Mark Charles – Why white Evangelicals voted for Trump

Let me pray for us

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  1. He didn't play anyone. He pandered to them to get elected. They know this, so he does their bidding. Just an unholy alliance

  2. The GOP got tired of losing with "dignified, civil, & moral candidates. (McCain & Romney), so they went with someone who was a successful billionaire businessman who knew the media & how to win. It worked. Everyone who voted for him knew he wasn't a boy scout. But since the Dems & most of America didn't care about all the lies & all the sexual shit Bill Clinton did in the 90's, the GOP said "screw it", let's win with Trump, instead of the corrupt Hillary. Right now Trump has a 92% approval rating with fellow Republicans. Don’t listen to his words, Go on what Trump does. Here endeth the lesson.

  3. Donald Trump just knows how to use people's prejudices against them. He went bankrupt six times and is obviously a terrible businessman, but one thing he does know how to do is run a scam. He is very erratic and arrogant, and his businesses all go downhill after he gets bored. If he were CEO of a public company, and could be fired, he would have been toast long ago.

  4. White evangelicals are nothing more but (FAKE CHRISTIANS) who are ignorant 💁🏼‍♀️and very much Racist. FYI, these Stupid ass Christians still believe their “Holy Bible” is the Truth🤦🏼‍♀️😂😆🤣 Sorry Christian Hypocrites but, F*k Face “Constantine” and the Vatican has REMOVED 50+ Books from the Original Holy Bible. So F** that half truth Bible🙅🏼‍♀️ I only have a personal relationship with God In Heaven🙏🏻💯🥰 sucks to be poor and stupid😜🤪 when you idiots realize the truth you to will be rich and bountiful 😘

    🇺🇸Trump Pence 4 Prison 2019🇺🇸

  5. Trump is the best president this country has ever had. He honors Christians, not black or white or yellow or brown!!!!

  6. A few points:

    Most evangelical churches are not churches; they are businesses first and foremost.

    Many televangelists were lawyers before "seeing the light" glinting off of thirty pieces of silver.

    If you're interested in learning more on this issue, try googling An Insider's view: The Dark Rigidity of Fundamentalist Rural America

  7. The orange JOKER did not "humiliate" Former President Obama! Obama didn't make public his birth certificate until years later while in office. Otherwise, thoughtful presentation!

  8. They were very smart to help elect our great President but they are really delusional dumbbells that will believe any bull shit fairy tale like the debunked Bible.

  9. The Evangelicals voted for Trump because they are not Christian just racist.If JC came back today he would send them all to hell.

  10. In the case of abortion there is no soul that desires to come into this world that is prevented from doing so for the body is not the life as is the spirit and soul that enters into it which can choose another body if the body is aborted or damaged so it can not be born into this world at that time with those particular parents. Bodies are but temporary constructs created for the soul and spirit to realize a life script it desires to experience and can still do so if its first choice of parents can not or choose not to have a child at that time. God does not judge this for the highest good of all concerned must be in the will or choice of all participating in it. There has never been or will be any death or damage done to the spirit soul from an act of abortion. To think so is only because of insufficient knowledge of the truths in operation in this third dimensional plane of manifestation.

  11. If thy thought and actions are not dressed in love to serve the highest good for all including self then you have limited love's power to be concerned about your own special interests above a balance that your brother is loved as you desire yourself to be loved.

  12. No one who professes Jesus the Christ can in good conscience support any Democrat politician. The Democrat party is the party of anti-God, anti-family and anti-order with nature, forcing people to choose between their faith and their profession. The Democrat party, unConstitutionally, forced so-called same-sex marriage on this nation. People ain't forgetting that fact!!! The Democrat party doesn't give a damn about WE THE PEOPLE!!! So, it is of no surprise that anyone who professes God as his or her guide will choose Trump over any Democrat. At least Trump is supporting religious freedom as it is protected by the US Constitution!!!

    Also, please quit repeating that Hillary won the popular vote. She just won the majority of votes in several very large and heavily populated states. But there are 50 distinct states and no election for the presidency has been decided by the "popular vote" whereby the candidate did not win the majority of the electoral college votes. By harping on the popular vote and not the electoral college votes you show ignorance and or deception. Yes Hillary won California, but California is a vast degree of real estate and represents only one of the 50 states. It makes no sense to weight California more heavily than it has been weighted in the past just to support a false narrative that the people of the 50 United States selected her over Trump. It is and always has been the electoral college votes and not the overall quantity of votes, alone, that wins the White House.

