Mitch McConnell Blocks Bills To Combat Election Interference | All In | MSNBC

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  1. Boycott Kentucky until Mitch is out. Don’t go there, don’t hire college grads from there, donate money to his opponent, and don’t watch the Kentucky derby.

  2. I think Mitch is sending a Clearer message than Mueller. Not on My House, and it is his House 100%.You can do nothing without Mitch in the Senate. 19 Senators would habe to flip on Trump, if they took away Trumps phone after we busted and told them he was dead and this was a procedure for the Future they still wouldnt

  3. Party politics create dictators because it creates gridlock. McConnell is the enemy of the American people. Congress needs to work together for the American people and not just play party politics. Party politics will destroy America's future.

  4. mitch mcConnell = republican bird's of a feather, are they taking $ from russia, is he a leader in this ? Is this not treason ? How do this kind of People get voted in office and keep in office ? People should do there home work BEFORE THEY VOTE !

  5. I always said that Republicans would turn traitor if they were told to. That was during the nineties. The prophecy has come true.

  6. McConnel is the Grim Bill Reaper in the Senate. Or you could call the Senate the place where every bill goes to die.
    Even if McConnel were to be replaced with another Republican, the new guy would just continue blocking any bill. It's not enough to replace the people there, the laws needs to be changed to prevent this undemocratic behavior in the future.

  7. McConnell is selling out democracy for short term gains. It is obvious the American electoral system is vulnerable. McConnell's only conceivable reason to block the bill would be if he has something to hide. He is either conspiring with Russia or he is part of a domestic effort to rig elections, regardless he is corrupt and should be removed from office.

  8. Thos is not a democrat or republican issue, this is a matter to every american citizen. This senator is a traitor. Wake up people!

  9. There should be no "leader" in the senate. If anything it should be an independent 3rd party who holds order and brings all bills to a vote. Mitch just proves how broken of an idea it is to keep it the way it is.
    Have the members vote and the conclusions reached are the conclusions

  10. McConnell is totally corrupt. His wife and his state have gotten huge gifts from Russians. Investigate McConnell.

  11. McConnell is a racist and a pretender of truth! He is only in it to control the people with southern strategy thinking! He needs to be brought down to his knee's!

  12. I wonder what happens when the Chinese interface with our election to defeat Trump? I'm sure that will be different and grounds to invalidate the election.

  13. McConnell is a Chinese asset ( with emphasis on the first 3 letters of the word )…… just ask his wife…….😎😎😎😎😎🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣……🖕 the 🍊 🤡

  14. McConnell actions are criminal — perhaps treasonous. He is working against the "voice of the American people". Republicans, obviously, have no respect for the electorial system. It is all about obstructing security system or encouraging outside interference for elections. Seems Republicans feel the only way they can win elections is by "cheating" to win.

  15. 3 years, 40 million dollars, unlimited resources all of which was fradulent due to the fact Hillary paid for the dossier that started the investigation in the first place. What have the Democrats accomplished in these past 3 years? Besides peddling propaganda. Pelosi and Schumer both said the crisis at the border was "manufacured". They need to get a grip on reality.

  16. The very fact that nothing has been done to help curb interference should disturb everyone and should make them question why? Do the good people of Kentucky wish to side with the Russians more than with their own government and/ or the Dems? It seems like the red states really are red, like red communists, and have all but announced their secession from the Union. If not, then there needs to be a rapid, bipartisan response to prevent any external interference in the future. If this were 1776, there would be people swinging from trees. This is remarkable that the base of the republican party is suddenly allied with Russia and its former KGB President. Nikita Kruschev is beaming broadly from his current perch.

  17. I guess mcconnell knows he wont win without lots of hacking like 2016.
    So i guess he is thrilled to screw American voters as is his way…
    AND screw his country over too.

  18. Ol' Mitch doesn't want to do anything to stop those fat envelopes from Moscow from ending up in his safe deposit box in the Cayman Islands.

  19. Mitch probably gets help from the Russians for his party, making Mitch one of the biggest corrupt swamp monsters in Washington.

  20. I guess McConnell would like to have foreign govt help the GOP again, what a traitor if there is ever was one but there is no surprise the GOP hypocrites would use any means to help them win even if it is illegal the whole group of the GOP crew needs to be locked up .

  21. Mitch has a 200 MILLION dollar deal with a russian oligarch. Like others commented, there’s a possibility that republicans and trump NEED russian, Israeli, North Korean, and other adversaries interference in 2020 to get re-elected. Someone on conservative fake news said this administration has provided millions to the DHS to combat it, but that’s NOT true. The increased DHS funding was to add border patrol and ICE agents and fund more shelters for immigrants. NOT for election security which fundamentally rests with states anyway. Like Mitch though, so many of the former slave states are now republican and they welcome ANY help that supplements their voter suppression efforts. Like Justin Amash mentioned in his town hall meeting, “doing whatever it takes even when it’s wrong because the other party is “bad” is NOT RIGHT”. Republicans have become far more evil than the democrats they’ve programmed us for decades to believe were evil.

  22. McConnel knows without interference from Russia he's gone too. Makes me wonder how they've been able to get this far. FOX? SHUT IT DOWN and the Republican party too. SMH
    How easy it was for Putin to manipulate the election. Mitch blocking the motion to secure the elections, what a traitor to America.

