MSNBC: Poll – GOP Wins In 2010 Midterm Elections?

now i know another bro forecast for
democrats as we head into the midterm elections republicans now for the record
ten point lead in a new gallup poll asking voters which
party they prefer disaster the g_o_p_ as an adult league
this day in the sixties your history but what’s called the generic ballot
whole that history includes five point gaps in nineteen ninety-four and two
thousand two both here is the republicans made let’s just say substantial gains forces numbers
couldn’t come at a worse time for the obama administration already played with
a host of bad news on housing unemployment and afghan war may democrats behind closed doors
believe their majority will be lost to republicans in november that is all hope
we’re really lost well chris let me start with you carlos
relief act well well i mean i was not lost we still
have two months before the election but uh… you know that the trend lines and i don’t put a lot of stock in the
individual pulled the trend lines matter and the trend lines for right now for
democrats are good and it’s not because i would argue the republicans are
willing to debate they have no message they had no credible policies solutions
to the country’s problems they had no vision as to where they’re going to lead
but our problem and i think our challenges communicating the american
people what we have done and the policies that we put in place
and how that is put the country in a stronger footing and we are going to lead the country i
just don’t think we have done it good enough job about that maybe there’s a lot of debate among
strategy’s about whether we should be running against bush inot i’m just not
in that camp i i think the bush thing was worked well the first year i think
voters have moved on i didn’t know you know the present obama and democrat just
got to go out there and sell for the last two months the policies that we
passed that are going to make people’s lives better what gave you know we got a new c_b_o_
numbers non-partisan seeing the stimulus was actually fantastic in again up to three point three million
jobs added two hundred billion dollars economy et cetera but i’m very democrats
talking about it early is a problem that these knuckle
heads on even though i make their own case but i think that some of it there’s a
credibility gap because voters see that the economy’s damn they don’t want to
hear about the maker economic arguments that this did a little bit of good but look but look if you talk to
democrats in january february they thought that one of the test health
care eventually become more popular too there they don’t all they couldn’t
economy as long as he didn’t slip into that double-dip recession would be
improving and that’s how they thought they would survive the election those
things are really happening so i i don’t know if you’re if if you’re believe in
the end in the political science of what happens when voters look at high
unemployment numbers and and punish whatever party they blame for it union
external event to change this i think we are going wrong on the margins of a
anyway a democratic disaster in the making because of the
economy and nothing really changes that must foreign policy injury something else
interested this picture why will this go from twenty ten to twenty twelve
subdivision republican names not being tossed around for the white
house including former u_n_ ambassador john
bolton god help us all who refused to outright
say noted idea paul has been a longtime critic of president obama especially a
foreign policy even claiming jurek iraq yeah i was a bomb or not bush who was
balms boss we all saw that but this former alaska governor sarah
palin though she is hammered in the latest poll despised despite her suppose
that rock star appeal polling shows more people believe in
u_f_o_s them believe him when would be an effective president fifty nine percent of the country our
guest failing for president overwhelming seventy percent of moderates are against
it even members of our own party can’t decide forty seven percent saint hill would
make a good president while forty percent saying she would not and as for newt gingrich prominent
republican senator tom coburn said and i quote gingrich would be the last person he’d vote for quiet as i look at his murderer’s row
upon favorability ratings once again i ask chris how do you loosen these guys
truck well and i was in the area if it’s eric trail
and as i’ve said before it we got a biblical depression and will win the
white house again they’ll buy it at least i think it’s
going to happen in the republican side is what’s going to be fasten the
republicans for their own worst enemy someone good thing the democrats say
they have going for them in the fall we’ve seen this g_o_p_ civil war played
out in critical states and given openings two democrats whether it’s hillary
nevada or the governor alex sink from running for governor of florida but
these republican candidates or thing about running for president is newt
gingrich are set up a len days just do not represent where the country is that
if the in the republican party has a civil war play out in twenty twelve you
know i think president obama is going to be much stronger position you the
tie-dyed into economy turning around he’s going to be in a much stronger
position so i mean these are not using days for democrats but the notion that
somehow the country has moved to the right of countries with the republican
party it’s gonna play out for a couple years are just don’t buy well i agree
with chris that oh bummer so lucky destroys a denny’s with enemies like
this you don’t need friends that’s the problem as what they can kiss off
progresses but game so among these people
somebody’s got to win the republican nomination whose are going to be in a
cake and he really beat obama not democrats are really worried about
the right now partly because they have a reasonable panic about two thousand ten
and bradley ’cause there’s there’s a there’s a play book here you know the ronald reagan lost a bunch
of seats in congress and they need to use the condo is bad bill clinton also want to see tonight’s
ninety four for other reasons you just need to be if obama can
establish himself as a president who governs against through the republican congress if he
can win so i think i think they’re both wrong a lot
better at some of the bus when they think this but democrats are much more
confident about obama beating thailand then there are about like saving the majority’s yeah i agree with
that and i think with numbers like that seventy percent of moderate singer
dancer and she said she should done in the
national conversation nobody should be talking about her
realistically but she can’t possibly win with those numbers but worse a lot of
conversation as if she’s relevant but i want to negotiators is going well and so
we talk about well sometimes and sometimes they get killed but thank you
guys we appreciate it

