Media Majorly BACKPEDALS on ‘Blue Wave’ Predictions After Disastrous Midterm Polls

Liberals up until this point have been overly
confident in a complete Democrat takeover in the midterms, but now their scrambling
after being dealt THE TRUTH. The media is now majorly scaling back their
“blue wave” predictions in light of both the disastrous midterm polls and the GOP wipe-out
in Texas. From Washington Examiner The national media are scaling back their
prediction for a Democratic “blue wave” in the 2018 midterms, in light of a new poll
that shows some Democrats are vulnerable and a healthy GOP turnout in Texas this week. Fueled in part by Republican-backed tax cuts
that increased the paychecks for most people, Republicans and President Trump have seen
their own poll numbers rise, and what was previously viewed as a coming reckoning by
Democrats has stalled. The website Axios on Thursday published a
pollthat showed “big warning signs for Senate Democrats.” It noted that in 10 states where
Democrats are defending Senate seats, a Republican opponent polls either ahead or close to the
Democrat in five of those states (though in most of the races, the GOP has not chosen
its nominee yet).The poll also showed that in most states, Trump’s approval rating
is 50 percent or higher, which could be a sign that he will not have a negative impact
on those state races. The primary race in Texas on Tuesday was seen
in its run-up as a potential case study in what may happen in other parts of the country,
given Texas’ status as a deep-red state. It drew widespread media attention, but though
Democratic turnout was historically high, it fell well short of Republican turnout. The Democratic candidates drew just over a
million votes, according to the New York Times, while Republicans took in over 1.5 million.
The Democratic nominee, Beto O’Rourke, got 641,324 votes, while Republican Sen. Ted Cruz
got 1,317,450. Those two events had many in the press paring
back their predictions for a blue wave. The Washington Post’s Amber Phillips wrote
that those results showed that “momentum is on the Democrats’ side, but no wave is
guaranteed.” Outside of the Texas race, New York Times’
Washington correspondent Charlie Savage said it was even possible that Republicans “win”
in the midterms, even though the party that controls that White House usually loses seats
in Congress. “A significant factor in keeping the peace
[under Trump] has surely been anticipatory catharsis: The widespread expectations of
a big Democratic wave in the coming midterm elections are containing and channeling that
indignation, helping to maintain order,” he wrote last weekend. “What will happen
if no such wave materializes and that pressure-relief valve jams shut?” Democrats had, however, seen some electoral
success during Trump’s first year in office. New Jersey elected a Democrat to take over
as Republican Chris Christie finished his final term. Virginia elected a Democratic
governor and red state Alabama filled Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ vacant Senate seat
with Democrat Doug Jones in a special election. Those wins gave rise to a narrative that Democrats
were set to sweep Congress in 2018. Harry Enten at the statistics website FiveThirtyEight
said in December that the “Democrats’ wave could turn into a flood” and that the
parties candidates “are probably favorites to win the House.” In January, Vanity Fair said Democrats were
“on the precipice of a blue midterm wave.” “There is a wave,” declared Charlie Cook,
editor of the popular politics blog Cook Political Report, in a Feb. 8 appearance on MSNBC. New York magazine’s Ed Kilgore published
a blog post in December headlined, “The Democratic wave is coming in 2018.” Two
months later, however, he published a separate post that said, “The coming Democratic wave
may be smaller than expected.

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  1. TEXASRED Destroyed the Blue Ripple…..AS WE ALL know, don't Believe the MSM….just Biased Hacks and President Trump has the Right to Call Those Libturds OUT

  2. And Simply FACT….The average IQ of a "Journalist" is FAR below that of the Average College Graduate….Just a FACT

  3. Kick out Crumbs Pelosi, Wacko Watters, Crazy Cortez, and who ever Mohamed is running in Minnesota. They are all traitorous shits

  4. A recent Pew Research shows that as the Midterm near, Democrats are more politically active than Republicans! Republicans everywhere need to get off their behind, stand up, speak out, and VOTE in November!

  5. REPUBLICANS are going to crush the dems ,..we have way too much enthusiasm and energy at these anti-gun midterms ,..dems are not taking away the #NRA weapons no way baby !! DEMOCRATS ?? Going to be wiped out at the midterms !! THE TEA PARTY IS BACK ; DOOR TO DOOR FUCKER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The MSM would have supported the British Royals in the 1 st American Revolution just as they are supporting the International Cabal that assisted Kenndy and took over the US in 1963. Trump is finishing what JFK would have done had they not murdered him. MAFreeA

  7. DEMOCRATS AND LIBERALS ; VERY DELUSIONAL EFFED UP PEOPLE ; They still think #Hillary can win ??? @ #LOL hahah @@ #FakeWave , all they got

  8. This is a desperate attempt of the severely degraded DNC that turned socialists in order to boost their chances of winning the midterm elections. NPR/Marist Polls is the source of this poll results and since it came from a leftwing organization for the NPR/Marxist Poll is a communist-socialist organization it's polls are biased and are trying to give it's leftwing-liberal supporters a psychological boost while at the same time conducting a psychological warfare of creating discouragement-disaappointment to republicans and to the GOP in order to destroy their courage and perseverance and this is a desperate attempt of the DNC that turned socialists in order to boost their chances of winning the midterm elections. This is an another attempt of using the psychological warfare propaganda tactic-strategy that they have used during the Presidential Elections but this time this is much more subtle BUT INTENSELY EVIL AND INDIRECT PSYCHOLOGICAL CONDITIONING PROPAGANDA BY THE DNC. At first they tried using conventional pyshcological propagandization tactics and strategies such as "WHY WASTE YOUR VOTES ON A LOSER, COME ABOARD ON THE DNC DEMOCRAT BANDWAGON AND VOTE DEMOCRAT KILLARY(HILLARY) AND THAT DID NOT WORK" and now they are using the same tactics and strategies by using an evil and outlawed organization called NPR/Marist Polls and the desparate demonrats who are severely degraded by one expose after another are now using "BIASED POLLS RELEASED FROM A NPR/MARXIST POLL WHICH IS A COMMUNIST-SOCIALIST ORGANIZATION (SOCIALISTS DESTROYED VENEZUELA AND SOCIALISM-COMMUNISM ARE BANNED FROM FORMER COMMUNIST COUNTRIES WHO SUFFERED UNDER SOCIALISM-COMMUNISM) as a frontal attacking pre-psychological prograndization tactic-strategy and using the same psychological conditioning attacking tactic-strategy that they have used on the Presidential Elections in modified form in this way "WHY WASTE YOUR VOTES ON A BUNCH OF LOSERS IN THE MID-TERM ELECTIONS, COME ABOARD ON THE DNC-SOCIALIST BANDWAGON AND VOTE FOR THE DNC CHOICES" psychological pre-conditioning and conditioning attacking tactic-strategy and any honest CIA analyst intelligence officer can see right through their psychological pre-conditioning and conditioning psychological propagandization attempted manipulations on the minds of a clueless voting American public.

  9. Don't tell pollsters anything, they will lie about it anyway, spin it to lie to public, and by the way it is alot higher than 50%MAGA

  10. they're delusional they think people normal people think like like those sickos think I think they're waking up that mainstream America really don't care what happens in someone's bedroom but don't push it down my throat and don't tell me it's right when it's wrong I didn't write the book if you don't like the rules talk to the boss!

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