Media Is Being Dishonest About Trump’s Impeachment

You know, every now and then I’ll stumble
across a headline that just immediately puts me in a bad mood and it puts me in a bad mood
because it’s either demonstrably false or completely irresponsible and here over the
weekend the Hill published an article with a headline that manages to be both of those
things, both false and irresponsible. Here is the headline they ran with, here are
the Senate Republicans who could vote to convict Trump. Their article then goes into name Susan Collins,
Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski, right? Three of the more moderate Republicans in
the Senate. You know, Mitt Romney’s even gone out there
and said, I think what Donald Trump did was wrong and I’m very concerned about it, very
concerned. Much like Susan Collins was very concerned
about Brett Kavanaugh’s past, which she told us right before she voted for him. This article, the headline and the Hill for
publishing it are stupid and no offense to Alexander Bolton is the person whose name
is on this article. I’m sure you were assigned this article by
somebody. Hopefully this is not something you chose
to do because if it is, this is grossly irresponsible. None of these Republicans, not Collins, not
Romney, not Murkowski, are going to vote to convict and remove Donald Trump during the
Senate impeachment trial. In fact, I’m willing to bet that a whopping
zero Republicans in the Senate are going to vote to convict and remove. It’s simply not going to happen. Now, don’t get me wrong, I 100% believe based
on the evidence that Donald Trump broke the law, he should be convicted and removed from
office. There is no question about that. but to give people false hope like this, which
is what this headline attempts to do, and we’ve seen the media run stuff like this for
weeks now acting like, Oh, maybe some Republicans are going to flip. They’re not folks. They’re simply not. We all do unfortunately need to curtail our
expectations a little bit about what this impeachment inquiry is going to yield because
you will not yield Donald Trump getting removed from office. Now, I have said in the past that there are
very specific little routes that if those routes are met for at least 20 different Republicans,
then sure you could get conviction and removal, but what those paths would have to be is that
for every single individual Republican who flips, if they flip, they would one have to
see that poll showed that they would lose their reelection to the poll would have to
prove beyond a doubt that the only reason they would lose that election is because they
didn’t vote to convict Trump. If you do not meet both of those criteria,
they won’t flip, they won’t flip, and you’re not going to meet those criteria because those
are things that are nearly impossible to poll, impossible to sample. So it’s not going to happen. Certainly not going to happen with 20 Republicans. I mean hell, Democrats are going to be lucky
if you can even get all your Democrats to vote for conviction and removal. Joe mansion definitely won’t. And you’ve probably got a couple other kicking
around in there who won’t and then we’re all going to look like idiots. And then you’re going to have people who read
trash like this from the Hill who say, but I thought the Hill shed people were gonna
flip. I thought they said Republicans had a conscience. And that’s my biggest problem with this article
and other articles like it, not just at the Hill, but the Hills, especially trash most
times. Um, it’s that it, it paints Republicans in
a positive, undeserved light. There is nothing positive about Susan Collins
or Mitt Romney or Lisa Murkowski. And they actually say in the article that
Murkowski’s probably the best chance to flip on Donald Trump cause she bucks him and Senate
with her votes so many times. Yeah, she votes with Trump 74% of the time. Okay. Do your research. I did took about five seconds. Not hard, but these Republicans aren’t gonna
flip. They aren’t suddenly going to grow spines
or consciouses. So stop trying to convince the American people
that they might.

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  1. I said it before…the only possible good outcome would be that it drives Trump nuts. He won't be removed regardless of any damning evidence. The Republican Senators won't risk their cushy jobs to do what's right for the country.

  2. The man is rite on!!! Come on people any of you that vote for these people you need to get ahold of your Republican senator and tell them, look based on the EVIDENCE, the EVIDENCE, there is no question that Trump is guilty and he does need to be removed and the only way is exactly what he said. if anything else do it for this country because this country won't last another four years with that man in Office and I can promise you that your lives will get worse and people that you care about, their lives will become worse. don't let this man do destroy our country and the Constitution and for what everything it stands for. it is still worth fighting for even if that means fighting against our own president…

  3. This is what trump meant when he said he can shoot someone and get away with it the Republicans will do nothing and turn a blind eye its not that he can get away with it its that the Republicans will allow him to

  4. Might as well give the Republicans a paint brush while they sit idly … on the fence !
    Too scared to drop their pants and show they have genitals!!!

