McCaskill: Health Insurance Will Be The Main Issue Of The 2020 Campaign | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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  1. Yes you will because Americans are serious about healthcare. More than 70% so stop negating the significance of universal healthcare.


  3. Bottomline: People are exhausted with all this talk about health care. RIP OFF THE BAND-AID, and get it done. It's not impossible. Trump gave trillions away to the wealthy class…and, we got nothing in return. It's time for Americans to get Medicare for All. NO ONE CARES if it's unreasonable…if there is a will…there is a way. We survived a world wide economic melt down…we will survive giving our selves BASIC health care. IT'S OUR TURN. We want a bail out! We deserve it. We want the socialism that the rich enjoy too!


  4. Health insurance yes is a factor in America however the Obama Care was atrocious! How many Millennials did you tax to death? Including myself? I owed money that I didn't even spend! Because I'm paying other people's Health Care I don't even know! Wake up people

  5. Filthy lying LOSER Claire McCaskill is the equivalent of Newt Gingrich, both completely irrelevant yet for some reason each side thinks their words are gospel… NOT!

  6. Every developed country in the Western world has free Universal Health Care for all of its citizens except America. Most of them also have free university tuition as well. We are so backwards that we think we are forward.

  7. I live in New Zealand not even a new Zealand citizen. I am Swedish citizen i am scheduled for bilateral knee replasement on the 7th not gonna cost me anything. price tag of $50000 a knee. new Zealand is in my opinion greater than USA in every way. If I lived in Sweden I would get the same treatment, Sweden is greater than USA. USA is greater for the rich but even rich people have been bankrupted by the health system in the USA. The hospitals are not poor and the farma industry is not poor. So stand up and make a change vote out the politicians that don't care about you. Make America healthy.

  8. Only Trump has the best and only solutions! Drugprices are waaaaaay dow et cetera. LOL from Holland.🤣🇳🇱 House Democrats got their historic day. They now own the first impeachment in 🇺🇸 American history that had no bipartisan support, only bipartisan opposition. They now own the first impeachment that contains no criminal violations, only political disputes. It’s a terrible precedent for your country. Speaker Pelosi knows that. Just don’t ask 👹 her about it, OK?

  9. In a way introducing the ACA to Congress has ended up to be pretty diabolical. He may have entered the battle with compromise, however by presenting the GOP with their own best plan he hamstrung them as far as any viable replacement. Revenge is a dish best served cold, even if revenge wasn't on the agenda.

  10. Morning Joe has evil, warmonger insane Neocon right-winger Max Boot commenting on the Debate today?! Both he & Sociopath Neocon Jennifer Rubin are pushing Klobuchar, Buttigieg, Biden.

  11. In her last election, Claire McCaskill, a lifelong squishy centrist, went right and lost to someone who was even further right. Why is she on my television lecturing about the dangers of going too far left? It's absurd. Come on, MSNBC: #DoBetter

  12. PRESIDENT TRUMP ISN'T IMPEACHED Until the House transmits the House Articles to the Senate. Nancy Pelosi thinks the average citizen doesn't possess the capabilities to understand the intricacy of the United States Constitution. She's absolutely mistaken!

  13. We need Healthcare for All, plain and simple. We are capable of working on this together to create positive outcomes for all parties involved. Imagine an industry which is efficient, compassionate, effective, and is able to have a profit in the (actual) good health for all Americans. How can that not be a desirable end? Cut the costs in half, have the outcomes soar, everyone covered, and still some return to those who invest in making this happen.

    This has to happen with the climate crisis too.

  14. Republicans had the house, senate and presidency and what did they pass given a good economy? A 14% tax cut for very profitable multinational corporations. Says it all.

  15. There is a reason that a single-payer system is not practical. It is the military budget. We spend more on the military than the next four nations do combined, and three of them are allies. Education, the silver bullet to almost every problem in our nation, is almost unfunded. Infrastructure spending is a joke. Military is funded 20 times higher than it needs to be to protect the US. I agree that we should overfund the military. We are a rich and powerful country. We should use some of that power to help our allies and those peoples around the world that can not keep themselves safe from nations of oppression and tyranny. That is what good people do for the defenseless and poor.