  13. Sad that they tore off their "WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?" bracelets and replaced them with "WHAT WOULD TRUMP DO?" bracelets.

  14. He's correct, you need to take your religion back from the fascists, because in all truth "Jesus" expressed "Liberal" ideology in his messages…

  15. Keep believing the Trump family con. He has spent his whole life in litigation and lawsuits. Doesn't that tell you the sicknesses he has? He is going to the Bama-LSU game Sat.11/9/19 where the Univ. admin warned the spectators they would lose their season tickets and be removed if they booed. Just like a demand Kim Jong or Putin, the Evil Dictators, would require. Why do U think he is going to Tuscaloosa? To see the game? No. He wants the biggest game of the year to be about him, and prove he can go to a major event somewhere and not get booed like he did in N.Y, and D.C.. He is such a sad little pathetic man, and some of you fools can't see his complete lack of character, criminality, and weaknesses that cannot be in a U.S. President under a democracy. Our country is at it's most dangerous peak than ever before. And most of you are just not smart enough to see it all encircles Trump. May he soon burn in Hell 666 "Mark of the Beast" is the Devil himself…

  16. I grew up in America I had no doubt that Donald Trump would win the election I am a so-called African-American with my eyes wide open

  17. "I like your Christ, but I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." – Mahatma Ghandi



  20. Well said! But i believe white Evangelicals have a history steeped in racial bigotry. After Brown v. BOE they created schools to prevent their children from interacting with "the others". They supported Reagan even after the Iran-Contra scandal which flooded black and brown communities with drugs, plaguing future generations with its devastating effects. And when Nike created the Kaepernick ad, the first institution to terminate its contract was a Christian school. So they are not being deceived by Trump. He is just a continuation of monstrous gatekeepers for white supremacist agenda.

  21. So why did so many white people vote for obama???????and all the other races that voted for trump?it wasnt just whites that voted for trump.

  22. 2:13 – The choice we had in 2016 was Do we want Donald Trump to champion explicit racism or do we want Hillary Clinton to uphold implicit racism.

  23. They voted for the devil in the name of jesus….they voted for the same man who was supported by neo nazis. The moral compass of evangelicals has been broken for a long time. Being one often means that you do not know what it means to be a decent human being.

  24. Actual jesus never wrote a jot or tittle of the new testament. It is more accurate to say the character was "'reported to have said" rather than "said". The former implies fictionality and the latter implies actuality. That's just how books work.

  25. He found an overprivaledged generation who spend their time in judgement of others untill they feel inequal(most of which stiill live with their parents and think Liberty and Freedom are synonymous getting their way) and in a self centered manner, create confict and theirfore feel justified in overreactions reguarding others and their freedoms and rights. And take away freedoms of others by missinterpreting Freedoms whichare guaraunteed to all citizens in order for said rights to be applicable in any way. Trump took advantage of such by reguarding our country as his first so called "shiphole", in order to manipulate the missinformed and missjudged for his own gain. Sadly this is the current state of tbhe once remembered "melting pot" that help to build and maintain this once, current and forever Great nation. May the Lord be forgiving of these actions taken for the sole purpose of Self Service that Trump has continued in his current term. And may he remind the people of freedoms and right guaraunteed by our Contitution and Religious standard that are forever worth fighting to preserve and improve.

  26. Well said Mark. I don't believe Christianity is true but even I am a better follower of Jesus' teachings than the Evangelicals. I live in central Alabama and a friend of mine invited me to his church because they had a missionary pastor from India. I walked out at the end of his "sermon" when he closed with "Make sure everyone gets out to vote and keep supporting President Trump so we can get those Supreme Court Justices." 😡 😡 😡 I have no respect for any so-called Christians who support Trump and the current Republican party.

  27. If Jesus was on television today saying the things credited to him in the Gospels the Evangelicals would be calling him a "socialist" or a "libtard."

  28. 8:41 Dang right he's not. Neither are most Evangelicals. Why else is support for the death sentence highest amongst their circles? President Evil is pro-H.O.W. (his own wealth), by any means necessary. Period.

  29. Wow. I wish I could go to this man’s church. A friend’s preacher told the congregation that as a Christian they must vote Republican. I’d have to walk out of that service right then.