  5. That I why we can remove the Russian Republicans senators and get rid of Moscow Mitch and take over the Senate and take over both house and the Senate we will stop the corruption from Trump if we get rid of the Russian Republicans and vote blue for keep our country from being apart of Russia

  6. The GOP has been corrupt for a long time. They always want to make the rules and then when the Dems. follow the rules the GOP then wants to change the rules again.

  7. It's the Media's job to lie and be dishonest and un responsible to the People who believe they're getting truth in news . It's owned and paid for by those in power who control and manipulate EVERYTHING ; every narrative; everyone….

  8. Both Dem and repub politicians are corrupt. they both look the other way for people in their own party, and they often cover for those on the other side of the isle, because they are all in the same circle and doing the amercian people wrong. The elite are corrupt ruling class that cover for each other except in a few specific circumstances.

  9. Thousands of citizens has been killed by three attacks by the Saudi's. 911, the reporter and now our navy. Two attacks under Trumps watch. Things are going to get a lot worst long before election, so go help us all. But this is not Trumps fault because the citizens in this country do not care. People refuse to hold truth to power. Facts do matter.

  10. Trump has the Republicans in his front pocket, we the people have punks for the Senate they refuse to stand up for the people
    Vote Blue get them out or lose our country we
    have a chose, this is were Rubber leaves the road. Trump is for Trump selling out bit by bit,
    piece by piece, where are we going to run to may God help us all.

  11. The entire Republican in Congress & Senate all drank the Kool Aid they have become & are enabling the cult like atmosphere. The GOP GESTAPO MACHINE has no conscience & moral values. and care only about bring in power.

  12. Mr Cousins, so sad, but true. We should remember this on election day, that members of an American party chose the party over the country and the Constitution they swore to defend. Their solemn vow will be rendered worthless by a self indulging act that fails the people they said they would look out for. Remember this.

  13. where's the people need to start doing something this is ridiculous I'm tired of this day by day nothing getting done you can impeach him in this sentence not going to do anything we need to impeach the entire Senate

  14. I have been saying this since this impeachment started. The occupant of the White House will likely be impeached by the house, but there is as much chance as a snowball in Hell that the Senate will even come close. Senators are way too scared of not being re elected. They have no internal fortitude as they are petrified of their boss. The only way to get this tyrant out of the White House is to get out and vote in the 2020 election. Additionally, there is a whole bunch of elected officials that need to be voted out as well. Please get out and vote!!

  15. we need to put it out in the mainstream have them take a poll of what we want we want them to do their job and if they won't do their job we need to take their job away from them and do whatever it takes to take this monster down

  16. they're all in because they know that if they don't go with him they're going to get taken down by him because he's got dirt on every single one of them that's what he's good at is getting dirt

  17. Demostrably false or completely irresponsible.
    Well Mr. Cousins that sums up "The Hill".

    Let us remember that one of their own Johnny "Apple
    Seed" Solomon is directly implicated in the Trump/Ukraine scandal.

    It should be renamed "The Hell".
    As in "What the The Hell?".

  18. The Senate will not remove Trump , And the people need to vote the Republican out and the Dems who didn't vote for impeachment need to vote them out too. The United State doesn't need a dictator. I don't care if Trump was a Dem sit in the white house. He need to be impeach. If not God help us all.

  19. Bottom line, AMERICA, YOU ARE FUCKED, This has been a long time in the making, unfortunatly, very few of us saw it coming..

  20. This pisses me off too. Collins is GONE come 2020. I really wish that some of the D running President would please run for SENATE INSTEAD or Bloomberg? Buy FOX NEWS OUT hostile take over

  21. They need to not ever send to SENATE keep investigating forever. He WANTS them to hurry up and send to Senate and then keep it over his head untill election

  22. Lets hope trump will be a nice king, remember , there are no elections under a dictatorship. just ask trumps lover , Kim Jong Un.

