McConnell Resists Democrats Who Want A Bill To Protect The Next Election | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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  1. There is no mystery why McConnell is against election security. A foreign state help give the GOP the WH and Mitch is counting on them doing it again. McConnell has absolutely no shame and no patriotism to speak of. He is one of the most evil politicians in the history of the US who justifies his evil actions with partisanship and a means to an end to stop abortions for the religious right.

  2. Wasn't Mitch McConnell one of those little old guys up in the balcony on the old Muppet Show? I distinctly remember one episode (I believe it was the one with Dizzy Gillespie as the guest star), where "old-man-in-the-balcony Mitch" made some wise-crack about "frog legs tasting like chicken" and Kermit dropped him to the mat with a swift kick in the nuts… Wonderful stuff!

  3. A few years ago McConnell the turtle man reported $15 million in income?????????And that only what he reported of course. Not to mention his wife.

  4. According to Obama, there have been threats to our country for a long time, but he assured us that" the experts in this area regardless whether Democrat or Republican has never found, in my lifetime and in recent history, instances of voter fraud; they are not to be found." "To even suggest State and local distircts and election sites are rigged as President Trump says, is 'irrisponsible' and "to start whining already?" "Then you don't need to be in this job.'" "There is no serious person out there that would somehow suggest the you could even rig the presidential election." BOY IS OBAMA A HYPOCRITE OR WHAT? Who's whining now Obama?

  5. His father in law is a drug lord, anyone remember last year's bust of the ship full of cocaine? His father in law ship!

  6. You don't have to worry about 50 states VOTES can be swayed by screwing with two or three states! That's why it's important so important that everyone act together but Mitch McConnell is what he is…👎

  7. it'll be hilarious when the Democrats & the blue Wave attack and then they say will there must have been forign interference 😂

  8. The Napping Turtle has admitted without any shame that his ancestors owned slaves. As a Senator from one of the Confederate states, he has deep roots in a culture that was racist for generations. He wants to have an opportunity to win a new Civil War. Thankfully he has an admirable woman challenging him for his Senate job. Vote for Amy MCGrath–she's not a racist.

  9. Instead of the Democratic party attacking one another. why not attack the present past and current actions and consequences of the Republican party and President. Come together on those issues that affect Americans.
    And a course to secure a future for the generations that we will someday leave behind.

  10. Mitch McConnell is a republican stooge that knows only one thing,How to block the legislature from doing it's job , the only thing that gets through is Trump's one sided ideas that die in the senate

  11. Paper Ballots, election oversight by neutral entities for starters. Election tampering, removing people from voting rolls and or changing affiliation $100,000 fine and 10 years in jail. Looking at you NYC Board of Elections, DNC and Chris Kobach! The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result! Secure our Elections NOW!

  12. The Senate majority leader is a crook a liar a money,power hungry,weak lil man…He is holding the Senate back on very important decisions…He cares more about his lil Chinese wife and connections to China..Than the hard working American citizens of Kentucky his home state..loser,creepy,sorry excuse for a senator…drain his SWAMP….

  13. and the cancer in his body awakens. its a ravenous creature, cells multiplying in his lungs and pancreas. The shadow behind him move in closer. it smells like sulphur.

  14. McConnell seems to have adopted the Nazi refrain. The Nazis said Deutschland Uber alles. McConnell says Republicans Uber alles.

  15. And the angel came down with a flaming sword and drove the judges into the wilderness, into the sand and stripped their bones into shadows.

  16. Interesting. The straw that broke HRC campaign s back, was her being allowed by DNC and OBAMA to STEAL the NOMINATION. Talk about the pot calling the kettle. 2018 was much more secured than 2016.

  17. The "logic" is that Mitch McConnell WANTS Russia to undermine the 2020 elections. McConnell and his wife have corrupt ties to Russia.