    I have been to many places around the world (retired veteran) and seen many different forms of national health care. Everyone of them helped more people at less expensive cost and will better overall patient outcomes than we do in the US. I myself have single-payer healthcare, all veterans do to some extent. It's not fancy with lots of amenities, but it is good. Every American deserves the outstanding healthcare I and my wife get.

  16. These people can't help but misrepresent Medicare for all. They lie and twist the facts to make it sound scary and like Americans are going to lose something when in reality it will be a net gain! Private insurance is inefficient, expensive, cumbersome and the outcomes are terrible.

  17. If you live in Tacoma, Washington the gravel pit is accepting the bodies of democrats, illegal aliens and child molesters for free.

  18. If you look at the ACA history, it started out as a republican healthcare plan developed during the Bush administration in the early 90s, carried through into the 2000s when Mitt Romney used it in Massachusetts and then Obama adapted it on a nation-wide scale that Romney said would not work, despite it working Republicans have been upset that a Democrat has benefited politically from their own health care plan and that is the real reason why they don’t have a replacement.

  19. Buttigieg and Biden and anyone else going for a "public option" are being total FRAUDS!!!  Do you seriously think your employment company is going to keep paying for their portion of your Private Healthcare Insurance expenses when a Public Option becomes available???  It is FALSE ADVERTISING to say you will still have any choice of Private Insurance!  Taking all these steps toward Medicare For All and making all these insurance changes constantly is confusing and unnecessary and will not work!!! 

    The Medicare For All plans have already been statistically PROVEN to be so much cheaper by every single other Industrialized Nation in the world!  Eliminate all the Deductibles, Premiums, and Copays and it is much cheaper.  Why would anyone want to keep sinking their Medical Care money into the pockets of billionaire Private Company stockholders who make more money off of us the less services they approve?!?  Cut out the middleman and actually get what you are paying so much for!!! Medical Bill's are the #1 cause of BANKRUPTCY in the USA.  It is our #1 Economic problem.  We are statistically ranked 37th among nations in quality and quantity of people covered with healthcare.  And, we pay the MOST out of 191 countries according to the World Health Organization! Make America #1!!!

  20. Bernie Sanders is the only President who would immediately give every American healthcare, he's the only one that has never wavered on it. He took people to Canada to get cheaper medicine or they would either starve or die. And what does the bought off millionaire MSNBC hosts ask him,every time he speaks about it: how are we going to pay for it? When both Republicans and Democrats give Trump hundreds of Billions to put to military war-mongering, they never ask where the money comes fro to pay for it. Thus ladies and gentlemen of the working class, we can see the political theater in high-definition.

  21. can't believe I voted Democrat for the past 20 years! I feel cheated! the Dems the Bush Era Repubs each the same the SWAMP! This former Dem can't wait to vote TRUMP 2020! How's those low ratings???

  22. Excuse Me No! TAX REFORM FOR THE THIEVES AT THE TOP AND Tax Reform for The Working Class. AND AN 18.00 an hour WAGE FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!! No if ands about it. THEN OF COURSE HEALTH CARE AND MUCH MORE

  23. Ahh, Ms. KXL pipeline McCaskill, who roughshod stomped over every living organism in the Mississippi valley – their Health, in particular, to force tar sands oil into the earth's atmosphere and toxic hydrocarbons from the most pollutive source on earth, into lungs, organs, cells.

    The main issue of the campaign is the toxic future, or , not, contributing to human-accelerated extinctions. ("first they came for the "weeds" , then the insects, then the vertebrates, then they came for. . .me. . .", to paraphrase original Nazi sympathizer Martin Niemoller's admission and overly late realization in the late 1940s.)

    You are here: X.

    It did not take an abused Norwegian girl to awaken those with eyes to see right there in the Mississippi valley, or here, or anywhere.

    Yonder gravely mistaken sympathizers will again awaken far too late, and perhaps in McCaskill's case, not at all..

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