  23. TRAITORS in our house! all to serve the Russia. Its working Putin, we do have as bunch of low life dummies in our politics. Watching them LIE on TV IS CRAZY! TRAITORS

  24. The GOP's ran out of Patriots Trump turn them in useful idiot's the might as wear the Russian flag on their forehead not forgetting their Russian hats💂‍♀️

  25. Not one person should vote for him to be removed from office.
    If the left wants him out so bad beat him in the 2020 election!
    But everyone knows they can't!!

  26. RTump is going to be aqitted in the Senate even though he is clearly guilty. RTump is above the law, the republic is lost

  27. Who would have thought that in retrospect Nixon was a really swell and honorable guy. He knew when to resign so that the rest of the country could get on with legitimate business.

  28. Anybody who does not vote to impeach Trump is a common. They have party in mind and not the Constitution. Like slavery should have never been allowed in the beginning of the new world. Fox News need to lose their license.

  29. Im willing to bet there are a few billionaires paying Republicans to defend there orange cash cow in the White House no matter what. They saw that midterm beat down and know they are going to lose power so they're willing to burn the f**** country to the ground to save their majority

  30. Republicans impeaching the President requires them to have integrity, honesty, a conscience, respecting their oath of office, but most of all it requires them to have some balls and we all know Trump has their balls in Melania's purse.

  31. I agree with you Trump is guilty and the Republicans knows it but they will stick with the lies that they're trying to convince themselves and America's people with its a shame .

  32. They will fall one by one, slowly losing their positions year by year, week by week and there is nothing they can do against it when the Impeachment is off the table.
    Maybe i should candidate for president if Trump gets another 4 years, hell that must be a free win then 😁

  33. I do honestly believe a few republicans would flip on Trump, not due to his obvious crimes, but maybe some of their base is turning on Trump. Trump's base is cement, both in support and mental capacity, but the base of other republicans are not necessarily as firm in his favor.

  34. And thats the sad part. By not holding the spoiled rich kid accountable he will feel like he can get away with anything. Next time what will it be if the Republicans dont move for impeachment? Another 9/11

  35. Tons of people were shocked when Mueller didn't arrest Donald in the middle of the Oval Office.

    They're going to be just as shocked when Donald gets acquitted in the Senate.

    People are fucking stupid. I don't know what else to say.

  36. The only hope of impeachment is if the Senate ballot is changed to secret…to provide cover. Trump needs to be careful and not piss Mitch off any time soon. He (Mitch) controls the rules….

  37. Ok fact obama administration no indictments. President shit for brains trump administration over dozen indictments . Need i say more racist piece of shit coward bedsheets wearing assclowns brainwashed zombie clones trump supporters. Even with all bullshit with bush and his administration no indictments.

  38. If the evidence to impeach is overwhelming then the only reason for the republican not to vote to impeach is
    No courage, no love for country no respect for the constitution then they are enemies of the truth and


  39. ALL republicans in the Senate as Farron says will vote to save trump! They're quislings all of them, even if, trump was removed, your left with pence and the same corrupt admin and senators and representitives and DoJ flunky and IRS flunky ect, ect. Republicans cannot be trusted full stop!

  40. When has mass media been honest about anything? It's all right-wing propaganda. Cut the cable and watch independent news, instead. FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC will all die off with the millenials and Gen Z who know better than to watch that junk! They fail to report about global warming every time there's a natural disaster directly related to our climate emergency (never mentioning it once- we know who their donors are: Big Oil and Big Banks).

    The fact that Arctic Ice is practically all gone (and they don't even report this), and methane gas being released at the Permian ice frost melt is escalating temperatures at peak levels (thus geoengineering to mitigate the effects of no albedo ice reflection- this is FAR WORSE than CO2) shows just how ruthless and dishonest they truly are.