  18. MSNBC, Hello America!!!
    Sen. Mitch McConnell seems
    to believe/ pretend within his alternative thoughts that Trump really won the election without the help of Russian criminal cyberspace hackers and nefarious others within the USA. FURTHERMORE, Sen. Mitch McConnell seems to have some weird fixation about former President Barack Obama.
    Former President Barack Obama has no conceptual connection to Trump's narcissistic selfish egotistical political drama.
    Can Sen. Mitch McConnell help the people within his state keep their valuable medical healthcare insurance/Obamacare??!! UNFORTUNATELY, he won't be truthful about this question.
    What about asking Trump to release his tax returns?!
    What about Trump's wasteful government spending of over
    107 million dollars during his vacations at Mar-A-Largo?!
    He should listen to the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin who said, "Yes I did, Yes I did
    help Trump win the election." Realistically, each state must do whatever is necessary to protect their election security systems equipment.
    I'm sure, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and nefarious others within the USA will ignore our Homeland Security /election experts or whomever in order to continuously cheat for Trump/Trumpism.
    My question for the Democratic National Committee/Democratic presidential candidates :
    How will you help protect the absentee ballots from being infiltrated/destroyed by Trump loyalist who are willing to destroy Democratic absentee ballots without fear of going to prison??!!
    UNFORTUNATELY, it's unbelievable that there's Trump loyalist who have admitted that they would break the law for Trump.

  19. It's a shame that this drug dealing shipping dealer doesn't want to accept the fact that there's a target on his back that Barr can't help him with. Deep pockets and deep corruption to go with it.

  20. I would rather have communist spies influencing our elections (if that's possible) than to have one of these Democratic sociopaths winning an important seat where they could further influence and degrade our Democracy

  21. Let's make this very clear Mitch mcconnell is hiding his finances and I guarantee you there are Russians, I'll say it again Russian investors that are a part of him and his crooked wife's life, and don't throw out the Chinese the dam Chinese are involved also. The American people better start standing up to these crooks. I worked all my life never been in jail and these crooks are doing it in the open enoughs enough.!!!!!

  22. Mcconnell said It's giving too much big government to states, so another words let the Russians have it? Is that what you're saying you little turtle head.

  23. Defeat Mitch! Donate NOW! AMY McGRATH 2020 Even if you don't live in Kentucky, YOUR LIFE IS STILL AFFECTED by this self described "Grim Reaper" who would love nothing more than to take more from every one of you, so he and his billionaire buddies can make more money than they will ever need! YOU can make a difference! DONATE NOW, even if it is $5 or $2, it all adds up! Please click on the link, at least hear what she has to say, learn who she is. Click here and watch her video United We Stand Divided We Fall, let not one man remove the keystone of a nation created by the hard work of those who built it. Please copy and share.

  24. a biggit and slavery which hate President Obama if 8yrs in Whitehouse presidency ! Now McGrath 2020 election against McConnell's and wife mandam butterflies Chao of Transportation department are millionaire living life of luxury yet Kentucky are going through hard times mitch McConnell's cant show his face Kentucky! Mitch recevied at least 9 millions from Russia deeply appreciate which Mitch help promised to build steel mill in his home state Kentucky ) does people's evet check to see what McConnell doing and wife. ) His family sure made lots of money since trunp was elected and gave his wife a job ) Look what his wife is ding in state open corruption) Ping May to wall other lucrative U S market Chao shipping family been regularly bestowing millions of dollars into coffers of the sleazy turtile McGrath will win 2020 election Kentucky

  25. Mitch McConnell don't want to protect the vote in system because he probably have Russian connection. He's been office for over 30 years it's time for him to go.

  26. — At this point in time, 76 viewers have indicated (per thumbs down) their support to win without integrity.
    To those viewers, I wish you that which you sew!

  27. During the Dark Ages, anyone found collaborating with the enemy was either tortured to death or at least physically branded as one with red-hot irons. I would like to see Drumph branded with a Hammer and Cycle burned into his forehead and relegated to the lowest ranks of the human waste pits… preferably in a colony infested with rats, spiders, and all other sorts of vermin. It has been reported that the germaphobic Drumph would lose whatever is remaining of his sick-add mind if he were exposed to such an environment. Throw hin in! Throw him in!

  28. mc connell is a real shady dude, i would not be surprised to discover he has been on the payroll of foreign govmts for decades

  29. He is the grim reaper of American freedom. He says socialism, but the left is the right and his party is the extremest. Socialism hasn't existed in the us in a long time. In fact it's said both party's continue to move right, right twords Communism.

  30. McConnell is the OBSTRUCTIONIST. He is why congress is NOT trusted. He blocks all bills from even coming to the floor for a vote. DESTROY him in 2020.

  31. McConnell has NEVER been interested in listening to the experts on anything, including when he tried to repeal the Affordability Care Act and replace it with Trump Care. Not one hearing from a single expert in the medical field.

  32. Why would McConnell want to protect the election? The Russians got Trump elected and Republicans have been raping the country ever since. McConnell WANTS interference.

