonna be fine.>>Yeah, and the thing is, too, so you have
your advice is bad idea, but what ally says he needs to be a strong force on the campaign
trail, but he also has to pace himself. I mean, the thing is, look, he had already
been campaigning less than a lot of the others. Not everybody is campaigning at the same pace
as each other, and Joe Biden joined, not last. There have been others since he joined. But he was one of the last ones. He’s been in this for literally months less
than some of the earliest candidates.>>No guys, they’re telling their own candidate
to shut up. That is not a good sign. No one on planet Earth can pretend that’s
a good sign. One of his allies said, no, no, Biden’s great. He just has a tendency to make blunders later
in the day.>>That’s brutal.>>I’m more of an early morning president. Everything after noon, leave the vice president
to do that.>>Yeah, so, number one, if you’re worried
that your candidate’s too old, saying he’s gotta get the early bird special and he can’t
talk later at night is not a good way to go. And secondly, you still have to be president
at night. So this is, it’s terrible. But another one I was amused by, apparently
a major Democratic donor, according to The Hill, said this. A lot of people are nervous that he’s lost
some of his mojo. They’re getting nervous about him going toe
to toe with Trump, but the problem is there doesn’t seem to be an alternative. There’s 25 people in the race!>>There’s never been this many alternatives.>>That’s right, and so why would a major
Democratic donor say that? Cuz they’re like, well, because number two
and number three are Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Or Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. And that is not an alternative if you’re a
Democratic donor. They’re like, that’s a nightmare for them. Cuz they actually would end the corruption
or at least they would attempt to end the corruption. So donors are like, I don’t know who’s left. I guess nobody’s left. And they know the other moderates can’t moderates,
conservatives, whatever you want to call them in the race can’t win, because their ideas
suck. They’re just trying to ride off of Biden’s
name recognition. And so, we were told that Hickenlooper was
from a purple state, governor, and conservative Democrat, and that’s how you win in this country. After polling at 0% for most of the race,
dropped out yesterday cuz he had no prayer, cuz it doesn’t work. The voters don’t want conservative, pro-corporate,
pro-donor Democrats. That’s why Biden starting to fade is causing
a panic in the Democratic establishment.>>So here’s the thing. That, obviously, all that I read you, the
new strategy, which they dispute. Some are saying they’re not gonna do that,
but some are saying they are. That sounds like really bad news for Joe Biden
today. But I read something else that sounds like
worse news for Joe Biden. And it involves his best buddy in the entire
world, Barack Obama. So former President Obama, you’ve probably
read this, has taken an active interest in Joe Biden’s presidential campaign even holding
a lunch with his former vice president last month. That all sounds good. Joe wants to hang out with him more anyway. It’s been very clear. But apparently there had been some talk before
Biden launched his candidacy that does not look good now for him. Obama asked to Biden aides to visit with him
in March for briefing on its strategy. Afterward The Times reported that Obama told
the aides they should make sure that Biden does not, quote, embarrass himself or quote,
damage his legacy while running for president. But that’s what he said to the aides, which
is bad, but what he said to Joe might be worse. You don’t have to do this, Joe, you really
don’t, Obama told Mr. Biden earlier this year, according to a person familiar with the exchange.>>Obama’s never believed in him.>>To some extent, the way you say that might
make some difference, but that’s not like, go get them, buddy.>>And look, let’s keep it real on a couple
of different fronts on Obama. Obama convinced Biden not to run last time
around. Cuz Obama doesn’t believe in Biden. Part of the reason he doesn’t believe in Biden
is he kicked the living crap out of Biden in a primary, really, really easily. People forget back in the 2008 primary, it
was mainly Obama versus Hillary Clinton. But there was a whole bunch of other Democrats
in there, including Joe Biden. And Obama had way less name recognition than
Joe Biden, had way less money in the beginning, had less everything and easily crushed Biden
cuz he is not a good candidate. All he’s ever done is win in Delaware, cuz
he was a congressman or a senator from there for as literally my entire life. So he’s never won a contested election in
like 50 years. And why is he even in this race? Because he won a coin toss in effect right. It wasn’t a literal coin toss but Obama’s
like aw, should I go with Evan Bayh or should I go with Joe Biden to appeal to white voters. And he had a couple other names in there,
I’m sure, Chris Dodd, etc. And he’s like, Biden, okay. If Evan Bayh had won the coin toss and was
vice president, does anybody think Joe Biden would be in the presidential race, let alone
leading? No one thinks that. So he has no actual great credentials in being
a candidate. Now, which leads me to the most devastating
part, the actual polling, the Biden fade has begun. So now we got to pull out of Iowa. I believe that’s a fairly relevant state. It’s starting line, change polls. And in a new, we’ve got our leader! Elizabeth Warren, in fact, Joe Biden’s now
tied with Bernie Sanders. So depending on how you wanna frame it, he’s
tied for second, tied for third, and fading and fading. Warren now has an 11 point lead in Iowa against
Biden. Now here’s the thing, you can say hey, that’s
just one poll and you could talk about hey, what is the credibility of that poll, etc. But guys, it doesn’t really matter. Does anyone think that Joe Biden after losing
the lead is going to retake the lead? No one that knows politics thinks that. Once the fate begins, its goodnight Irene. Okay, then it’s late night and he can’t even
talk. And then finally, you wanna talk about a bigger
poll and the whole country. An Economist YouGov poll now has Biden at
21% nationally, and Elizabeth Warren at 20%. She’s only one point behind him. So here comes Warren! And there goes Biden. And guys, the Democratic establishment has
not woken up to this. Warren and Sanders are two and three, with
a guy who’s almost certainly gonna drop out of the top spot. That leaves the top two as progressives.>>Well, they’re afraid of progressives. The same way that they were arguing against
starting impeachment processes because they thought that the impeachment, starting the
impeachment process. They were looking at what it did for Clinton
back then. We’re in a different world now. I think we’re in a world where people can
handle and want a more progressive candidate. So I think they should stop being afraid of
being progressive.>>Yeah, damn right, I wonder if anybody’s
said that before? Look at this tweet I found. The last tweet from election night 2016. I tweeted, mark my words, Elizabeth Warren
will destroy Donald Trump in 2020. It will be a historic landslide. I’m not saying anything. I’m just saying.