  41. Doesn't matter people are sick of these GOP assholes they are gonna get thrown out of office in the next election and then the state of New York is gonna prosecute their pos Dictator.

  42. This impeachment is the ONLY OPPORTUNITY Republicans have to remove Trump who is toxic to their party, and save their own skins and claw back some control of their party. Given an anonymous vote I imagine they would not hesitate to get rid of him.

    I don’t see why you are so angry about someone making this observation – it seems fairly obvious.

    This isn’t about Republicans doing the right thing. It’s about self preservation.

  43. He's guilty so what's the f….g problem, y'all are wasting tax dollars, the public time, knowing damm well POOR people can't even enjoy Christmas with this constant BS. Then you look at PUTTITHANG and ZEL chilling in Paris after the 400 milly gets split up between the boy's and girl's, of the fan club CHEETO. 20 milly to remove Marion Barry blackman, all black politicians in less than year would have be gone already, look at Armaro it was removed by a general for bad behavior. Clint was suffering from lack of action from his .i.. so Moni fullfil his desire, she became famous, he almost got impeached for a bl..j.b. This ORANGE child is committing crimes and laughed at around the world as PUTTITHANG little MITCH. The masses are tired of the soap opera staring DUMP, The old W.M trying to hold on to 🔋 ✌ ☝

  44. There are no moderate Republicans as all Republicans are fascist pigs who favor corporate rule. Republicans want to steal our Social Security, Medicare and union pensions.

  45. it seems more a case of intimidation to me. Putting under the spotlight those senators that could vote to remove potus, to generate a backlash from their voters that will push those senators to fall in line.

  46. One could wish, pray, hope but the realist in me realizes that would be a far stretch and if all else fails pray that people are getting sick of trump and will put this country ahead of party, and vote him and his cronies out.

  47. I'm not sure I would want to be a Dem. POTUS, as in the next few years you will have to deal with Trumps "Turd-birds" coming home to roost.

  48. Trump should be taken out
    of office, but not for the reason
    the Democrats claim.

    There is no doubt what Biden did
    giving his son a job on a board
    of Ukrianian oil company was
    corruption at its finest.

    When are Americans going to
    wake up to the fact all politicians
    are bought and paid – for by the
    same corporate – fascists.

    This impeachment – farce is nothing more than a way to
    create fake – empathy for
    Trump as being unjustly
    attacked by the Commiecrats
    to get him 4 – more years.

    It's main purpose is to distract
    attention away from the FED
    printing scrip daily to keep
    banks and hedge funds alive
    to not lockup the credit system.

    Also, to draw attention from
    the coups going on like what was done in Bolivia and attempted in Venezuela.

  49. You Deamoncrats have been trying to Impeach Trump from the time he was elected. Even if it was over a hang nail! Pathetic!!!!!!!

  50. Remember Clinton was impeached but not removed the same thing will happen to Donald Trump but he will be removed when he has been voted out in November 2020

  51. What the senate does doesn't really matter. If donny is convicted in the house . . . he's finished. A man convicted of high crimes and misdemeaners cannot steal an election. So go ahead senators: by all means, ruin your chance of ever being elected again! Two birds, one stone! 👌

  52. Unfortunately I think you're right about this. You've delved far deeper into the mechanics of impeachment than I or most other Americans have. So I believe your opinion is going to be the reality. And believe me, I am hating that reality.

  53. If they don't impeach they'll never be able to hold their heads up again. All respect for them will be gone. Not that there's been much of that for the last 2 years. They are the ones who should have impeached him rather than the democrats if they had a shred of dignity left.

  54. The House Republicans did a pretty good job of Gaslighting during the hearings. I'd say, to the point that some even believe the 💩 they were trying to sell. I think ones like Foghorn Leghorn Collins, Fred Flintstone Nunes, et al of the most vocal Republicans definitely need a 12-step program because of their koolaid addiction. But really, anyone with an IQ of 70 and up could see just how foolish they looked…

  55. These 3 people are Republicans and they will vote against impeachment of trump I have given up on the Republican party because they have become the party of treason against the citizens of the United States. They have chosen to follow trump and help themselves to the benefits that come's along with that decision. We the people don't matter to them the only power we have is in the voting box it's up to us to get rid of the worst president and Republican party this country has every had.