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  1. @xyzoneon
    Not only are they going to lose their majorities completely, they will lose the White House in 2012 with Sarah Palin. We WILL see the GOP completely RETAKE our govt and DRIVE the DEMS TO EXTINCTION!

  2. @calimar28
    Not only does liberal policies in America SUCK, but also AROUND the ENTIRE WORLD! WE NEED President Sarah Palin to COMPLETELY CHANGE the ENTIRE WORLD and CONVERT the WHOLE GLOBE into Palinist Christian Conservatives!

  3. How can anyone trust Gallup any more? The Chamber of Commerce is adamantly against anything Democratic and the second in charge of the Chamber is married to a woman who sits on the Board of Directors of the Gallup Corp. Many of these people own or are invested in and sit on the boards of the biggest insurance companies and hospitals in the country as well. Gallup is no longer the ethical trustworthy pollsters they used to be.

  4. This is great news for Obama. Since he wants to cater to Republicans now he will get the opportunity when they win control of Congress.

  5. Why do media organisations have a political preference in the US? Doesn't that completely destroy any chance of impartiality? I mean I know that Australian media does to an extent, but nowhere near as much as this, where journalists refer to political parties as 'we'…

  6. @calimar28 no government intervention? Hate to break it to you, but the majority does not want that. There's a reason Democrats are the majority party right now. People want the public option, people need a safety net. They don't want their money being gambled on the stocks and they don't want to get screwed over by private insurance companies. They don't want to get dropped for bs or preexisting conditions. Not everyone who can't afford insurance is lazy. You're very ignorant.

  7. @calimar28 Basically, he has the upper hand when he talks about how much is being spent by the government on healthcare, but he is ignoring the fact that A) other nations like Australia and Germany and Japan and South Korea and canada and every other Western Nation has universal healthcare and FAR reduced costs, and he is ignoring far bigger budget blowouts in defense and private government contracts. Paul Ryan seeks to gut the government healthcare plans rather than real reform.

  8. @calimar28 Takes time for things like the healthcare bill to kick into effect, it's not like changing the channel on a TV my friend, results will come after years not months. Personally I didn't like it much cos it didn't go far enough, but that we have difference of opinion is not a bad thing.

    I would just say to you though, it's a lot quicker and easier to destroy something than create something.

  9. This is happening for one reason and one reason only: OBAMA WASN'T AGGRESSIVE ENOUGH.

    Obama gave FAR too much credit and ground to republicans in the name of bipartisanship when what he SHOULD have been doing was KICKING ASS.

    THAT'S why this is happening, and for no other reason. At least, not for any other reason to this degree, to the point where it might as well be the only reason. WHERE IS THE CHANGE HE PROMISED?

    That's the problem.

  10. Seems like Dems are the most fakking laid back SOBS ever. How lazy can they be…Be proactive….this is the time to be looking for the KO blow vs. Leaning against the ropes relaxing till the end of the round…..goodness.

  11. @baxtar1963 That's true, but you know what? I don't believe in America anymore. I'm starting to think we might have to blow up shipt and rebuild, so to speak. Let this country collapse and then start from scratch. I don't know how else to fix this mess.

  12. @bonfirejovi The problem with the entire economy is that the US economy is vastly unbalanced. Productivity has gone ahead of wages, and this means a massive proportion of the wealth of the nation is thus being sucked into the hands of the ultrawealthy, which means that there is not enough money in the REAL economy, because there is little reason for the rich to invest in creating JOBS. Supply side economics. It's fucked.

  13. I don't know about that people will never forget the last eight years Bush and republican control congress and senate left this country in a mess. The democrats have been office for only 22 months

  14. @bonfirejovi Inflation is not at high levels, and has not really been at high levels since the late 70s. Your hypothesis is not correct. The rich have been getting richer at the expense of everybody else at a MUCH greater pace in the last 30 years.