  33. As it turns out … DemoKraut Parasites are sticking to their Russia… Russia … Russia lies even after it's been proven a lie and hoax on America. Who Aids and Abets them, 6 major corporations who own Fake News Media!

  34. This a low hanging fruit issue. Why on earth would they block this? It is becoming increasing clear Republicans can't play by fair rules. So they make sure they rig the game.

  35. Of course he does, have not we paid enough attention to the goals of ALEC, and the GOP aims to constrict the electorate? Whatta we do is a better question.

  36. What the Republicans are doing is trying to repress people's votes so they can cheat us out of the people we want in office

  37. Most criminal, incompetent, corrupt, unpatriotic Presidential administration in U.S. history. No joke! The big joke is Republicans pretending nothing wrong.

  38. Now that sotero's COUP has failed, WHEN do the trials for Treason begin? The U.S Constitution has a cure for Treason. Love of country Trumps hate for Donald. MAGA

  39. Republicans know that they’re outnumbered. The only way to win is to continue to do what happened in North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and Texas in 2018

  40. Have steps been discussed about. Either charging the crooked nations that would be invading our voting system? Paper ballots will not net any other nations hurt our elections. Old fashioned slow….yes, but 100% safe. Just hire motor people to count the votes!

  41. Republicans would suddenly vote to protect our elections if they thought the threat wasn't going to benefit them.

  42. The only thing Mitch is resisting is the thought that these anti American dems could succeed at anything GO MITCH!

  43. McConnell is worse than trump. Hasn't he and his greedy wife taken enough government money? They would take the last lonely penny on the floor.

  44. Old Mitch wants to hear the same expert opinions as the experts who rejected Climate Change.
    It is all about what will serve his trump's and the rest of the repubs agenda, for their own self-interests!
    The American people are just here to pay their bills!

  45. Why….why….is one old, very partial man allowed to decide about the legality of our election….affecting millions and millions of America! ? Such craziness is beyond unconstitutional! The people that reaped millions of dollars from Russians are against this election security …..I guess we know why…you get to buy your choice of president! Right Mitch! ….and your own judges too! Handy!

  46. MSNBC, Hello America!!!
    My perspective is that…
    Protection of our nation's election systems can never be secured, , when there are nefarious people willing to cheat forTrump or whomever during presidential elections or any other elections, without being fearful of our nation's law enforcement agencies.
    The Majority Republican Supreme Court Justices has given our nation a legally cringeworthy straight party line decision that has automatically given Trump unfair advanced advantages through gerrymandering for the fast approaching 2020 presidential election.
    How will the current Democratic presidential candidates debate/politically approach this legal unfair advantage Republican straight party line decision by the Majority Republican Supreme Court Justices?!
    What will Congress, state and local government officials accomplish to combat this tremendous legal sign of unfair
    "white privilege" advantages hands down wink & we''re giving Trump the best legal deal Republican party straight line decision available by the Majority Republican Supreme Court Justices??!!
    UNFORTUNATELY, this can be debated as a form of………
    "backroom political sweet heart dealing" because of Trump's previous Supreme Court Republican picked nominees.

  47. Mitch and his wife are two who lead the foreign corruption money games. Law needed to clean them ALL out of WH. Graham Trump Jarred Ivanka Eric all of them serving corporation donors and foreign countries setting there not serving Americans or America. Needed laws. 👌❤️🦋

  48. Mitch always has the best record when it comes to taking expert advices. Take climate change for example, he… uh.. wait a minute

  49. Why wouldn’t Mitch want election security? Has he already paid Russia, or China or N. Korea. “To give a little help to a friend”? Is it aimpossible to go entirely to paper ballots only? McCONNELL is going to need all the help he can get…Kentucky is fed up with him! I would not trust him at all! But, gee whiz, it sure would be nice to get somebody honest in that position!

  50. If you were Mitch McConnell and you had interests in Russian oil you too would prevent protection from Russian meddling in future elections.
    We need to wake up and get rid of Mcconnell.

  51. Moscow Mitch McConnell, bought and paid for by self-described whitey-supremacist. Moscow Mitch is a punk for "whitey".

  52. Just this title makes me sick. Its on your head Mitch. I hope Amy McGrath beats the he'll out of you in the voting booth. Mitch stop your lying you just don't want extra measures to protect our votes. What's your agenda what perks are you looking for. You and your swamp mates will do anything if it benefits yourselves. Of course at the expense of the American people the voters.

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