  56. " Preserve, Protect and Defend ", THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, from all enemies, foreign and domestic, So help us God !!! The Ultimate Sacrifice of our Heroes & Patriots & Our Grieving Military Families will Always be in our Hearts & Prayers and they gave their blood and lives so that this nation shall not perish from the earth !! Our immediate and most dangerous situation is that Trump continues as President and Chief of our Armed Services of the most powerful nation on earth. It has been investigated and verified by all of our Intelligence Agencies & NATO Allies, that Russia' (Putin) did attack and is influencing & undermining the election process in the United States !! The United States Adversaries are attentively evaluating and will continue to focus on Suckaberg's $$$$$$$ Russian weaponized media, to elect and legislate in our Country !!! This is an ACT OF WAR !!!. The Congress must divert urgent attention and funds to defend and respond to these threats. The World has enough NUKES to turn Mother Earth into a RADIOACTIVE WASTELAND !! Not even a dictator wants to turn into a heap of fuming ashes !! The Majority of the American people do not have the time between holding 2 jobs , child care , caring for our elderly to investigate the Conspiracy and Obstruction .!!!!. Elected Officials abusing our own Constitution and Justice System to protect Traitors !!!! Pray that God gives our Generals and Others around the President, the moral strength as Patriots to Guard and Protect our Country !!!! God Bless America, Mother Earth, our sick, our elderly, ,our families with children thrown to the streets by the greed of our Banks & Wall Street, the working poor, our citizen immigrants, our Unions, our Heroes and Patriots. Putin & his Billionaire Russian Oligarchs , Billionaire Pedofile International Club have been and are currently laundering money in the United States.. Deutch Bank (( Russian $$$ )) has financed Trump & Co. throughout the last 30 Years !!! American Banks will not loan Trump & Co. $$$ due to his Multiple Bankruptcies including Casinos !!! Of his own making, President Trump's greediness has left him with only 2 choices; chemical poisoning of his family by Putin or Prison by the U. S. Congress !! Trump's life or death situation is the American People's dangerous dilemma !! The GOP & NRA received millions for the Trump Campaign disbursement from Russian Oligarchs. The NRA has 10 Million members, Trump has 30 Million followers, and the rest of the 230 million American citizens must VOTE these Traitors and Co-Conspirators out of Office and into Prison.!!. !! The 1% Billionaires received 2 TRILLION in tax cuts, while 18 years later the 911 first responders are dying while waiting for GOP to fund their healthcare !!!. These Casino Prostitutes in Congress and the House are bought and paid for by parasite lobbyist yelling from atop their Billion $$$$ Corporate Socialist Platforms against Democratic Socialism for our children, our elderly the sick and our poor. Our Constitution and Federal Anti Trust Act, Money Laundering and the Rico Act will take care the Trump Mob & Associates & Suckaberg's $$$$$ Russian weaponized media !!!!!. God Bless our Country , our Heroes and Patriots. May all the Traitors , Co-Conspirators & useful IDIOTS be charged and given a one way ticket to Russia and in memory of sweet innocent children, victims of gun violence in America, be given an NRA AK-47 when they step off the plane !!!!!!!!!!!! REGISTER TO VOTE NOW, CALL YOUR SENATOR TODAY, IT'S OUR CONSTITUTIONAL LIBERTIES AT STAKE .!!!! WE ARE AT WAR WITH PUTIN and he is WINNING !!! We the People of the United States must meet our Civil responsibility to "Preserve, Protect and Defend " our Constitution !!! SO HELP US GOD !!!

  57. We do not have to accept that the Senate will aquit as a fate compli. What will change minds is street demonstrations. We should be protesting in favor of impeachment and target Senators with protests directly. The crimes are clear, the rule of law is at stake. We need to take action in n the streets, if we do we will win. Trump will be forced out and then into a sea of prosecutions.

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