  30. False teacher! Donald Trump was NOT anti women or anti Muslim, he was speaking of the radical leftist agenda that EVERY American should be concerned with. AND this false teacher is partisan and racist.

  31. Evangelicals are anti Christian's. Christian's are suppose to be Christ like. Hate, disrespect, promoting any forms a discrimination, racism, breaking the laws of this land, lying, foul talk, criminal behavior and all that 45 project is not Christ like. So how can you say you are a Christian and be a supporter of 45 or such persons. CAN NOT SERVE TWO MASTERS. There are two forces in this world, good and evil. GOD OR SATAN. WHO DO YOU SERVE?

  32. When HOLY ROLLERS go to Church they go to be ENTERTAINED by a LYING DRAMA QUEEN, now they can have their BULLSHIT 24-7 and a BONUS DOSE on SUNDAY. All CHURCHES need to be INVESTIGATED!!!!😎👳👳👳👳👳😀

  33. They voted for Trump because there was nobody else to vote for, and because Christians will never vote for any candidate that supports abortion.

  34. The value of life starts in the heart of a man. Black is not a color neither is white look it up. Being divided by color is a trick a scam a lie. Donald Trump is HORRIBLE and evangelical are in serious danger of hell fire.
    I serve a mighty God and salvation and serving worship living for him, which includes loving all of his people. Raising your children with God as the center.
    He is not a genie in a bottle I want to see Jesus and be caught up in the RAPTURE one day soon. I spread his Gospel ed every day place and time I can.

  35. The answer is simple because if you are an 'Evangelical' then you are not interested in the truth or reality…..and you are already living in a fantasy world just like the orange moron Donald Trump…..boy! you have so much in common.

  36. He didn't campaign on racist and divisions the demorcats are the racist divisive hateful people you are WRONG you are not a Christian you are a devil 😈

  37. Mark Charles you are wrong about present TRUMP hevis a good man the demorcats are the hateful evil ones you going to hell pastor with the rest of the liberals

  38. White evangelicals have shown their true colors…they need to start loving others as Christ first loved them. Trump isn't bringing judgement on America, he IS the judgement. PRAY WITHOUT CEASING.

  39. Wow you are right on that! A racist will always use religion to justify their crimes! That is no different from the past of this country and the genocide of Natives, the enslavement of Africans etc!

  40. Evangelicals were smart to vote for Trump. He is absolutely without a doubt the greatest Evangelical policy maker in the history of the United States despite that fact he is completely immoral and nonreligious if not atheist. Four years ago no one actually believed abortion would be outlawed, but here we are where in many places across the country it is virtually illegal. If he stays in office four more years, I wouldn't be surprised if the separation of church and state erodes away. If you want to blame someone, look no further than the racist, vile post modern leftists hellbent on destroying individual liberty that have taken over the Democratic party.

  41. By the way, I am not a christian and have learned a lot about love, morality and freedom and justice in the last 2 years…like Frank Shaeffer…and when I left the "church"…not the FAith.

  42. Let cut through the Bullshit these Evangelicals are racist to their very core. They come straight from the Devil. That 'Jesus' is my personal saviour bullshit means the Devil is who I'm really am. Pat Roberson and the rest of them white preachers are evil

  43. “Be merciful to those who doubt; save others by snatching them from the fire; to others show mercy, mixed with fear—hating even the clothing stained by corrupted flesh.” Jude‬ ‭1:22-23‬‬‬.

    Very well stated and presented. Clear and compassionate biblical points were made. I am fighting the same battle with you. We have to bring our brothers and sisters back from the fire. Satan is our enemy, we wrestle not against flesh and blood.

  44. We should not be surprised, Paul and Jesus both said that in the end times that the Gospel would be corrupted by wolves in sheep's clothing. More importantly, the great apostasty will replace the Gospel in people's hearts and they will cling to words that are pleasing to their ears because of the blackness of their souls….

  45. Yes Jesus told us to pray in closet/secret and God would bless openly.But Daniel defied an ungodly law and prayed 3 times in public openly from his window in obedience to God(Why Daniel was put in the lions den)

  46. If you can convince the lowest white man that he's better than the highest colored man he won't notice your picking his pockets. Hell, give him someone to look down on and he'll empty his pockets for you!