  15. All of these Democratic Liberals and the "Progressives" are the worst kind of Extremism of the Left side of the Spectrum. All they care about is selling themselves to the American people on how good they are, how respectful they are by continuing the wars overseas, keep government involvement in social security, Healthcare, and businesses. Not to mention continuing the "Bush's fault" card.

    Bring back Dylan Ratigan already, at least he bashing both parties on financial issues.

  16. Of-course spending a WHOLE BUNCH OF MONEY will do SOMETHING.

    It can create government jobs, for one thing.

    Stimulus spending can cause people to buy shit they don't need, like that cash for clunkers stupidity.

    You can make people buy houses they don't need to buy, you can do a whole bunch of shit.


    For the actual ECONOMY, as in for creating stuff, for producing, for manufacturing it does WORSE THAN NOTHING.

    It takes productive resources and mis-allocates them.

  17. @romanmir01 So eventually the stimulus always ends, and there is NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT.

    Nothing. No new manufacturing, no new production, no real jobs – real, as in PRIVATE SECTOR JOBS.

    Those are not only not created, those are lost as gov't misalocates resources by doing stimulus spending.

    At the END of everything, the economy is in worse shape. More money is borrowed and spent, fewer private sector jobs exist, more gov't regulations/taxes/subsidies exist, it's all stupid to no end.

  18. Stupid is as stupid does,Obama said things would get better they have not….

    No jobs,no hope…….For Obama and his party….

    But the REPUBLICANS ,will get out of the way of business so we can put America back to work….

  19. Should the Democrats be surprised by what is happening now? No. When you promote yourself as the party for the people, and then you capitulate on so much to where you represent corporate interest just as much as the GOP, of course you are going to be on the losing end of the election. Why would your base, who voted for you in the past, be all that enthusiastic about showing up to the polls when there is little distinguishing you from the GOP?

  20. @bonfirejovi yeah, but good luck carrying that message through, especially in this crowd. People actually think that spending money = economy even if that money was printed/borrowed rather than created through labor.

    Economy is people exchanging work, labor with each other. Spending money that is not earned has one side producing and another side taking and not giving back.

    That is not economy.

  21. @romanmir01 How can you idiots actually be against stimulus spending. That should be the basic fundamental premise of what a government does, take money in when times are good, so that when times are bad you spend it to help the country out. The only problem caused here was by the Republicans. They gave tax cuts when times were good, so when times got bad there was no money left.

  22. @XArcane because unlike you, moron, some people actually understand that the problem is not the lack of money, but lack of economic activity, and it's not going to become better with gov't borrowing/printing, it is going to become worse in the long term, by mis-allocating resource.

    Once all of this "stimulus" runs out completely, they country will be left with worse problems + stimulus debt + more inflation caused by it.

    SS was stolen by ALL gov't, not just Reps or just Dems.

  23. @romanmir01 Since you know that the problem is not the lack of money I don't understand why you feel that way. Most republicans seem to whine, "but the jobs aren't in the private sector, the government isn't getting more moneys…", but that's not what it's about. The stimulus created 3 million jobs. That's 3 million families not only better off, but engaging in regular economic activity. How can you not appreciate the impact that has had on this recession?

  24. @XArcane Because it is short term stimulus and you cannot live on a subsidy forever, it is not your government that is subsidizing those millions of unproductive government jobs.

    It is not the money, but the trade balance that is suffering. If money was the actual problem, Fed could always print an UNLIMITED amount and just give EVERYBODY a BILLION DOLLARS per head.

    Much good that will do once the actual creditors – China and the rest stop sending GOODS to US and stop rolling over the t-bills.

  25. @GodAthie China and other creditors, who are giving US the loans in t-bills AND sending the goods over the border while USA sends nothing back.

    Also more money is printed, and again, those who hold large reserves of US dollars suffer from inflation. That must really make them happy, but I guess that's why they still keep rolling-over those t-bills.

    Well it's going to stop and ALL jobs will be lost in the US.

  26. @romanmir01 Nobody intends to live on the subsidy. When the economy recovers, and it will recover, you recoup money. Take money in when times are good, spend when they're bad to alleviate the effect. They've done that effectively, created 3 million extra jobs, and they should be applauded for it… You also act as if the dollar is weak. Japan alone have 1 trillion dollars in foreign reserves, every country in the world have them. The dollar has leverage, why not use it?