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  1. In terms of Biden in 2016, it was not Obama hating him but rather his son's death that stopped Biden from running.

  2. come on not warren…. she and harris are hilary 2.0. A bunch of career politicians with talks helping people but are doing it for their own self gain. Rather see Tulsi for a woman elected.

  3. Warren was a republican until 2012 when she switched to the Dems. Warren is a conservative; and has said if she gets the nomination she WILL open her campaign to corporate donors. You go Hillary..i mean Warren.

  4. Okay something is wrong here…CNN have Biden beating Warren and Sanders by 14 per cent and you have it the other way rounD? wtf? Either someone is lying or polling is absolute rubbish this far in frnot of the election? ssomeone please clear this up?

  5. to people not paying close attention, i wonder if biden isnt lying in wait for an opportunity and when he does if he will only gaff it or make a cheap obama shout out that synches centrist awareness and repubs done with trump…… idk, 2 cents
    that is essentially what obama has to be doing… waiting for the sanders/warren dust to settle and promote the stronger candidate or biden if the public overwhelmingly approved him (which he knew they wouldnt)

  6. Thats a great prediction by cjenk, it will probably be the case. Its great but still a little disappointing to not get bernie

  7. You know rhat the democratic party is in shambles when this crazy bitch is leading the poles 🤣 …. you have to do better if you want to beat Trump …. i can't believe this is the party I once voted for. This line up has a literal circus.

  8. TYT can’t call themselves progressives when they only men on their panel.
    You can do better guys.
    You need to do better.

  9. A huge mistake is to accept these polls and failing to set up citizen polling. All of non-corporate media like TYT please push to make citizen polling a reality. Citizen polling can have many teams and cross-checking and can be set up with very high accuracy in every sense, including demographics. I have a chip in this fight. I believe almost all of these current polls are there to hide the fact that Bernie Sanders is the front runner now and these are influence polls to try to get somebody or anybody else in.

  10. Besides polling, there is also vote counting. The newly elected congress put together a very good election integrity plan, which among other things, insisted on paper ballots, that almost all Democrats signed up on. Let's hold these Democrats' feet to the fire and demand the implementation NOW in all future Democratic primaries. If we do this and set up citizen run polling, we guarantee a victory for a real progressive candidate. If we fail to implement these, we cede the Democratic Primary to the Democratic Party large donor establishment.

  11. We need citizen polling to keep the rest of the polling honest. I'm begging you and other non-corporate outlets to push for this. With a little bit of leadership, we can put this together. Citizen polling can be set up to be very accurate and very verifiable, where it can't be discredited because methodology already transparent.

  12. Can you look into the DNC doing the same thing they did last presidential run to Bernie? What's going to stop them from picking Biden over Bernie?

