Mr. Yogi, the 1st Indian Politician in Japan. Why run for election? Right of foreigners to vote? etc

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  1. Hello, i am Shreyas Atre. Thanks for subscribing to Mayo's channel . We are sorry if we hurt anybodys sentiments by doing this interview in Japanese, but both of our Hindi is not well as a professional Hindi speaker [since my mother tongue is Marathi], suitable for interviewing a politician . So hope you understand that.

  2. Error 1:55 ..Sorry to nitpick… but India doesn't allow double citizenship. So if Yogi is naturalized Japanese, then he is not an Indian anymore. So the proper way to address him is .. he is the first Japanese city councilor of Indian origin ….

  3. This is the first video I disliked on my favourite channel👎 just because as a viewers is was so boring to watch this long interview of 20min infact it was not watching it was a reading . I agree that you are trying new things on channel so it is obvious that some tries might not be appreciated.

  4. Plz Mayo don't marry Indian guy plz marry your own people and culture.. I love you I hope you understand 👍👍👍👍👍

  5. Yogi San,same my place Ambarnath,I'm very happy to see him first time,he can speak very well in Japanese language, I'm very proud to be my home and birth place Ambarnath, if he have his own channel, I want to subscribe and discuss.

  6. मायो थोड़ा आराम से अभिवादन किया करो मै डर जाता हूं😂

  7. Most surreal video I have seen on YouTube! Two Indians speaking fluent Japanese and a Japanese speaking fluent Hindi. Very good video Mayo san.

  8. It's really proud moment for us :-
    1) Mr. Yogi is 1st indian who is politician in japan .

    2) Ireland's president is also from india ..

  9. Yogi San , Shreyas aur Mayo ko Abhinandan aur Ashirwad !! Bhawishya main Bharat aur Japan ki mitrata aur Majboot dekhta hoon ! Aum Swasti !!

  10. こんにちは!!! かわいいね そして 私はインド出身です (Northeast)あなたを愛してます🇮🇳🇮🇳

  11. Yogi San is one of the first cells of transcultural social mutation that makes international societies one planet. There by naturally working towards the ultimate goal of human race vasudev kutumbakam. This is a new model of human society this century onwards.
    Mayo is another example.

  12. I hope us Indians don't ever disobey Japanese cultural manners and other habits.
    We should try to assimilate in their society without breaking any rules.
    Thanks for interviewing Yogi Sir and all the best to you all

  13. Japan is ethnically more or less homogeneous with almost no gaijins. In India too not much foreigners but there are 3 main races – Eurasian/European, East Asian, Australoid, and the African Siddī people. India is union more than single country, a subcontinent.

  14. These two Indians are comfortable conversing in the Japanese language & Mayo, you are not comfortable in Hindi. Strange! Your justification for not doing it in Hindi is really not convincing. It beats the purpose of introducing this channel as a Hindi one. Anyways, Good Luck Ahead.

  15. Mayo, you are very nice and creative, people like you brings the peace and pleasure and friendship among people and country, God bless you

  16. Remember, he is there by his hard work n not because of India. So let's not say "Proud to be Indian". Let's not take credit for others work.🙏😰

  17. Bas ab japan ko koi nahi bacha sakta .indian bahut hi ghatiya soch ke hote hai corruption is there first priority.they deserve only to be dump out.

  18. Mayo mem ko abb pyar mil geya😍😍😍😍abb pyar walo love wala romance wala video dekhne ko milega💞💖💕💋💋❤❤❤💞💝

  19. Lol cant wait to see japanese people become a minority. let us foreigners rule japan while japanese will be a minority in there own country haha. I really do hope "yogi" does become prime minister of japan so us foreigners can seek alot of benefits like voting. our leaders who will be foreigners regardless of where they come from. And praying that english will be the first spoken language of japan in the future who needs to speak japanese language anyway when english is more efficient in the world. And will love to see more foreigners in japanese parliament and taking over more higher positions in the goverment and to change japan for the best and make it easier for foreigners to become citizens and to become the new multicultural japan in the future. Hopefully japanese companies like Toyota, Honda, sony etc, by this time are run by foreigners in the future because it will be better that way and becoming CEO of those companies. And japan should be accepting thousands of refugees who are fleeing from war instead of the just accepting less than a hundred people per year but with yogi as priminster he will change japan for the better and make japan more accepting for foreign needs I'll be voting for yogi once I gain japanese citizenship and hopefully by this time (dual citizenship) since us new japanese people (who are foreigners) will be running japan from now on.

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