  27. @XArcane What do you mean, nobody intends to live on a subsidy?

    The huge monopolies created by the gov't, such as military industrial complex, banks, insurance, energy, telcos, they live on subsidies.

    ANY government job is a subsidy.

    Do you understand what a subsidy is? A government job is a non-productive job. You could as well pay people to do nothing. Paul Krugman was saying on radio the other day: people should be paid to dig ditches and other people should be paid to fill them in.

  28. @XArcane So when a Nobel Prize winning "economist' (AFAIC he knows nothing about economics, he is just a political figure that is useful to keep the masses in darkness) says such an outrageous thing, you know that gov't is paying people to do nothing.

    The US economy will recover. But it's not going to recover because of anything the gov't is doing, and it's not going to recover in the next 50 years. There will be 50 years of misery.

    Doesn't take a genius to create 3 million ditch digging jobs.

  29. @XArcane The US dollar is on its last legs, but it COULD recover if gov't STOPPED printing it and stopped spending the dollars it did not produce anything for.

    Economy is about exchanging useful items, not useless paper for useful items.

    Since the USSR collapsed, the USA has been doing exactly that: exchanging paper mostly for goods made elsewhere. THAT is a subsidy by the world to the US. That credit is going to end soon and US gov't will print to buy t-bills back, hello hyper-inflation.

  30. @romanmir01 Your theory is just a little TOO outlandish. GDP has been boosted by 25%, and GDP is designed to take the value of currency into account. Zandi backed MCCAIN in the election and he had to admit recently the stimulus package was a success. The former chief economist of the IMF calls the stimulus package a success. Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, all of them with the benefit of hindsight call it a success, when maybe a year ago they were all saying it would be a failure.

  31. @romanmir01 I mean how is the US dollar on it's last legs. It is still the most widely sought stock in the entire world. To say the dollar is only a piece of paper is a very limited view of economics. That would be true if it was just one country's currency, but you don't fully appreciate the strength of the dollar. The reason the stimulus created 3 million jobs instead of the 200,000 Obama said it would is because of that strength.

  32. That was 200,000 jobs in the first year. Now current estimates are that it'll create 100,000-200,000 jobs a month. And the government subsidizing jobs doesn't mean they're be unproductive ones. They're subsidizing energy companies, technology companies, the bio/chemical industries, the financial sector. These aren't unproductive jobs, these are real jobs.

  33. @XArcane GDP was just revised from 2.4 down to 1.6%. Of-course even 1.6% is false and GDP is counted in a way that makes it meaningless to calculate economic activity. GDP now includes the money lent to banks by Fed and that same money lent by banks to Gov for t-bills, which is an accounting trick, same as Enron was using, because this relies on 'future earnings' on t-bills, which are now in the hugest bubble since beginning of history of humanity

    T-bills bubble will burst and will take USD out

  34. @XArcane USD is on its last legs because it is and it will continue be printed out of existence by the Fed now, after the bail outs (don't forget, there were already 4 rounds of bailouts), stimulus spending (things like cash for clunkers, things like now 50K loans to unemployed home-'owners' who can't make their mortgage payments,) gov't jobs, such as census counting or ditch-digging and refilling (it's a metaphor, don't sweat it).

  35. @XArcane Everybody says: Stimulus spending was a success.

    YES. SURE. It was a success in spending 🙂 Imagine how stupid that actually is. You have now successfully spent billions of dollars. Well, doesn't take a genius to successfully spend billions.

    You can spend trillions as well, you can spend all the money successfully, but at the end there is NOTHING to show for it, all those jobs will disappear and economy will die sooner now.

  36. Romanmir01 you're just spouting Fox News propaganda. A nobel-prize winning economist, the former chief economist of the IMF, all the most well-respected and prominent economists in the world with the benefit of hindsight say the stimulus was a success in the real terms of averting a depression. Economists like Zandi who were supporting the Republican line have abandoned their support.

  37. what i am scared of is that dems are just not pushing their agenda hard enough i think with the attention san of americans they get lost to easily and that is going to hurt come election time we need to beat our drums more loudly

  38. Problem is it the Dems have been too weak, and it took too long for someone like Cenk to get in the media. Cenk is a man's man, he says what we're thinking instead of trying to play it down the line. Obama is the god damned president he needs to be a man's man's man, take them out for God's sake… Talk about how weak the Republican party is, talk about how fractured they are! They've had the biggest split in their recent history with this tea party stuff, and he hardly even mentions it!!! Why??