  13. TYT it was clear that you were pushing Warren for months now… I wondered why? After finding out the kind of money (Millions) you have gotten from 1% investors, it becomes clear. It also makes sense now why CNN has Cenk on as voice of "Progressives". The attacks on Tulsi… Everything makes I am greatly disappointed, I have been a fan and subscriber of TYT for years. You guys do realize the establishment is pushing Warren to guarantee Bernie doesn't get a majority of votes at the National Convention so they can trot out the Superdelegates….. A Sad day for all of us who care about the progressive policies of Bernie Sanders. Warren does not have the spine to stand up tp the establishment as she has demonstrated time and time again…..

  14. Drumpf & his feces-flinging minions are hoping that Cotton-eyed Joe Biden gets the Democratic nomination since he's the weakest of candidates.

    The so-called Progressives are tearing themselves apart because of 2 unelectable Bolsheviks, Andrew Yang & Kamala Harris.

    If we don't see Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren put aside their differences & join forces to fight Drumpf in November 2020, we will be attending the funeral for American Democracy.

  15. It's hilarious to see progressive democrats get excited about a candidate who has exploited discrimination laws for decades by pretending to be a Native American. Elizabeth Warren is a scolding, marmish opportunist and she has zero credibility when it comes to half of the positions she claims to support. Look at her record, it is decidedly milquetoast when viewed through the lens of the new left. If she were to become the nominee (which she will not), she would be destroyed by Trump in the first debate on these issues alone.

  16. I like Biden. Why are you shitting on him. Warren and sanders are socialist. They are not progressive. Why don’t you understand that they are socialists.

  17. Joe Rogan interviewed Bernie on August 6. It is a great interview…a fair one. It has 9.5 million views so far!!!

  18. Little lying commie Pocahontas is such a joke of a candidate, along with crazy fossil Bernie and Creepy Joe. They are all extreme commie libs and easily made fun of.

  19. A few big differences between Warren & Bernie:

    Bernie has been committed to Medicare for All from the beginning. Warren only recently declared she is fully supportive of Medicare for all.

    Unlike Warren, Bernie is committed to small donor fundraising even in the General election. Warren has said she would only do small donor fundraising in the Primary, so Bernie won't feel any sort of pressure to bend on his policy stances once elected.

    Warren originally planned on voting for Ben Carson as Secretary of Housing, but then flip flopped when she was criticized.

    Warren worked with republicans to repeal the 'Medical Device Tax' which would have helped defund the ACA, in order to appease the Medical Device Industry in her state.

    Unlike Warren, Bernie has a long history of progressivism dating back to the 60s. Warren was a staunch Republican up until the late 90s.

    Bernie has also been one of the longest serving members of congress, he was a mayor in Vermont, and has a lot of experience in governance compared to Warren.

    Warren voted twice to increase the Military budget brought forth under Pres. Trump, which appropriated over $81Billion for purchase of Aircraft, Weapons, Missiles, and Combat Vehicles. On top of that it appropriated several Billion dollars toward other parts of the DoD.

    Bernie wants to cancel all student debt, Warren wants to implement a means-tested solution. A Means-tested program will likely further split people into the "haves" vs. "have-nots" and are easier to attack, dismantle, and weaken. Take a means-tested program like Welfare vs a universal program like Social Security as an example. Welfare is very unpopular whereas Social Security is very popular.

    There is also a more nuanced distinction between them I'd like to make, with all the political differences aside. The one area I think Bernie absolutely dominates where Warren doesn't, is with rhetoric. They both are offering tons of plans, but to me Bernie is the only candidate with a strong message of how it will all be executed. If you want to implement even a fraction of either Warren's or Bernie's plans you need a radical change in voter engagement in this country, and I have never seen a politician who can rally young people and apathetic people into the political process as well as Bernie has. In 2015 he was nothing but a small Independent Senator from Vermont, and he went on to win 23 contests against the establishment backed former First Lady, Secretary of State, and Senator of New York. Now he is arguably one of the most popular politicians in America, and he has changed the political rhetoric among leading Democrats. Just look at the incredibly influential organizations that stemmed out of his 2016 campaign:

    Justice Democrats

    Brand New Congress

    Our Revolution

  20. Elizabeth Warren was a Republican until late in the Clinton administration. During most of her adult life and certainly during her intellectual prime she was a Republican. It’s not surprising she makes the most sense and has the most ideas of any of the Dem candidates. By far!

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