Mehdi Hasan – Assessing the Last Democratic Presidential Debate of 2019 | The Daily Show

Let’s jump straight into it. -Yup.
-The debate just ended. Uh, what did you make of it, as
someone who’s just watching it apart from, like,
us who was watching it? I think we learned two things
from this debate. Number one– Amy Klobuchar really,
really loathes Pete Buttigieg. -That came out very clearly,
I think. -Right. She was waiting for this moment. She came prepped, uh,
with her… you know, her stats. -She’s like, “You lost by 20
points.” -Right, right, right. She came prepared. Certainly
unfair to Pete Buttigieg. He lost by 25 points,
uh, in Indiana -when he ran for statewide
office. -Oh, wow. So, she… -Right. -Um, and the second
thing, I think, we learned is that the Democrats need
to run a Muslim for president, ’cause I’ll tell you what,
Trevor. You won’t find me
anywhere near a wine cave. -I don’t even know
what a wine cave is. -(laughter) Right? That’s the solution -to the wine cave issue.
-But this was a… That was an interesting issue that people were,
like, arguing about now. It was like, “Do you take money
from-from rich people?” -“Do you take money
from big corporations?” -Yeah. “Do you take money from
wealthy donors and that class?” And that was an interesting,
you know, -argument within the party.
-Yes. With Buttigieg saying,
“We need everything we can -to beat Donald Trump.”
-Yeah. “He has a lot of money. He’s raised a lot of money from
big donors– we’ve seen this.” -Yeah. -“And, so,
if you don’t have enough money, you can’t compete.”
Elizabeth Warren going, “No. -That money becomes part
of the problem.” -Yes. So where do you think that
argument ended on the night? I think the argument’s
very clear. I’m very much Team Warren,
Sanders on this. It’s very clear that if you take
money from lots of rich people, they expect stuff in return.
That is the history of politics. History of American politics
in particular. You talked about it earlier
on the show. -Money talks in this country.
-Right. And the problem
with Buttigieg… He had that great comeback
to Elizabeth Warren, you know. “I couldn’t be on stage with
you. You’re all richer than me.” They’re all way older
than you, as well. Um, I think the problem is
with that argument is, he won’t say what Warren says
and Sanders says, which is, “You can give us as much money
as you want. -We’re not gonna give you a
job.” He won’t do that. -Right. He hasn’t ruled out appointing,
you know, his rich donors -to ambassadorships.
-Right, right, right. And we’ve seen that now.
Look at this guy Gordon Sondland who testified in the impeachment
hearing– ambassador to the EU. He’s not a diplomat.
He’s a hotel dude who gave a million dollars -to Donald Trump’s inauguration
committee. -Right. That is not how you should
get jobs in government. And if a Democrat
can’t say that, I think that’s a problem
for the Democratic Party -and for Pete Buttigieg.
-It was an interesting… (applause and cheering) It was an interesting debate
tonight, because for the first time,
it felt like we actually heard
what people had to say. -You only had seven people
up on stage… -Yes… as as opposed
to the usual 50, right? And so, you heard from all
the people who were up there. What was interesting is,
somebody like Andrew Yang, who barely gets time to speak
normally, came out today. He came out swinging.
He had his stats. He really made
a few great points -that people hadn’t
brought up before. -Yeah. But it still feels like
he’s an outlier in the race, even though he’s amongst them. Do you think
this was his night or not? I mean, it’s his night
in as much as how far is the campaign
gonna go in terms of kind of, -as you say, attention,
speaking. -Right. He had a couple of good gags
for once. Uh, he still has his,
you know… What was it Joe Biden once said
about Rudy Giuliani? “His entire vocabulary is
a noun, a verb and 9/11.” With Yang, it’s a noun, a verb, -and “I’ll give you
$1,000 a month.” -Right. That’s what
it always come back to, even the race conversation,
which is fine as far as it goes. Um, Klobuchar had a good night.
She’s… I don’t think
she’s gonna be the candidate, but she had a good night.
She came. She was strong, she was
prepared. She went after… She… I think tonight we saw,
uh, the first crack in the Pete Buttigieg
electability argument. Till now, we’re like, “This is
the guy! He’s electable!” And she pointed out, you know,
the emperor has no clothes. -This guy is a mayor from
South Bend, Indiana. -Mm-hmm. Do you know how many votes
he won in 2015 to be reelected -as mayor of…?
-What is it? Like, 8,000? -8,000!
-Right. There’s more people than that
at an Asian wedding, right? -An Indian wedding.
-(laughter) I had, like, half that many
people at my wedding, right. -That’s his qualification?!
-But… -Okay, but… -I’m gonna win
70 million votes on the basis -of the 8,000 people in South
Bend. -But here’s… Okay. No, no. But now,
here’s an argument -many other people might make.
-Go on. They might go, “If you look “at the Democrats’ history
in the races…” -Yeah. “Democratic voters
generally like “to vote for somebody
who doesn’t have a long history in politics.”
-Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. -Definitely.
-Many people would have said -that Barack Obama came out
of nowhere. -Definitely. Many people said that Bill
Clinton came out of nowhere. -Yeah. -Many said
Kennedy came out of nowhere. And so, if you look at the
history of Democratic voters… But ultimately,
Kennedy was a senator, -Obama was a senator,
Clinton was a governor. -Right. They weren’t mayor of the fourth
biggest town in Indiana. -Right. -(laughter) -And I think
that is a problem. And I do think…
Amy Klobuchar’s right. She was just saying on CNN
after the debate, there is a double standard here. Would we consider
a 37-year-old person of color, -or a 37-year-old woman?
-Mm-hmm. They would be laughed off
the stage in a way that a 37-year-old confident,
Harvard grad, white guy isn’t. And I think that is a problem.
I think this idea… I think there’s a problem in
the Democratic base as a whole, which is, everyone’s trying
to play pundit. Everyone’s saying, “Who’s
the most electable person?” -Right. -Which is…
You can’t measure this stuff. I mean, there’s a poll
last week that showed pretty much every major
candidate, including Klobuchar, -can beat Trump nationally.
-Mm-hmm. So I say to people
at home watching, just vote for the person
you think is best. Stop trying to be a pundit.
I’m a pundit. We don’t know what the hell
we’re talking about. Don’t, you know…
Who called…? -Who predicted Trump?
Very few of us. -Right. So stop playing that game.
Pick the person you think would be the best
leader who can heal this country after four years
of kind of neofascism and white nationalism,
and stop staying, “Oh, who…?” Stop obsessing over Joe six-pack
and who he’s gonna vote for. -The guy in the diner in rural
Pennsylvania. -Right, right. -Right. -He’s probably gonna
vote for Trump again. Sorry to break it to you.
Work on mobilizing your base. Work on mobilizing
people of color. Work on mobilizing women. Work on mobilizing young people. And the people who do that,
from where I’m sitting, -are Bernie Sanders
and Elizabeth Warren. -Oh. -(cheers and applause)
-Vote for the person -who you think would make
the best president. -Shocking. -Shocking.
-That’s a bold, bold statement. Mehdi Hasan, everybody.