  39. @BionicDance and the misinformed american willing to equate all party as equal.. Obama could have been more progressive but going back to the GOP is braindead (they already forget what happen under 2 bush mandate they want to get back to it ?!)

  40. The democrats problem is that to win, they actually have to deliver to the people, and if they deliver, they're not gonna get as much in campaign contributions & cushy jobs after they leave public office.

    If the democrats just cared about making the country better, they'd have the easiest elections in the world. However, since that's not their goal, they have a bit of a tough time, even if they weren't acting like complete retards.

  41. Couldn't come at a worse time for the Obama administration? Obama is the reason for those numbers ! Put a competant president in the Oval office and the voter anger wouldn't be there.

  42. @VivaVarlamov Lol look at what caused the recession in the first place. I'll give you a hint.. (tax cuts, getting rid of financial regulations, trusting goldman sachs,=george bush.)

  43. @blackyblackblack505 You're absolutely right. If we had a government run press with one set of ideas leaked to the public, there wouldn't be any dissention.

  44. @Ulbim01 fox news is a government run institution for republicans. I myself am republican and fox news makes us look bad.

  45. @blackyblackblack505 No. It is not. Please do not talk out of your arse. FOX is owned by News Corp. You can own shares of it and it can be found on the NASDAQ.

  46. @Ulbim01 Sure, considering the president is the brother of George Bush and a huge contributor to Fox News just happens to be the prince of Saudi Arabia.. Yeah Fox Corp. is certainly looking out for us.

  47. @blackyblackblack505 Don't jump around. I wasn't responding to the statement: "FOX has our best interests at heart." It doesn't. It is trying to make a profit. I was responding to your assanine statement that they are government run. They are not. Try to follow a string of thought. You'll be taken more seriously.

  48. Cenk and company telling how bad the polling is for Democrats, yet denying them right in front of us! Liberalism is a mental disorder, and they are proving it right here in front of us!

  49. you morons do realize only 19 Democratic seats are up for grabs right? And the repubs need 11 of those to take the majority. That isnt gonna happen. The least they will be able to do is continue being the party of no since Dems dont and probably wont have a super majority

  50. @Wildkkat1 Conservatism is a disease because you dumb people dont understand that Republicans need 20 senate seats for a super majority when only 19 Dem seats are up for grabs…youre not gonna get them all. So, your "take our country back" bs is misinformation to rile up idiots that dont understand basic legislative procedures and the fact that most incumbent democrats will still be in office…Urban areas never will vote red as a whole.

  51. @Shabaka87 It certainly looks like that could happen. Only 6 givens for the dems and one lean. The democrats certainly aren't going to take any Republican seats. And thank god for it. Somebody (i.e. the American people) needs to stand up to President Obama and his socialist goon squad and shout "NO!" The Democrats have had four years to prove they can get it wrong and have done so with flying colors.

  52. @killerjoe96 Its not gonna happen. The Republicans wont get the majority in the House or the Senate..Most democratic seats are in urban areas and they wont go Red…republicans will just continue being the party of no, and even if by voter fraud they do get a majority mr. obama will just veto all their legislation.

  53. @Shabaka87 Then why does every poll say otherwise? Why are so many governorships turning Red? Why are so many Republicans destroying Democratic incumbents in congressional in both houses? The Democrats have ruined there chance at leadership (as per usual) and now the responsible party, the party of "No" as the Democrats call it will to come in and fix their failed socialist experiments. And look at the pot calling the kettle black. LOL. A Democrat complaining about voter fraud!!!!

  54. @killerjoe96 Most of the people that are so "get out and vote" gung hoe dont even have senatorial elections, and most of the Senators that are up for re-election are already republicans.The Repukes obviously will win a lot of seats, but it is mathematically impossible for them to get a majority in the House or Senate. Theyll just say no to everything like theyve been doin.

  55. Everyone who wanted progress MUST go out and vote against the G NO P! The Republicans are accepting $75 million from unknown sources who refuse to reveal themselves. Call it legalized(by the 5 conservative members of the Supreme Court) bribery. But it is clear that the Republican agenda is simply to gain power at the expense of the middle class………

  56. It was Bush and deregulation of the Banks, mortgage companies, and Wall Street that caused this economic mess. Not even Iron Man could repair it with a snap of the fingers. The Party of NO has sabotaged efforts to improve it, just to keep things bad so they could manipulate anger into power. You MUST defeat this cynical, money accepting party from giving back to their corporate…… DO NOT SIT THIS ONE OUT. If you do, EVIL and GREED will prevail! VOTE! Damn it, YOU MUST VOTE! (COPY AND SPREAD

  57. @SuperRoyalpalm I doubt it, Obama is doing everything he said he would do when he was running for office. Its just Republicans are louder and more obnoxious than liberals so it seems their is this huge wave of people…I highly doubt Republicans will win that many sits outside of rural areas, and Obama most likely will be re-elected. If Bush was re-elected with a 20 something approval rating Obama will be fine.

