Most Support Impeaching, Removing From Office: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. I can’t believe that there are actually some people think that this behavior is somehow appropriate, it boggles my mind

  2. ima here to LMFAO at triggered trumpers with their Made in JHINA maggat panties all BUnched up… BHBAHBHABHA.. what a buncha' GOATFKERS!> bhbahbvahvbhava

  3. He should be fired . And those that supported him in power should go too. There are other republicans that you guys can elect!

  4. This guy keeps going on about terror groups, forgot to mention Turkey was initial landing and R&R spot from one side of Syria, Nato just watched them drive in from Iraq. Kerry on tape expressing his disappointment that they didn't finish off Syria. They are ALL Saudi Sunni Wahhabis, were Nato buddies and honorary ground troops in Libya. A very profitable and useful tool to blow up countries where Islam is present, been having a little trouble getting established in Venezuela. So blaming them all on Trump, and claiming NATO wants to eliminate them is a bit rich. Tulsi Gabbard wants to eliminate them and that's about it. This here…Terror snow job.

  5. I never realised so many educated people could not pronounce "inquiry"! With all the crap now on its return journey to Trump the media will have to start getting it right.

    inquiry = INK.WIRE.EE

    Joe can do it!

    The best/worst, according to your own point of view, I have heard was on a main US TV news organisation, where a guy managed to say it as "INK.WOW.OREE"!!!!!. Even though it was laughably wrong, I have to express my admiration for managing to say that without swallowing his tongue.

  6. Now that sotero's CIA/FBI/MSM COUP has failed, WHEN do the trials for Treason begin? The U.S Constitution has a cure for Treason. Love of country Trumps hate for Donald. MAGA

  7. hahahahaha these DeepFriedState MSM Swamp Polls are so funny! only a absolute FOOL believes these polls! Never again will I vote democratic thats a FACT! Trump has done everything I hoped Obama would do and more. PRISON REFORM!!!!!!!!!!! Best Pres EVER!!!!!! Right to Try Absoulutely amazing!!!! Go TRUMP 2020 the new republican party the same people that voted Obama in twice, yes thats us!

  8. All Republicans have blood on their hands already for keeping Trump in office this long. This was a foreseeable course of events to those who let themselves see truth.

  9. Public policy is not a matter of polls. Elected officials are supposed to be leaders, not nervous poll watchers. The cowardice in the corporate Democratic leadership is so great they all should be primaried out of office. Or perhaps it is not cowardice – but they are terrified their own corruption will be brought to light by progressives further down the road?

  10. Flabbergasted.. Latinos for Trump or Blacks for Trump or Veterans for Trump. Wake up people… He doesn't care about you or your family or anything. And Graham.. Praying isn't enough.

  11. Folks, look at how many Blacks have been killed by police, before Trump leaves many more folks will die, Trumps minions have not started but we should be looking a white Socialist differently. Remember Oklahoma, what one white male did who hated and adhered to White Socialist movement, we should suspect all white males and some white females, they do not want to see America successful under a diverse government. White males went to war once against the Constitution, but now, Senate and Supreme court are on the confederates side, we haven't seen anything yet, people are going to continue to die, Americans as well.

  12. Joe, you are right, Trump is what you say he is, but you are no different and your white privilege has blinded you to reality, you are as bad as Trump and Thank God Trump has exposed many whites to reality of Media and it's bias reporting. It's been fake a long time.

  13. trump is a FAKE potus, he's ILLIGETIMATE !!!!! There's no bottom to the barrel filth that this filthiest of a low life human aka trump drinks from daily!

  14. The next risk: allies will stop sharing intel with the US; Attacks on the US have been stopped by shared intel The allies are wondering whether they can trust the US with their most sensitive info. They have seen the worst side of Trump – he betrayed Kurdish allies and he betrayed US troops on the ground. If he is willing to sell out America, why would they trust him not to sell their intel.

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