  47. Where was this fuck nigga when Trump was barring black ppl from his properties, when he wanted Central Park 5 dead! when he was accused/charged with marital rape, etc. etc.
    Where was he in the many yrs. this was boiling, where was he when white supremacists were shitting on Obama!

  48. White Evangelicals were against the Civil/Voting Rights Acts so is it no wonder they are so supportive of Donald Trump? All the people who voted against a Holiday for MLK still in office are Republican and support Trump strongly. Again, a coincidence? Scalise, Grassley, etc., all were against this holiday.

    They ignore Jesus and the Bible teachings for the lies and rhetoric of Trump who shows nothing in his life and actions that he is a Christian, in fact he is the most Anti-Christ, (in words and actions), President we have ever had.

    John 8:44 "there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies"

    They talk about policies they agree with which they think benefit them which is also spoken against in the Bible…..

    Mark 8:36 "For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?"

    They way he talks about people then say he is a Christian is clearly against the Bible teachings……

    James 1:26 "If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this person's religion is worthless"

    This is the same guy who said he "never felt the need to ask forgiveness from God", ( a foundation of the Christian faith is confessing your sins to God , asking for forgiveness then taking Jesus as your savior) , who lied about being a member of Marble Collegiate Church, (the church had tocome out with a statement stating he was not an active member), saying he was the chosen one and looking to heaven, goint to the Boy Scouts Jamboree attacking the previous President for recording his address to them, against the Scout Code, implying orgies in a joke in his address to them, then saying the Scouts contacted him and said this was the best address from a President they ever had, (again they had to put out a statement to their members apologizing for bis speech and also denying they contacted him)

    Their faith in a man like Trump who has lived the 7 Deadly Sins all his adult life, (SLOTH-GLUTTONY-ENVY-WRATH-PRIDE-GREED-LUST), is also written about in the Bible…..

    Thessalonians 2:9-12 "The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness."

  49. Voting is a farce – George Bush & Trump both lost the popular vote. Get rid of the ELECTORAL COLLEGE. America tortures – no problem torturing ADOS at all, we remain in the minds of White America as inhuman. Pro life, Pro murder ADOS – you people are confused. To bad –

  50. The country was not presented with an alternative. Didn't matter which one was "elected" or selected. Hillary agreed with Trump's "MAGA" racist plutocratic agenda. Remember that the Democratic Party rigged the primary which took the party nomination from Bernie Sanders. It was a setup. The powers that be wanted Trump in office and Hillary agreed to play the role she did to make that happened. The current acrimony between Trump and Hillary is just sheer political theatre for the country to be duped and bamboozled. Bernie, not Hillary, would have been an antithesis to Trump's platform. White evangelical voters really didn't have much of a choice either other than the fact that Hillary's snake oil may appear to be more subtle and sophisticated in poison than Trump's which his is probably straight up moonshine, raw and real. That's essentially what this pastor is saying.

  51. Because these new Christians do not believe in are Lord Jesus Christ, they believe in only their selves and what thay assume Jesus Christ said! I really don't think they have ever read the Bible at all, they just pick what they want out of the Bible here and there what suits there needs at the moment!






    U WILL SEE!!!

  53. Listen Mark, Trump is no saint, and hardly a Christian, but he did save millions of future babies by putting pro-life justices on the Supreme Court and shutting down the abortion mills by strengthening abortion laws. That's just reality.

  54. It is now 3 years later (2019) and Trump has doubled down on the divisiveness, to say nothing of the flagrant corruption and incompetence in every area of his administration. Current polls indicate that roughly 80-85% of white evangelicals are still behind him. Saying that these folks were "deceived" by Trump 3 years ago doesn't begin to explain why they are still behind him… Either they are deceiving themselves or they are fully behind his agendas. Frankly, neither of those explanations speak well of who evangelicals really worship…

  55. White Evangelicals are white racist not the real religion.There is no such thing.God is for just for whites,that the lie.It pathetic.Listen to their voices,it's odd and dark

  56. When they leave church they put on their CONE HATS AND ROBES. Christians my ass. The support the devil; when they support rump.

  57. Just another splinter group whom thinks and claims to be smarter than the stupidity they display arrogantly every day. Who gives a shit? Ohhhh as if these idiots do stuff for different reasons than most idiots, greed and power, ohhh nope same dumb ass shit different group of idiots. Thanks…next.

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