  58. Dems had control of the house for the past "4" yrs and of the presidency for the past 2! WTF!!! you just can't blame bush anymore. If they gave a crap about the people of this country, they'd have listened to them instead of making this a personal agenda to internally destroy this country and become a "rogue" govt. At least there where jobs and the economy was steady!!! NOW we have neither thanks to the three stooges I'm going to LOVE watching him and his admin. "CRASH & BURN, BABY!!!" =))))))))

  59. Yeah , keep on telling the voters how you railroaded that 1500 page socialistic healthcare bill that noone ever read into law.

    What does Sarah Palin have to do with the 10 point lead that you started out on. We can't blame Bush but …oh …there's still Palin that we can blame. No wonder MSNBC doesn't even pull single digit ratings.

  60. From Australia I hope those socialist criminals in the Democratic Party are smashed to pieces by a true Conservative force in the Republicans.It was Reagans Conservatives who beefed up and built modern day America and its quickly perishing under a President who was clear to see before the last election that he was full of shit "CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN" what a joke! Fk Oprah!

  61. Cap and Trade??? Pay for healthcare 4 years? 80,000 troops in Iraq, more still in Afghanistan??? BP disaster w/weak response??? More than 10% unemployment after 2 years, The planets largest growing debt, and a double dip recession on the way??? Sounds like a stellar record so far in the first two years…. MSNBC burnt the Dems by talking shit about Tea Parties who are made of Independents…

  62. Screw MSNBC, screw the Dems, but best of all Screw Pelosi! John Boehner is now Speaker of the House! THANK YOU OH LORD, FOR DELIVERING US FROM THE SOCIALIST, BABY-KILLING, TERRORIST LOVING, JEW-HATING DEMOCRATS!!!!

  63. Awesome!! The GOP is back baby!!! Now-I hope they get their asses to work and stop this over reaching government. Stop all the spending and give us back our fucking money. We work hard for it. You liberals can give them your money if you want health care so fucking bad.

  64. @prismbeats1

    They are stupid. Obama doesn't differ in the slightest from Bush and the Tea Party is too stupid to see it. Patriot Act? Still around, Obama didn't revoke it. Gitmo? Still open, never closed. Torture? Still around.
    Obama didn't alter a thing to Bush policies and still these people are bitching about how much better Bush was. Clinton didn't have a Tea Party, this isn't because Obama is a democrat or made a 180 degree turn from former policies, but because he's a black guy.

  65. Blame game episode will continue……. American Voters are clueless….. Barely 2 years ago when Economy was crashing down like pack of cards before 2008 elections…… Voters blamed the GOP and Elected Obama…. fast forward 2 years…. GOP is back again. At the end of the day it is the voters who are sore losers.

    Republicunts= Democracks…….. Different parties, same $hit. Nothing ain't gonna change. Fucking Politics.

  66. people who dont vote, have no right to complain. way too many of my friends say its a waste of time, but they bitch and complain when the repubs fuck things up. sorry you have no right to complain cause you have waved your right to vote. also americans are too much like sheep. "obamacare is going to cost a trillion $" no its going to cost $30 billion and it was going to be paid for by taxing the rich. like eisenhower said "If the rich can't feel the taxes, the're to rich."

  67. @MrUSAJAY keep living the bullshit Obama dream Bush fkd up your country and then
    Obama fkd it up 1000 times more keep living the Bullshit Obama Dream of no change

  68. HAHAHAHH!! HAHAH!! It was fu^&ing WIPEOUT! 63 Seats! 600 PLUS state legislature seats!! 6 Senate Seats!! HAHHAHAH! YES ! YES WE CAN!!

  69. @mgallant01 This is hysterical! Watching an MSNBC bafoon and his liberal ass buddy whine about impending disaster for the Dems (and it was every bit as bad as they rightly feared!) is laughable. These jerks had it coming after swooning, drooling, peeing, crying, crapping over Obama in '08. MSNBC's '10 election night coverage was just disgraceful They couldn't take Dem defeat after Dem defeat without resorting to their trademark snide comments, uproffessional analysis & just childish behavior.

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