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  1. Yang says more than anyone else on that stage, how can you dismiss him. If people are voting with their hearts hopefully they're voting for that thousand

  2. Mehdi Hassan, Iranian lobbyist being endorsed by Democrats.

    Trump has made the democrats reach new levels of low

  3. Most Muslim Americans support Bernie that indicates that Muslims don’t hate Jews but they hate occupying Zionist forces.

  4. I very much admire this guest, but he is wrong about Warren.

    She is a conservative opportunist pretending of being a Democrat. She was allready revealed laying few times.

    It doesn't take a psyhologist to figure out her fakness.
    Just observe her tense unbalanced behaviour when she is asked some real guestions!
    She supported Hillary over Bernie!
    That shod be never forgotten.

  5. You can see the honesty on their faces and now go back to Trump and read his face..Mehdi Hasan for president !! FTW

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  7. Mehdi Hassan is much more intelligent then he likes to put on , he is a good person first and he will run circles around us . He is not the type to say something just because the viewers want to see it , he is going to tell you exactly where he stands on any given subject and if he had no knowledge about what you are talking about then that is what he will say not try to be an expert in the blink of an eye . Very straight forward .

  8. trevor just got schooled by mehdi hasan. & yes trevor is a good comedian but when it comes to wisdom he's no john stewart.

  9. Vote for who you think is best is what I always tell people. Don't try to play this game of "Who can win" and just vote the way you really want to.

  10. Meh Hassan knows it. Even if yang goes toe to toe with trump and smoked him , Yang still not going to be elected. This is the society we live in right now.

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  13. Pete is white white white!! hes ALSO GAY!!!! what advantage do you actually think he has?? do you think his race will vindicate him in the south? in rural areas? with republicans? because there isnt homophobia there right? I think Mehdi a great interviewer and light years ahead of american "journalists" he needs his own show. but sometimes he needs to shut his twat face and go back to al jazerrah and blame israel for everything as he always does

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    He was a senator out of a political powerful family that was the elite of the elite on the east coast! This dude was prepared to be president his complete life! As the rest of his family, Kennedy was as powerful as you can be

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    this is secular muslims true colours
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