  23. If Republicans don’t pull their heads out – like now – they are going to get wiped out in coming elections – these trump stooges – are on their way out !! That’s why they are in such hurry to block people’s rights to vote / and election fraud is their only hope at this point! They face big time trouble as Trump has made enemies of Woman of all color – Black voters- Hispanic voters- white voters from both parties! Doomed with out help from Russia’s interference!!!

  24. Well here you have it Murica. You all have been tricked into tearing each other down based on the color of your skin while the real crooks and criminals destroy your constitution from the inside… As Malcolm X said, " you been had, hoodwinked, led astray, ran amuck". You are fighting the wrong enemy…..

  25. INEZ Qtaish don't regret anything i said" I am not about to kiss nobody but., this was bound to happen anyway .

  26. It's simple☝ Trump used Voter Suppression & Russian Collusion to become President . Crooked creepy looking Trump puppet Mitch McConnell is part of the Trump cult and cannot be trusted .

  27. Mitch McConnell is totally worthless.A Donald Trump boot Licker! And just look at that face! He looks like a shell less turtle!

  28. I don't think our election process is a source of admiration around the world. How can it be with gerrymandering, voter suppression, and the popular vote meaning nothing? There are other countries that do it better. She must be confusing us with them.

  29. This all may be so & should be addressed but the corruption committed by the DNC/DCCC, MSM & many others should also be addressed

  30. Clearly the Republicans are absolutely willing to support Russian meddling as long as it's in their interest.

  31. Can anyone explain why a country, in this case Russia that has only 12% the GDP of the USA would attack and antagonise a nation so much more powerful than itself.
    What's in it for them because it would make far more sense for Russia to be as friendly as possible in the long term.

  32. Stop repeating the LIE of no collusion. The words from Trump's own mouth have implicated him multiple times. The Mueller report does not state no collusion or no conspiracy. It states insufficient evidence of a conspiracy and then the second part of the report States significant obstruction into the investigation. Trump stated for everybody to hear that Russia would be greatly rewarded if they found Hillary Clinton's 30000 emails. And, as indicated in the Mueller report, within 5 hours Russia hacked the computers at the Democratic headquarters and proceeded to leak that information to Trump's benefit. Trump also lied about his business dealings with Russia, stating, "What Russians, I don't know any Russians", even as he was promising Putin a 50 million dollar suite in the Moscow Trump Tower venture. That not only rings of a conspiracy but clearly flies in the face of the US Constitution's emoluments clause, a clause put into the Constitution by the founding fathers as grounds to remove a president from office. The facts are simple. Russia did interfere with the elections and Trump has done nothing to address that other than to deny it. Finally, there is no doubt that Russian interests have been financing Trump over the past 10 years. There is absolutely no way to say there was no conspiracy between Trump and Russia based on the statements made by Donald Trump and his children on history of dependence on financial ties in Russia, Trump's ongoing defferance to Putin and his willingness to undermine the Constitution to cover up the entire affair. Don't hold your breath on him calling for an investigation into Russian interference in the election. It won't happen because he's hoping for the same results in 2020.

  33. How much more do we need to realize Trumps presidency is not legitimate. Republicans in Congress are advertising it for the world to see. We sre seeing new levels of corruption and dishonesty in government…

  34. A bill to stop our American government from interference in other countries elections and sovereignty?? great idea.. long past due…How about a war tribunal so we can jail and hang most of the people in our arms dealing war criminal run government? A very tiny slice of accountability would be a refreshing change. Something quite new in fact….

  35. Ole Mitch has brokered a deal with a Russian Oligarch to build a Russian owned aluminum plant in his home state. GEE… I wonder why he would want to protect the Russians? I wonder what he gets for setting up this little deal? Maybe he should just be a lobbyist. Now we can have Russian jobs too. Maybe they will pay taxes or will they get to go exempt for constructing a new plant. These people owe their souls to Putin. It is no wonder they won't speak out against destroying our Constitution. There are now laws made for them. The laws are for the "little people".

  36. McConnell needs to go to prison now. This A**hole is paving the way to trump's dictatorship. Mcconnell should be investigated in his deal with Russian Aluminum company in McConnell's state.

  37. Does that include contact with foreign journalist? Why do the dems expect the bill to be passed when they keep talking about impeachment. That will be admission of guilt.

  38. Why on earth, for what possible reason would you block this bill? Do you realize what you are saying? How about “Russia, we need your help to win this election…please repeat your actions of 2016 and make sure to hit the blue states”. This step of yours is totally irresponsible and could affect elections for years!

  39. Mitch McConnell is a bum. He is a disgrace! An absolute enemy of the way a democratic body should be led. He cares about nothing except pushing the right wing agendas of entities in this country who want nothing but power and wealth at the expense of the country and everybody else. He is a freak'in traitor! What Kentuckians see in this guy is beyond me. There are too many jerks in this country who vote against their own interests, and the problem is, we all go down the toilet as a result!

  40. You’re all being much too kind to simply ask for the resignation of that Russian asset “Moscow Mitch” McConnell — McConnell deserves a lengthy prison sentence for aiding and abetting the interference and corruption of our Electoral System by hostile foreign governments; and for betraying his oath of office: Article VI of the Constitution requires Officials to take an oath “to support this Constitution.” Today, 5 U.S.C. 3331 specifies the language of the oath for federal officials. According to this statute, officials must “solemnly swear (or affirm)” that they “will SUPPORT and DEFEND the Constitution of the United States AGAINST ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN and DOMESTIC” and that they “will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.”

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