Michigan Democrat Busted On 6 Charges Of Election Fraud, Altered Nearly 200 Absentee Ballots

Election fraud doesn’t happen, say Democrats. Pigs can also fly, say liberals. Check out what just went down in Michigan,
a liberal stronghold… From Detroit Free Press: Southfield City Clerk Sherikia Hawkins was
charged Monday with six election fraud felonies in connection with the November 2018 election. Hawkins, 38, allegedly altered 193 absentee
voter records, but the changes did not have an impact on the election results in the city,
Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said. “I want to be clear, the allegations that
the Southfield clerk falsified official election records did not alter the outcome of any election,”
she said. “There were no races that were won or lost as a result, and there were no
voters who are disenfranchised. All valid votes in the election were ultimately counted
and the final official vote total was accurate.” Continued: According to a Michigan State Police affidavit
describing the crime, Oakland County elections officials discovered the issue during a post-election
audit of Southfield’s election results. Hawkins was charged with falsifying returns
or records; forgery of a public record; misconduct in office, and three counts of using a computer
to commit a felony. The charges carry a maximum penalty of up to 14 years in prison and $30,000
in fines. She was arraigned Monday in 46th District Court and faces an Oct. 15 preliminary
examination. Neither Nessel nor Benson would elaborate
on the specifics of the charges or Hawkins’ motivation during a news conference Monday,
but according to the affidavit, the post-election audit turned up irregularities between the
number of absentee ballots recorded in returns initially turned in to the Oakland County
Clerk’s Office and the vote tallies in the Qualified Voter File, which is the master
list of voters in the city Stay tuned to find out what happens with this
woman next…

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